" Hogwarts wizard school "
Ce jeu est destiné aux joueurs de 7 à 13 ans.
Les messages inappropriés seront supprimés.

hi we are teenage wizards going to school first I want to say before you start the game put what your character look likes rules 1.no cussing 2.no bad mined messages or you will be deleted 3. have fun 4.FOLLOW THE RULES

1>Isabelle (a wizard student), 16 ans2019,Oct.18 23:57 my character looks like *blonde hair down dark pink dress light pink wizard hat*
3>Rose (wizard ), 15 ans2019,Oct.19 00:04 Hello can any one talk
1>Isabelle (a wizard student), 16 ans2019,Oct.19 00:41 yes after you say what your character looks like
1>Isabelle (a wizard student), 16 ans2019,Oct.19 00:42   + 100 points Money à Rose  
4>Hestia Granger (wizard), 14 ans2020,Jan.9 14:20 HI! I am ravenclaw and you?
1>Isabelle (a wizard student), 16 ans2020,Feb.18 21:37 "My name is Isabelle'

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