" Horse Drama "
Ce jeu est destiné aux joueurs de 7 à 15 ans.
Les messages inappropriés seront supprimés.

This is about girls who are horse crazy (or boys I suppose) and have loads of adventures with their horses. You can have two characters: a horse and a human. Your characters can be from show, books, or you can make your own ones. If your taking you character's from somewhere please put the show/movie/book in 'characters role'. You can have one borrowed character and one made up one if you like. If your unsure of the rules, you can use the visitor account. The password is 'horse'. You can only have two slots unless your third is something like 'vet', 'stable hand/ manager/' 'farrier' or something like that. Animals can talk to animals but humans and animals are not supposed to talk directly to each other. And there will be absolutely NO romance. I will be quite strict on that. Please keep to rules other wise I will have to delete slots and I hope you have fun.

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