" Be a penpal of me,please! "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a chat place for the girls&boys who can't find a penpal.

1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 14:58 Hi,this is for the users who can't find a penpal here.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 14:59 I'll go first.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:00 I'm Alice from China.I'm 13 years old.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:04 I'm Alice from China.I'm 13 years old.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:04 I enjoy reading and writing.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:05 Poems&songs.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:06 My sister Nancy and I formed a "band" called Judith.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:06 Our first song was called "Judith",too.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:07 I wrote it and I sang it.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:08 Although I'm an interesting person at home,I have diffculty talking with my classmates at school/
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:08 So I want a penpal to improve my abliity.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:09 But that isn't my main aim.My main aim is to make friends all over the world!
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:11 Boys&girls will be ok.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:11 As you see,my English was not very well.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:11 So if you can,please use English when you write to me.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:13 By the way,if you want to practice your Chinese,write to me.I'm glad to help you.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:14 My ref is 1474063.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:15 P.S:If you want,tell me your story.And I can turn it into a song or a story(in Chinese).
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.14 11:44 OMG!I have twoooooo e-pals now!So Great!
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.16 12:04 I'm sorry I didn't say it clearly.I just record the song and sing it without sending it to anyone else.
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.16 12:06 OH!I can't delete this…makes me distressed……
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.24 23:59 Hi!
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:00 I will introduce myself.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:00 I am a girl from the USA and I am on Students Of The World regularly.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:01 Unfortunately I cannot have a pen pal that's a boy or above twelve.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:02 I would love to learn Sanskrit! Chinese is good too!
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:04 That is a little bit about me! If you are interested in being my pen pal or finding out more about me, my REF is 1469939.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:04 Bye For Now!
1>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.25 13:38 What a pity!I'm 13,just a year older.

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