" Kittyland "
This game is destined to players of 5 to 14 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is NOT realistic at all! Have fun! Make some friends by talking cause’ you can’t buy em! Anyways it’s a rule that you can’t do private talks!

1>Abby (Female Siamese ), 11yo.2020,Aug.1 22:27  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Owner  
1>Abby (Female Siamese ), 11yo.2020,Aug.1 22:28 Yay I got an owner!
11>Aloe (Turkish Van ), 6yo.2020,Aug.1 23:06 Hi! Meow!!
11>Aloe (Turkish Van ), 6yo.2020,Aug.1 23:07  Buying Playtime (x 2)  
11>Aloe (Turkish Van ), 6yo.2020,Aug.1 23:09 I have two questions: If I roll an item dice do I get the item I rolled? Can I secret message the Game Master if I want?
1>Abby (Female Siamese ), 11yo.2020,Aug.1 23:13  Secret message to Aloe  
1>Abby (Female Siamese ), 11yo.2020,Aug.1 23:18  Secret message to Aloe  
11>Aloe (Turkish Van ), 6yo.2020,Aug.1 23:20  Secret message to Aloe  
11>Aloe (Turkish Van ), 6yo.2020,Aug.1 23:21  Secret message to Abby  

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