" Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book Version) "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This RP is based on the 7th Harry Potter Book. No scenes from the film to be used. If scenes are skipped, we will just do the missed scenes at the end, but my main target is to run straight through. Characters who do not take part in the RP at least once per month will be deleted. (People who disappear - like Ron - are immune to this for a while whilst they aren't in the scenes)

P.S. Certain things will be given to the character and will not be bought because only one character needs it.

Also, this game will not start until all characters are playing.

Some people may have to play more than one person. For example, i will be playing Hermione Granger & Ginny Weasley in the same account. Then all of the spaces are not filled but all characters are accounted for.

1>Hermione Granger ((Former Pupil)), 17yo.2016,Jan.9 17:41 (I am playing Hermione and Ginny) (IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE CREATING A CHARACTER)
12>luna lovegood (dumbledore's amy), 16yo.2016,Mar.29 03:10 were not even able to buy any thing😕
12>luna lovegood (dumbledore's amy), 16yo.2016,Mar.29 03:14 you did not give us enough money!!!!!!!!!!!!
12>luna lovegood (dumbledore's amy), 16yo.2016,Mar.29 03:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=78  
12>luna lovegood (dumbledore's amy), 16yo.2016,Mar.29 03:17 #Iwin!
12>luna lovegood (dumbledore's amy), 16yo.2016,Mar.29 03:19  Secret message to Hermione Granger  
1>Hermione Granger ((Former Pupil)), 17yo.2016,Jun.3 19:09  Secret message to luna lovegood  
1>Hermione Granger ((Former Pupil)), 17yo.2016,Jun.3 19:10  Secret message to luna lovegood  
2>Unknown (Unknown), 69876yo.2016,Sep.24 13:08 [Who should i be?]
20>Voldemort (murderer), 51yo.2017,Jun.12 22:32 Hello. I'm playing Voldemort
20>Voldemort (murderer), 51yo.2017,Jun.12 22:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
20>Voldemort (murderer), 51yo.2017,Jun.12 22:33  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Beedle the Bard  

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