" GhostTown "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Intro: No I'm not talking about the ones in the west or the ghost with the sheets on them. I talking about the afterlife. This is where all the ghost live. There they look like regular people, but on earth the look faded and creepy.

Backround Info: You are Either a mortal or a ghost. If you are a Mortal (Human) you live on earth. You could possibly get a invitation to join GEA (Ghost Extraction Agency) (i have to give you a badge for you to be a GEA agent. If you are a ghost you have Chances to get on earth. you use a chance and roll the dice. If you get above fifty you get out of the afterlife. if you use a chance right after another one say *rolling* then do it. Tell me if you want a chance and i will take 400 dollars from you and give you a chance. GEA Agents can put you back in afterlife... you roll the dice and battle.BTW if you are a ghost put the age of when you died for your age box.

Ghost Black Market: Here you can buy Chances. They are a liquid in a potion bottle. When you drink it you teleport to the Earth hole (its a red spining portal) and you roll your dice (fifty or above you get to earth). You can buy Fragments of Your families moments (partys,holidays,etc) when you have died to see your family at their happiest moments. These are squares of glass that shatter after the memory is done. You can buy other things too! You cant buy GEA things or anything like that from here.

2>TJ (Ghost), 28yo.2017,Feb.26 15:18 *has walk among ghosttown for about 20 years*
3>BAUH!!! (SPOOKY!!!!!), ?yo.2018,Mar.2 20:51 BAUH!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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