" A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Over two decades have passed since Eira came home to find that everyone she loved was gone. Now, on a lonely, snowy Otemjarian mountaintop, a young, one-eyed woman and her trusty dog set out to fix things that were broken all those years ago...
This is a private/invite-only RP. If you do not understand what is going on, then you are not among those who were invited.

13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 07:23 Oh, okay. *walks after him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 07:30 *it only takes a few minutes to reach the cargo train. He climbs a small tower and glides silently down to the first open car*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 07:34 *looks around nervously and then follows Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 07:39 *finds a place to hide in a wooden crate without a top*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 07:49 *flies in next to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 07:51 You can sleep if you want. I'll wake you when it's time to leave.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 07:53 You sure? You could sleep...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 07:55 I need to focus on staying a bird for now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 08:12 Oh...okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 08:33 Just get some rest.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 08:51 *hesitates, then says:* Will I be able to call my dad once we get there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 09:34 Of course, but not in public. Proba ly
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 09:35 *probably sometime after we find a good place to stay for the night.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 09:42 Okay... *tries to settle down and fall asleep*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 09:51 *just keeps watch for the next several hours before the cargo train leaves*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 09:53 *manages to doze off, but wakes up when the cargo train starts moving*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 09:53 *looks around, alarmed*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 10:09 *glances at Eira, but isn't super concerned*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 10:10 *calms down after a few moments**shifts stiffly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.31 17:43 *tries to fall back asleep again but can't for a while*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.31 22:35 *takes a look at the other boxes to see what is being shipped. Its all food and medical supplies. Eventually rests his chin on the edge of the crate*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 05:32 *gradually dozes off again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 08:13 *is still asleep by the time the train begins to close in on the settlement*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 08:41 *nudges Eira* It's time we leave.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 08:44 *wakes up with a slight jolt**looks at him for a moment, then nods and gets up* Okay. *stretches her legs and wings a bit*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 08:47 *climbs out of the crate and looks outside the car* I'll let you go first.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 08:52 Uh...okay... *climbs out of the crate after him**looks around nervously and then flies off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 09:11 *lands in the snow not far from the train and waits for Siegfried to follow her*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:12 *follows soon after. Flying sounds like a chore, like he has to put forth extra effort to move his wings*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:15 *lands* We should avoid the station and enter elsewhere.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 09:22 Okay...is it safe to transform back yet?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:25 Actually, no. While we are here we should stay like this. You'll see why when we get there. *starts toward the town. Dawn is already upon them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 09:30 Oh, okay... *looks at him for a few moments and then follows him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:35 *heads to the town. When they get there the sun is barely above the horizon and various creatures begin moving about*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 09:43 *looks around at the creatures curiously*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:45 *a few creatures look almost like regular animals. Others look obviously modified on a genetic level. Some have more of a bipedal structure as opposed to their species' quadruped nature.*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:46 *some creatures straight up look mutated or unnatural*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 09:50 *stays at Siegfried's side, finding the appearance of a few of the creatures disconcerting*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 09:52 These are all creatures, or at least descendants of creatures from Vulkanisch. Most just want to live their own lives but many do not like humans.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 09:56 Oh...alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 10:03 I guess the only humans they know work at the lab?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 10:12 Not anymore. The grudge is just something passed down through generations.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 18:12 They know plenty of humans but most try to hide their distate. To them most humans are all the same.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 20:25 Oh, okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 20:26 What do we do now? We need to figure out what broke up communications, right?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 20:38 Right.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.1 21:28 Now I am going to let you make a lot of the decisions. It's your first time and it won't be the end of the world if you mess up.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 22:13 Um...alright... *looks around at the creatures nervously for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.1 22:14 *looks back at Siegfried* Is there someone here in charge of communications?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 00:26 There are multiple in charge, actually. They are supposed to work together to keep things running.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 04:10 Oh...I guess we should go talk to them then?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 04:10 And ask them what happened?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 04:48 We'll go do that, then. *starts walking, but is quickly stopped by a bat crashing into the ground before him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 04:54 *jumps slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:06 Uh--
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:19 ?: *the bat jumps up excitedly* Siegfried Siegfried! Do you remember me?! Huh? Do ya? *Siegfried: *chuckles* Of course I remember you, Fidget. It's morning, why are you still awake?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:20 Fidget: It's delivery day! I want first pick! *gasps* Did you smuggle me something? *hops onto his back and opens the backpack*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:21 *just listens quietly*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:21 *quickly pulls Fidget off of him* I didn't get you anything this time, I'm sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:22 *well, she was like that before Fidget opened the backpack* Hey!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:22 Fidget: Liar! You always have something for me!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:22 *her backpack was pretty full, so as soon as it was opened some things fell out*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:24 I didn't think about taking something from the train before I left. I was a bit preoccupied.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:24 Fidget: *makes a break for the things that fell out but stops after picking up one thing when he spots Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:28 *quickly scoops up a shirt that fell out in her break**her voice is slightly muffled* These are mine...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:30 *looks at Siegfried, then back at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:34 *beak
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:36 *picks up the other few items of clothing on the ground and tucks the clothes into the backpack*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:36 *turns back to Fidget* Could I have that back, please?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:46 Fidget: Siegfried!! *starts hopping around* You found yourself a girl!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:46 Wait what-
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:47 Fidget: I'm so excited!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:48 Fidget that's not- I'm not- *tries to keep up with Fidget, who's hopping all around him*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:48 Fidget: You always travel alone! You lie you lie!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:49 ........
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:49 I didn't lie! Stop moving already!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:49 *takes a deep breath* It's not like that!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:50 *finally stops to catch his breath* Okay- Fidget, stop moving now and I will open that can for you.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:50 Fidget: *almost crashes to the ground with how fast he stopped moving*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:52 My family hired him and he's my guide. That's it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:54 *opens the can with his beak. Sits back while Fidget gorges himself on the food* Yes, I used to travel alone. I'm not dating anyone. Eira is my friend. Just like you're my friend.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:54 Fidget: Oh! Is she another rescue?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:55 *didn't quite understand what Eira meant*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 05:56 Er...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:57 Fidget: Those stupid humans...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 05:59 They're cruel, aren't they?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 06:00 Fidget: Yeah. But hey! The mayor found someone!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 06:07 *just looks confused*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 06:14 Fidget: Mayor found some powerful outsider! Says he can liberate us from the tyrrany of the humans! That sounds wonderful... I can go eat all the fruit I want!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 06:21 Sorry if I'm interrupting, but...who's the mayor?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 06:28 Fidget: The mayor is a great big bear! Her name is Sthella!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 06:40 Oh...who's this outsider the mayor met?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 06:44 Fidget: I don't know. He was really cool though. Some kind of bird. Looked really weird. I thought maybe he came from the lab, too.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 06:49 What did he look like?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 07:25 Fidget: I don't know. Just a really fluffy bird with a long tail.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 07:43 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 07:45 Do you know anything more about the mayor and the outsider?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 07:57 Nope!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 08:36 Alright...so...would the mayor mind if I wanted to talk to her?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 08:38 She hardly ever accepts visitors.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 08:47 Oh...okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 08:50 She isn't the one in charge of communications, though.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 09:11 Who is?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 09:14 The group that works in the radio tower. *gestures toward the tower across the town*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 09:26 Oh...I guess we should talk to them then.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 09:39 We should. Fidget, go get your fruit before the others get to it. *Fidget instantly flies off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 09:51 ...He's...a handful...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 10:03 *shakes her head a little, then turns towards the tower* Let's go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 10:32 *takes off towards the tower*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 18:01 *follows close behind*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 19:31 *looks around for anyone working at the radio tower and/or a building beside the tower*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.2 19:34 *there are creatures walking around the area. A few enter the tower now and then*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.2 21:46 *looks at the creatures and hesitates* Is there anyone down there who'd be more willing to talk than the others?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.3 00:45 It's.... A bit difficult to say. All of these creatures are at least descended from a creature experimented on in the lab.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.3 00:46 They trust each other, but most are careful around new rescues anyway.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 02:13 "Rescues?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.3 02:55 This place is full of animals rescued from situations where they are being exploited for their lab-given abilities. There are a lot of creatures around the world who originated from Vulkanisch.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 04:30 *her eyes widen a little* Really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 06:11 I had no idea... *starts to descend towards one of the creatures*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 06:33 *they land near one of the creatures* Um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 06:33 Hello...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 18:13 Do you work here--at the radio tower?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.3 18:19 ?: Yes I do. What can I do for you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 18:45 [Oh crap, didn't realize you'd be online. I went outside and spent some time with my dog right after posting that.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.3 18:46 Er... *glances at Siegfried**is wary of diving right in and asking why communications are down*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.3 20:06 (I am available almost for certain at the same times every day, even if just for a few minutes.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.4 04:49 *gestures for her to make her move*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.4 20:05 [Ah, alright. Also I'm sorry I wasn't on last night. Our Internet was out all night and is still occasionally going out today because our ISP suddenly decided to do maintenance due to the "bad weather" even though the weather in this area has been perfect
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.4 20:06 for about a week.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.4 20:07 [I was hoping to test my Plantronics headset again last night because I may have found a fix, but obviously I didn't get to, so I'll probably want to call tonight if I can.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.4 20:14 Um...has the radio tower been needing maintenance lately?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 00:35 ?: It has. Why? We notified Stadtler about it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 04:40 Oh...um...I got the impression that communications between here and outside of here had completely gone down.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 07:02 ?: That's odd. I sent the message well over a month ago.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 07:05 Did you ever get anything back?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 07:07 ?: No. I never expect a response from those little updates.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 07:17 Have you heard from them at all over the past month?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 08:03 ?: Nope. Not like we really care.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 08:12 Ah...well, um...maybe some tests could be run to make sure things are still working?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 09:01 ?: Things aren't working. Hence the message we sent.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 09:13 So it hasn't been working for a month? How come?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 09:18 ?: We do not know yet. It's being worked out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 10:07 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 10:11 Is there anything we could do help??
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 10:13 ?: I don't think so, no. Sorry.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 10:17 Thanks anyway. *turns and starts walking away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 10:33 *looks at the creature, then at Siegfried, then at the creature again**then turns and follows Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 10:41 Let's give them a bit of a break. You did good.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 19:56 I did?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 20:02 Yeah. There is still work to do, of course, but that was a good start.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:07 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:07 What do we do now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 20:10 Take a little break. Get to know the area we're working in. Perhaps talk to some of the locals.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:12 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:12 How are you doing with um...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 20:22 I'll be alright for awhile longer.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:26 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:26 ...What do you think has been happening with the radio towers?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 20:31 Hard to say. I haven't received word from whoever usually delivers messages from here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 20:37 Do you know that creature? Maybe we could talk to them.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.5 22:44 The messenger is a falcon, but no I can't talk to them. I never know where the falcons are at any given time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.5 23:00 Oh, okay.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 02:29 We can figure this out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 02:30 I hope so... [I'll likely be kinda late tonight.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 04:44 (K)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 04:46 I'm confident that we will be successful.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 05:40 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 09:14 ~LATER...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 09:19 *they have gotten a room to stay in*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 09:41 *the beds in the room are abnormally large compared to human standards. As soon as they get into their room, he shuts the blinds and changes back into a human.* Here. *gives Eira her backpack*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 09:48 *jumps slightly, forgetting how big her backpack is when it's at normal size, and changes back into a human* Thanks...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 09:48 *having forgotten
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 09:52 *unpacks his bag and sits on the bed, waiting for Eira to finish putting her stuff away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 09:57 *takes out just a few of her things--toiletries and pajamas--but not much else*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 09:58 *puts her backpack by her bed, her pajamas on her bed, and the toiletries near a sink (or whatever water source they have in the room)*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 10:01 *grabs a towel from his bag and slings it over his shoulder* Are you finished?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 10:04 Yeah...I just need to change into my pajamas and brush my teeth...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 10:14 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 10:15 *takes a few toiletries, goes to the bathroom, and closes the door**changes into her pajamas and whatnot and comes back out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 10:18 *rubs her eyes and walks over to her bed*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 17:18 I know you just got ready for bed, but... Would you mind going to the lobby for a bit?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 18:36 *hesitates, visibly confused* Uh...alright... *changes into a raven again and heads out of the room*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 18:57 *locks the door and heads to the bathroom. Almost as soon as he settles down he begins violently coughing up blood. This lasts for roughly 15 minutes. After his episode he cleans up and calls the lobby, asking the receptionist to send Eira back up.*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 19:00 *collapses on the edge of the bed. Doesn't really bother trying to take off his boots or change anything more than his shirt*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 19:28 *returns to the room, changing back into human form once the door is closed behind her*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 20:06 *has random coughing fits, but nothing comes of them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 20:07 ...You alright?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 20:16 Yeah... Just exhausted..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 20:23 Okay...is there anything I could get you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 20:31 No. I just need sleep
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 20:34 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 20:35 *goes through her bag and takes out her phone**pauses, looking at it* I suppose since communications are down my phone won't work here?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 20:40 Nope... *rolls onto his stomach and mumbles into the mattress* Kill me..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 22:53 *mutters* [BLEEP]...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 22:55 *lifts his head* Hm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 22:55 *sighs and puts her phone away**flops down onto her back**looks over at him* You sure there's nothing I can do?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.6 23:01 I'm sure. It's not your problem, anyway. *rolls onto his back again and sighs* You've done well. Just get some rest, I'll be okay by morning.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 23:02 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.6 23:12 *stares at the ceiling for a while**then rolls over so that she can reach her backpack more easily**takes out her phone, checks for reception, puts her phone back and flops onto her side on the bed, sighing through her nose*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.7 00:30 ... I do appreciate your concern.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.7 04:01 *glances over at him**nods slightly to indicate that she heard him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.7 04:12 *tries to get some sleep, but it takes hours for her to fall asleep, and she winds up spending some of the night lying awake and thinking*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.7 04:12 ~THE NEXT MORNING...~
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.7 15:03 *woke up early and is cooking a light breakfast*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.7 19:19 *wakes up from the sounds of cooking**blinks and rubs her eyes slowly**shifts so she can look at him and see what's going on**looks fatigued*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.7 22:58 (Hmmm I have some new thoughts to go over)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 04:45 *just lies there for a little bit before finally sitting up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 05:26 *gets some clothes and gets up**says "Morning" quietly while walking over to the bathroom*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 05:31 *closes the bathroom door behind her, changes clothes, and comes back out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 06:12 *had taken her hair out of her braid when going to sleep**doesn't bother to braid it again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 06:12 *looks over at what Siegfried is cooking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 10:56 *is making french toast and eggs*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 19:30 *wonders where he got the french toast and eggs**goes over to her backpack and briefly checks her phone again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 20:49 Where should we start with today's work?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 21:20 I'm okay with anytime...after breakfast, maybe?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 21:40 After breakfast, sure, but where to begin?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 22:42 I'm not sure...maybe there's someone else to talk to at the radio tower who could give us more information?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 22:42 (ooh timing)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 22:42 (Just got off the phone)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 22:43 Perhaps.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 23:08 [Oof, sorry I missed you. XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 23:08 [I've been working outside today. I came in for a few minutes to cool off and decided to post.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.8 23:09 [Is Siegfried making a breakfast for one or two? If two, is it obvious there's two servings?]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 23:22 (HECK)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.8 23:23 (Siegfried would never just make food for himself if he's not alone)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.9 04:12 [Alright.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.9 04:12 *nods slightly**says nothing for a minute, then says:* Where'd you get the french toast?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.9 05:28 I got some bread and eggs and milk.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.9 05:28 From the store in the lobby.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.9 19:22 Oh, alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.9 19:47 I think we should find out if they really did send a message to Stadtler. They usually keep a copy of their documents. If played right, they will let us see the copy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 00:14 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 00:15 Would they let us see the copy--assuming it exists--if we told them we intended to relay it to Stadtlr?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 00:15 *Stadtler
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 00:36 In their minds, if they did send a message, Stadtler should have already received the message, and shouldn't need to send another.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 05:04 Oh, okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 05:04 I don't see how we could obtain a copy if one exists, though...we don't seem to have authority here...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 07:10 Well you can play the part of an official.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 07:16 I suppose I can try...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 07:51 *they talk some more, eat breakfast, and then prepare to head out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 07:51 *turns back into a bird*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 08:22 *turns back as well* Ready to go?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 08:29 *nods* Yeah.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 08:38 Let's head out, then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 08:42 *returns to the radio tower with Siegfried*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 08:49 *the staff almost expects Siegfried and Eira this time, but don't wait to be confronted*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 08:49 *is a little surprised at the shift in the staff's attitude*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 08:50 *says quietly to Siegfried* Er...who should we talk to?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 08:51 Almost anyone, really. If they decide not to be helpful, they'll let you know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 08:55 Alright...um... *looks around at the staff **tries to pick one with the demeanor she deems kinder (and also one that is not the creature they talked to yesterday)*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 09:00 *most members of staff have moved to their offices and stations, leaving the lobby with just a few members. The ones at the main desk are a creature of reptilian origin and a canine of sorts*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 09:01 *approaches the canine* Um...hello...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 09:04 Canine: How can I help you today?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 09:07 It has come to our attention that a um...that a message was sent to Stadtler informing them that the communications system has had problems.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 09:08 We would like to see a copy of that message.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 09:15 We did indeed send a message to Stadtler. We've never had issues before. I don't think it's our fault if the message was lost in transit.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 09:16 Forgive me, but if you sent the message, it would have gone by falcon. My- My colleagues have never had issues with the weather up here before. I have doubts that it could have been "lost in transit"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 09:31 *hesitates, thinking, then says:* We are just as invested as solving this conundrum as you all are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 09:48 We want to be of assistance. We just need to review documents relevant to the situation.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 09:52 Canine: *looks at his partner, then back at Eira* Give me a minute.. *starts looking through some files on his computer*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 10:00 *waits quietly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:15 *eventually the canine turns away from the monitor and opens a file cabinet. Pulls a page from it and places the message on the table.* this is our copy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 10:17 Thank you. *flies up onto the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 10:18 *looks down at the message and scoots over slightly so Siegfried can read it too*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:21 *reads the message and takes off out the door, practically throwing the paper back at the canine*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:21 *does not wait up at all*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 10:22 *barely managed to read the message**looks around, flustered, and then follows Siegfried as quickly as she can*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:23 *flying at this speed physically hurts him but he ignores the pain as he climbs higher in the sky, heading for the mountains*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 10:25 Siegfried! *pants, trying to follow him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:29 *flies up into the mountains, searching the ground for any imperfection. Eventually he reaches a cliffside with unnaturally broken chunks and scratch marks. Lands and changes back into a human then starts digging. The endeavor, however, takes too long,
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:32 so he summons a great deal of magic and blows several layers of snow and ice from the ground. Just under another layer of snow lies the frozen body of a woman with tattered brown and tan wings. Frozen blood speckles the area both under and around her.*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:36 *drops to his knees beside the fallen avian* .....Who would have.... *his breath is shaky as he tries to contain his emotion* I'm sorry... You didn't deserve this... *looks behind him, knowing that Eira will be showing up soon.* I'm sorry...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 10:40 *puts his hand on the avians' shoulder and makes the body change form back into a bird. Using this much magic instantly burns him out and he collapses beside her. Before blacking out he pulls the frozen avian close to him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 19:44 *had lost sight of him, but she heard the sound of the snow and whatnot being blown away by magic and headed in the direction it came from*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:00 *soon sees Siegfried lying on the ground* Siegfried!! *breathes heavily, speeding up**gets close enough to realize what's in his arms and gasps, her eyes fixed on the falcon**almost crashes as she tries to land*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:05 *stops herself from slipping off the cliff and climbs up towards Siegfried**turns back into a human once she gets near him* Siegfried! *shakes his shoulder* Siegfried... *sounds breathless**puts her hand on his neck to check for a pulse*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:10 *looks around quickly, her eyes wide**isn't sure what happened and is scared they aren't alone on this cliffside*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:13 (Woohoo late to lunch)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:16 *wakes up for a few moments* ... *stares at the bird, then looks up at Eira* ... Who would have done this...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:19 *looks down at Siegfried**her arms and legs are a bit shaky* Siegfried, I...I don't know. What happened??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:19 Do I need to take us somewhere?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:21 Stadtler never received the message...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:21 Why, though...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:24 I don't know...um...maybe I should take us back to Urmukka...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:27 ...May-... *blacks out again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:29 Siegfried?... *shakes him a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:33 *doesn't wake up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:33 *hesitates, looking around again**creates a portal back to Urmukka right next to them and drags him through it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:35 *they wind up near the cave with the pool in it**summons her wings and rushes to town*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:39 *goes to the local doctor's place and hides her wings, running inside*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:42 *the doctor is quick to respond and runs up to Eira* What happened here?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:43 *is panting hard* You know Siegfried?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:44 Not sure what happened...he won't wake up... *opens a portal to Siegfried*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 20:45 Take him to the table. *grabs ahold of Siegfried to help move him to the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.10 20:45 *nods quickly and helps the doctor move him*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.10 22:51 MD: What was he doing- *turns his attention toward the falcon still being held in Siegfried's arms* .... I see. *pulls the bird away from Siegfried and places it on another table*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.11 10:07 MD: *checks Siegfried's vitals* He's not going to die. It appears he overexerted himself to a point his body couldn't handle the stress and shut itself down.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.11 22:35 *nods* Okay... *looks at Siegfried for a few moments, then stares at the falcon*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.11 22:51 MD: He'll be alright soon enough. Might need to help clear his system, though.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 01:16 MD: *glances at the falcon* Poor thing. Whoever would kill such a creature?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 04:12 I don't know...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 04:24 MD: Oh well... I must ask that you wait outside for now. I'll get you when you can come see him again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 04:28 Alright... *goes outside and sits down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 04:29 *starts getting a bit restless after about half an hour*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 04:35 MD: * opens the door* It's okay to come in now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 04:38 *gets up and heads inside*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 04:41 *the room smells like it's been well sanitized*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 04:43 *wrinkles her nose for a moment and looks at Siegfried*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 04:49 MD: He'll wake up anytime between the next 15 minutes to half a day. It's hard to say.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 04:51 *is covered feet to just barely below the neck with a sheet. Fresh gauze is taped to his neck and bits of bandages can be seen on one of his shoulders*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 04:59 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:03 *stands there for about a minute, then opens a portal to their hotel room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:08 *goes in
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 05:08 MD: If you move him now, make sure he gets plenty of rest.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:09 **
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:09 *turns back around* Oh...I didn't know he was fit to leave...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:09 I was just going to get his things...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 05:22 MD: He shouldn't move but he can.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:27 How long will it be until it's safe for him to move?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 05:33 MD: It's safe now. He's just not awake. And if hes gone he will certainly want to go back to work sooner than later. Just needs rest.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 05:58 Okay...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 06:25 MD: If you want to just grab his stuff and come back, that is fine. You are welcome to stay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 10:39 If he'd prefer to get back to work sooner then I should probably move him through the portal...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 10:43 MD: You do what you think is best. I will not stop you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 10:44 Okay...um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 10:45 Could you give me a hand?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 10:46 MD: Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 10:47 *goes to lift Siegfried*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 10:48 MD: * helps her lift him up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 10:48 *carries him through the portal and to his bed in the hotel with the doctor's help*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 15:09 MD: Take care. *goes back to his own business*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:06 Thanks... *closes the portal behind the doctor*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:08 *goes over and sits on her own bed**after a little bit she checks her phone again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 20:11 *rolls over in his own bed, curling up slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:14 *looks over at Siegfried, watching him for about a minute*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:14 [We can skip to whenever he wakes up if you want.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 20:15 (K)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 20:20 (Living on borrowed time. I left for lunch at 11:45)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:21 [Okie dokie.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:21 ~HOURS LATER...~
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 20:23 *sits up in bed, half awake*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 20:23 (And gtg now. Will reply at break)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:24 [Alright, see you!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 20:24 *has stayed in the room**looks over at Siegfried again* How are you feeling?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.12 22:52 ... Huh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.12 23:21 Are you feeling alright?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 00:33 I...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 00:33 I think so
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 02:10 *yawns and looks down at his chest, still not quite registering anything*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 04:11 You need anything?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 04:25 *blinks a few times* ....Clothes. Right now... *pulls the sheets up over his shoulders* ...Please.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 04:35 *nods and gets up**gets him a shirt and pants and puts them on the bed next to him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 04:48 I can wait in the bathroom while you put these on...you shouldn't be moving much right now.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 04:48 Thank you..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 04:56 No problem. *goes into the bathroom and closes the door*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 05:29 *puts on the pair of clothes and shuffles to the end table to grab his meds. Sits down on the bed again once he's taken them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 06:02 *hears his movements to some extent**her voice is muffled by the door* Is it alright to come back out?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 06:22 Yeah..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 06:25 *comes out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 06:25 *sits down on her bed*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 06:30 I'm sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 06:30 ...For what?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 06:34 A lot. Running. Leaving you behind. Making you get me help. Probably scaring you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 06:37 It's alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 06:38 You didn't make me do anything...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 07:03 This wasn't the experience you were supposed to have.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 07:15 *shrugs her shoulders* Things sometimes just don't go according to plan.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 07:15 ...What do you think happened to the falcon?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 07:15 Unless you don't want to talk about that...that's okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 07:31 *shakes his head* I don't know.. Something with wings had to be the one to take her down. That's the only way through that passage.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 07:35 *hesitates, thinking while frowning slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 07:35 You know, Fidget mentioned that the outsider who talked to the mayor was a bird.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 07:37 Maybe...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 07:44 Is that outsider the only major change that's happened around here?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 07:58 I can't say. Haven't been here in quite awhile.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:02 You think we could find a way to contact the outsider?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:03 Or learn more about them?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 08:12 There might be a chance, but if they're planning something, they likely will not speak to the likes of us.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:23 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:23 Any idea why this happened?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 08:32 Not a clue... Not right now
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:36 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:36 Should I make something for us to eat?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 08:37 If you'd like.. I don't know how much I'll eat
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 08:45 Alright. I'll be right back. *turns into a bird and heads to the store there*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 08:53 *stares down at his feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 09:02 *gets a package of stovetop pasta (whatever is the closest thing to mac and cheese on this planet)*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 09:03 *goes back up to the room, gets a pot out of the cabinet, and starts preparing the pasta**also gets out some canned fruit from her bag*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 09:05 We should get the message to Stadtler...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 09:10 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 09:11 You need rest...perhaps I could do it while you stay here?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 09:14 No you shouldn't go alone. Not after... The killer could still be out there, ready to intercept again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 09:16 *hesitates, then nods a little* Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 09:16 How urgent of a matter is this? Do we need to give them the message as soon as we can?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 17:10 Sooner than later.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 19:49 We cannot do anything more about the tower once we deliver the message, but then there's the issue of who killed the falcon.. Maybe we can work on figuring that out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 20:19 Alright. Who do you think we should talk to about that?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 20:24 It might just be possible to talk to the mayor after what happened
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 20:27 *nods and finishes the pasta**gets some eating utensils, opens the fruit cans, and brings Siegfried a bowl of mac and cheese and a can of fruit, setting them on the nightstand next to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 20:33 Thank you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 20:38 (Gtg. Back at break)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 20:38 She might want to hear about this event. Its not happened before. Falcons are the neutral party in all these situations...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 21:59 [Okie dokie.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 22:01 *nods a little* So...how would we start? Is there some building where the mayor is usually found?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.13 22:59 They do have a capitol building.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.13 23:02 Okay...so will we be going there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 00:36 We can sure try.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 04:36 Alright...but you should rest first.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 04:45 I will. *picks at his food*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 04:55 *eats*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 05:07 *tries to eat but doesn't really get much down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 05:41 *finishes eating and checks her phone again to no avail*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 05:48 So any idea how long I'll be stuck here resting? I wouldn't be opposed to you going out alone in this place. I trust you can manage.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 05:59 I'm really not sure...I wouldn't push things, though.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 06:34 Alright..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 18:14 Ill try to sleep, then, I guess.. I'm sorry I can't really eat. I dont feel like I can take much. My throat is so raw...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:27 It's alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 20:28 So I'll let you determine what happens next.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:30 *nods slightly and sits back* Get some sleep.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 20:31 *puts the food down and lies down* Alright, I will. Good luck. Be careful.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 20:33 (Work ends at 2:30 today yaay. Anyway lunch is over. I may reply once more before I leave.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:34 [Alright, see you!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:34 I will.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 20:36 Thank you for the food.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:39 No problem.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:39 Now get some rest.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 20:53 (Oof dangit I forgot to say I left something on Hangouts)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 20:53 [Ah, okay. I'll hop on there real quick.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 21:08 *waits for him to fall asleep (or until she thinks he's asleep) and turns back into a bird and heads out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 21:09 *goes looking around for the capitol building*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 21:37 (The Capitol building is the one building with the dome roof*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 21:37 *)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 22:31 [Okay.] *looks for a building that is obviously different than the others**winds up going up to the capitol building*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 22:37 *looks around awkwardly, her eyes wide, and goes in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 22:47 *walks slowly, looking around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 23:04 *isn't sure where to go or what to do**tries to stand somewhere where she is out of the way*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.14 23:06 *is about to ask someone where she can find the mayor but stops herself without really knowing why**is feeling a bit shaky all of a sudden*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.14 23:07 *eventually a creature similar to a large gecko crawls up to her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 00:27 *looks at the creature, but is too nervous to speak first*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.15 01:35 Creature: *stands up on its hind legs* You're presence is requested.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 02:12 It is? Um...okay...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.15 02:22 Creature: This way. *drops back down onto all fours and crawls away and up a pillar to the room up above*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 04:11 *pauses for a moment, a bit startled when the creature starts going up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 04:11 *flies up after the gecko-like creature*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.15 04:47 Creature: *opens the door and gestures for Eira to enter*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 04:52 *hesitates, entering slowly*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 04:54 *the mayor sits on what looks more like a big red pillow. She looks nothing like a bear, actually almost like something vaguely reptilian, but covered in lavender fur.*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 04:57 *she sits with her hind legs stretched out in front of her and her arms drawn close to her body. Her long tail sways smoothly back and forth as she stares at Eira*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 04:59 *sitting down she is about 5 feet tall*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:10 *looks back at her**seems to shrink slightly*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:16 Mayor: *leans forward and reaches for a device on her desk. The creature that escorted Eira in closes the door, leaving Eira alone*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:29 *inhales, but isn't sure how to begin*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:29 I...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:30 I'm sorry if I'm intruding...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:31 Mayor: *grabs thr device and types in something. The device plays audio* "You are a raven."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:34 I am...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:35 "You speak. How old are you?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:38 Somewhere not far over 130...I lost track awhile ago.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:39 *pauses, then types* "My name is Valeria."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:40 *120
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:40 *pauses, then types* "My name is Valeria."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:42 I'm Eira...Eira Surtil.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:42 "Surtil... You are Saxon's..."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:44 Yes...I mean, I'm his daughter.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:44 Valeria: *puts down the device and stands up*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:48 *walks around the desk to stand before Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 05:52 *takes a step back*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:00 *crouches and extends a hand to Eira, basically holding it on the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:03 *looks at her hand, then her face, then her hand again**hesitantly steps onto her hand*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:04 *lifts Eira up and walks back to her desk. Sits down and grabs the device again* "Is he alright?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:05 Yeah...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:06 "Good." *pauses again* "I will put you down. You're human, I know. I want to see."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:06 You...do?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:09 *puts Eira down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:12 *closes her eyes for a couple moments and turns back into a human**opens her eyes again, looking at her awkwardly**her hair is down and her clothes are a bit wrinkled/disheveled*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:12 *stares for a minute*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:13 "You have his eyes."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:17 *shrugs her shoulders, scratching the back of her neck*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:22 "They aren't that color anymore, are they?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:26 They're a bit less vivid...my eyes resemble my mother's more than his.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:29 *her ears droop* "I see. At least he's living well?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:33 As well as he can.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:34 Are you an old friend of his??
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:37 "Not.. Really.."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:44 Oh...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:46 "At least you have the eyes I remember. It's refreshing."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:52 So...you met him when he was younger, then?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:52 "I've known him since he was born"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 06:59 Really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:00 Oh...you must've met him in the...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:00 ...Sorry...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:06 "Ha ha... I never really met him. I don't know much about him, to be honest. I'm proud, nonetheless."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:11 Yeah...I'm proud to be his daughter.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:12 ...He...doesn't know I'm here...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:13 "Tell me. What happened to Riyu?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:24 Um...he's dead...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:25 He was killed.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:27 *nearly drops the device. Looks down at her feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:29 Are you...okay?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:32 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:33 *says nothing, looking at her, concerned*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:37 *slowly types into the device* "I wondered why he hadn't shown up in so long."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:41 *her eyes widen**looks confused* He used to visit this place?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:44 "Riyu always checked on me."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:46 How come?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:51 Did Vulkanisch hire him to?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:55 "He wanted to make sure I was doing alright."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:55 "He broke me out of there."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:57 He...did?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 07:58 *looks even more confused*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 08:00 "I do not think he meant for this to happen."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 08:02 I am sorry, I don't follow.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 08:05 "I never fully understood him. But he tried. You are not fond of your grandfather, I take it?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 08:13 *shakes her head a little&
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 08:14 **
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 08:52 "I'm sorry. I wish he'd been a better person. A better father."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 10:48 ...It's not your fault. It happens. My mother's father isn't a great person either.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 10:49 *...There's no need to apologize. It happens. [Decided I preferred that to "It's not your fault"]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 10:54 "I regret not being allowed to be a mother to your father."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 18:13 "Maybe things could have been different."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 19:24 *stares at her, her eyes wide with bewilderment*d
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 19:25 **
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 19:47 "I know you are confused. I am not human. Not anymore."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 19:51 "It is hard to bring up, considering what I am now."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 21:53 You mean...you used to be human...and you were...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 21:57 *sighs*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 22:24 "The mother of Riyu's child."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 22:55 You're my grandma...?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:05 "I am."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:08 "I called you in here because I originally thought you were Riyu. I have never seen any ravens here other than him."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:24 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:24 I came here on a mission of sorts--a mission concerning the radio towers.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:31 "I see. They're supposed to be getting fixed.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:31 *"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:38 A message was sent to Stadtler about that but they never received it. We found the messenger dead in the mountains--killed.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.15 23:52 "Oh. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 03:48 "I hope we can find out who killed her. Runa had been a loyal messenger for years."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 03:54 *nods a little* I hope so too...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 04:13 "I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 04:42 ...Better these circumstances than not meeting at all.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 04:42 How long have you been here?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 07:43 "Since. I don't fully remember. Saxon must have only been in his mid teens when Riyu got me out."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 19:41 Would you...would you like to see him?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 19:43 "I don't know if I can bear him seeing me like this."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:03 It's not that bad, really...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:07 "Is it? I find it hard to believe."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:08 (I found another Roffe and Char scene from the Road to El Dorado)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:09 It's a long story, but...I was raised by a man who I had initially thought was a dog. Even if he couldn't transform between those and other forms, it probably wouldn't have mattered to me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:10 [Ooo, okay.]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:10 "It matters to me."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:11 Really nearly all of my family can turn into some kind of animal...I doesn't matter to me much whether someone is human or not and I wouldn't think it'd matter to him that much.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:11 *said that before she replied*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:11 Well...alright...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:27 "I'm not as tough as I look."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.16 20:57 *just nods slightly, looking down*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.16 21:46 "Really, Riyu has been the real one leading this operation out here. He set so much up."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 05:21 I'm sorry if I look skeptical, it's just...it's really hard for me to envision him doing such a thing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 05:31 I believe you, but it's just not easy to.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 05:37 "I know. He has done some terrible things. I know he hurt Saxon. It was hard to forgive him."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:32 *nods a little again&
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:32 **
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:45 "He will be missed. Is there anything else I can do for you? Anything you need?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:48 I can't really think of anything other than the killed falcon...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:48 Are you sure you don't want Dad to meet you?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:49 "I'm certain he believes I am dead. That may be for the best"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:51 I still don't think I understand...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:53 "He would be better off not knowing his mother. Let him still think of me as a human."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 08:58 Why would he be better off?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:08 "He never knew me to begin with."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:13 I don't see why he wouldn't want to get to know you.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:14 "it's a personal thing."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:14 He's perhaps the best person I know...and besides, he could maybe use some company right now...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:18 "I'm sorry."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:20 *looks down again, nodding*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:23 "I should have been dead, anyway. I was, for a time."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:26 What happened? How did you wind up in the lab?...How did you wind up with Saxon?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 09:31 *in Urmukka, she looks for jobs while Jane plays with the other children*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:33 "It all boils down to meeting Riyu, I guess."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:34 How did that lead to you ending up in the lab??
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 09:50 "I believe what I originally said was 'I disappointed my family.' So many families care too much about reputation. My family happened to be one of those families."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 09:51 *she finds several different candidate jobs and goes on a walk to think things over*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 09:54 *is sitting at the park working on embroidering a fairly large piece of fabric*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 10:08 *winds up wandering into the park**her brows are a bit furrowed and she's clearly on "autopilot"/not mentally present*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 10:21 *is trying to keep his focus on his work, but can't help looking up from time to time, especially after he sees Aedona*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 10:26 Did your family send you to the lab?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 10:27 "They had no idea where I was really going to be sent. No one knew."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 10:40 What did they think they were sending you for?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 10:43 *walks by about 30 feet away**it takes her a little bit to notice Mayhem**waves in greeting and looks at his fabrics curiously, but keeps walking*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 10:47 "I don't remember much about those reasons. Only that it was because I was to have a baby, yet I was not married."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 10:48 *looks a bit disgusted*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 10:48 *stumbles a bit, trying not to drop anything, as he tries to wave back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 10:49 What kind of place did they think they were sending you to?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 18:19 "There was a program pitched for expecting mothers, preferably single mothers. The idea was to volunteer the newborn child for some new scientific research. Such work would have been redeeming in the eyes of the public.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 18:20 No one knew the route was changed from an official lab to Vulkanisch. They couldn't have known."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 19:37 (Mayhem's greatest moment happened in shipping today)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 19:48 [Oh?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 19:48 [I have a short break; should I hop on Hangouts?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 19:53 *looks even more disgusted* Still...whether or not you were being sent to Vulkanisch... *shakes her head a little*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 19:57 (Lunch is in 3 minutes ish)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 20:00 [Alright.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 20:29 *is slightly amused by him fumbling as he tries not to drop things*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 20:30 "We cannot change what happened. What matters more now is the safety of my people and the life of my son. It's refreshing to hear about his work."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 20:36 *regains his composure* Sorry about that..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 20:44 *stops walking* No need to apologize.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 20:45 *nods slightly* I wonder if I should go home, then...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 20:48 *nods and puts down his project* I hope things are going about as well as they can.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 20:48 "You are free to go whenever. Thank you for coming."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 20:53 I think they are...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 20:53 *looks around awkwardly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 20:57 It's just...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 20:58 If you don't mind me asking... What have you been up to?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 20:58 I've gone traveling but that means he's living alone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 20:58 Looking for work.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 20:59 Oh. Best of luck there. If you do get work, who will watch Jane?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.17 21:00 "Alone?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:02 I'm still figuring that part out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:02 [Is there a local school?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.17 21:03 Yeah...I'm wondering if I should go back...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:04 I could always take her with me while you're working. She's wanted to help me work for some time now, so it could be as good a time as any to teach her.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:05 (Probably. Many parents in this valley teach their own kids, though.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:06 [Okay.] I'll keep that in mind.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:07 I don't want to interfere with your work. I was thinking of putting her in school, though I don't know how she'd fare there...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:08 [If Jane was put in school, BTW, she'd probably struggle because she'd be bored. She's likely farther ahead than her grade.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:09 She wouldn't interfere much.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:12 *is still about 30 feet away**starts walking over to him* You sure?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:14 Absolutely.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:14 Alright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:15 What are you working on?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:16 Oh. Uh, the cuff for an outfit I'd had planned for quite a number of years now. I finally have the materials I need for it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:21 Oh...mind if I have a closer look?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:24 Go right ahead. *hands Aedona the cut of fabric*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:26 Wow...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:27 It's beautiful. *looks at it for a little bit more before handing it back to him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:29 Thank you. That means a lot to me.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 21:30 (And now my work in the shop is over. I'll be back around 2:45ish)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:31 [Alright. See you later! I can't guarantee I'll be on then.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.17 21:31 *little bit longer
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.17 22:54 *stares at his work, then looks up at Aedona* I do wonder if Jane would be interested in this line of work. At least as a hobby.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 00:31 I mean it's a hobby for me. At least now it is.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:41 Maybe. It looks like it takes a lot of patience...I would hope she'd like it, though.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 00:42 (Ee)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:44 [Hi! I can't be on for very long
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 00:44 It does take a bit of patience, but you can see the progress and it's usually so inspiring.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:45 *.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:46 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:47 Will you be teaching her sewing and embroidery while I work?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 00:48 Not exclusively.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 00:50 There are plenty of things I can teach.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:52 Yeah...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:53 She's actually really good at math for her age. Maybe learning to build will help her. I think she'll be good at technical things.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:53 *glances around awkwardly again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 00:53 [I gtg now. See you!]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 00:54 For a start, maybe she can help me with the electrical work for my house.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 01:15 (I know that might sound a bit boring but as a kid I loved that stuff. Learning to wire things together.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 05:15 [Ooo, okay. Sounds like something Jane would like too, and it'll be handy for her in the future.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 05:40 *nods* That sounds good.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 05:40 It's um...it's getting a bit late. I ought to get Jane and go home. She's probably hungry for dinner.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 05:54 Alright. Best of luck to you. And goodnight.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 06:02 "Will he not be okay without you?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 06:03 Goodnight. Best of luck with your new outfit.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 06:09 Thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 06:13 He said he'd be okay...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 06:13 *walks away rather quickly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 06:18 * gets back to work*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.18 06:34 *gets Jane and goes home*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.18 06:46 *doesn't go back home until later in the evening*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 06:46 "He should be okay, then?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 06:57 He should be.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:03 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:18 I'm just...maybe I'm just paranoid...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:29 "I mean, he's gotten this far, right? He can take care of himself?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:40 Probably...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:50 "I will not tell you what you need to do. Whatever you think is best, go ahead."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:51 *nods* I understand...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:52 I suppose you don't want me to tell him that you're alive, even...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 07:52 "please do not."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:00 I won't, then...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:07 "thank you."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:08 Would it be okay if I visited you here sometimes?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:09 "Of course."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:16 Alright...I doubt I can stay here much longer and I have a lot more questions.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:19 "Perhaps we can find another time to speak once more."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:21 I hope so.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:22 ...I don't have much family left that I can talk to.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:30 "I'm sorry to hear that."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:34 You said I...you said you thought I was Riyu...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:34 Did I really look that much like him?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:36 "You are remarkably similar, though he had a white stripe across his beak."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:38 Huh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:38 Dad has that white stripe too...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:41 "Does he? That's really cute."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:50 He's dark blue instead of black, though.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:52 "oh? Because of the experiments, probably. Still sounds like a pretty sight."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 08:56 What did the lab want with him?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:04 "I know they wanted humans to have magic. From what I've seen, it appeared he and his peers were being trained as if they were in a military."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:08 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:08 So I guess they wanted him to fight for them?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:09 "Riyu said he was talented."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:12 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:14 Riyu...he seemed like he was interested in being part of my dad's life when he was young and part of my life when I was young...do you know why?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:24 "I don't know. I only know that he was really hard on Saxon. Any little mistake, like he had to be perfect. As for you, I cannot say. He kept his secrets close to his chest."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:26 I barely knew him...he and the other Ravens tried to take me away from my parents because they thought the way my upbringing was going was too dangerous.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:31 *shakes her head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:34 I don't entirely blame them...my other grandpa and my adopted dad were kind of making things unsafe...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:38 'Your adopted dad?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:40 It's a long story, but...basically my parents thought I died and I was raised by someone else.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:57 "Oh. But your adopted dad was making things unsafe?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:59 He didn't mean to.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 09:59 He came to my family to help protect us but he made some mistakes.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 10:01 "I see."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 10:03 ...Where are you from?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 10:04 "I grew up in Stadtler."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 10:09 What was your family like?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 10:11 "They were kind. Good to me throughout my life. Our public reputation meant a lot to them, though."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 10:17 *nods* How did you and Riyu wind up in a relationship?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 18:05 "I don't think either of us really thought we were in a relationship until the end. For the longest time we were just friends."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 19:59 Oh... *her expression turns distant for a couple seconds*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:03 "We spent a lot of time together, but never had we really done anything that a couple might do. We simply enjoyed each others time."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:04 *company. not time
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:17 "He was new to Stadtler. A visitor from far away. He approached me on the street, asking where he could find a good hotel. Of course I helped him. Since he was new I showed him around. He explained that he was visiting on business. A common reason for
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:21 visiting. We met on occasion before we decided to actually make plans to spend time together until we'd run into one another for at least the 4th time. We had a lot in common. Both of us cared deeply about what our families thought."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:23 "Riyu talked like his family had some great expectations of him. Whether or not that was true, I do not know."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:23 What did your family think of him?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:25 "They thought he was kind enough, but still warned to be careful since he was obviously a foreigner who did not share the same culture."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:28 I see...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:33 "Riyu and I had a lot of fun together. He seemed to care a lot about me, as I cared a lot about him. He was not one to express too much feeling, and I think that scared him away."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:36 Scared him away?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:40 "He got ahead of himself one night and when he realized that, he ran. I didn't see him again after that. At least not until after Saxon was born."
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:43 (And back to work. Already 10 minutes late. Be sure to wish Shyne a happy birthday)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:44 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:44 [Alright, see you!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.18 20:44 If he eventually let you out of the lab, why didn't he do the same for my dad?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.18 22:48 "Because the lab thought Riyu killed me. I tried to defend Saxon from him. Looking back on it now, I often wonder if that was at least part of the reason he was so hard on Saxon. To get a reaction from me."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.19 02:00 *goes silent, looking a bit troubled as she thinks*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.19 02:58 *tilts her head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.19 04:57 ...I have several siblings.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.19 04:59 Two are my father's children. One has gone missing and the other...I doubt she'd care to meet you. But I could try to arrange some kind of meetings if you'd want to meet them.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.19 04:59 I also have a little half-sister, and though she's not related to you I'm sure she'd love to meet you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 05:19 *eats dinner with Jane**reads for a little while and then goes to bed*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.19 05:26 "I might be willing to give meeting them a shot. Not right away, but sometime, maybe."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.19 05:30 Alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 05:41 *as usual, she winds up lucid dreaming*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 05:47 *chooses to dream about a huge, strange jungle**it is day and the sky is green*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 05:48 *the plants look more like great fungi**a lot are dark purple or emerald green, and other are more vibrant colors (e.g. red, orange)*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 05:49 *is up on top of one of the tallest plants, looking out at the jungle*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 05:58 *sounds reminiscent of insects emanate from the jungle**sunset begins to arrive and the silhouettes of large creatures are seen flying around*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 06:03 *watches multiple dreams until he turns his attention to Aedona's dream. It takes him some time to decide to enter and interact with the environment while keeping an eye on Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:09 *Mayhem finds that a lot of the environment up close seems repetitive or incomplete*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:11 *many of the plants and areas are the same, and some shapes are vague*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:11 *the creatures tend to avoid him, though he gets a good glimpse of a big flying one above**it looks kind of like a huge dragonfly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:15 *some sounds coming from some of the trees/huge fungi resemble the chattering of humans, and yet the sounds are obviously not human*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:16 *these sounds emanate from some plants that resemble baobabs, with giant, thick trunks and beautiful yellowish flowers*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:17 *the trunks are a deep, dark purple and the leaves alternate between red and emerald green*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:25 *winds up sliding down the plant she's perched on to the jungle floor*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 06:27 *doesn't do anything to approach her. Instead sticks to almost doing his own thing, examining the world around him, but trying to keep out of sight*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:35 *the creatures that sound rather human-like in the nearest baobab-like tree to Mayhem suddenly stop chattering**the sky turns vivid red as the sun sets*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:36 *the creatures stare at Mayhem, their eyes glowing in the ensuing darkness*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:42 *bioluminescent fungi of various colors are seen throughout the jungle, but even at the floor they are not enough for her to see very well*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:42 *summons night vision goggles and puts them on*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:44 *goes to find and look at some of the animals, but they tend to cower away and stay just out of sight**sighs and sits down on what looks like a large mushroom with glowing white dots*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:44 *looks up, but the vegetation is too thick for her to even get close to seeing the sky*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 06:44 *tilts his head ever so slightly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:50 *one of the creatures in the pseudo-baobab lets out a screech and all of the creatures disperse in various directions*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:50 *they swing through the trees and launch themselves at Mayhem*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:51 *meanwhile, she hears growling in the undergrowth but looks towards it, unafraid*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:51 *slightly hears the commotion from up above and looks up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:51 *frowns slightly an rises*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 06:54 *dodges the attacks, uncertain if he should fight back or not*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:55 *and
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:55 *the creatures are monkey-like with six legs and are surprisingly fast*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 06:58 *wills herself to be lighter than air and starts heading back up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:01 *speeds up when she gets high enough through the plants to see the monkeys hurling themselves through the air*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 07:05 *summons his bow, but is still hesitant to fight. More or less he is curious about the creatures*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:08 *reacts more out of instinct than anything else**summons an Otemjarian rifle and kicks off a tree, landing on the giant fungus platform Mayhem is on**shoots down several of the monkeys while they're coming for him in mid-air*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 07:15 *raises his brow and backs up a bit, hopefully more out of sight*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:31 *hits a monkey that comes after her with the butt of her rifle, knocking it off the platform*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:32 *looks over at Mayhem**looks surprised for only a moment* Come on.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 07:34 *nods and steps forward*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:38 *jumps onto another giant fungus/tree and waits for Mayhem to jump on as well before willing it to grow*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:38 *once he's on it rises well above the rest of the jungle plants*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:39 *the sky fades from deep red to dark emerald green as night sets in*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:41 *looks down at the jungle below* What brings you here?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 07:41 Curiosity.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:44 About what?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 07:47 What your mind can create.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 07:59 This is a place I've been before...I didn't get that great a look at it, though, and I want to visit it again.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 08:03 It does appear to be a fairly intriguing place.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 08:21 It's the fertile side of the planet of Mirizil.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 08:21 I see..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 08:27 It's probably more dangerous than the desert side, with all the animals and poisonous plants...but I still want to get a better look at it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 08:28 Mirizil is one of the oldest Panthean planets aside from Panthea itself.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 08:29 But that's a recent finding...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 08:39 I sometimes wish I could do some exploring of my own. Don't get much opportunity. Besides, it's just not as fun going on expeditions without someone to keep you company. To stand up for you and to throw you under the bus because he's actually some
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 08:40 cheeky jerk with a wild sense of humor.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 10:30 "He?"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 10:33 I used to travel with someone when I was younger. Not too long after I realized I was a god.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 10:40 Oh...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 10:42 What sort of trips did you go on?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 10:59 *has mostly kept looking down, watching for the monkeys*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 10:59 *as if to watch for
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 11:02 We mostly traveled from planet to planet doing various things. He liked to help the locals.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 11:04 Ah.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 20:10 Gotta say it was the highlight of my younger days as a god. My better days...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:23 I see...what happened to your travel partner?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:28 He... Didn't make it..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:29 There was an incident...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:32 (Switch those posts)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:35 [Okay.] *nods a little*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:40 *takes a deep breath* Not much I can really do. I'm pretty over it.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:42 (Blitz: Liiiiiieeeees)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:44 *looks at him for a few moments, scanning his face and his eyes, then resumes looking down at the jungle*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:44 If there's anything troubling you, it's okay to talk about it...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:48 What might be troubling me?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:48 (Lunch is over now)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:48 [Alright. See you!]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:52 I'm not sure...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 22:52 You don't have to worry about me if that's what this is, though.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 22:55 I am not worried. Not right now at least.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 23:05 Listen, I- *shakes his head* No. Nevermind. *looks out at the sky*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 23:05 *looks at him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 23:10 (Me just not having anything to say)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.19 23:17 What is it?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.19 23:31 It's not important..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 01:04 I do wonder... Why this place?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 01:33 *hesitates**folds her arms, scratching one of her forearms near the elbow* I've been re-visiting various places I went to when I was serving the Otemjarian government.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 01:34 I come to these places to think and to...test myself, I suppose.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 01:34 *keeps her eyes fixed on one red, glowing fungus in the distance as she speaks*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 03:06 I see..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 11:49 I'm sorry if this seems cold, but I'd rather be alone tonight.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 11:51 I don't mean to hurt your feelings...you're not the problem, I am.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 11:51 I understand. My intention wasn't actually to talk to you tonight. I was just curious about the environment of your dream. It's new.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 11:56 *nods* Thank you for understanding...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 11:58 I can leave now. I think I've seen enough. *starts to fade*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 11:59 *more or less dissipate as opposed to fading, actually*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 12:04 *nods and waits for him to disappear*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 12:05 *looks over at where he once stood**walks over and sits down where he was, sighing*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 12:05 *returns to the dreamscape and continues watching Aedona's dream*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 12:10 *
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 12:13 *looks rather sad**sits there for a little while before suddenly changing the environment of her dream*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 12:14 *the setting switches entirely to a field of lavender**lies down and breathes deeply, closing her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Aug.20 17:55 *smiles. Spends the rest of his night monitoring others dreams while consistently checking on Aedona's dream*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Aug.20 21:11 *her dream doesn't change much for the rest of the night*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.20 21:14 *she wound up talking to Valeria until nighttime, after which she changed back into bird form and returned to the hotel room**doesn't feel sleepy at all*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.20 21:22 *is still asleep, but is rather restless*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.20 21:32 *gets ready for bed but winds up lying down with her eyes open, thinking**looks over at Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.20 21:32 [Has Mayhem ever tried checking on Siegfried's dreams since his disappearance?]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.20 22:16 (Probably not. Not in thousands of years)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.20 22:22 *his breathing often shifts from shallow to deep breaths*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.20 23:47 *gets up and goes over to him at one point when his breath turns shallow* Siegfried?...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 00:41 *doesn't respond, or at least not vocally. His only response is to turn away in his sleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 04:29 *sighs**gently tries to pull his blanket over his shoulders/tuck him in a bit more*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 04:51 *shudders*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 04:55 *her eyes widen with concern*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:03 *sits on her bed, watching him for a bit longer before lying back down*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 05:09 *after awhile he settles down a bit and his breathing somewhat stabilizes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:15 ~THE NEXT MORNING...~ *she fell asleep very late and is still asleep when Siegfried wakes up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:30 *rubs her eyes when she finally wakes up*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 05:31 *has gotten out of bed and is sitting at the small table in the kitchen area, sipping some water*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:43 Hi... *yawns**stretches her arms*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:43 How are you feeling?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 05:48 Like I've been asleep for a day and a half.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:52 ...What day is it?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 05:56 I don't know, I've been asleep.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 05:59 *sighs and checks her phone*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 06:00 Well, neither of us have been asleep for over a day.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 06:09 *puts her phone away* I already spoke to the mayor. She was kind about the matter. So are we going to Stadtler?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 06:24 I believe so. They will likely try to put us on a followup job as a result of reporting the incident.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 06:27 Alright...what does a followup job entail?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 06:28 Who knows. Investigative work? It depends on what they make of the situation
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 06:29 *nods a little**walks over to help herself to some breakfast*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 06:30 Do you need some more rest?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 07:55 No, I think I'll be fine.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 08:26 Okay...when will we leave?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 08:50 Anytime we want. Maybe... How about in a couple of hours?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 08:56 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 08:57 I can take us through a portal to Stadtler when we're ready.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 08:57 ~A COUPLE HOURS LATER...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:01 *once they're ready, she sends him and their luggage through a portal and then goes into bird form**she goes to the front desk, checks out, and then goes down a hall to be alone*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:01 *looks around quickly, then opens a portal, flies through, closes it, and turns back into a human*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:01 *they are currently not far from the arcade* Alright...where do we need to go, exactly?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 09:14 There is a facility near Stadtler's capitol building that houses the messengers. I think we should let them know, first. Someone there will likely lead us to either the capitol building or city hall.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:19 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:22 *picks up her bag and starts heading in the direction of the capitol building*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:27 *after a while of walking they reach the facility*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:27 *lets Siegfried take the lead from there*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 09:38 *Enters the building and makes his way to the front counter. The Woman at the counter raises her brow as he approaches* Receptionist: Such a rare occurrence, seeing you in here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:42 *glances at Siegfried while looking at the woman*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 09:50 I never have a reason to visit, though today I have some unfortunate news.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 09:52 Receptionist: Yes, we heard about Runa. We will mourn the loss just as much as you. *Siegfried: We also need to deliver the message she couldn't bring back. *Receptionist: *nods* I'll have someone out to speak with you in a moment.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 09:57 *listens, then decides to check her phone while they wait*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 10:15 *texts her father: "Hi, are you there?"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 10:16 "I'm sorry for the delay. I was in a region where reception was bad and some things were down for maintenance."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 10:30 *soon another person comes out from behind the counter* ?: The message was about communications, wasn't it? *Siegfried nods* Well we should take that straight to City Hall
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 10:43 *texts quickly: "I gtg now. I hope you're doing alright."*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 10:43 *puts her phone away and goes to follow Siegfried and the person*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 20:05 (Wooo.... There's no such thing as a blue sky today)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 20:15 (My brain when my boss says what's in the sheep pen: "Baby cow baby cow baby cow baby cow"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 20:16 [Oof. XP I guess a similar thing's been going on here (it's been rainy lately, though it's mostly just really stormy-looking with no rain most of the time). I like how much cooler it is this way, though.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 20:18 (Well I wish it was rainy. I've sent some things to Hangouts. Little updates)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 20:18 [Also I'm guessing that's a reference my brain cannot comprehend because as soon as I read that the first thing that came to mind was an Austin Powers villain singing "Baby back ribs" (note: he has a taste for human babies). XD]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 20:18 [Okie dokie, I'll check Hangouts real quick. I can't stay on long.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.21 20:20 (Im omly on for about 13 more minutes)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 20:20 [Oh shoot...yeah, I really wish it was rainy where you live too.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 20:27 *follows Siegfried and the person to
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.21 20:27 *to the capitol building*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 10:03 *they wind up being questioned for a while by the authorities about what happened in the Vulkanisch creatures' land*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 10:13 *once the questioning is over she feels inclined to check her phone, but refrains from doing so**her knee bounces*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Aug.22 19:49 Texts back: "I'm doing alright. Hope you're doing alright."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 19:51 *once he is out of questioning, he heads over to Eira with a paper in hand* If you're down for it, they want us to investigate and hopefully find whoever did this. Also they would like us to escort someone back to provide proper maintenance. We will not
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 19:52 need to hide that we are human this time, seeing how we are in the company of an official.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 20:43 (*attempts to draw Siegfried on my phone while at the speedway*)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 20:59 [XD For whatever reason reading that gave me flashbacks to Shadow's line "Now I carry around my boyfriend wherever I desire."]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 20:59 [*imagines Siegfried gets a haircut and random fangirls start carrying around pictures of him*]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:07 I'm down. When are we going?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:10 (Om)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:11 Back where we came, then out to investigate the place where we found Runa.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:12 (I'm trying desperately not to create a new character based personality-wise off several family members..)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:13 (I mean I like the concepts for her, but it'll be a lot of work.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:15 [Hm...maybe you could take some of those ideas and put them into already existing WIP characters (e.g. Ophelia)?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:16 [I don't quite know what those concepts are, though, so that may not work.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:17 [Also Eira asked "when" as opposed to "where." XD]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:22 (They would not work for Ophelia. She doesn't have the personality for her career choices)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:25 *clears his throat* We will head out in less than an hour.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:25 (Race day race day.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:29 [Ah, okay. Now I'm curious...what sort of career would Ophelia prefer?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:29 [Also sounds fun. ^.^ My replies will be kinda slow. I'm studying.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:30 *nods* Okay. Would it be alright if we took a shortcut and opened a portal back there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:33 (I haven't decided what she'd do. Also it is really cool to talk to people in the pits. Racers are usually so darn nice. Great senses of humor, they're amazing.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:34 We are not going alone this time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:39 [Ooo, cool!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:39 I know...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:43 (Replies will be zlow for a bit. I'm getting authorization to be in the pits)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:43 [Okay.] If showing that I have magic is a bad idea, it's not hard to get a teleporter.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:46 (Alrighty I have signed my waivers)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:47 We will just have to see what the tech thinks.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:53 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:53 When will we meet them?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 21:55 We will meet outside. They should be showing up within the hour.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 21:59 *nods**takes out her phone again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:00 *texts to Saxon: "Good. I'm fine. I'll be heading back to the area with bad reception not long from now. What have you been up to?"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:02 "I've been debating taking a trip to see old friends. Don't know of I will go through with it yet."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:08 "Alright. Do whatever you feel would be best for you."
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:08 "I might just stay home."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:09 *goes outside and sits down*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:10 (Some lady just came into DQ just to yell at the staff for something minor. I feel bad for the staff. It's just a fast food restaurant...)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:12 [WTH?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:13 [People these days... XP And I already felt bad for fast food staff since they have to work during this god-forsaken time.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:14 "Okay. If you need me, just say so. I'll come as soon as I get your message."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:15 (Making an effort to be extra nice. Some humans just irritate me so much)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:17 [Yeah, same here. XP]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:23 (My goal was to get my brother some food. I have achieved that goal.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:26 [Congrats. XD ^.^]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:26 [I'm currently debating whether I should eventually do another drunk Aedona scene.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:28 [She's actually trying not to drink too much to save money. However, there is one event that would compel her to say "[BLEEP] it" and try to get herself drunk again.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:29 [She would definitely do it if this event happened after she got a job. I don't feel like this event would happen soon, though I really want to play it out sooner rather than later. I've been thinking about it a lot.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:30 (Hmm...)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:31 [My only problem is that such a scene feels redundant unless she acts quite differently while she's drunk. And I have already thought of plenty of differences compared to the last one.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:32 [Also unfortunately she might wind up back in the Surtils' cellar. She'd have already drank a lot by the time that occurs, though.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:34 (Dad: *tells Dale about the snacks we brought* Dale: *refuses to eat the snacks* I'm a big boy, I need lots of food.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:34 (That is a mood for several characters)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:35 [XD Why did I instantly associate that with Litho...]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:38 (Lol yep(
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:39 [Char: *deep inhale*]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:40 [And this is how Litho got to go to the buffet.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:40 (XD YEP)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:40 [Also skip to when the tech person arrives?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:42 [*imagines Litho later stating that his small boyfriend only needs a small amount of food*]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:43 [Char: ...listen here you sack of-]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:44 (Sure)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:47 (*imagines careers for a falcon* What would happen if a falcon decided to race?)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:47 *finally puts her phone away when the tech person shows up*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:47 (Siegfried: Not allowed. Not without me. Totally not butthurt.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:47 [The world would explode from Siegfried's speedy genes going nuts.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:48 [Older Jane @ the falcon: Bring it on [BLEEP]!]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:50 (I'm surprised there isn't much in terms of racing of any sort on Exocoel.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:53 (Go Karts are a thing.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:54 (A falcon would likely get into a convertible racing division. One that has asphalt, dirt, air, water, etc, all in one track.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 22:54 (That's what Litho modified his car for)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:54 [Jane: *begs Mayhem to take her go karting*]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:55 [Ah, okay. Considering the inclusion of "air," I'm guessing that means his car can fly?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:56 [Racing is very popular on Ahntor, though they have their own version that emphasizes flight. However, all the vehicles that are used in this sport can convert into something that works on the ground or submerged in liquid.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:57 [The vehicles also contain weapons of sorts used to sabotage other vehicles, like powerups in various racing games.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:58 [That sport has a million rules to help regulate the vehicles, though, as some weapons used in the past were absolutely unfair and plenty of racers have been caught cheating with AI (e.g. they sneakily used advanced AI to drive the vehicle, kind of like
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 22:59 using a chess engine to play a perfect game against some poor human opponent).]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.22 23:00 [Also I gtg now. See you later!]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.22 23:01 (Lithos race car is based kind of around Speed Racer, with the addition of flight.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 01:45 (I can see Litho or one of his buddies being a crew chief/mentor)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Aug.23 04:54 [Oh boy...that seems a little too perfect...]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Aug.23 04:54 [Char gets Litho to be Jane's mentor in that regard...]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 05:05 *gets up, looking at the tech person* Er--hi!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 06:35 Tech: *tips his hat* How do you do?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:01 I don't suppose you know our names...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:09 Tech: Nope. My name is Allan.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:23 I'm Eira--Eira Surtil.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:23 Nice to meet you.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:24 Allan: It's my pleasure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:39 *glances over at Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:47 So...um...what's your preferred method of getting there?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:48 Allan: The train? That's the only way?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:56 Well...I am wondering if you know the place's coordinates.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 07:57 I've been abroad and there are devices that allow you to teleport to places when you know their coordinates.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 08:09 Allan: Pardon me, but I know you have been up there before. You should know the coordinates.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 08:26 I've been there, but I was never told the coordinates.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 08:52 Allan: I'd rather take the train if we have to find a teleporter.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 09:55 It really wouldn't take me that long at all to get one.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 10:19 Allan: It does not seem worth the wait.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 10:20 Alright.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 18:17 Allan: *heads to the train station*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 19:50 *follows him, glancing at Siegfried again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 19:56 *hasn't really had much to say this whole time. Still appears fairly tired.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 20:53 *says quietly to Siegfried* You feeling okay?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:15 (Heck. I was too busy making a more realistic fight between Siegfried and Mayhem)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:16 [XD Eh, it's fine.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:17 Yeah. I'm fine. It's nothing a little rest won't fix. After the mission, of course.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:17 (I had to download a video editor to my xbox. Hopefully this turns out decent)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:20 (Upload complete)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:24 [Okie dokie.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:24 [Should I check Hangouts?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:24 Maybe you could take a nap on the train.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:25 (It's still uploading(
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:26 (To hangouts I mean)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:26 [Okay.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:26 I don't know if that is the best idea. *glances at the tech*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.23 21:28 (Malaucay returns to Tamriel)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:42 Well...alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.23 21:52 ~LATER...~ *the train ride there only takes a few hours**they wind up heading to the radio tower again* [If this is not what they're supposed to do just pretend they didn't do it. XP]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.23 23:42 Allan: Thank you so much for being my guide. I will send for another escort when it is time to leave. I am aware that you need to continue with your own work, you two go on ahead.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 04:49 Alright. It was nice meeting you!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.24 06:02 Allan: Pleasure meeting you as well!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 06:29 It's time we went back to where we found Runa.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 06:29 *starts walking away with Siegfried* So...what do we do? Do we go back to the mountaintop to look for clues?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 06:30 *nvm her second question**also she asked her first question before Siegfried spoke*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 06:31 Okay...um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 06:34 I don't think I can open a portal there...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 06:35 that's alright. the trip will just be a little longer
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 06:41 I can fly there, but...what about you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 06:49 I can make it. I'm rested enough, I should be okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 10:25 *looks at him for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 10:26 I could try to carry you...I have my own magic...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 10:35 You don't have to..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 10:36 It's not a big deal.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 18:16 It kind of is. That's a lot of unnecessary strain to put on you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:31 Not really...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 19:33 I'm not light..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:35 Well...maybe...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:35 Maybe if I memorized this area...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:36 *looks around* Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:36 *looks back at Siegfried* I could go there first and open a portal back here or wherever you'd prefer to wait.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 19:38 I can wait here
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:53 [Sorry, had to brb and forgot to warn you. Also I can only be on here a few minutes longer. I'm just taking a break from studying.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:53 *looks around some more at the area around them* So...should I...should I go as a bird or a human?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 19:55 (Alrighty. I got lunch in 5)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 19:56 Either or.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:58 Alright... *spends a little while making sure she has the place committed to memory before heading in the general direction of where Runa was found*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 19:59 *is a bit paranoid about that place, so she chooses to be a bird so she doesn't look unusual*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 20:01 *doesn't remember the exact path there, but it isn't too hard to spot the place once she gets fairly near it since the snow, ice, and rock there has been disturbed*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 20:02 *lands on the cliffside and turns back into a human**looks around quickly and then opens a portal to where Siegfried is*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.24 20:07 *walks through the portal* thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 20:08 No problem... *is panting*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.24 20:08 [I gtg now. See you later!]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 00:32 Maybe it's time YOU got a bit of rest?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 05:10 I'm fine...just out of shape..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 06:14 *looks around* You see anything?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 06:14 *closes the portal*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 06:26 '
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 06:26 [Oops]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 06:28 There were scratches on the cliffside. Not a falcon's. Marks are too large.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 06:40 *nods**goes over to look for the scratches*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 07:01 *finds and inspects them*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 07:24 I don't know of any birds with talons like that.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 07:25 It's usually only birds that take this trail.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 07:31 What do you think did it, then?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 07:34 It's so hard to say. There are ice creatures up here, but most are docile... I know of one family in particular that lives nearby, but I find it hard to believe she'd do something like this..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 07:38 Well...do you think something with wings had to have done this?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 07:39 I've never known of any avians of this size that can fly through this weather
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 07:44 Alright...do the ice creatures have wings?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 07:50 No.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 07:51 Hm...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 07:52 Maybe we should talk to them to at least figure out if they saw anything.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 08:55 I doubt it, but if you'd like to, they live around the mountain, up in a cave about two miles away.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 09:04 Well...is there anyone else at all who could've witnessed something?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 10:21 There's no way of knowing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 10:26 *sighs* Alright...well...let's go talk to the ice creatures, then...where are they?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 10:26 *then...which direction are they?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 18:08 Around the mountain that way. *points toward the far edge of the cliff* About 2 miles. Maybe close to 3.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.25 20:55 Alright...I'll fly that way and then open a portal back here. Do you mean 2 miles by foot or 2 miles by air?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.25 21:28 2 miles is 2 miles. The only difference is time it takes to get to the destination.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 04:34 *looks a bit confused* I mean...2 miles isn't 2 miles if you could fly to it in a straight line in 2 miles, but can only walk to it on a twisty or rugged path in 4 miles...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 04:35 *rugged or hilly path
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 04:37 I'll just...head in that direction...are there any landmarks or anything identifiable near where the ice creatures live?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 04:38 [I won't be posting or on for at least 1 and a half hours or so. I have a lot of schoolwork to do. See you soon!]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.26 05:41 It's the only cave on the mountainside within 10 miles.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 06:24 *nods* Okay. I'll go find it. *takes off *[The work is taking a lot longer than expected. I'm sorry, but I probably will either be only one for a short time much later tonight or not on for the rest of the night.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 06:25 *only on
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 06:26 *well, she took a minute to memorize the area Siegfried was in before taking off **flies for a little while and finds the cave**lands near it and opens a portal for Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.26 07:41 *comes through the portal* I haven't really ever spoken with the individuals who live here. I am not certain if they appreciate visitors, though I know they aren't vicious.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.26 07:42 *a small cub made of ice runs back from its hiding spot, into the cave*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 21:55 Alright... *watches the ice cub curiously, but doesn't move to follow it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 21:56 [Wheee, I studied until 4 in the morning. That was fun. XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.26 22:04 [Now that I'm up to speed I should be able to come online most nights. However, there will most likely be more nights in the future like this where I'll need to study instead of RP or chat.]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.26 22:34 *soon after, a large tiger trots from the cave, almost excitedly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 00:16 *looks at the tiger and waves awkwardly in greeting*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 00:41 *the tiger stands up straighter when she sees Eira, a little disappointed*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 04:25 Hi...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:11 Can you speak?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:12
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:12 [Oops]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:40 Nova: I thought you were someone else.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:48 *looks rather confused* Really?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:54 Nova: *opens her mouth slightly and cautiously approaches Eira* Yeah..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 05:56 *glances at her wings* Have you...known other Ravens?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:12 Nova: *walks practically right up to Eira and sniffs her, then tilts her head* He never introduced me.. You're uncle Saxon's cub.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:12 "Uncle Saxon?" Er--yeah, I'm his daughter...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:14 Nova:How precious that he had his own. I'm so happy for him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:17 *smiles a little, but there's pain in her eyes* Yeah...he's had more than one, actually...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:30 Nova: Is that so? Wonderful! I'm glad he's still alive!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:43 If you don't mind me asking, how did you meet my dad?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 06:45 Nova: He lived with my mother when I was a cub.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:07 Really? How long ago was this?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:20 Nova: A couple hundred years ago. We have double the lifespan of the humans here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:26 Ah...so you're real...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:28 Nova: Yeah, I'm real...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:30 He told me stories involving you...they just never sounded like they were anything more than stories.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:35 Nova: Weird.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:37 We...um...we came here to ask you a few questions.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:37 Have you noticed anything unusual happen in the mountains lately?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:40 Nova: I've seen a big bird flying around.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 07:47 *glances at Siegfried* What did it look like?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 08:18 Nova: Hard to say. It may have been more than one. The size varied.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 08:19 How long ago was this?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 15:48 Nova: over the span of the last couple of months.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 22:31 Did you notice anything over there in particular? *points in the direction she came from*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 22:53 Nova: I didn't, sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.27 23:02 Alright...well, did the big bird you saw have a big, fluffy tail?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.27 23:07 (What winged creature has a fluffy tail?)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 02:20 [Fidget described Roffe as a large, fluffy bird with a big tail.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 02:21 *long tail.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 02:21 [Eira probably misremembered the description.]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.28 03:01 Nova: Fluffy? No. It wasn't fluffy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 05:28 Oh...alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 06:38 Do you remember anything distinctive about the bird or birds you saw other than its size?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 06:38 What color was this bird?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.28 06:39 Nova: From a distance it looked black. Up close it was more of a very deep blue.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 06:51 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 06:51 *looks at Siegfried* Should we ask Fidget if that was the color of the bird he saw?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 07:17 Your call.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 07:25 *nods a little**looks back at Nova*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 07:28 Thanks for the information...I... *looks around for the cub, then lowers her voice* I don't mean to scare you, but I feel like I ought to warn you...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 07:29 A falcon messenger was killed on the way through these mountains. We don't know what happened exactly, but this is why we're here asking these questions.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.28 07:44 Nova: I see. Best of luck to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 08:33 Thanks...I'm sorry I don't have time to talk to you more about my dad.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.28 08:36 Nova: It's alright. Maybe another time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 08:39 Hopefully...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Aug.28 08:44 Nova: It was wonderful meeting you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 09:17 You too.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 09:21 We should continue our search. *nods toward Nova, who nods back.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 09:23 Alright. Should I open a portal back to the settlement?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 09:26 Yes
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 10:00 *opens a portal, says goodbye to Nova, and goes through it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 10:04 *follows close behind* Fidget isn't likely so show up until dark.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 10:09 Alright...what should we do in the meantime?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 10:14 Did you ever take ang time to explore?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 10:20 Not really...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 10:26 You should do that. There are some great sights to see around here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 10:30 Alright...would you mind showing me some?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 17:03 Yes of course. (And from here I don't have much)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 17:59 (Also yeah, Siegfried already knows who that bird is)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 20:28 [Huh...if the bird Nova and Fidget saw is Roffe, how does Siegfried know what Roffe's bird form looks like? (Unless just Fidget saw the bird and Nova saw someone else...)]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 20:28 [Also if you want to do a time skip that's fine with me.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.28 20:33 [When should we time skip to if you want to do one?]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 20:34 (Siegfried knows what Roffe looks like)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 20:37 (A time skip would be good. Either to nighttime or after the mission. Are they going to celebrate the completion or no?)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 20:40 (Also I beat the system. I sent a screenshot)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.28 20:41 (By the time you potentially read this I will have gotten back to work. Work ends at 2:30)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 04:36 *goes sight-seeing for a while with Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 04:36 ~FIVE DAYS LATER, IN THE MORNING...~ *after sight-seeing, she and Siegfried went back to investigating the murder of the falcon*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.29 05:58 *reinvestigating the scene of the murder allowed Siegfried to determine roughly what kind of animal may have attacked the falcon. He suggested they go to the police department and ask about animals with similar claw types*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 06:01 *she agreed and has gone there with him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.29 06:11 *the claw type is similar to that of a number of species, but the size alone narrows it down to about four species. Two of the species are incapable of traveling the icy mountains*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 06:13 How many of each of the two remaining species are there here?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.29 06:14 I don't think that many..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 08:49 Can we see if any of them had a criminal record or anything?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 08:49 *have
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.29 09:09 Maybe.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.29 09:09 Worth asking
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 09:15 Yeah...let's do that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 09:16 *they obtain the criminal records of the few inhabitants of the two suspect species**starts going through some of the criminal records*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.29 09:17 *frowns and picks up an unusual criminal record* Hey Siegfried, look...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.29 17:28 Hm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 00:08 This one seems pretty bad, doesn't it? *shows him the record*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 05:10 So it does. Should we question him?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 05:19 Maybe. How are the other records?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 05:25 Not that incriminating
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 05:28 Alright...let's talk to him then.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 06:01 *nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 06:01 *thanks the police*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 06:23 *thanks the police as well and then turns to Siegfried* How are we going to find him?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 07:09 This settlement has different regions for different size animals. We should find him in whichever region he's registered in.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:15 Okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:19 *checks the creature's criminal record for the region he lives in and tells Siegfried what that region is*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:19 Shall we get going?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 07:20 Mhmm
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:24 *nods and starts walking with him**then hesitates* Er...you do know where that region is, right?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 07:25 Yep
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:32 *nods* Okay. *lets him take the lead*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:37 *they soon reach the region the creature resides in*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 07:51 Chances are the creatures here know who we are looking for. Someone should be able to tell us where to find our suspect.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:53 *nods and looks around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 07:54 *looks for a creature with a kinder demeanor than the others*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 07:59 *one of the creatures, a feathered beast, directs them to the library.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 08:01 *thanks the creature and heads to the library with Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 08:02 *quietly looks for the suspect*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 08:47 *the suspect is sitting in a corner, reading a picture book*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.30 09:47 *spots the suspect but doesn't know how to approach them**nudges Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 21:28 *isn't sure how to approach him, either, but by this point the suspect has noticed them and has gotten up to leave*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.31 07:07 *hesitates, then quickly takes several steps towards the suspect* Um--excuse me...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.31 09:56 *the creature picks up the pace*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.31 11:08 We'd like to ask you some questions--
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.31 16:46 Creature: *jumps out a window and crawls up the building*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Aug.31 19:25 Wha- *runs to the window*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Aug.31 20:05 Creature: *jumps up to the roof and makes a break for the other side of the library*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.1 04:29 *peeks out the window* Where'd he go?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.1 04:58 Up
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.1 05:17 What--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.1 05:17 *sticks her head out the window and looks up**what Siegfried means registers* Oh...should we go after him?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.1 05:54 Yeah, probably. *heads for the front door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.1 07:10 *hurries out of the front door*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.1 07:29 Creature: *jumps off of the roof and onto another building*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.1 07:40 *summons her wings*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.1 07:41 *wings upon spotting the creature*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.1 17:12 Creature: *picks up the pace, climbing up another building*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 04:50 *takes off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 04:50 *hesitates part of the way up towards the rooftops**looks back at Siegfried* Need some help?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 04:58 Don't let me hold you back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 05:12 *hesitates a bit more, then flies after the creature*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 05:13 *pulls ahead of the creature and lands about 15 feet in front of him, her feet skidding a bit on the roof* We're not here to hurt you, we just want to talk!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 05:19 Creature: *doesn't slow down. Instead leaps at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 05:25 *shrieks a little and creates a box out of dark magic, throwing it at him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 05:28 Creature: *twists himself around the box*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 05:31 *flaps her wings hard, lifting herself backward and up off the roof in one swift motion*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 05:32 Creature: *skids on the rooftop and poises to leap again, hissing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 05:49 *thinks fast, then releases a strong plume of twilight snow straight at him**the force from releasing the plume pushes her back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 05:49 *backwards*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 05:58 Creature: *shrieks and tries to dodge, but cannot*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 06:02 *the force of the snow hitting the creature was easily strong enough to knock him clear off the roof*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 06:13 Creature: *lands on the ground, stunned*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 06:14 *has to take a second to balance herself in the air and get her bearings again**yells:* Siegfried! I think I knocked him back onto the ground!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 06:24 *makes his way to the creature and uses some of his magic to pin him down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 06:39 *flies over to Siegfried and lands beside him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 06:47 *knocks the creature out* Great work. Now all that's left to do is bring him to the police.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 07:04 Okay... *nods, putting her hands behind her back and clenching the back of her shirt*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 07:25 Everything alright?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 07:33 *nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 07:58 Alright.. *starts picking up the creature* I think I'll need some help..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 08:09 *nods and picks up the other end of the creature*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 08:11 *carries the creature to the police station and explains what ensued and why they had pursued him. The police take the creature away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 08:16 *watches the creature be taken away, then looks at Siegfried* So...now what?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 08:49 Now the mission is over. A two-for-one. Not bad. I say we pack up and get on our way back. Mayhap we can celebrate your victory.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:09 My victory? Sure, we can celebrate this victory, but it's not my victory...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 10:14 You handled the majority of the tasks and you did so wonderfully. It is your victory. You should be proud of how well you did.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:24 *hesitates slightly* Thank you, but...I was mostly asking you what to do and following your instructions.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 10:26 Nonsense. You did so much on your own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:32 If you say so... *tries to hide it, but she smiles a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:33 So...where are we going from here, exactly?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 10:34 Well, first to pack up, then wherever you'd like. My treat this time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:38 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:38 I'm not sure where to go...I guess I'll think about it as we pack.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 10:40 Sounds good.*heads back to their room to pack*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:45 *after they pack she decides that she wants to go back to Stadtler*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 10:46 *they return to Stadtler via portal**chooses a bar she particularly likes as the place they're celebrate in*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 10:54 *tells the bartender to put everything on his tab*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 19:23 *they'll
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.2 19:38 *looks at him* You really don't have to. It's more like...our victory, not mine.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.2 20:25 I will take credit where credit is due, but overall it is your win.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 03:07 *sighs and decides not to keep arguing**orders a cocktail*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 03:09 [I'm sorry to say this, but I'll be late tonight. I have a lot of schoolwork to do. I probably won't be on until past 1o PM CT.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 03:09 *10
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 03:56 *Orders an old fashioned* You see, I've done this for a long time. We can easily celebrate our success as a team, but that's not what this is about. This is about you and your success. Your first time in the field. If we do this again, maybe we'll drink
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 03:57 to OUR success, but this time, *shakes his head* it's all you. I'm proud of you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 06:05 I'm really...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 06:06 *again has a hard time hiding her smile* I'm really flattered.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 06:06 How about a toast?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 06:07 Yes. A toast.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 06:21 A toast to...um...a future full of more completed missions! *holds up her glass*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 07:40 *raises his glass*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 08:38 *clinks
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 08:39 **clinks glasses with Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 09:11 *takes a big sip of her drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 09:36 *takes a fair size drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 20:02 *winds up wanting to stay there for hours**she's gotten pretty giggly by the 2 hour mark*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 20:03 (Nyoooom)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 20:03 *at some point just lays his head on the counter*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 20:23 [Whoops, forgot to check this again. XP I was looking over some assignments.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 20:23 [Nyooooooom right back at ya.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 20:25 Bartender, two more! *holds up one finger*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 20:31 (Heeeck(
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 20:31 *chuckles quietly and shakes his head*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 20:35 *mumbles* This cannot end well.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 20:39 *looks at him**didn't catch what he said* What?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.3 20:39 [Annnd I gtg. See you!]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.3 22:50 Just drink your drinks.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 03:59 Have a drink too! I got two!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 04:00 *tilts her head as she looks at him* What's wrong? Got a headache?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 04:00 [I'll be late again tonight. There's a group project I'm trying to wrap up and the due date is drawing near, so I won't be back on here for probably at least an hour.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 04:28 Nah, just being lazy. *takes one of the drinks*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 06:58 *takes a generous gulp of her drink* Do you like me?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 07:28 *lifts his head slightly* What was that?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:04 Do you like, LIKE like me? *fails to suppress a burp*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 08:11 No? Whatever gave you that idea? *sits up so he can drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:17 You keep doing nice things for me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:18 Like...every guy who's not in my family and does nice things for me really likes me.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 08:22 I mean, I do like you, but not like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:35 That's what they all say...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:40 *takes another large sip of her drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 08:40 Probably.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:44 You sure it's not like that?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 08:46 It's not like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:49 Then why are you so nice to me?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 08:51 Is it wrong of me?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:56 No.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 08:56 But, like, why are you so nice?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 08:59 It's just part of who I am. I want others to feel good about themselves.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:00 What about you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:02 Hm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:04 What about...like...feeling good about yourself?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:08 Ah, that doesn't matter.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:11 The [BLEEP] are you talking about?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:12 *cringes* You sound like my mom. *finishes her drink in one big gulp*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:17 *smiles a bit* I'm not surprised. But it does seem to brighten my own day, helping others.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:19 I don't like it when you sound like my mom.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:25 That's a bit sad.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:29 *doesn't respond**orders another drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:31 Don't you think you've had enough?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:32 I don't know.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:38 Maybe that should be your last.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:47 *shrugs her shoulders*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:47 Do you want more/
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:47 *?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:48 No, I don't really want to drink too much more.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 09:55 Why not? This stuff's [BLEEP]in' fabulous.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 09:56 You won't think that in the morning
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:01 I'll be fine... *finishes her drink very fast*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 10:04 I think we should leave.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 10:04 We can take some bottles for the road.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:13 *looks a bit happier**immediately points at one of the bottles* I want THAT one!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 10:13 *rolls his eyes a bit and asks the bartender for the bottle*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:15 *takes out her wallet*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 10:20 *shakes his head at the bartender and pulls out his own wallet.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:25 *looks confused for a few moments* Wha--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:25 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:33 *after Siegfried pays they head off to go to a hotel**needs a bit of help balancing a few times, though she isn't as bad as last time*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:34 *loudly gawks at lights she deems pretty on the way to a hotel**crashes once they get settled into a room*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 10:37 *finds a place to sit for awhile and ends up falling asleep there.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:43 *wakes up several hours before morning**gets up to get some water from the bathroom sink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:44 *within moments of getting up she feels light-headed and the room seems to get darker*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.4 10:44 *has nearly fallen out of the chair he fell asleep in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:46 *feels hot--especially in the face--and she looks around quickly, afraid**leaves the room to try to go out into the cooler night air*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:47 *can barely breathe by the time she's taken about five steps out into the hallway and she clutches the wall, trembling**her heart is pounding*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:49 *without really thinking she opens a portal back into the Surtil house and stumbles through it**bumps into a table, accidentally knocking something over**it hits the ground loudly, possibly breaking*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:51 *feels like the world is spinning**takes a few steps forward and sits on the floor with her arms wrapped around her knees, her heart still racing**cries uncontrollably*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:52 *wakes up with a start and jumps out of bed. Makes his way downstairs* Eira!? What the h***?! *runs over to her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:54 I can't breathe...I...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:55 What do you need?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:56 I can't breathe...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:56 Help me...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.4 10:57 *gasps for breath as she sobs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.4 18:45 (Hmmmmm)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:03 *her breathlessness and crying make it harder to make out what she's saying* I--I--I don't want to die...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:08 What? What happened?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:10 *shakes her head a little* I can't breathe...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:15 *is visibly shaking*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:42 Okay... *sits right beside her* You're not going to die..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:47 Don't leave me...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:50 I'm not leaving you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:56 *leans against him, clutching his arm*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 07:56 Why can't I breathe...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:10 *takes a deep breath* I think... You might be having a panic attack.. It'll go away, just breathe. I know you can. Do it with me. Breathe in... *slowly inhales*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:12 *shakily breathes in**her breaths become deeper but still irregularly fast*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:13 Breathe out... *exhales slowly.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:17 *again tries to slow down her breathing*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:19 Again. Breathe in... *inhales slowly, this time slowly raising his hand as he inhales*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:19 I--I--I can't--I--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:20 I don't want to die alone--
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:23 You can. You're not going to die alone. Keep breathing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:36 *her breathing is getting a bit better* Don't disappear again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:37 I'm not going to disappear.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:51 You might be taken away again...and--and I'll be all alone...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:51 *holds onto him tighter* Don't disappear...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 08:53 I am not going anywhere.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:04 *keeps a firm but shaky grip on him, her heart still racing**after a few minutes her heart starts to slow down along with her breathing*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:19 *keeps his free hand held firm, in a reassuring manner, against Eira's hand* You're going to be alright. I'm right here, I'm not leaving.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:22 *slowly hugs him, still crying*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:29 I'm sorry...I shouldn't have left you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:32 Why are you sorry about that?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:39 I left you here without any family...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:40 That's alright. I'm in no way hurt by that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:45 Nobody should be left without any family...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:50 I'm fine. It's not like I won't see you again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 09:58 *hugs him tighter*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 10:09 I love you so much. You being away will not change that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 10:11 I love you so much too...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 10:13 I don't want to leave and never see you again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 10:21 That's not going to happen.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.5 10:31 What if it does?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.5 10:35 It's not.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 02:15 [I'm just coming on for a minute to say that it's thunderstorming like h**l. If I don't make it online tonight it's because our Internet/power got knocked out. I'll talk to you soon, hopefully!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 02:16 Promise?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 03:15 Promise. Whatever could make that happen can't take me away again. You can go wherever you want and I promise I will still be here when you come back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 05:38 Okay... *her breathing and heart return to normal within a few minutes, and her crying subsides as well*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 06:47 Come on, let's go sit on the couch. It's much better than the floor
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:10 *nods and gets up with him**doesn't let go of him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:11 *goes to the living room and sits on the couch*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:18 *again doesn't let go of him, sitting down with him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:21 You're going to be alright. We both are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:27 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:28 I love you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 07:34 I love you, too.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 08:02 *snuggles closer to him, feeling very tired*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 08:04 *rests his head against hers*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 08:13 *eventually falls asleep in his arms*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 08:26 *wakes up early in the morning*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 08:46 *doesn't wake up until he senses movement*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 08:58 *shifts her head slightly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 09:03 *opens his eyes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 09:24 *looks up at him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.6 09:24 Sorry...go back to sleep if you want to...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.6 10:02 No, I'm fine... No need to apologize..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:04 *feels a bit sore since she slept in an odd position/was nestled against him for hours**slowly lets go of him, stretching a bit*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:09 *yawne*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:12 I left my things in a hotel...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:15 Should I go get them or are you planning on going back?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:17 I can go get them. I think...I think I'll come back here after I'm through.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:21 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:52 See you soon, okay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.7 05:56 See you soon.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:01 *opens a portal to Stadtler and goes through it**didn't memorize what the hotel looked like, but she comes out near it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:01 *hurries to the hotel, still in her pajamas**goes in and realizes she doesn't remember their room number*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:24 *asks the person in the lobby for her room number, giving them her name**then heads towards the room*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 06:25 *had woken himself up about an hour ago by falling off the chair. At this point is cleaning himself up while Eira is not around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:28 *finds that the door is still open and enters*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:29 *looks around for Siegfried**sees that the light in the bathroom is on but the bathroom door is closed**quickly switches into ordinary clothes and packs up her things*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:29 *sits down on her bed, waiting for him to come out*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 06:32 *eventually turns off the light and leaves the bathroom with his bag over his shoulder*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 06:32 Welcome back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:36 Siegfried, I...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:37 *looks down at her bag on her lap* I need to inform you of something.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 06:40 Hm? What is it?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:46 Something came up and I'm going to head home for a while.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 06:47 I do want to travel with you, it's just that...this isn't the right time. I'm sorry.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 06:47 *nods* Alright. If that's what you need to do.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:00 *rises*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:01 Where can I find you later?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 07:06 *shrugs* Dunno where I'll go next. I'm usually hard to find when I'm gone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:12 Oh...how long will you be gone?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 07:21 Hard to say. With any luck I will be back sooner than later.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:23 Alright...um...what's your phone number?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 07:24 Oh- I don't really carry a phone..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:26 Oh, okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:27 How might I contact you if I need to?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 07:29 Most messages I get come from the falcons. They are about the only ones who can track me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:44 *nods a little* So...where could I find a messenger falcon in Urmukka if I wanted to send you something?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 07:49 Pierce and Saxon should be able to call them.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 07:49 Okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 08:05 I guess I'll get going now...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 08:09 Goodbye, then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 08:10 Goodbye...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 08:10 I enjoyed our trip...perhaps I'll join you on another one soon.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 08:25 Perhaps
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 08:46 Good luck on your next mission.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 08:50 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 09:09 *opens a portal, but then holds out her hand to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 09:54 *shakes her hand* Stay safe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 09:58 You too.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 09:58 *shakes his hand and then heads through the portal, waving to him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 10:17 *closes the portal and returns home*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 17:54 *packs up and goes home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:33 [Skip maybe about 2-3 days?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:33 [Also I will be hours late tonight. I was tired and slacked off over the weekend and now I have a lot of work to do.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 23:39 (Maybe(
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:40 [What will Saxon be up to over the next several days? I know you said he may want to leave the valley, but when will this happen?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:40 [I have an event planned that will happen days after Eira returns home, but it can only happen in the valley.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 23:42 (He wants to leave the valley but there's a chance he might not.)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 23:46 (Things can come up, I just have no ideas(
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:50 [Okay. If he showed interest in leaving, BTW, Eira would express that she wants to come with him.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 23:53 (He might not actually express that. Nor would he really say
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.7 23:54 why he decided not to leave if he did have plans. He wouldn't want to leave Eira alone and probably wouldn't say anything)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:58 *is sitting at the table, writing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.7 23:59 [Alright. Mind if I just do a time skip then?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.8 00:01 *looks over at him, but decides not to interrupt**just goes about unpacking her things*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.8 00:01 (Mmk)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.8 00:03 (Imma make some comparisons on Hangouts...)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.8 00:05 [Alright. I can't stay on much longer but I'll try to get this scene over with...]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.8 00:06 ~3 DAYS LATER...~
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.8 00:17 *has secured an accounting job**it's late in the day; she's walking home from her job*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.8 19:47 (Confusion)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 06:38 [About what?]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 06:40 (Nothing I think. Idk)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 06:42 *passes near the Surtil house**spots Eira*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 06:43 *hesitates, then decides to approach her* Eira!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 06:44 *has been trying to wind down by doing "normal" things like work around the house**is cleaning things up in the yard**flinches upon hearing her mother*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 06:49 *glances over at her, then starts walking back towards the house*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 06:50 How are you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 06:50 *doesn't look back at her* I'm busy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 06:51 Eira, it's been a while and I'd really...I'd like to talk to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 06:54 *stops**sighs, then turns around and walks over to her**keeps walking when she gets to her**Aedona follows her away from the house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 06:57 *turns towards Aedona after a minute of walking* What is it you want?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:04 I just want to talk to you...that's all...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:05 About what?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:06 Well...about you. How have you been?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:07 I've been doing the best I can. But will how I'm doing really make any difference to you?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:14 Of course it does...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:15 Oh really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:15 How other people feel doesn't seem to really stop you from doing what you want in the end anyway.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:17 You're my daughter. How you feel matters tremendously to me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:18 Don't make me get that necklace again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:19 *sighs* Look, I have other things I need to do. I should probably just go.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:20 *Eira turns away* Please, I--
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:20 *hesitates, then shakes her head* Alright. Go back to your raking.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:24 *inhales and turns back to her mother* Alright, and you can go back to hanging around with people you love more.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:25 I don't--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:27 If you didn't then we'd still be living together.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:29 It's not like--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:30 *raises her voice* I'm not a [BLEEP]ing baby, Aedona! You divorced my father, of course it's like that!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:31 He waited years for you! YEARS! I waited years for you!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:32 He still loves you so much! I can see it in every movement he makes, in everything he says! He was trying so hard to be better for you and he's still trying now and NONE of that matters to you!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:33 None of it! You just go and do whatever you want! You say you care and you say you've been trying to make everyone happy, but your actions don't match your words!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:42 He went through decades of h**l and all he wanted was to be with you again! And all I wanted was to be with you both again! We got so far and then you left him! You left him when he's sick and he's struggling so much to get better!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:43 *looks hurt**opens her mouth to speak*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:50 *cuts her off immediately* No, don't even bother. There's nothing you can do at this point, so don't say a [BLEEP]ing word.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:51 I'm sick and tired of the depressing bull[BLEEP] that comes out of your mouth every single time you open it. Maybe it really is better this way.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:54 Maybe it's better that you're gone because you never have anything positive to say. No matter what, you're always unhappy, and you always have some pessimistic viewpoint about everything.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:55 Maybe Saxon will get better faster now that you're gone since apparently none of the love and care we could provide could ever make you happy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:55 *Maybe Dad
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.9 07:58 So stay away from us and take your depressing bull[BLEEP] with you. *turns and storms back to the Surtil house*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 07:59 *lingers for a minute, still looking hurt, then walks back home silently*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 08:01 *Jane isn't back yet**looks around for something, but then remembers that she left it in the woods behind the Surtil house**sighs through her nose, putting her hand on her head*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.9 08:03 *paces a bit**then looks at a couple spare bottles she has**writes a note and leaves it on Jane's bed, then grabs the bottles and tessers away*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:08 *brings Jane back home*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:10 *the house is darker than usual**seems a little confused when Aedona doesn't come to greet her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:10 *them*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:14 *runs ahead of Mayhem and opens the door* Mommy? *there is no answer**goes in*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:14 *looks a little concerned* Odd..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:15 *follows Jane inside the house*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:18 *finds the note rather quickly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:24 *waits in the living room*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:25 I found a note... *reads it silently*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:25 *comes walking into the living room with it in her hands*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:27 A note?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:30 *nods* You wanna see?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:35 Yes, please.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:38 *hands it to him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:38 *reads the note*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:43 *the note says "I am going to an event and will be back soon. Stay in the house or with Malaucay when he's available. Do not worry about me; I am fine, just spend the day like you normally do. Love, Mommy"*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 08:43 What's "an event" mean?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 08:47 It means she will probably be gone for a little while. I have to get going but you shouldn't be here alone.. How does spending some extra time with Cadmael and Amy sound?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.9 17:32 Can I?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.9 18:11 Of course you can. When your mom comes back I'll pick you up and bring you back home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.10 04:14 Okay!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 04:19 Before we go, don't forget to take care of your animals.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.10 04:22 *nods* Okay!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.10 04:35 *takes care of her lizards and baby Naedyrm*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.10 04:35 *goes up to Mayhem once she's done* Can I bring some of them?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 04:38 Go ahead. I'm sure Cadmael wouldn't mind.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.10 04:49 *smiles* Okay!! *puts on the cloak C.J. gave her**all of her lizards hop into it, and she picks up the baby Naedyrm*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.10 04:49 *runs back over to Mayhem* I'm ready!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 04:50 *raises his brow* Okay...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 05:43 *takes Jane to Cadmael and Amy, then starts teleporting to places he's known Aedona to go in the past*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:02 *is sitting
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:03 **is sitting near a small bar in a more underprivileged sector of the Sahlemese city of Fidi*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:03 *is downing the bottles she brought before entering the bar*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 06:18 *visits many places before deciding to check various bars between universes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 06:33 *eventually stops at the bar Aedona is at. Mutters to himself about how inefficient he's being as a tracker as he enters*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:34 *enters the bar as soon as she finishes her bottles*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:41 [Whoops, posted that before seeing your latest post. She obviously did that before he arrived.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 06:43 (I assumed she would have been in there for awhile before he arrived)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:49 [Yeah.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 06:51 *is sitting at a small table with a tall glass in her hand**a cask is sitting next to her*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 06:55 *looks around the bar until he spots Aedona, then approaches her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:00 *downs her glass as soon as she sees him, then bends down and uses the cask to refill the glass*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:01 Mind if I take a seat?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:03 *shakes her head**puts her full glass on the table and feigns a brief smile* Want some?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:06 Sure, why not?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:11 *goes to the bartender and gets another glass for Mayhem**comes over, gives it to him, and sits back down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:12 *pours himself a drink* Some "event", huh?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:23 I invited myself to a party of one.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:25 I see. *takes a drink*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:27 Well I apologize for crashibg said party.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:33 *shrugs her shoulders and takes a generous gulp of her drink*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:37 I am curious as to why you are out here, but it's not my business, really. I won't pressure you to say anything.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:41 The drinks here are still good and still cheap even after over a century, that's why.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:42 You have access to alcohol for free back in the valley.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 07:46 *shakes her head* It doesn't belong to me.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:52 I guess..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 07:57 *stares passively at his drink*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:02 *downs the rest of her drink and gets another from the cask*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:02 Join me if you want. I have enough money for a two casks after this one--or more if I go to the right places.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:05 I'm not really in much of a drinking mood.. I have other things on my mind.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:06 Like what?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:06 .....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:13 Like stopping me from getting plastered? What if I want to get plastered?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:15 I want to stop you... but I doubt I will. I'll just be here to help you. But no, that's not what's on my mind...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:22 I doubt you want to watch this.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:24 You're right, but I don't want to leave you to get drunk alone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:31 Even with you here you still are.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:32 I don't follow
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:34 I'm still getting drunk alone.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:35 I'm not in a state of mind to get drunk, even if I were to drink a lot. I just want to see you get back home safely..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:41 *sighs through her nose* How about I buy everything I want and take it home?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:43 And do that much drinking around your kid?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.10 08:45 *shakes her head* I'd save it for later.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 08:54 Sure..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 15:45 If you don't want to go home, you don't have to right s
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 15:46 *right away. Jane is with Cadmael right now.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.10 15:51 If you really want me to drink with you, I will. *finishes his drink*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 04:32 *shakes her head* No...you don't want to drink, so don't...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 04:47 What's it gonna do to me?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 04:57 *shrugs her shoulders*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 05:02 Exactly.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 05:05 Look...I can just buy everything I need and go home...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 05:10 If you say so. I was never telling you that you had to go home.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 05:30 I really would prefer to be alone right now.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 05:53 Are you sure? You seem to have been by yourself since...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 05:54 *shakes his head* If that is what you want... At least... don't drink too much. Not when you're drinking alone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 06:00 *shrugs her shoulders, not looking at him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:04 *stands up*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:05 Thank you for the drink.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 06:08 *turns her glass around in circles with her fingers, looking at it* You're welcome.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:10 Goodbye, then. *turns and starts walking away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 06:12 *refills her glass**counts the money she has left**goes and gets another cask*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 06:13 *she said "Goodbye" as she counted the money*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:15 *decides to go spend a few hours working on his sewing project before going to bring Jane home.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:15 **
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 06:17 *even though it's late she's not sleepy, and she objects to going home but comes along anyway*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:20 *tries to explain that Amy and Cadmael need their sleep and that the Naedyrm needs it, too*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 06:23 *gathers all her pets, cradling the Naedyrm, and follows Mayhem*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 06:26 *when they get home, Aedona isn't there*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:33 Why don't you go put your pets away and get ready fof bed yourself. Of course you don't have to go to bed right away, jusr get ready, okay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 06:36 Where's Mommy?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:40 She's still at the event, but she'll be back soon enough.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 06:45 *just nods and puts her lizards back in their plant homes**also puts the baby Naedyrm to bed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 06:46 *initially starts getting ready for bed herself, but then winds up sneaking to the little kitchen area and trying to snag a lollipop*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 06:57 *listens from the living room* Are you ready for bed?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:04 ...Kind of...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 07:06 What do you mean "kind of"? *doesn't hide the amusement in his voice*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:07 I'm still getting ready. *snags the lollipop and hurries to the bathroom*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:12 *brushes her teeth and whatnot, as well as goes to her room and changes into her pajamas*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 07:13 *rolls his eyes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:14 *hides her lollipop in her room and comes running back out to the living room* I'm ready!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 07:19 Alright, so you are. What do you want to do besides sleep?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:21 Well...everyone I want to play with has gone to bed except you...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:31 *glances over at some controllers* You want to race?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 07:35 Okay, a race. Sounds good to me.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 07:44 *gets her toy cars ready**as always, she prefers to control the red car*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 08:03 *plays with Mayhem for a while before finally going to bed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 08:04 *hours pass, and she is still asleep when it starts getting light out*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 08:30 *appears near the Surtil house, unsteady on her feet**heads to the cellar entrance**nearly falls down the stairs, but catches herself*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 08:34 *heads down into the cellar**helps herself to several bottles and settles down on the ground*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 08:42 *whmm
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 08:43 (Well rood.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 08:51 *eventually returns to the bar, then goes back to Aedona's house and paces for awhile, thinking*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 08:55 *goes to find Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 09:03 *is asleep in the Surtil house**her sleep has been light and troubled*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 09:05 *wakes up shortly after Mayhem leaves and goes to the bathroom**comes out into the living room, blinking tiredly**peers out the windows, a bit alarmed that she's alone*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 09:05 *heads back to her room**picks up her Naedyrm and gets back in bed, holding it close*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.11 09:12 *closes her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 09:40 *is about to knock on the door, but decides against it and goes to find Eira's room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 09:41 *her bedroom is in a corner; it is at the front of the house and to the left*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 09:42 *the curtains on her window are semi-drawn*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 09:50 *back, not front
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 09:54 *finds the window and lightly taps on the window. This is the most he can do before catches the scent of Aedona nearby and decides to have a look around, eventually leading him to the cellar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 09:58 *wakes up just in time to get a glimpse of someone at the window*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 09:58 *rubs her eyes, looking confused*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:00 *has polished off a whole bunch of bottles that are strewn around her**is leaning against a keg, barely conscious*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:01 *her back slowly slides off the keg and she wakes up when her shoulder hits the ground**winces, muttering a swear*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 10:01 *goes out into the backyard, looking around*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 10:02 *almost sighs with relief upon finding Aedona* Well... at least you made it back to someplace safe...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.11 10:07 Hello??
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:07 The ground is [BLEEP]ing HARD...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:08 What the [BLEEP]...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 10:08 Well, yeah, it's concrete..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:09 *looks at him, her eyes not entirely focused* You're not a bone goat anymore...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 10:10 Not here, no. Just me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:13 [BLEEP], you're hot.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.11 10:23 Why the [BLEEP] do you make--do you--do you--[BLEEP]--do you dress up as a bone goat? You look so much better like this, you know that?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 15:48 Yes I do know that. *starts picking up empty bottles*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 17:54 (I feel like Litho is the only Viscount who can get drunk rather easily. Easily compared to the other gods)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 18:18 (Also I'm experimenting with something. Hopefully I'll have a sketch by lunch)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.11 18:50 (Correction. I will have at least a,sketch by lunch)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 05:07 I swear we've been through this...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 05:08 You want some?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 05:22 *chuckles* Maybe.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:19 Get some. There's plenty.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:20 You know how stupid I am? You like, know how stupid I am for not asking for half of this?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:21 *hears Aedona and comes into the cellar* What is this?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 08:22 I mean... It's perhaps some of Irakurri's best stock...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 08:23 *turns around* Oh, so you were awake... Sorry about that..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:27 What the--why is she--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:27 Why is she here?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 08:30 To keep the party going, I think.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:32 Party?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:32 *looks a bit disgusted*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:33 I'm happy...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:33 See? You said I'm--*burp*--never happy no matter what.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:34 *just looks at her for a few moments, her expression cold*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:34 Get her out of here. *turns and starts heading back up the stairs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:35 I'm a selfish [BLEEP] but I AM happy!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:36 *sounds distressed* Eira! Eira, get back here! I love you-- *tries to get up and go after her but slips and falls down onto her hands and knees*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:37 *only pauses for a moment**doesn't look back and keeps heading up the stairs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:37 Eira, I'm happy and I love you... *Eira is gone* Eira!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:38 *ignores her mother and returns to the back door*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 08:49 *just looks distant*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:57 *crawls over to the bottom of the stairs* Eira!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:03 *goes back inside the house and checks on Saxon*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:12 I think... You should go home... I'll clean up here..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:13 *is sitting at his desk, tapping it lightly with a pen*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:13 You're up early.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:13 I want to talk to Eira!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:15 I was about to ask you the same thing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:17 Something hit the window. I think it was a bird.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:21 Is that so? I didn't hear anything of the sort.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:27 It was the window in my room.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:27 Though maybe I'm wrong. I went outside to look but couldn't find anything.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:27 What are you working on?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:28 I heard the back door open.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:29 Oh, just some notes for an upcoming meeting in Stadtler.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:30 Alright...when are you going?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:30 *tries to stand and climb the stairs but winds up falling back down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:31 *her voice gets quieter* I'm happy and I love her...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:32 The meeting is in two days.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:33 I'll help you home, okay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:35 I wanna talk to Eira...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:35 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:35 I'm going to go make breakfast. What do you want?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:36 I don't think she will let you talk to her right now..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:37 I'm not hungry right now, but something warm to drink would be nice.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:39 *nods* Coffee? Tea?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:40 But I'm her mother and I wanna...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:40 I'd appreciate some coffee. Thank you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:42 *shakes his head and picks up Aedona. Before much of a reaction can be given, he teleports into her living room* Get some sleep....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:47 I don't wanna...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:48 Put me down!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:48 *gets a better look at him after speaking*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:51 *carries her to her room, avoiding eye contact the whole time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:55 *says as soon as he bends down slightly:* Don't put me down!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:57 *tilts his head slightly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:01 *finally makes an effort to look at her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:04 *is looking up at him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:05 ...Eira said I'm never happy...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:05 But I keep not doing what makes me happy...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:10 *nods slightly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:10 I see..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:14 I should start...you know...doing what makes me happy... *her gaze shifts between his shoulders, neck, and face*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:22 I agree. *takes note of her gaze and raises his brow ever so slightly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:27 *puts her arms around his neck and moves to kiss him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:36 *turns his head away slightly* I'm sorry... It just doesn't feel right. You're drunk and I don't want to take advantage of that... *leans down and puts her in her bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:41 *looks disappointed* No...don't put me down...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:42 I keep being so...so like...so uncomfortable near you because I'm guilty and I'm stupid...now I feel great around you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:42 Let's talk... after you've gotten some sleep. Okay? I'll stay here with you if that's what you want, but you need to sleep this off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:52 I don't wanna...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:54 *hasn't let go of his neck*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:02 Close your eyes..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:03 I like looking at you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:05 Look at me later.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:08 *half sighs, half huffs* Fiine... *closes her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:12 *rests his forehead against hers* You want me to stay here?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:14 Yes. *her arms tighten around him a bit*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:16 Okay. Where do you want me?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:18 Close to me... *moves her head up a bit, trying to kiss him again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:22 Goodnight, Aedona... *casts a bit of magic to help her fall asleep*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:25 *her voice gets a lot fainter* Stay...with me...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:26 *her arms around him go limp**is extremely drowsy**falls asleep within minutes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:29 *pulls her arms off from around his neck and climbs into bed beside her*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 19:24 (Probably best for a little time skip)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 01:26 Cadmael: *has been waiting in his dream for hours and had almost given up on waiting, but Mayhem finally enters REM. Visits Mayhem and pulls him aside* Hey, I'll keep this short, but I need you to bring Jane to me as soon as possible. I have a little
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 01:27 treat for her. *Mayhem: This is sudden. What kind of treat? *Cadmael: I have someone to find and I think she'd enjoy the ride.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 01:28 Alright. I'll see about bringing her over first thing. *Cadmael: Thank you so much. *disappears*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:01 *wakes up several hours after Aedona fell asleep*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:21 *checks on her pets, then goes into Aedona's bedroom**sees Mayhem and isn't sure what to do*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:23 *leaves the room and looks around the kitchen**gets some (not so healthy) things to eat for breakfast*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:27 *while eating, she steals Aedona's phone and plays games on it for a little while**then she goes into her room and looks around**gets a laser pointer*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:28 *goes to her Naedyrm* Wanna play? Come on.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:29 *picks the Naedyrm up and takes her out to the living room*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:31 Naedyrm: *
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:32 Naedyrm: *struggles a bit, wanting to be put down. She's already excited*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:35 *sets her down* Ready? *turns on the laser pointer*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:38 Naedyrm: *jumps at the laser*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:40 *starts wiggling the laser around**points it up at the couch*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:41 Naedyrm: *starts chasing the laser everywhere, probably uninentionally clawing some things sometimes because she doesn't yet understand how to use her claws*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:45 *laughs a bit, but makes the mistake of luring the Naedyrm very close to the little cabinet right next to the couch**the cabinet has a number of things on it, including a lamp*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:46 Naedyrm: *leaps at the cabinet and basically rams into it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:05 *the cabinet is light and the lamp winds up tilting and falling over**gasps when hearing it break*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.13 06:06 *wakes up only a little bit**turns more towards Mayhem, snuggling up against him and falling back asleep quickly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:11 *opens his eyes, confused. Hesitates, unsure if he should get up*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:16 *looks towards Aedona's bedroom anxiously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:23 *eventually rolls over and off the bed. Straightens his clothes a bit and goes out to see what happened*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:23 *hasn't turned the laser pointer off yet**it's limp in her hand and the laser is pointed at the floor several feet from her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:24 *has gone over to get a closer look at what happened**is reaching to pick the lamp up when she realizes Mayhem is behind her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:24 *turns around quickly, looking guilty*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:26 *picks up the Naedyrm* What happened?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:29 *hesitates*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:30 I was playing with the Naedyrm and she hit the cabinet...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:35 *looks at the damage* That's unfortunate, isn't it? *pets the Naedyrm* Don't worry about it, the lamp can be replaced.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:40 *looks somewhat relieved* Okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:40 I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:44 It's alright... Just be more careful next time. *gives the Naedyrm to Jane* Do you want to go see Cadmael today?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:45 Yeah.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:49 Cadmael asked if you would like to join him on a trip. So if you wanna go, how about you go get ready while I clean this up?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:50 Okay!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:50 *hurries to her room and gets ready*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:51 *comes back out to him once she's in her regular clothes* Can I bring my pets?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:55 I don't think so this time.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:58 *sighs* Okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 07:07
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 07:07 [Oops]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 07:41 *takes Jane to meet Cadmael in the garden, then says goodbye and goes back to check on Aedona. Sits down on the bed beside her, deciding if he should go back to sleep or not*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 07:49 Cadmael: Alright, Jane. Ready to go back to the Midden? There's a creature there I think you'd love to meet.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 07:54 *nods* Yeah!!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 07:56 Cadmael: Let's go! *opens a portal in the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:00 *goes right through the portal*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 08:00 *eventually lies down again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:01 Cadmael: *closes the portal behind him* I want to take this guy home since I do believe it is safe now. *leads Jane through the castle ruins*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:04 Who's the "guy?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:07 Cadmael: You'll see. We're almost there. *walks down another corridor, which opens up to a wide area resembling a plain with a few trees and a creek running through it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:09 Cadmael: I've never shown him to you because I've kept him well away from the creatures native to this place. Prisim sort of abandoned him, leaving him for me to care for.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:10 *looks around at the area curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:11 Is he a pet?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:12 Cadmael: I don't consider him one.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:18 Oh...is he sick or something?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:19 Cadmael: No. He's just not a pet.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:21 Where is he?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:22 Cadmael: He'll come around any moment now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:24 Okay. *looks around*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:25 *says a bit loudly:* Hello?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:38 *sees some glowing from behind a nearby broken down wall**a fiery pegasus emerges from behind it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:41 *gasps* You're a horse!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:52 Elius: *smiles shyly**seems a bit disturbed by the sight of her**says gently:* I'm a pegasus...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:54 What's your name? Elius: Elius...what's yours?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:54 I'm Jane! It's nice to meet you!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:55 Elius: You too...where do you come from? Jane: I'm from Auceaster but now I live in Urmukka!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:01 Elius: *is rather confused**shifts his hooves awkwardly* I am sorry, I don't really know of those places...what are they like?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:02 Cadmael: She's Panthean, though she was born on my brother's planet. Auceaster isn't a fun place to be.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:02 Cadmael: Urmukka is like... It's a safe haven from the rest of the universe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:05 Auceaster was nice...Malaucay has a giant garden there.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:06 Elius: *nods at Cadmael* Is she--are you Otemjarian?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:06 Uhh...yeah!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:11 You're super glowy! It's kind of like my magic, but brighter!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:11 Elius: You have...magic? *suddenly looks hopeful*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:11 *nods* Yeah! Wanna see it? Elius: S-sure.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:12 *creates magic resembling orange sunset clouds*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:14 Elius: Wow...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:15 Elius: Are you...um...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:15 Elius: Who are your parents?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:15 My Mommy is Aedona and my dads are Malaucay and Cadmael.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:16 Elius: *looks confused but is also trying to contain excitement* Really?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:16 Elius: So you're...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:16 ...I'm what?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:20 Cadmael: *nods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:21 *makes her magic go away and looks at both of them* I'm what?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:21 Elius: *looks ecstatic*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:22 Elius: *approaches her* You're related to Lior. Jane: Yeah...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:29 She's my grandma. Elius: *shifts a bit on his hooves in front of her* I just--I'm so--you... *turns away a bit to try to hide his face*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:29 Cadmael: I don't suppose you'd mind her joining us on the trip back home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:29 *looks at him, confused* Are you okay? Elius: Yes... *sounds somewhat like he's crying*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:30 Elius: No...I'm happy...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:30 [Wait WTH brain]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:30 [Redo:]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:31 *You're sad...why? Elius: No...I'm happy...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:32 Elius: *sniffles**manages to turn to Cadmael, but keeps his head rather low, uncomfortable with showing his tears* I'm...I'd love to, but I have... *shudders a little* I have a duty.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:32 Elius: I have to stay here so her loved ones don't get hurt...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:35 Cadmael: Two things. You're connected to this place now, so in a technical sense you still belong to this place, or me. I've got that covered. Second, I doubt Prisim even remembers you. You are most definitely not the first one he's done this to.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:36 Prisim?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:36 What about Prisim? Elius: You...know him? Jane: He gave me a teddy bear.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:37 Elius: I...I don't know...he remembers her relatives...I don't want to cause her and them suffering...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:40 Cadmael: If all else fails, you call upon me. You do not belong to Prisim anymore. He gave you to me, therefore it is MY choice of what I do with you. Or at least that is my logic there.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:41 Cadmael: Also if you think he'd harm Aedona, think again. He'd be killed faster than a heartbeat if he did that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:45 Elius: ...Are you...so I can...we can...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:48 Cadmael: You can.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:50 We can do what?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:51 Cadmael: Elius is going home today.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:02 Elius: *tries to hide his face by turning away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:02 Where's his home?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:03 Cadmael: With Lior.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:04 Really?! Why isn't he there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:05 Cadmael: It wasn't safe for him to be with her, so I've had to take care of him here until it was safe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:08 Oh...am I going to meet my grandma?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:09 Cadmael: It would seem so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:15 When?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:16 Cadmael: Today, assuming Elius is ready to go.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:20 *turns to Elius* Can we go?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:21 Elius: *nods a little**turns towards her slowly* Do you wish to ride me?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:21 Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:21 *Elius sniffles and kneels down for her and she hops on immediately*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:29 Cadmael: *changes into his feline form, but with minor changes and furry/feathery wings* I'll get us out of here, you lead the way, kay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:31 Elius: *nods and starts walking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:34 Cadmael: *walks beside him* Let's see.... If I can remember where I'm opening the portal...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:35 Cadmael: *opens a portal and jumps into it. On the other side is the bridge between universes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:41 Elius: *has managed to stop crying, but he looks excited and on the verge of tears*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:41 *marvels at Cadmael* Your wings--!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:41 Cadmael, they're so pretty!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:42 Elius: *flinched, a bit startled**initially thought she was referring to his own wings*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:46 Cadmael: Oh, they're nothing special..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:48 Cadmael: *leads Elius to YinYang, then to Panthea* I'll let you take the lead from here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:51 Elius: *is looking around, sniffing the air**suddenly seems taller than before*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:53 Elius: You'll...you'll want to be on my back as well.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:55 Cadmael: *changes back to human* Alright, then.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 11:00 Cadmael: *jumps/climbs onto Elius' back*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:00 Elius: *says "Hold on" once Cadmael is mounted**starts running**spreads his wings and takes off*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:05 *whoops loudly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:05 Elius: *within seconds they wind up in the spiritual plane**stumbles onto the ground, unsteady*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:06 Elius: *bends down to let them off more out of instinct than anything*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:07 *slides off of him, looking around*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:07 *several of the gods are around**waves to them*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:08 Khyr: *immediately hurries off upon seeing Elius*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 11:09 Cadmael: *looks around curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:14 *a man with blonde hair walks over**he's around 6 feet tall*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:14 Deity: Hi! What brings you here?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:15 I'm here to see my grandma!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:17 Deity: Well I'm not your grandma. But maybe I can help you find her! What's she look like?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:17 Er...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:17 Elius: *has been trying to turn in a direction where his face is hidden from everyone**turns slightly towards the deity* Zydr...please...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:18 Zydr: Nice ride you got there! What's his name?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:18 Elius!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:19 Khyr: *appears nearby with Lior**Lior freezes and stares in shock**gasps a little upon seeing Zydr*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:19 Zydr: Maybe I can take Zealousness for a spin sometime--
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:19 *looks confused*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:20 Khyr: *grabs Zydr by the arm* No. *@ Cadmael* Excuse us, he's not entirely...there. *turns and walks away, half-dragging Zydr along with her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:22 Zydr: But Khyr, I'm right here!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:22 Khyr: Mmmhmm. *disappears off with him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 11:23 Cadmael: Huh..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:33 *looks over at Lior**she and Elius have been staring at each other* ...Grandma?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:33 Lior: Is it true...? Did he renege...?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:34 Lior: It can't be possible...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 18:36 Cadmael: It's not worth keeping him with me anymore. Too much has changed. Even if he did still care, there's nothing he can do.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 18:41 Cadmael: Frankly, I do not like animals being left at my doorstep. To me that's always voided his little "contracts" since the creature is now in MY posession. Now... either way he cannot go through with his threats.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 05:57 Lior: She's safe? Elius: *nods and steps forward a little*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 05:58 Elius: She's safe. Lior: *hesitates only a few moments longer, then runs towards Elius**Elius runs to meet her**she hugs him and they both wind up crying*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 05:59 Lior: I've missed you so much... Elius: Me too...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:08 *looks around, getting restless**after a minute, Elius turns back to Cadmael* Elius: I... *sniffles* I don't think I could ever thank you enough...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 06:23 Cadmael: *nods* Oh, that's right... You ARE connected to that realm now, though. Normally creatures need to go back after about three weeks, but I believe I have enough residual energy that I can reset that clock anytime I visit. If there's a place we can
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 06:23 meet every few weeks, you'll be golden.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:34 Elius: *nods, looking at Lior* Lior: Of course we can arrange something.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 06:44 Cadmael: Brilliant. *looks at Jane* Lior, I don't think you've met Jane yet?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:47 *perks up* Lior: Jane? No... *looks at her**Elius nudges Lior towards Jane* Elius: She's your grandchild..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:55 Lior: *stares at Jane**beams, but seems a bit awkward* Ah...hello...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:55 *hurries up to Lior* Hi!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:01 Lior: Where have you and your mother been these past years?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:01 I'm from Auceaster but we moved to Urmukka! Lior: I see...is your mother alright?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:01 Yeah...she's just kind of sad a lot. Lior: Why? Did something happen?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:02 She got a divorce. Lior: Oh...I'm sorry to hear that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:02 Can I ride your horse? Lior: Naturally. *helps her up onto Elius*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:03 Lior: I can show you around for a little while. Would you like that? Jane: Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:06 *Lior leads Elius around, showing Jane some of the areas of the spiritual plane and explaining them to her**gods around them come and go, often pausing to look over at them curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:10 *after a little while, a man with white hair, ultramarine eyes, and robes like the night sky appears nearby**he doesn't notice them for a few moments, but then looks over at them and doesn't stop looking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:11 Lior: *glances over at the man**both she and Elius become visibly uncomfortable**turns to Jane* ...And that's most of the main area.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:11 Lior: I apologize, but I have a lot of work to do. I'd absolutely love to spend more time with you, but at this moment I cannot.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:12 Cadmael: *since curiosity is in his nature he's likely started wandering the area*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:12 Aww...can I come back later? This place is cool! Lior: Um--yeah, maybe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:18 Lior: Elius, take her back to Cadmael. Elius: Will you be alright...? Lior: Of course.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:20 *Elius starts walking away* Grandma! Lior: Hm?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:20 *holds out her arms to her**Lior walks over, looking a little confused**drops off of Elius into Lior's arms, giving Lior a hug*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:21 Lior: Oh gosh... *chuckles awkwardly* You're such a big girl already.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:22 Lior: *gives Jane an affectionate squeeze* Okay...off you go now... *Elius bends down and Lior puts Jane on his back again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:23 When can I come back? Lior: You will come back, I can assure it. Goodbye!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:24 Goodbye, grandma! *Elius takes her over to Cadmael*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:28 Cadmael: *climbs onto Elius' back* I'm glad you're happier now, Elius.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:33 Elius: *nods a little* Thank you...just...thank you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:33 Elius: I'll get you out of here now... *runs and returns to the mortal plane, landing in Sahlem**it is dawn*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:39 Cadmael: Thank you for letting Jane come along. And for trusting me.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:45 Elius: It...it was no problem...is there anything I can do for you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:46 Cadmael: I don't think so. I have just about everything I need.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:48 Elius: *nods* If I can ever help, just let me know..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:48 Cadmael: Will do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:50 Elius: Goodbye, I--I guess... *hesitates awkwardly, then nuzzles Cadmael* Thank you...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:52 Cadmael: You're very welcome. Go back to the life you remember. I'm sorry we had to meet like we did in the first place.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:55 Elius: *nods a little* See you in a few weeks...um, where do you want to meet?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:58 Cadmael: Any places in particular you like to go?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 08:12 Elius: *looks around* Well...I came here because I remember how to get here best...it's one of my favorite places...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 08:13 Cadmael: We'll meet here, then.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 08:27 Elius: See you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:27 *wakes up about 3 hours later*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:32 *winces, her eyes still closed**reaches up to rub her eyes but stops her hand mid-way when she realizes she's snuggled up against something warm*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 08:33 *is still asleep with an arm wrapped around Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:34 *opens her eyes**they grow wide quickly**is up against Mayhem and his arm is around her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:34 [Whoops, redundancy. XD]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:35 *holds still, staring at him, not sure what to do*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:43 *one of her legs is uncomfortable**tries to shift her body a bit*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 08:49 *shifts as well, then opens his eyes a crack*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:54 *freezes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:54 *looks up at him, eyes still unusually wide*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:21 *closes his eyes for a few moments, then opens them again. Cracks a small smile and says fairly quietly* So was this everything you hoped for?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:23 *keeps staring at him, her face slightly warm* ...Sorry?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:27 Don't tell me you don't remember.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:29 As...*hesitates, gathering her thoughts and trying to ignore her headache* ...as a matter of fact I don't think I do.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:31 *chuckles* It was some night. I couldn't keep you off of me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:32 *her face gets warmer* ...what...?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:33 *moves away from him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:33 *smiles wider*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:34 What happened?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:40 Other than you got hammered and REALLY wanted to kiss me? *sits up* I'm honestly flattered that you think I'm that attractive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:44 *her face gets warmer yet**can't bring herself to look at his face anymore* So nothing else happened?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:51 I think you wished something else happened. However, I do not agree with taking advantage of the fact that you were intoxicated, so no.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:54 *nods a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:55 *looks relieved*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:56 U
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:56 (Bruh I was only pickinh up my phone why must you have seizure.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:56 (At least it didn't do the qqqqqq thing)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:58 I don't know why I didn't exactly take you for one who likes to cuddle, though. Ignorance on my part.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:59 [Oof, maybe you should get your phone checked by a doctor. XD]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:00 I probably wasn't really been aware of what I was doing...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:02 Maybe...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:08 Still, though... Awkward as it may have been, dodging your affection, I think we both enjoyed this little event. At least how it ended.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:08 *shrugs her shoulders, fidgeting a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:12 ...I'm sorry if it seems like I've been avoiding you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:12 I have, it's just...it's my doing and my fault...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:27 *really aware
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:53 Yes, you've sort of been over this. I DID say we'd talk about it when you were sober.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:59 So let's talk.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:02 ...What happened with Eira?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:02 I remember Eira was there...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:03 Ooh, yeah. That.. Oh I never went back to clean up... I don't know what happened when she left.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:04 You found yourself in the cellar behind Saxon's house.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:04 And she found you there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:12 *looks worried* Did I say anything to her I shouldn't have?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:14 I wouldn't exactly know what you might qualify as "shouldn't have said". You said a lot about being happy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:18 *doesn't say anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:20 *finally speaks after thinking for a little bit:* Like what?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 16:51 You mostly just insisted that you were happy..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 22:29 Oh...alright...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 23:01 *climbs out of bed* So how are you feeling?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 04:41 *shrugs her shoulders* I have a headache...I'll be fine.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 04:49 *has been sitting up on the bed since she moved away from him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 05:03 You think you might be up for some food?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 05:09 Maybe some coffee...my stomach's a bit iffy.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 05:36 Sounds about right. You have the makings for some, I assume?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 05:37 *nods and heads to the kitchen*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 05:48 *follows her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 05:58 *starts making coffee*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 06:03 Jane is with Cadmael right now. He had somplace to be and said she might like the trip.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:16 Oh...thank you for sending her to Cadmael.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:18 Want some coffee?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 06:18 Yes, please.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:25 *once the coffee is done, she gives him a cup of it and serves herself a cup too*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 06:37 Thank you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:48 No problem... *sits down and sips her coffee*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:05 I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable earlier.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:13 *shrugs her shoulders* If I'm uncomfortable then that's my own doing...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:14 ...You said I already addressed my discomfort around you yesterday...what did I say, exactly?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:21 You said something about feeling guilty and stupid. I get that..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:32 *nods slightly* I just...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:32 I get uncomfortable near you because of guilt...though...on the other hand...um...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:33 Earlier wasn't that bad...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:37 I'm glad...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:43 I'm glad...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:43 (Oof.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:54 *sips her coffee again and rests her cup on the counter, keeping her eyes fixed on it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:58 Aedona?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:02 *looks at him* Yes?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:13 If earlier wasn't bad... Perhaps.... You wouldn't mind... *scratches the back of his neck* ... Maybe... Going to dinner with me sometime?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:16 ...O-of course...I mean, I don't see why not...what would be a good time for you?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:23 *smiles* I think you're the one with the stricter schedule.. I should be asking what time would be best for YOU.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:34 Right...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:40 Well...I can assure you I have another day off exactly a week from now...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:46 A week? Alright, that will work. Gives me plenty of time to get some extra work done...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:51 *nods slightly, but looks at him a bit curiously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:55 I am just about finished with one of my oldest project ideas. Think I'm actually excited to show it off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:58 *smiles a tiny bit* Alright...can't wait to see it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:58 Where do you want to meet?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 09:12 Hmm... Maybe we can meet at the restaurant?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:14 "The" restaurant?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:15 *smiles awkwardly* Which one?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 09:19 There's one in Ahntor that I've had my eye on for some time now. Haven't gone yet, but from what I know the menu is impressive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:22 Sounds fine to me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:22 I'm assuming Cadmael will be able to take care of Jane that day? I don't want her to be alone.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 09:50 Of course.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:51 Good...what time will we meet, then?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 10:14 After sunset here, so timing will be just about right on Ahntor?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:27 Alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:27 Sounds good.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:27 Where is the restaurant?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 10:40 *describes the location's address and bits of what the area looks like*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:48 *nods, listening**grabs a piece of paper and writes some of this information down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 18:19 *finishes his coffee and goes to wash the cup* I should be heading out soon. I'm putting up the trim on my house today. Is there anything you need before I go?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:01 *shakes her head* No...well, I guess I wouldn't mind having Jane back, but she enjoys her visits with Cadmael and she doesn't get to see him as often anymore.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.16 05:16 She's been gone for a few hours now. Maybe I'll go get her in an hour or so? Unless of course you want her back right away.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:17 *shakes her head again* That's fine.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.16 05:34 Alright, I'll see you later, then. Thank you for the coffee.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:39 No problem.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:40 See you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.16 06:04 *heads back to the makings of his house and gets to work*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 06:06 *checks how much money she has**sighs, regretting how much she spent last night*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:24 ~THREE DAYS LATER...~ *as night falls she and Saxon head to the bar in Urmukka*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 06:28 *is once again in his corner of the bar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:35 *orders a drink**it takes her a few moments to notice Siegfried**her eyes widen a little upon seeing him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 06:37 *is just sort of tuning out the rest of the bar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:39 *raises her hand a little to wave, but realizes he doesn't notice her**glances at Saxon and puts her hand back down*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:44 *looks a little confused for a moment*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:50 *her drink arrives**sips it immediately, trying not to look at Saxon and Siegfried*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 07:12 *decides to pay attention to his drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 07:13 *looks up eventually and looks at Eira for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 07:30 *has the feeling of being watched and glances back over at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 07:35 *finishes his drink and orders another*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 07:38 *glances at Saxon to make sure he's looking the other way, then waves briefly at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 07:53 *waves back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:19 *smiles awkwardly for a second and then quickly goes back to drinking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 08:27 *takes some time to muster the energy to get up and approach Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:37 *has been talking quietly to Saxon on and off **takes a deep breath upon realizing that Siegfried is approaching**looks up at him, eyes unusually wide**looks slightly apprehensive*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 08:43 *pauses*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:47 *turns to look at Siegfried* ...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:53 Hi... *smiles a bit*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:01 Hi. How are you doing? *glances at Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:05 Alright...you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:08 I've certainly been worse. *feels uncomfortable*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:13 I've heard you've been abroad...what brought you back?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:18 A particularly rough night. Hoping I'll feel up to moving out again soon.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:22 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:22 I hope so too.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:28 *turns away for a minute to order another drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:29 What have you been up to, if I may ask?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:32 Spending time at home.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:32 *had stopped looking apprehensive once they started talking, but now she looks a bit apprehensive again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:33 *nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:35 I hope one of these days I can do the same.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:40 *nods as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:50 *doesn't say anything for a bit**finally tries to break the awkward silence* So...any drink in particular you recommend tonight?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 19:42 I'd say today's stock of whiskey is the best in the house. *cracks a small smile when he sees Saxon nod slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 04:49 I'll have some of that, then. *finishes her drink and orders some*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 05:43 *finishes his drink* Hey, I'm sorry my ways are perhaps too weird. Perhaps I don't really have as much of a sense of boundaries as I remember.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:19 Oh, no...you're fine.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 06:52 Are you sure?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:54 *nods and sips her drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:54 *swallows, not sips XP
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:57 *clears her throat* That was good...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:57 So...where are you thinking of heading?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:00 *turns around again, confused*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:04 *glances at Saxon* Er...you did say you were heading out?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:04 Um... There are a couple of places I need to go... A city far east is where I need to go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:05 Sorry if I'm being nosy, it's just that I was thinking of seeing more of Exocoel not too long ago and wouldn't mind recommendations.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:11 Well, uh... This city has a higher crime rate than Stadtler. Wouldn't exactly recommend for exploration.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:12 *raises his brow* Whatever could you need in Castell?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:13 I'm afraid I can't really tell you, sir. *Saxon: *furrows his brow, looking more concerned than ever*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:25 *orders another shot, trying not to look awkward*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:35 *looks at Siegfried again* I see.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:41 This might be a longer trip. I can't really say this time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:43 *looks rather uncomfortable for a second at the words "this time"**quickly drinks her shot*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:50 Who exactly are you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:50 My name's Siegfried. I hardly spend any time here in the valley so I'm not at all surprised you don't know me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:02 *looks at Saxon* He's the guy who helped us with the baby Naedyrm, remember?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:05 Yeah, I know I saw him, but who is he? Why have I never met him before now?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:09 *shrugs her shoulders* Coincidence, I guess. He's been around a lot lately.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 08:20 My work has been slow lately.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 08:20 So I've been back home more often.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:29 Hm..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:34 '
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:34 [Oops]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:39 *glances at Saxon* So how have you been liking being back home?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 08:42 I mean it's nice, but it's also kind of lonely here. *clears his throat* I know more people out in the world than here, I mean.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:43 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:48 So...um... *turns to Saxon* You about done here?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:48 *said this rather quietly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:49 *nods, staring at Siegfried for a few moments more*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 09:00 *as they pay, she smiles awkwardly and briefly towards Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 09:08 *waves momentarily*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 09:18 *waves back quickly and then gets up to leave with her father*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 09:37 *stays at the bar for about an hour after Eira and Saxon leave*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 09:50 You seem to have known that guy for some time now. Who is he? What does he do?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:10 He's the guy who wrote to you by falcon, I think.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:14 He's alright. He was born and bred in this valley from what I can tell. I think he just travels and helps people.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:14 What? THAT GUY?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:15 HE has the falcons??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:27 Well, he once told me that he doesn't carry a phone and to use a messenger falcon if I really need to send him a message.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:31 Huh.... what do you think of him?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:40 I think he's trustworthy. He seems kind, really.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:41 I see.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:54 He also seems close to Pierce and Wren.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:55 Is he their...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:56 Their what?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 11:05 How is he related to them?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 11:07 He helped raise them.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 11:09 Ah.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 22:09 [If I don't make it on tonight it's because there's a severe thunderstorm going on. It hasn't actually rained yet but there is a TON of lightning.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.18 11:20 ...I need to work on packing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.18 11:21 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *heads to Stadtler with Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.18 11:22 *she spends time walking around the city and visiting places while Saxon is at his meetings*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.18 18:04 *his meetings this time around a considerably more time consuming than usual. He does attempt to spend his little free time with Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 04:58 *feels a mounting tension inside of her the longer she is by herself **eventually is too uncomfortable to explore alone, so she goes to the building Saxon works in and just sits on the lobby, silently keeping herself occupied with her phone*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:25 *stays there until Saxon's time working is over*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:37 *finally comes out to the lobby* You haven't been sitting htere all day, have you? I'm sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:49 I haven't...don't apologize.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:57 *nods slightly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:04 Well I'm free for the next four hours.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:09 What do you want to do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:11 We can visit some places in the city, get food, or maybe just take it easy, either by not doing much or going flying?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:19 Food and flying sound good.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:20 Though food should probably come after... *chuckles awkwardly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:20 *smiles* Let's go, then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:30 *nods and gets up, looking at him expectantly/waiting for him to lead the way to where they'll fly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:49 *takes Eira to a rooftop where they can safely summon their wings and take flight*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:50 *makes sure her belongings are secure in her pockets and then summons her wings*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:59 Ready?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:00 *once they're both ready she takes off with him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:04 [Whoops, posted that before seeing your post. Nvm.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:04 Yeah.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:11 *decides to fly high over the city*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:12 *follows him**looks down at the city below*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:35 *lands on a radio tower, holding onto the antenna*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:36 *lands near him, holding on and flapping her wings awkwardly to balance herself*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:40 *laughs* Need a little more practice, I presume?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:44 Maybe... *chuckles*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:44 I haven't landed on something like this in a long time.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:50 *turns his attention to the ground hundreds of feet below*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:55 *follows Saxon's gaze, looking down*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:59 It's a gorgeous place, for a city. One of the last major historical settlements. Most have either died out or changed to a point beyond recognition.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:59 Why don't the other cities keep the old style?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:00 It's prettier.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:10 Different cities were inspired by different walks of life, usually meaning other planets. While the planet advanced technologically, industrially, many changed to fit their ideals, but Stadtler remains fairly close to classic.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:27 *nods* What are some planets Exocoelians were inspired by?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:45 It's a little hard to get to, but there is a city inspired by information found about Kvetti. The structures there are stunning, though it remains the least technologically advanced settlement. There's a city inspired by Amyls, by Wealdende, h***, even
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:45 Auceaster was once an inspiration for a city here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:50 Auceaster?! Why??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:52 Auceaster used to be a regular city.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:53 How long ago was this?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:53 Funny. Most of those places ended up falling. Wealdende blew up.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:54 I don't really know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:55 Wealdende...what happened to that planet, exactly?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:01 I haven't read about that planet in quite a long time. I don't remember.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:02 *nods slightly, looking back down at the city*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:06 ...Were you lonely on Auceaster?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:07 *hesitates, then shakes her head* Sorry...stupid question...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:22 Not always, but most days, yes. I don't think he ever understood the difference between alone and lonely.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:23 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:24 How did you cope with it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:28 I didn't really have much to do to cope. Either that or I didn't have time to think about a concept such as loneliness. Normally I prefer some kind of work as a coping mechanism.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:29 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:37 I'm sorry if I'm asking you about these things rather early...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:40 *shrugs* Eh.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:45 I don't want to talk to you about anything you're not comfortable with.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:57 I'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:09 *nods slightly**looks out at the city for a minute more, then says:* Any suggestions for where we go from here?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:13 Hmm... Race you to the mountaintop? *points toward the nearest peak*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:15 Sure. We'll go in 3...2...1...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:15 *takes off*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:18 *takes off right after her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:19 *pulls ahead fast, but burns out rather quickly, panting and slowing down*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:25 *soons passes Eira chuckling as he does so*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:33 *tries to catch her breath and not fall too far behind*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:42 *after a little while she forces herself to go faster, propelling herself just ahead of Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:48 *keeps a consistent pace nearly the whole time*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:51 *tries to keep a consistent pace, but she keeps falling into cycles of burning out, slowing down, and then catching up again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:52 *eventually she doesn't have the strength to catch up and get past him anymore and remains behind him for the rest of the flight*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:03 *lands on a ledge just feet from the peak*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:05 *lands next to him about 10 seconds later, panting*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:16 Not bad.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:20 *sounds breathless* Not bad??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:20 That's...I was way behind...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:23 No you weren't. You were still able to make it here fairly quickly.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:28 I guess...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:40 You did great. You weren't ever conditioned for endurance like that, yet you still kept up better than most might.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:45 *nods a little* Thank you...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:45 I just have felt like I haven't been in shape lately.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:52 Maybe you could work on that? I just might be able to set up a course for you to practice on whenever you feel like it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:17 Really?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:22 Yeah. It could be a less extreme version of what I remember in my training.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:22 What was that like?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:53 It was tough. Couldn't hold back whatsoever. A lot of the course was deadly.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:55 Oh geez...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 06:02 We had to be conditioned for almost any event on this planet.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 06:11 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 06:12 Even a less extreme course sounds complicated...I know you have work, so if it's too much to set up a course you don't have to.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 07:37 But I want to. I don't have much time, but I want to do more with you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 08:00 Could I help?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 08:17 Of course
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:27 *smiles slightly* Okay...when do we start?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:29 Next time I have a few days off.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:31 Okay.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:35 *checks the time* We have... About an hour and a half before I need to get back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:02 Want to get something to eat now?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:20 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:33 *opens a portal back to Stadtler*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:41 *once back in Stadtler, he finds a good restaurant to eat at*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:53 *orders an avocado sandwich*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:57 *orders the soup of the day, which turns out to be a take on chicken gnocchi*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 06:18 *says once she's done eating:* So...um...what have you been working on?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 06:32 Some new plans regarding the expansion of the city's borders. Concerns have, of course, been brought up regarding the history of the city, but with the current rate of growth in the city's population, it would be in our best interest to expand.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:03 *nods* What sort of things will be built? Homes? Stores?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:08 Yes.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:56 *talks with him for a while longer about the expansion project before they leave the restaurant*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:57 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *decides to head to the building Saxon is in and wait even earlier than yesterday*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 08:00 *the meeting takes about an hour longer than usual and he heads back to the lobby, writing in a notebook*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 20:13 *sits beside Eira, finishing his note, then putting the notebook in his pocket*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 04:52 *had dozed off while listening to music on her phone**flinches and wakes up when Saxon sits down beside her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 04:53 *takes out her earbuds, blinking* Hi...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:05 Hey...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:09 What are we doing today?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:10 I don't know... What do you want to do?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:16 I'm fine just being around you...though...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:16 How long has it been since you've gone to the arcade?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:41 Just a few weeks, actually. I like to visit every now and then, but not nearly as often as before.... It's a bit hard to comfortably be there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 09:49 *looks a bit confused at that last sentence* Oh, okay...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 18:09 It's yet another thing I will eventually get over. I hope.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 04:35 So...is there something else you'd like to do, then? Are you hungry?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 04:55 Not really, today, sorry... *sighs* I'm just tired.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:04 Do you want to go back to the hotel and take a nap?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:05 Probably.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:09 Alright, let's go. *gets up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:09 I could open a portal nearer to the hotel...you want me to do that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:10 No, I think walking would be better.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:11 Alright. *waits for Saxon to get up before she starts walking*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:12 *stands up and heads out the front door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:19 *follows him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:32 *once outside he scans the area for a few moments, then starts back toward the hotel*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:37 *looks around a little, noticing his pause**keeps following him* Everything alright?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:40 Yeah, just a force of habit sometimes, I guess.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:43 *nods a little* It's definitely not a bad habit... *glances around some more*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:46 *as soon as he returns to his room he sits on his bed*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:48 *takes off her shoes and lies down on her bed, though she doesn't look tired*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:52 *looks over at Eira* You don't have to stay here if you don't want to. I'll be alright here for a few hours.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:55 I'm fine...I want to...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:55 I feel better here...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:02 You must be bored, though. You waited down in the lobby all morning. I'd have driven myself crazy doing nothing like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:11 I hadn't been feeling so good...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:12 I felt better there too.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:19 I still think you should be going out and doing things on your own. I'm just going to sleep for a few hours, you should go outside or something. Don't let the day go to waste.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:21 I'm not...I'm alright here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:21 *doesn't look at him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:24 And what if I said I would prefer to be alone? I really do not want to make you leave. Rather you decide to go out on your own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:28 ...If you'd rather I go... *shrugs her shoulders, still avoiding looking at him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:31 I just don't feel comfortable around people right now. Maybe I'll feel better after a little time alone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:31 *sits up and nods**her voice is quiet* Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:33 *gets up and goes to the door**still avoids looking at him* I hope you get a good rest...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:34 I hope so, too. Thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:37 *nods and leaves the room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:38 *starts heading to the hotel lobby, but about halfway there she stops and hesitates, then hurries back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:40 *sits down with her arms around her knees outside of their hotel room, looking a little pale**concentrates on her breathing and then thinks for a little while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:43 *finally gets up and heads down to the lobby, her pace slow and measured**steps outside and looks around indecisively*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:48 *turns around to go back inside, but stops herself **hesitates, then starts walking down the street**avoids looking at people's faces*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:49 *lays down and tries to fall asleep*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:52 *a small group of people are talking nearby, talking to one person in particular. Questions can be heard, asking if he's from the East and what's in his bag. Semi-normal curious questions*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 06:53 *answers with a kight chuckle that he is from the East and explains that he's got some things for his car in the bag.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 06:53 *light
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 06:55 *he looks like an average person wearing a light gray suit. He ignores the comments about his odd-colored green-hazel and blue-hazel eyes, as if no one even asked*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:58 *her pace is still measured**doesn't really take note of the nearby group until she hears Litho's voice**has a slight feeling of vague familiarity and looks over at them--mostly him--curiously*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:02 *laughs at something someone says, then, as he turns his head to face the person, his eye catches Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:03 *looks away as soon as they make eye contact and keeps walking, looking at the ground ahead of her*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:06 *makes his way out of the group* Hey, wait! *picks up the pace slightly, toward Eira. The group somewhat follows behind* You're Saxon's kid, aren't you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:08 *look at him again, a bit startled**shrugs her shoulders* Yeah...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:10 I knew it. I don't think I've met anyone else with that color of hair.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:19 *stops walking* So...you know my father?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:21 *walks alongside her* I knew him for awhile, several years back. I helped him with a job in Castell. That's where I come from.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:22 (Oof nvm the first part. I misread again)
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:22 *stops walking as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:31 *frowns slightly* You sure?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:31 I mean...about the job in Castell.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:33 Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:33 *shakes her head a little* You must have the wrong person...maybe you worked with someone who dyed their hair.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:34 He never was in Castell back then, sorry. *starts walking away*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:35 No, it was Saxon. You can't just impersonate such a person.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:38 *sighs and stops again* It couldn't have been for reasons that I cannot disclose.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:42 I can explain how it could have been.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:43 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:43 *looks skeptical*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:47 *checks his phone* Oh dear... How about I explain over a meal? I have a reservation which will expire soon. Besides, I do have a couple questions of my own to ask.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:50
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:50 [Oops]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:50 I...don't think I got your name?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:54 *looks behind him, at the group of people* I don't like to say my name around any people. They'll recognize me and I really would prefer to keep on the down low right now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:56 I'm sure I can get the answers I need from my father. I'm sorry, but I have some arrangements of my own to attend to.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:58 I'm sure you can spare half an hour.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:02 *takes out her phone to check the time**shakes her head a little* I'm really not sure...what restaurant is it?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:06 The one down the street. *points at the restaurant on the corner* It's barely high class. I'll pay, of course. No strings attached, other than a bit of an exchange in information, if you will.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:08 *looks over at the restaurant**thinks quickly, then says:* So long as it's only half an hour maximum...and if I have anything I'll pay for what I have.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:09 Very well.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:12 *starts toward the restaurant*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:13 *follows him, putting her phone back in her pocket*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:15 *walks into the restaurant. He and Eira are taken to their seats* Have you been to this place before?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:19 *looks around* I don't think so.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:20 *smiles* I'm sure you'll like it.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:22 *orders his meal and starts subconsciously tapping the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:24 *looks at the menu**decides to order something small--like an appetizer--and chooses to just have water as her drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:27 *glances at the people nearby, then at his fingers**finally looks at his face**says a bit quietly:* May I now know the identity of who I'm dining with?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:31 *shakes his head* Best not. It is a more private restaurant but still...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:34 There's no need to say it out loud. You could write it or show it to me on your phone.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:38 Maybe... *taps the table at a bit of a faster rate*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:41 *his drink comes and he quickly drinks it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:43 *glances at his fingers* Is something the matter?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:50 *covers his hand with the other* Yeah, just a bit of a nervous thing. I'm not consciously uncomfortable, though. *clears his throat* So your father. He was in quite the hurry when I last saw him in Castell. If I recall, he stuck around for only two and a
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:52 half hours. It seemed he needed some things for a car as well as stop at several stores. I didn't know he owned a car. There certainly aren't many around HERE. As stated, there wasn't much time, so I offered to help. Hadn't seen him there since.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:53 How long ago was this, exactly?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:56 *thinks for a minute* Seven to eight years ago.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:57 That's impossible.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:58 I assure you he was there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:00 During that time frame he had certain health problems I would rather not disclose. He couldn't have been there.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:04 He was. *plays with his silverware* Is he doing alright? I heard he was finally back to stay for awhile but haven't really heard much else.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:07 He's fine.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:10 I don't understand how he could have been there then. He couldn't... *thinks for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:10 What was he wearing?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:11 That's good. *puts the silverware down* Good... *doesn't realize he's begun scratching the table with his nails*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:12 *realizes Eira said something else* Oh! He's always worn that suit. Or at least some variant of it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:17 *looks confused* Couldn't have been him then... *sips her water*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:20 *suddenly tenses the muscles in his hand, scoring the table in the process. Looks at the damage* D*****! No! *shakes his head* No, I can do it... *puts his hands in his lap* I can do it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:22 *looks at the table, then at him, taken aback*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:23 *says rather quietly* ...Who are you?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:26 *looks up at Eira for a few moments* It doesn't matter. *looks around* Where's that food? I'm running out of time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:27 *stares at the marks on the table* What are you trying to do?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:29 I just wanted to know... And to prove him wrong...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:30 I don't understand...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:31 *looks at him again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:31 *her eyes are wider than before*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:34 *frowns* Of course you don't. I do not expect you to. *sits up straight* No, I can do this... *puts his hands back on the table* I don't mean to be worrying...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:38 What do you mean to be?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:39 Good? Harmless? Kind? No, I've always tried to be kind... I think? I've shown kindness... *shakes his head again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:48 ...Are you alright?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 10:08 Yeah... I'm okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 10:21 *opens her mouth to speak, but closes it, looking worried*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 10:27 ...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 10:34 *stares again at the marks he made on the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 10:35 *impulsively checks her phone*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 15:48 *his breathing has been getting shakier* I know... this has been a trainwreck... that's why.... *quickly reaches across the table and grabs Eira's wrist*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 15:51 ...It'd be better if I did this... *magic flickers in his eyes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:09 Wha-- *looks at his face, then at his hair, then at his eyes**inhales sharply and tries to wrench her wrist out of his grip while jumping up*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 18:26 *lets go of her. Looks a bit shocked at first, but then he smiles* Heh... We're the same....
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:36 No...no we're not... *looks horrified**opens a portal to Urmukka next to her*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 18:40 The only difference is that Saxon actually cares about you. *pauses* Before you go... *pulls an envelope out of his bag* Would you please give this to your little sister? It's a gift I couldn't give since naturally I missed her birthday.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:42 *looks at him for a few moments, scared to take it**grabs it quickly and then immediately goes through the portal*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 18:45 *waits a minute more at the restaurant, then teleports back home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:45 *closes the portal behind her and sinks to her knees, panting since she had been holding her breath**looks around, a bit surprised at where she is**she opened a portal to the first place she remembered, which is the lake*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:56 *gets up after a minute, shakily putting her phone back in her pocket**stops abruptly, then immediately takes her phone back out and texts Saxon: "He's in Stadtler right across the street"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:57 *texts: "Please come home"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 20:37 *wakes up to his phone going off. Texts back* "I'll be just fine. He's been around at random for awhile now. If I refuse to speak with him he will eventually back off."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:47 *hesitates, then texts back: "Alright"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:47 *adds "He gave me an envelope for Jane. Is it safe to open it?"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:49 "If it's for Jane, then it should be safe. He's a lot of things, but malicious toward kids is not one of them."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:55 "Okay. Should I open it first or just give it to her?"
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:59 "I don't see the harm in just letting her have it."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:00 "Alright. Sorry for waking you up."
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:02 "You're alright."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:16 "I'll stop texting so you can rest. Please be careful, though."
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:37 "I will be."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:49 *decides to just walk for a while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:51 *after about 20 minutes she opens a portal closer to Aedona's home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:52 *goes to Aedona's house after going through the portal**knocks on the door and peeks through the front window, but nobody's there*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:52 *thinks for a minute, then heads towards Mayhem's house-in-progress*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:57 *looks around for Mayhem once she gets there**follows the sounds of him working to him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 06:09 *spots Eira* Hi!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 06:18 *is a bit busy working on a particularly stubborn piece of electrical work*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 06:27 Hi...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 06:58 I brought something for you...it's from Litho.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 06:59 *stops what he's doing when he hears "Litho"*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 06:59 *looks a bit conflicted, but also interested* Really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 07:00 Yeah. *holds out the envelope to her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:09 *takes the envelope* Eira: He said it's a birthday present. Jane: *opens it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:15 *inside the envelope is a letter and a ticket*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:23 *takes out the letter and ticket*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:26 *reads them both*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:36 *the ticket just has the name of a person and an address, as well as a few other little notes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:37 *looks at the letter*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:49 *the ticket reads:* "Wish I could have been there for your birthday. I could have gotten this to you earlier and in person. That would have been preferred. Anyway, have someone take you to the address on the ticket. The man there will help you with the
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:49 rest. I promise it's going to be a wonderful surprise. -Litho"
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:51 *hurries over to Mayhem, holding out the letter and ticket to him* Can I go?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 08:00 Sure, but probably not today. How about tomorrow?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 10:18 Okay!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 11:05 First thing tomorrow, then. For now I need to get as much of this done as possible. Could you get me the crimpers?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 11:51 *nods and picks up the crimpers, handing them to him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 22:21 Thank you. As soon as I'm done here I can show you how to finish hooking this all up so the lights will work.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.25 05:40 *nods**Eira starts walking away**looks at her* Where are you going? Eira: Back to my fami--back to my father. *opens a portal and leaves*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.25 05:48 *looks confused*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.25 05:54 *also looks a bit confused*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:09 *decides to stay in Urmukka for a while longer, scared that Litho is still near the hotel*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:11 *hangs around near the lake to think, but sticks behind some trees since she doesn't really want to be spotted**checks her phone every so often*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:25 *Wren takes Siegfried out to the lake to sit by the water. She does talk to him, though her voice is very quiet. Siegfried smiles patiently and listens to her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:26 *gets up and starts to quietly but quickly walk away when she realizes Siegfried and Wren are there**doesn't want to disturb them*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:37 *turns his head to face Eira* I know you're there. You don't have to hide.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:39 *stops and turns back towards them* Sorry...I just like coming to the lake to think...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:42 As do I. We're not having any important conversation. You're more than welcome to stick around.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:44 You sure I'm not intruding?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:48 You are not intruding.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:49 *nods a little**hesitates, then walks back over to them and sits down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:54 So..um...how have you two been?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:55 I'm doing alright. Better than most days. Wren?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:58 Wren: *her voice is barely a whisper* I'm good... *leans against Siegfried, holding onto his arm* *Siegfried: *pats Wren's hand gently*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:05 I'm sorry if I'm making her--you--uncomfortable...I can go if that's the case...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:06 She's alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:10 *nods a little, looking out at the lake*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:18 *looks up at the sky* How was your trip to Stadtler? One of my messengers spotted you and Saxon the other day, flying over the city.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:19 It's been alright...I plan to go back there today, actually.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:25 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:29 My father was really surprised when I told him I thought you were the person who sent a message to him by falcon.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:42 Is that so? Not surprised. I still haven't formally met him. He probably hardly knew I existed before recently.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:46 Yeah...I didn't know you existed either before recently.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:47 *thinks for a minute**then says:* If you don't mind me asking, what's interesting to you about Castell? Unless this isn't the right time to ask... *glances at Wren*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:52 Nothing in particular. As a matter of fact, I hate the place. But there are matters there I need to deal with.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:56 Wren: *starts to stand up, tugging on Siegfried's sleeve* *Siegfried: *stands up* I know, I'm sorry. *looks at Eira* I'll be right back, if you'll wait here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:56 *nods* Alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:02 *takes Wren back home and returns after several minutes. Sits down* She doesn't like hearing about Castell. Under the impression that I got hurt there. She's afraid it'll happen again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:06 Oh...I'm sorry I mentioned it...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:08 Don't be. She's wrong, anyway.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:11 *sighs* Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:11 So what's caught your attention there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:17 There's a group there that has been causing trouble for the city's greatest source of income. I'm going to sort it all out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:20 Huh...what's the greatest source of income there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:27 A tech company specializing in the development of computer systems, particularly systems found in Castell's vehicles.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:33 Huh...what sort of group has been causing issues? Do you know who they might be?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:38 No idea.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:42 How'd you learn about this?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:46 I was written an anonymous note from someone, likely an old client that works at the company.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:50 Oh, alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:51 When do you plan to go there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:52 In two days time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:05 *nods a little, thinking*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:16 *looks uncertain*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:21 I'm...I know how sudden it must've been when I decided to go home...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:22 *glances at Eira, then up at the sky again* I hope to only be gone a couple of days. Wanna spend as little time there as possible.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:22 *said that before she spoke*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:23 I wasn't offended or anything that you left.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:23 I'm sorry if it seemed like I ran away...it wasn't like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:24 *said that before he replied*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:28 *nods a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:29 I figured it really did have to do with me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:29 I'm really... *sighs* I'm not sure if I'll come, but...would you be okay if I joined you on this trip?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:29 Wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. I do things in weird ways.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:33 But of course I'd love for you to join me again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:38 It...me leaving didn't have to do with you at all. It was for personal reasons.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:41 I understand
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:43 I just...it was silly...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 10:08 ...So...um...why do you choose to send messages by falcon?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:20 Falcons are fast, they're efficient, they're loyal. They also represent wisdom and guardianship. They're a symbol of victory and rising above a situation. The falcon is a prominent symbol in society. A good luck charm if you will.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:23 As for why I prefer them over tech... They're harder to track. They're also not just some average birds. I don't want to put them out of a job.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:30 At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that I care about them. They mean a lot to me and my way of caring is not rendering them obsolete. They're family.... In a removed sort of way..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:35 (If you manage to get online today while I'm at work I will be on Hangouts for awhile. I sent some things there.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 05:17 *nods* I understand.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 05:40 Their ability in terms of flight astounds me. How easily they maneuver and how accurate of hunters they are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 05:44 Yeah...they're so fast.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 05:45 Do you...do you wish you could fly without, um...the health consequences?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 05:57 All the time.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 05:58 *focuses on the sky. Before his gaze often shifted*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:05 Maybe I could help you out with that...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:05 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:08 Well...with the aid of some magic I could obviously carry you. But I'm sure there are other ways...plenty of planets have rather advanced technology...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:14 I see...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:38 Maybe there's some technology that would help you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:50 I think someone is already on that, but I don't know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:54 Really? Oh, okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:59 Speaking of which... I need to go refill a perscription.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:02 Alright...I suppose I'll go.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:04 Oh that trip won't happen until after Castell
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:13 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:16 My bad...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:27 I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with you accompanying me to the doctor. Castell is bad, but... I'd rather you sit that one out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:28 What? Oh, no--when I said "I suppose I'll go" I meant go back to Stadtler right now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:29 I wouldn't accompany you to the doctor. That's intrusive.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:33 I agree. You can go back anytime.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:36 I'm alright with staying here...I just thought you were leaving when you mentioned the perscription.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:44 *nods* You don't have to answer this, but is there something on your mind?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:46 ...Yes, but I don't really feel like talking about it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:51 Figured.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:17 ...I'm okay not being by myself.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 08:21 I feel that. Or used to at least.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:32 Used to?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 08:36 I've had to sort of pick up mostly being on my own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:42 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:43 It wasn't very nice at first, was it?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 08:55 It certainly is difficult to live with for quite awhile..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:17 *nods, staring at the lake*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:32 Eventually I just got used to the fact that I'm alone. Of course, being used to the fact and liking the fact are two very different things.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:34 *nods in understanding*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:35 If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your family?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:47 I lost one parent to old age, the other.... It's not that important. They're gone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:49 No siblings?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:49 One.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:52 Are they gone too?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:55 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:58 *had begun to look at him again when asking him about siblings**looks a bit sad* I'm sorry to hear that...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:05 It was a long time ago.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 10:06 *looks a little surprised, but just nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:22 I think about them all the time. Wonder if I'll see them again...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 10:31 I think you will.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:35 *chuckles*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:36 We'll see about that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 10:43 *looks out at the lake again for a few moments**then asks:* What was your sibling like?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:56 *closes his eyes* She was... *pauses* ...smart... and patient... and... she was so kind and understanding... my best friend.. *opens his eyes* I think that may be why I was drawn to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 04:54 *smiles a bit, though she looks down, embarrassed**shrugs her shoulders*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 05:11 I'm not that smart or patient, though I am flattered...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 05:14 Well, you've been plenty patient with me and you're most certainly not stupid.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 05:15 Well, a lot of my family is smarter than me. I'm okay with that.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 05:24 You're plenty smart. What the rest of your family has in terms of intelligence isn't important.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 05:40 *nods a bit*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 05:43 You're easy to get along with. At least that's how it feels.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 06:21 *smiles a little more* You are too...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 06:33 *smiles* I'm glad.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 06:56 I like having you around. It's... Good to talk to someone..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:10 Yeah.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:16 I don't know what I'd do without having anyone to talk to ag-- *cuts herself off before finishing her sentence and clears her throat*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:19 I mean, it um...yeah, it helps.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 07:42 It really does..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:58 *she spends a little over an hour longer talking with Siegfried by the lake**finally, she bids farewell to him and returns to Stadtler*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:59 *stays in the hotel lobby for the next few hours, occasionally checking on Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:06 *she winds up coming back to the room to check on him shortly after he wakes up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:06 *wakes up, but is slow to actually get up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:10 *notices that his eyes are open**says very quietly:* Hi...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:11 *simply groans in response, rolling over halfway*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:16 Sorry... *quietly leaves the room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:16 *stands outside their room, checking the time on her phone*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:23 *sits up and stretches*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:28 *sighs and waits outside the room*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:47 *gets up and gets dressed, then exits his room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 09:01 *turns toward him* Oh, hi...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 09:03 Hey..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 09:05 How was your rest?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 18:03 It was alright.. I guess.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 21:46 I'm feeling a bit better.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 00:42 Good, good...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 00:43 So um...it is pretty close to when you'll have to go back. You've seemed tired today, so should I just order dinner later tonight?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 00:45 [I will be late tonight. I have a lot of homework to do for one class and if I don't get it done today I think I'm going to fall behind in all my classes.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 02:23 Probably..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 06:23 Alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:33 (I'm not really certain what can happen here)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:36 ~THE NEXT DAY, AT NIGHT...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:40 *is eating dinner with her father*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:45 *glances at him awkwardly every so often*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:06 *is something wrong?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:06 *-*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:10 No...I, um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:10 I've just been thinking about traveling again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:16 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:41 You've been indicating that you want some space and there are some more places I'd like to visit...so I thought maybe I'd go traveling again tomorrow.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:46 *nods* You should go traveling. It sounds like a lot of fun.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:50 *nods quickly**fidgets nervously* Yeah...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:02 Any places you have in mind or just general exploring?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:07 I've been thinking of a bunch of cities in general.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:19 Cool. Just be careful in some of them.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:27 *nods* Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:31 I'll still try to visit you and text you while I'm gone.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:34 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:40 If you need anything at all just let me know.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:55 I will. Same goes for you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:00 ...I just...I wanted to make sure you were okay with this.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:02 Of course I am.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:08 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:15 You'll be alright while I'm gone, right?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:17 I will be alright. You just go out and see the world.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:26 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:31 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *heads back to Urmukka after packing her things*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 10:36 *goes to the bar to get a drink before he leaves*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:37 *goes to the lake and waits there*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 10:39 *grabs a drink and returns home to grab his stuff, then meets Eira at the lake* Morning.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:48 Morning.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:48 So how are we getting there this time?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 10:52 It's a long way. I am willing to take regular transport or teleport.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:54 I've never been there before and I don't know its coordinates so I can't exactly open a portal or teleport...how long does regular transport take to get there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 18:08 A day ish.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 19:56 Would it be better if we got there quickly or is this not so urgent?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 20:18 I would prefer to get there and get out, move on to the next job.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:22 Alright...would you happen to know Castell's coordinates?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 04:26 Yes, of course. *lists the coordinates to the train station in Castell*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:30 Okay. I'm not so good at this so this'll take a little while...just hold onto my hand or backpack or something...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:40 *closes her eyes to concentrate*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 04:41 *holds onto her backpack*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:52 *after about 5 minutes they tesser to the train station*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:58 *looks around a bit, then turns to him* Sorry about the wait...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 05:03 It's a lot shorter of a wait than actually taking the train.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 05:10 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 05:10 So where are we headed now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 05:41 *walks to the main road and whistles for a cab. One is quick to stop and pick them up* We're headed to that building over there. *points out the window toward a fairly short, but broad building at the other side of the city* It's hard to see. I'll point
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 05:41 it out when we get closer.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 06:02 Okay. *gets in*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 06:15 *the cab drives them across the city in a matter of minutes. They pull up beside the building and Siegfried pays with a small card which he holds in front of a scanner* I forgot how quick transportation is here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 06:40 Yeah...wow... *gets out, looking around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 06:46 *looks at the broad building they are to go into*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 07:01 *several models of cars line the path to the front entrance. As one nears the doors, the cars get newer in design* The business doesn't exclusively deal in vehicles, but it is the CEO's greatest passion.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 07:01 From what I know, he built every model that lines this path.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 07:05 Wow...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 07:05 Is he just showcasing these or trying to sell them?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 07:08 It's a showcase.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 07:09 Ah...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:07 *goes inside the building and walks up to the front desk, to the receptionist* Hello! I'd like to speak to Bushei. Is he available?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:10 Receptionist: He is, this morning, but do you have an appointment? *Siegfried: I do not, but I am here to help with the recent problem your company has been having.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:11 Receptionist: I see. *calls up Bushei* .... Head up to his office. He was expecting you, actually.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:18 *heads with Eira up to Bushei's office* So Bushei isn't exactly what you might expect. Just mind your manners and you'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:19 *looks around at the lobby curiously*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:20 *did that before heading up to Bushei's office, obviously*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:21 *looks a little confused* Um...alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:26 *Bushei is waiting by the door. He invites them in and goes to sit in his chair, which is a modified bucket seat*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:56 *glances around curiously**looks at his seat*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:04 Bushei: So, Siegfried.... I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you in time, but your services are no longer needed here.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:05 What? That- That never happens. What happened?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:06 Bushei: The problem was... Taken care of.... *looks at Eira* Oh? You have a new partner? *Siegfried: I don't have a history of taking partners before now. *Bushei: Ah, I see. My bad.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:07 *just waves a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:08 Bushei: Want some tea?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:10 I wouldn't mind, though... *looks at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:10 I'll have some, please. Thank you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:11 Bushei: *pushes a button and three large cups lift out of the desk and fill with fresh tea* Cream?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:12 No, thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:12 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:13 *said that at about the same time as Siegfried**looks awkward*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:14 Bushei: *gestures for Siegfried to take his cup, then pushes the button again. The cups remaining on the table mix with a bit of cream* There you go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:15 Thank you. *takes her cup and sips it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:20 Bushei: *takes his own cup* I really am sorry for dragging you all out here. Is there something I can send you off with?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:25 *sips again so she has an excuse not to talk**glances at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 18:05 I don't think so?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 19:48 Bushei: And you? *looks at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 04:53 *shakes her head*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 05:15 Bushei: Alright, then... you weirdos. Have a safe trip back home. Don't die.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 05:21 Um...thank you..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:31 Alright then... I'm sorry we were too late. *Bushei: It's quite alright. Now I have a meeting in 15 minutes. Time you two left. *Siegfried: Goodbye. Thanks for the tea. *gets up and heads for the door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:34 Goodbye.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:34 *follows Siegfried out of the building* So...where are we going now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:38 Well... This ended earlier than I wanted, so I think I will go get my meds refilled.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:39 Okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:41 It shouldn't take too long.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:42 Will we need to teleport again?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:47 It would be the fastest
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:48 Where is it? Maybe I can do a portal there.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:49 I can give the coordinates...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:53 *sighs* Alright...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:55 *sighs and gives her the coordinates*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:56 Hold onto my backpack again... *concentrates on calculating*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:59 *does so*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:59 *after a little while she tessers with him to Vulkanisch**looks a bit tired*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:00 *looks around, confused*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:01 Stay close.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:02 *nods* Where are we, exactly...?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:05 *looks out at the ocean, at the landmass miles away.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:05 **
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:07 *looks out at the landmass**after a few moments her eyes widen* Are we...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:08 *looks up at the mountain*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:08 Is this...?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:10 Vulkanisch.... Never liked the place, but it's essential. *takes a deep breath* I need to see Nixon.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:17 *looks at him, eyes still wide**just nods a little and sticks close to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:18 *enters the lab and goes right for the third floor. Ignores the various doctors who give them weird looks*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:19 *looks around a lot, but still tries to stay near him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:20 *knocks on the door to Nixon's office* Weird... He usually never locks his office.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:22 "Who's there!! I told you guys to go to my room if you needed anything he had!!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:22 *You hear through the door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:23 *isn't sure what to say/do**looks at the door, then at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:23 Quinlynn, what's happened?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:25 *Doesn't recognize him* "What? How could you not know?? What do you need???"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:27 I haven't been here in months. It's Siegfried, where's Nixon?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:29 "OH WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SO?" *Quinlynn unlocks the door, a magenta glow grows from the door handle and spreads outwards then disappears and the door opens* "Hello!!!"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:30 *looks at the magenta, confused*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:31 What happened...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:31 *looks at Quinlynn and then past her at the room*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:34 *Quinlynn blinks* "You need your medication, yeah? *Quinlynn walks into the room leaving the door open and shuffles through Nixon's drawers* "You think I'd know where it is by now but I haven't been focused on much else recently. Too busy developing NA1..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:35 You know, testing weaponry applications and flexibility. Trying to base it off of reptiles and such
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:37 Pretty difficult to balance weight distribution, flexibility, and have as many applications as it has but I'm sure I can figure it out..." *Quinlynn forgot she was looking for something and stares off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:38 Um...I'm sorry to interject, but my father is a friend of Nixon's...how is Nixon?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:40 *Quinlynn continues to stare off, obviously stuck in her head* "Maybe have internal wiring,... Like a circulatory system..."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:42 Quinlynn!
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:42 *Quinlynn jumps and looks at him* "Oh
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:43 *"Oh.. yes?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:44 First off, this is Eira. Eira, Quinlynn.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:44 *looks at Quinlynn awkwardly*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:45 *looks at Eira and waves and looks to Siegfried for the rest of his statement*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:46 I need to refill my meds..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:49 *waves back quietly*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:49 "Oh! Yeah, sorry!! Let me find them!! I'm sure he left them in here somewhere!" *She shuffles through drawers again and pulls out his medicine. She makes sure everything was as it was before approaching Siegfried and handing him the bottle*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:51 Thank you. Nixon, though....
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:52 *Quinlynn stares at him blankly*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:52 "Is there anything else you needed?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:52 How is he?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:54 *Quinlynn glances away for a split second and she fidgets a bit* "Fine."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:54 *looks concerned* Did something happen?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:55 He's not on leave. He'd have taken you..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:56 *Quinlynn flinches* "He's just away right now. He's fine."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:57 Is he really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:57 *looks worried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:00 *Quinlynn looks at him and fidgets* "What do you need him for, did something happen on your end?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:01 No...he's a family friend, that's all...
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:03 "Ah, well, he's fine."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:07 Alright...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:09 You're never like this, Quinlynn..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:11 *Quinlynn lowers her head a tad* "There's a first for everything.."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:11 *still looks worried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:13 *sighs* Did it involve Nilsson?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:15 *Quinlynn looks up at him* "What?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:15 Whatever happened.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:18 "No... He didn't do anything. I mean he did, but it doesn't have to do with Nixon.. Well, it does but Nilsson didn't..." *She trails off and looks at the ground*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:19 Quinlynn what happened to Nixon?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:20 *looks confused and worried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:21 *Quinlynn remains silent and tilts her head away from him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:23 He didn't... He wasn't that old... Did he..?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:26 *gasps*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:31 *Quinlynn shook her head aggressively* "Don't talk like that--!*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:34 Who was it??
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:34 "What do you mean who?!" *Her voice gets louder*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:38 *her eyes widen*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:38 *pauses* I'm sorry. This must be hard for you..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:39 Did someone...k-kill him?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:45 *She opens and closes her mouth; unable to speak. She covers her mouth and lowers her head again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:47 *puts her hands on her mouth Oh my god...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:47 *mouth*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:48 "Stop...."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:50 *gods...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:50 [I cannot English or brain]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:51 I can't believe...I...I'm sorry...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:55 Eira... *clears his throat* I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:56 *keeps her mouth covered and goes silent*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 18:22 *Quinlynn seemed to be frozen in place, trying to stop the rush of emotion* "It's... Fine."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 20:29 It's not, though... *steps toward Quinlynn* I know what he meant to you..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 20:38 "I should be fine!! It should be fine!!" *Quinlynn straightened up, tears in her eyes, voice loud* "I already spent months crying about it and not being fine so it should be fine!!"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 20:42 It won't be... Knowing you, you haven't talked about this to anyone. It's not okay.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 20:47 "I-I have- I shouldn't-- It should be--" *She begins to cry* "It was my fault..."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 01:43 Come on... It's not your fault... I don't know what happened, but I'm sure Nixon wouldn't see it that way. He wouldn't want you to blame yourself..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 04:38 *says nothing**puts her hands down and looks at the floor for a bit*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 05:38 *is spending time with Mayhem**knows that she'll be going to Cadmael and Karma later today*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 05:41 *has been adding the finishing touches to the outfit he'd been making. Finally fits the jacket onto a mannequin and puts everything away.* What do you think, Jane?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 05:43 It's super cool!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 05:50 *smiles* Thanks. WELL! There's plenty of time left in the day, how about we make that trip to Castell today instead of tomorrow?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 05:53 Can we?!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:01 We can!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 06:06 YES!! *hugs him* When are we going?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:06 As soon as you are ready.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 06:11 So now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:30 *nods*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:41 "It was my fault- He wouldn't have- if he wasn't... If I was left alone he'd be here instead of me!! She only wanted me not him... She only wanted
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:42 *..."
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 06:44 Let's go!!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 06:47 I don't think Nixon could have handled losing you. Cannot imagine the suffering that would have caused him.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:49 *She cries more* "If I wasn't such a weakling I could've done something but I just sat there and watched-- I could have if I wasn't such a coward--"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 06:55 Tell me... Would he have wanted you to interfere and get yourself killed?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:57 *holds out his hand to Jane*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:59 "N-no... But I could've done something I... I could have stopped her I..." *She trails off in defeat and just cries*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:03 *hugs Quinlynn* ...You did exactly what Nixon wanted.... You survived..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:09 *grabs his hand*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:10 *looks distressed but says nothing*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:12 *Quinlynn hugs him back (rather tightly I might add) and cries into him for a while. Eventually she forces herself to stoo* "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make your visit so... Emotionally charged..."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:14 *shakes his head* I don't mind at all.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 07:15 *teleports to the top of a building in Castell* Sorry, this is the only place I remember. *leads Jane to the elevators*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:19 *looks around* This is cool!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:19 Why doesn't Urmukka have tall buildings?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:20 *Quinlynn fidgets a bit* "Well... There's your medication!.. Hehe.. You can leave now ... If you want to.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:20 *"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 07:22 Urmukka is a smaller place. It's also a lot older than this place.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:22 Do you need me to stay awhile longer?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:25 Auceaster is old and it has tall buildings.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 07:27 Auceaster advanced faster than this planet.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:30 "Well... I haven't really spent time with anyone since Litho's last visit which was a while ago... Although your friend may not enjoy my company... After that display... Heh..." *Quinlynn looks at Eira and then the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:45 *looks up abruptly* L-Litho?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:46 Oh...why?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:46 *Quinlynn wipes some tears from her eyes and smiles weakly at her* "That's his name! He's my best friend!!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:47 "Do you know him?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:49 *immediately becomes confused* Excuse me?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:53 *Quinlynn blinks, also confused* "What..? Did I do something wrong?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:53 *doesn't know what to say**looks shocked*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:54 *shakes her head, chuckling not out of amusement, but from nerves* We must not be thinking of the same person.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:54 I just never expected Litho of all people...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:55 The person I'm thinking of is a monster...he could never be a real friend to anybody.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:57 Can you... Describe him?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:00 "Well you must be thinking of the wrong Litho-" *Quinlynn pulls out what looks to be a metallic wallet and opens it. Some pictures of Litho and Quinlynn hang out of it* "-See! My Litho is sweetheart!!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:01 "This is my pseudo-wallet by the way! Like in the movies! Hehe!!"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:01 *steps closer to get a better look and almost instantly looks horrified*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 08:05 ...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 08:06 The people there aren't the same as the people here. Auceaster's people were smarter.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:06 "Are you guys okay? The pictures too much? Litho thought it was funny..."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:06 *clears her throat a little* O-oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 08:07 Weird.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 08:08 I'm from Auceaster and I sometimes feel I'm smarter than the kids I play with. Am I smarter?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:11 "Is it not funny? Litho did chuckle and not full on laugh so maybe he was being sarcastic? I sometimes have a hard time reading tone I think. Or maybe I'm overthinking? Uhm... Hmmm..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:11 *"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:13 No, it's...he um...
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:15 "What?" *Leans in curiously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 08:16 It has nothing to do with coming from Auceaster. The civilization there simply had the right resources at the right time in order to advance. Exocoel has worked for so long to get this far.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 08:17 Didn't know he was sociable. At least not on an individual level.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:18 *says quietly* Hasn't he ever done something horrible to you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:19 *glances over at Siegfried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:20 "Horrible? Like, eat all the food on your fridge horrible or rip off your arm horrible?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:27 ...Worse...
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:28 "Well.the ripping off my arm thing was probably the worst thing
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:29 *I did accidently scrape his horn though! Viscount horns are sensitive you know!"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 08:30 ...How did you seemingly befriend him?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:44 "I'm not sure... I like to think I won him over with my personality but it was probably the tart treats I fed him..."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:50 *still looks shocked/horrified**quietly walks over to sit down*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:03 "Are you okay?"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:05 "Don't sit on the bed, you'll wrinkle the sheets!"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:09 *hesitates, then looks around for a chair*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:17 *appears lost in thought*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:20 I just...are we... *looks at Siegfried* Are we ready to go?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:21 "How about you two stay here for the night, huh? You look scared.. it is getting dark soon... Are you afraid of the dark too?"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:21 "Oh
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:22 * You want to leave okay... That's fine too.."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:23 The--the likes of me really shouldn't stay here.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:25 "What do you mean? You seem nice!"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:31 I take it Litho hasn't visited in roughly a year...?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:33 About
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:34 *About that long, yes... We text though!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:34 "How... How did you know that?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:36 It's just about the time when Eira and her family arrived, according to my sources.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:36 *stares at Siegfried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:37 "Oh? Okay..? I assume you two would like to be on your way then, huh?" *Quinlynn looks dejected but tries not to be obvious about it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:39 I can always come back.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:42 "Yeah... Come back..." *Quinlynn runs her arm and looks away for a moment* "Thanks... Thanks for coming by to... Get your medicine." *She straightens up and smiles*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:42 *rubs not runs
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:43 *smiles back* I'll come back as soon as I can, okay?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 09:45 *Bushei's building isn't far from where they appeared so it doesn't take long to get there. The receptionist grants them permission to see Bushei after Mayhem shows the ticket*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:46 "Okay."
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:46 Bushei: *invites Mayhem and Jane into his office*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:46 "I'll see you later when you get the time."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:47 I won't be long.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:47 Thank you for your help.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:48 "No problem." *Waves*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 09:48 *says loudly as soon as she enters:* Ooo, you're glowy!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:48 Um--thank you...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:49 Bushei: *chuckles* Yes I am. You must be Jane. Litho told me about you.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:50 *Smiles at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:50 *smiles very briefly and awkwardly**moves to follow Siegfried*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 09:51 *takes a seat, keeping fairly quiet*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:51 *Waves goodbye to Quinlynn and leads Eira out of the lab* We can go home now.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:55 *Quinlynn stares as they leave and remains there for a while. She sighs and shakes herself.* "Why do you always cry like an idiot.." *She sits on her temporary bed that she placed in her father's room.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:59 *nods slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:59 Is there anything else you need to do abroad/
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:59 *?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 10:00 I think I'd rather not go home yet...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:00 I'll head back out tomorrow, but for now I think I want to spend another afternoon back home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:00 He did? What'd he say?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:01 At least by the lake or in my hideaway.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 10:02 Oh...okay... *looks behind her for a moment, then opens a portal back to Urmukka*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:04 Bushei: He told me that you liked my profession, or rather my hobby, and that you'd love to practice racing.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:06 Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:07 I race my Mommy and Amy a lot and I used to race my sister Eira a lot, but those are toy cars.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:09 Bushei: What you need is a real car to fit your size. Something a little like what Earthlings once called Bandoleros.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:11 Bandoleros?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:11 Where can I get one?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:33 Bushei: I will build one of course. I will walk you thriugh designs and build a good practice car.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:42 Really?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 16:11 This sounds expensive... Are you paying for all of this yourself?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 16:12 Bushei: Of course. Call it fulfilling an IOU. *Mayhem: To who, may I ask? *Bushei: To Litho, obviously.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 20:24 What's an IOU?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 20:25 *hasn't been sitting down**has been right up in front of Bushei's desk, being a bit fidgety with her feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 20:26 *goes through the portal with Siegfried**closes it behind him* How do you know about Litho?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 20:27 *she opened the portal to the lake*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 00:40 Bushei: It's a way of saying I owe him something, be it money or a favor.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 00:41 He's visited this planet quite often. As a matter of fact he goes to Castell fairly regularly. And then there's the history behind him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.2 04:01 Oh...right...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 09:32 Bushei: So here's the plan. I'll show you the car's plans and let you see what exactly you'll be getting as well as let you change some minor aesthetic features.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 09:37 If you don't want to go back home you can just stick around here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.2 10:49 Can I?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 10:50 Okay!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 10:50 *nods* Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.2 10:53 Thank you...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 10:54 Bushei: Come on. *gestures toward an elevator in the corner of his room* To the main office where we will look at the plans.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 10:58 *hurries after Bushei*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 11:00 You have your own elevator?!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 11:06 Bushei: I do. *waits for Mayhem to enter the elevator, then takes them down to the other office*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 11:07 *is the first to exit the elevator**looks around excitedly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 11:11 *there are mini models of various vehicles on the counters.* *Bushei: So curious... What's your favorite color?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 21:10 Green! Like...bright green!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 22:37 Bushei: *goes to the computer and pulls up a 3D model of a muscle car and changes the color to Sassy Grass* Like this?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 22:38 (You'll have to refer to hangouts for the color sample)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 04:29 Kinda, yeah!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 07:31 Bushei: *Alters the shade*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 07:44 *says once the shade is brighter and more saturated:* Oooo, I like that!!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 08:00 Bushei: Wonderful. I will get started on it right away. Want to see how they run?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 09:31 Yeah!!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 18:15 Bushei: *takes Jane to a fairly small indoor race track with three small cars at the starting line* knowing Litho, he let you drive already, didn't he?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 22:06 *nods* I was five!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 23:34 Bushei: Perfect. Do you know how the gas and brake petdals work
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 00:18 Kinda...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 00:18 Like, one makes it go and the other makes it stop.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 02:07 Bushei: So I'll teach you the basics, then.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 05:55 Okay.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:20 Bushei: What about you? *looks up at Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.4 06:21 I know how to drive.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:23 Bushei: I'll show you how to work the car, Jane. *helps Jane into the car*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 06:24 *looks around at all the controls excitedly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:35 Bushei: *helps Jane with her seatbelt and points at the button near the steering wheel* that button will start the vehicle.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 06:42 *presses the button immediately*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:47 Bushei: The gas pedal is furthest to the right. Brake is on the left.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 06:58 Okay. Why do I need to wear this thing? *tugs on her belt* I don't like it...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 07:16 Bushei: It's so you don't get hurt when you crash.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 07:22 Crash?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 07:22 Do racers crash a lot?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 07:34 Bushei: It's only natural. Not to mention great for the entertainment value. Racing would not have the funding it does if there was no action.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 07:53 Oh...but doesn't that hurt people?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 07:58 Bushei: Hardly ever.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 08:03 Really?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 08:06 Bushei: It looks more dangerous than it is.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 08:32 Cool!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 08:41 Bushei: I've set these cars to not move as fast as they should for now. Now... Which pedal is the brake?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 09:08 (I regret the existence of Among Us.)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 09:48 [Sorry...]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 09:50 Uh--left!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 09:57 Bushei: Correct. Now push on the brake and move the handle to your right down to the letter "D". Keep your foot on the brake.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 10:46 *nods and does so*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 10:50 Bushei: Good. Now let go of the gas. The car should start moving forward slowly. Take that time to turn the wheel, get a feel for controlling the vehicle.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 20:30 *looks a little confused for a moment**then takes her foot off the brake**a few moments after the car starts moving, she turns the wheel as far in one direction as it will go*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 22:13 Bushei: *rolls his eyes and pushes a button on a small controller in his pocket, causing the vehicle to stop before it hits a wall*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 22:29 *looks around, confused and disappointed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 22:29 What happened?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 22:44 Bushei: As normal as crashing is, try to keep from doing so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 04:28 I wanted to do donuts.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 04:54 Bushei: Not yet. Wait until you can drive.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 05:04 Litho did donuts and it was super cool.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 05:11 Bushei: Litho has been driving since he was a kid.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 05:21 You reacted pretty quickly to learning about Litho. How do you know about him?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:26 *doesn't look at him, thinking* ...It's a long story...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:41 He...he did a lot of bad things to...um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:41 *shakes her head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:58 ...I don't...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 05:58 I'm going to guess Saxon. I've seen him around when he was off on his own. Doesn't seem fully there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:00 *instinctively reaches for her phone in her pants pocket*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:01 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:04 Yes, that's um...that's part of it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:13 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:25 Um...excuse me... *takes out her phone and starts walking away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:26 *texts Saxon, asking how he's been*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:27 Like me?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:28 Bushei: Most likely.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:31 Can I race him when I get better?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:31 *doesn't respond since he's currently in a meeting*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:33 Bushei: You might just do that eventually.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:41 When?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:44 Bushei: Not until you're older.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 06:45 There are three cars here... *Bushei: Yes, one of them is for you to drive as well. I know they're small cars but you'd be surprised that they can fit an adult.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:48 *taps her foot against the ground**waits about five minutes before putting her phone away and looking around*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:58 Am I going to race my Dad?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:00 Bushei: *looks at Mayhem* Not yet.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:02 Aww...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:06 Bushei: You can't race him if you don't know how to drive.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 07:07 True.. *opens the roof of the car and climbs inside, starting the engine*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:13 What do I do/
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:13 *?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:21 Bushei: Turn the wheel which way you want to go, which is following the track before you. Lightly press on the gas and try not to hit the walls
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:24 Oh, okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:24 *turns the wheel back towards the track*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:24 *presses on the gas pedal a little too hard at first*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:35 *manages to get back on the track and drives down it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 07:35 *walks back over to Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 07:36 Sorry...so...what do you want to do now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:42 Dunno. I'm down for just about anything at this point. Fairly soon I do intend to go back to see Quinlynn. She needs someone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 07:45 Oh...I'm not sure if I'm up for going back to Vulkanisch, though I wonder what happened to Nixon...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:55 I wouldn't be gone long. You can stay with Wren if you'd like to stay out here. She's quiet, but maybe she'll warm up to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 08:05 Okay.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 08:47 *follows behind Jane for awhile before taking off ahead of her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 08:53 Hey! *presses harder on the gas pedal, wanting to stay ahead*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 09:07 *stops the car when he gets back around to the starting line*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 09:14 *presses the brake a little late but hard, stopping before she hits him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 09:15 *hesitates, a bit confused about why he stopped*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 09:44 You can continue, Jane, just get a helmet first, please. *Bushei: I agree, put a helmet on.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.20