" A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
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Over two decades have passed since Eira came home to find that everyone she loved was gone. Now, on a lonely, snowy Otemjarian mountaintop, a young, one-eyed woman and her trusty dog set out to fix things that were broken all those years ago...
This is a private/invite-only RP. If you do not understand what is going on, then you are not among those who were invited.

11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:30 *had looked back at Mayhem and tried to scoot away from him slowly, scared of what kind of reaction sudden movements would induce*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.15 06:31 Who knew that rampant magical power could be so influential? Can you even see what you are doing? Probably not. *grabs his fauchard and forces Mayhem outside where there is more room to fight*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 06:31 But I'm not allowed to leave.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:33 the door is right there
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:34 *gets up quickly as soon as they're gone and starts trying to break the chains with her magic*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 06:34 I mean truly leave.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:36 Im not stopping you, you can go anywere you want *the only telaporter is on Saras wrist*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.15 06:37 *fighting Mayhem is already proving to be more problematic than he thought so he releases Aedona to save energy*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:38 Im not taking you anywere but feel free to leave at anytime
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 06:42 But you said we could visit other planets!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:43 maybe in a decade or 2 yeah
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.15 06:43 *has to constantly avoid swift snapping of teeth and slashing of claws while trying to land his own blows.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:45 *runs out to see what's going on**after watching for a few moments, she decides to go find Cataclysm**tessers back to the mansion*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:46 *runs through it, calling for Cataclysm**finds YY Sara and Karma instead**pants hard* Wh-where's Cadmael?!
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:46 *is just leaving the Midden with a red dagger in his hand*
17>yy Sara (who hecking knows ), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:48 I dont knoe
17>yy Sara (who hecking knows ), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:48 *know
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:49 we obviously cant go for a while or you will run
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:49 What do you mean?! What happened?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:49 of course with MY reputation youd be back by the end of the night but still its a hassle id Rather avoid
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 06:51 *looks at her for a few moments, then goes back outside*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:53 Karma: He was real upset about something. *sniffs the air* You're hurt.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:54 *shrugs a bit then turns on the tv*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:55 *her fingertips on her bad hand are a little bit visible through the magic she wrapped around it**her fingertips are completely red (not to mention the obvious cuts and tears on her body)* Um...yeah...
17>yy Sara (who hecking knows ), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:55 Aedona whats hurting? I can fix it
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:55 I'll be okay, just...stay here, at the mansion.
17>yy Sara (who hecking knows ), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:55 just here...sit down I'll fix it
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:56 *glances at Karma, not wanting to reveal the hole in her hand in front of her* It can be fixed later. Just stay safe.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:57 *pointedly glances at Karma again*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:57 *smells Aedona and runs to her* You're back?! Oh, good! What's going on with Malaucay? He never communicates telepathically.
17>yy Sara (who hecking knows ), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 06:57 no...no your bleeding...alot just let me take care of it it wont take long
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 06:59 He turned into something I've never seen before.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 07:00 He was trying to save me and Litho...really hurt him. Then he transformed. I don't think he knows what he's doing--he almost hurt me.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:01 *after about an hour she steps outside* Hey...Im going to the store you want anything?
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:02 That's not good. I need to leave right away, then. *shakes his head and lowers his voice as he walks away* This could have all been avoided but no one takes the advice of someone like me. *teleports to Auceaster, but not directly to the battle. He knows
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:02 better than to go straight into the fight without assessing the situation*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:04 a...watermelon? some...cashews? anything?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:05 *has become depressed again**just says "Mm" and shrugs her shoulders*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:06 ok Dont go in the basement *telaports off*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:10 *A loud crash is herd from the basement it can definitly be herd from outside*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 07:14 Take care of Karma. *goes and finds the medical supplies and starts trying to tend to her hand*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:15 *jumps a little**tentatively comes inside, unsure of where the noise came from*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 07:17 *gets woozy while doing this, and knows it won't do much good for long**recreates the magic layer around her hand, figuring that if her magic can be watertight, it can definitely help stop bleeding*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:17 *some more smaller crashes are herd from the basement*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 07:18 *thinks for a minute, and then decides to return to Auceaster**tessers to the gates and then to a street not far from the cathedral*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 07:19 *tessers up onto a rooftop and crouches down as she approaches the side facing the cathedral, trying to remain discreet*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:20 ...Hello?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:20 *warily and slowlu approaches the door to the basement*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:21 *is heading back toward the battle, preparing for the worst but isn't too concerned, knowing that his brothers could be reborn or sent back to prison
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:21 *slowly
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.15 07:21 if anything goes horribly wrong*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.15 07:21 H...Hello?! (btw I updated this slot)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.15 07:22 *pauses and checks the breeze to make sure her scent is being carried away from the cathedral area, and then peeks over the edge of the rooftop towards the area she last saw them fighting*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:22 *pauses, shocked* Who's...who's there?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.15 07:24 *is trying to back Pandemonium into a corner. Both of them have clearly sustained serious injuries, but as long as neither one of them makes a serious mistake, they're both still fighting ferociously*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.15 07:25 Oh! thank goodness! Y...You gotta help me! Please! before she gets back!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:25 Why are you down there?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.15 07:26 Shes Crazy thats why!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.15 07:27 Please!! shes gonna kill me when she sees what happened Please!! I...I acidently knocked over a shelf! and...And I cant put it back up! and when she sees it...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:29 *hesitates, thinking in silence for a minute*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.15 07:30 *finally gets the advantage and forces Mayhem into a building across the street. It's exhausting, but he holds him there, having regained his composure and his original abilities*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.15 07:30 P...Please! *he sounds terrified*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.15 07:31 ...I...I'll try to help you. I'll be right back. *goes looking for a flashlight in case it's dark down there*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.15 07:33 *waits*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.15 18:12 *while Mayhem struggles to get free, he prepares his weapon to strike, aiming for the heart*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:25 *soon finds a flashlight in the kitchen and comes back to the door to the basement**very quietly and cautiously tries to open it*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:26 *it opens up pretty easily*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 04:30 *doesn't see Cataclysm**tessers down to the ground near the building Mayhem is being held against and launches a powerful blast of magic at Pandemonium's side*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:34 *shines the flashlight down into the basement*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:35 *the basement has light but its not super bright, you can easily see down there though*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:37 *turns her flashlight off and starts coming downstairs slowly*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:37 *as she comes down the stairs she can see Timothy stuggling to push a shelving unit that fell down back up, a bunch of tools are scattered all over the floor He is covered in bruises and scars and he has bandages covering fresh wounds, he is wearing*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:39 *pajama pants but no shirt, and there is a chain cuffed to his ankle thats hooked onto a n shaped hook thats bolted tightly into the floor its clean down there but you can see hard to remove blood stains on the floor and walls if you look closely*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:40 T...The...I accidentally knocked the...the shelf over!,,,she...shes gonna kill me if she sees this mess! I...I cant get it back up! *he is very skinny and has messy tanish brown blond hair thats just barely below the top of his ears*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:43 I...I'll help you put it back up. *goes to help him push the shelving unit*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:44 T...Thank you... *starts picking up the fallen tools, pliers, knives, scalpels ropes and other various objects and putting them back on the shelf*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:45 I...I was cleaning and I slipped and knocked it over...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:46 you...you wont tell her right?...P...Please dont tell her...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:48 No, of course not...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:48 Why are you down here??
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:50 *continues putting stuff away* because of this.. *pick up the chain a bit and lets it fall on the ground*...I...I cant leave...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 04:51 You little- *drops Mayhem and throws Aedona aside* Don't interfere! *turns back to Mayhem, but it's too late*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 04:52 But what are you doing down here? What's going on?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 04:54 *Pandemomium only has enough time to raise an arm to defend, but before he can emit any magic, Mayhem snaps his mouth shut, easily severing his forearm*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:54 She took me thats why.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 04:55 and I have to finish...putting this shelf together and finish cleaning before she gets back or she will hurt me again... *continues putting things away*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 04:55 *cries out and teleports to higher ground, holding his arm* (Bleep)!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 04:56 *starts climbing the wall*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 04:59 Now, brother, calm down! I see what I did wrong so there's no need to continue. I give up. *teleports away from Mayhem again, but Mayhem leaps across the street and grabs ahold of him*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 04:59 *screams, but cuts himself off* What the h*** is on your teeth?! *tries to teleport again but can't*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:00 why are you here?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 05:01 *scrambles to her feet and tessers back towards some other buildings to try to hide*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:02 Malaucay! Drop him right now! *Mayhem turns to look at him, but doesn't drop Pandemonium* I said drop him. *Mayhem growls at him** his voice gets quieter* Don't make me hurt you, brother.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:02 She volunteered to take me to outer space...I thought she was insane, so I thought what could it hurt?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:03 *angrily spits Pandemonium out, throwing him to the ground. Drops to the ground as well, approaching Cataclysm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 05:03 *peers around a building she's hiding behind, trying to watch from a safe distance*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:04 why the [Bleep] would you willingly go anywhere near her? everyone knows her reputation...
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:06 Malaucay. *points his dagger at Mayhem* Take yourself someplace safe before you die from your wounds. Now.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:09 *snarls at him one last time, but teleports into Eira's house. He's too big for the room, but doesn't break too much right away since the first thing he does is collapse, breathing heavily and growling*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:09 No, everyone doesn't know her reputation!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:10 *stands up quickly* Oh, (bleep)!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:10 *is asleep**wakes up from the growling*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:11 *once she sees Mayhem, she gasps and gets up quickly* What the [BLEEP]?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:11 yeah...I didnt eaither... until I did..
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:11 but then it was to late..
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:12 I would have been better off in the Glintink mines...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:12 *takes a step forward, but keeps his distance* Malaucay...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:13 ...Don't know what those are, but...okay...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:13 *struggles to get up, stopping halfway out of exhaustion*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:13 What the...what...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:14 were...were are you from?...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:15 United States of America.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:16 what planet is that on?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:17 *starts to approach him* Malaucay? What happened?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:17 Uhh...Earth.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:18 *continues trying to get up. Didn't quite hear Eira*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:18 I wasn't aware he was hiding something so serious. But who could have known about something like this?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:19 oh....your sheltered then...course you wouldn't know anything....Sara...is the worst person in the universe...If your not her friend...then your in trouble
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:22 *looks at Roffe* What do you mean? Why is he like this??
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:23 *looks fearful, though she's definitely not afraid of Mayhem--she's afraid for him*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:24 I...I am her friend, or I thought she was my friend...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:24 Why is she keeping you here?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:24 Back in the old days of Irakurri, some creatures would lose control of their magic for one reason or another. It was a lot harder to control back then because no one treated it as if it were a separate entity
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:25 I...I clean the basement...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:25 Sometimes magic seemed as though it had a mind of its own. Of course it wasn't the case. Magic has always been dangerous by default and being reckless or suppressing it caused major problems.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:26 sometimes...she takes her anger out on me but not as much as her...projects...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:26 Creatures who could not control the balance between their emotions and their magic were often victims of their power running rampant.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:29 Even in this state he appears to be severely injured.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:30 who am I kidding...Im one of her projects to she just dosent kill me..in a day week or month...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:32 ...What are her "projects?"
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:32 yesterday she cut my arm *there is a bandage wrapped around his upper arm* because I didn't....I didn't....finish with the...the laundry
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:32 So...is it...is this sort of like what would happen when he was cursed?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:33 it...its what we...call the...the people she brings home..and...and...I...I dont want to talk about them...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:34 *shakes his head* No.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:36 The curse forced him to suppress his power. By proxy it did not have the same effect. Similar, but not the same.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:41 you....your not a project youd...know by now if you were
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 05:43 How do...how do you suppose I get out of here?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:44 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 05:45 *looks at Mayhem**steps forward slightly, but doesn't go nearer to him than Roffe* How...how are we going to help him?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:45 annoy her so much that she decides to kill you or get rid of you...but that dosent always work.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 05:50 I don't know. It was never recorded how he exited this state the first time.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:58 beacause if you try to annoy her and she likes you she chains you to the [Bleeping] Basement!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 05:59 we dated 5 years ago we lasted a year, Id come over all the time she would to then I came over to break up with her and she was calm about it but she wouldnt let me leave...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:03 I decided to break up with her because I learned about her reputation... she is worse then her reputation...so much worse...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:04 Oh...oh no...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:04 She's...she's dating someone else now...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:06 as long as he dosent break up with her he will probably be fine If I kept my Stupid mouth shut and waited for her to break it off I wouldn't be here!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:08 she chained me up in here 2 years ago.... because she Said I was acting out and she wasn't going to stand for it...I thought she snapped and was going to sell me, kill me, Anything...but no...she just keeps...me down here...to clean up the blood and guts
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:09 and tiny pieces of bone...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:10 or...or wait if shes...dating someone else...maybe he...he...will replace me and...and..m..maybe she will let me go....maybe itl be all over!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:11 He can't stay in here, though.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:11 I don't want him to die...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:14 wait...d...did she say you could come down here did she mention it at all?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:14 or did she just not mention the basement?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:15 He won't die, but I can't say he knows what he's doing or even where he is. Maybe he does? I can't say.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:17 She told me over and over not to come down here...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:17 You won't tell her I've been here, will you?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:18 What sort of place should he be moved to? A planet without other intelligent life?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:19 no...absolutely not...get upstairs right now before she comes back...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:25 That's kind of sad, don't you think?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:26 I don't want him to get more hurt...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:26 Or to hurt anybody...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:26 He can't be in here because he'll break things. Not to mention he's a hazard.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:27 O-okay...um...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:27 Yeah...okay, um...what about Kvetti?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:29 Probably. But he'd have to be on a leash of sorts until he can change back.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:30 you dont want her to find you down here if she told you not to be here...gaw...you shouldnt have come down here in the first place!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:31 unless she is toying with you...or me...or both of us...I...better safe than sorry you...you need to leave...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:31 That's kind of sad too, isn't it?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:33 Alright...okay...how am I...how am I supposed to act around her now... *is mostly talking to herself as she starts heading up the stairs*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:33 *sits up and goes back to holding his arm* I didn't think he'd actually try to kill me.. *he sounds hushed, but his eyes give away that he's angry, not shocked*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.16 06:34 *stars mopping up Rivkahs footprints*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:35 If only we knew what helped him back then. We could repeat it and fix things.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:40 *pauses before exiting the basement* Um...I'll try to talk to you later... *closes the door and instinctively wipes the doorknob to remove fingerprints*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:40 For the record, I would have let him kill you if you weren't family. Now pull yourself together. I don't care how (bleeping) painful it might be, I know you can do it. And don't try anything because I will stop you.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:41 Maybe we could ask someone who was around back then?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:41 *she comes home an hour later and starts putting the groceries away* how was your Day Rivkah?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:44 What do I get out of doing what you say?
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:45 Your freedom. Your life. We both know that despite me being younger than you, my authority in court is higher than yours and unlike Malaucay, I am willing to make that judgement against my own brother if I have to and you are surely pushing the limits of
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:45 my patience.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:48 *growls* We both know you would be nothing without your power over the animal kingdom. *staggers over to his forearm and through the use of his magic he reattaches it, flinching as he does so* You always were the most annoying.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:48 *sighs, ignoring the comment* Aedona you can come out.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:49 That's a lot of humans to go through. He or she has likely moved on past Sundra.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:49 *shrugs her shoulders, trying to hide her fear*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 06:50 *hesitates, then reveals herself*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:50 *starts turning to face them, growling louder than before*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:51 anything interesting happen when I was gone?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:52 *was about to respond to Roffe with another suggestion, but hesitates, staring at Mayhem* Let's get him to Kvetti...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 06:52 *replies rather quickly* No.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:52 Nope. *teleports himself and Mayhem outside, where Mayhem immediately lunges at him. He dodges and creates a U shaped rod which he uses to trap Mayhem against the ground by the neck*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:53 *raises his voice so Eira can hear him* We'll take him in a moment!
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 06:54 *glares at Aedona, but stands still*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:54 oh...so your conversation with Tim must have been quite boring to you then hmm?
8>Plague Doctor (Humanoid), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:58 *once the chaos died down, he decided his time was up and that he'd rather die than face whatever Roffe might have in mind for him. He scribbles a note for Saxon if he wakes up and leaves it on the table, then administers the serum he'd created. It takes
8>Plague Doctor (Humanoid), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 06:58 a minute for the chemicals to take effect, but sure enough he blacks out.*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 07:00 *runs to a window so she can see what's going on**gasps and covers her mouth with her hand when she sees how Mayhem is pinned*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:01 Who's Tim?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:04 *tosses Rivkah the Flashlight* you left this in the basement by the way.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 07:05 *walks over to Cataclysm**looks at him as if she wants to say something, but then she just looks at her feet*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:05 I stopped by in there before coming up here with the groceries
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:05 *doesn't say anything**just stares at the flashlight*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:07 Im surprised actually, I honestly you had that much of a backbone, I thought you were to scared to go in. Good for you.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:08 I dont care if you go down there honestly I just wanted to see how terrified you actually were, and not that scared it seems which is good
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:08 I hope Tim didnt scare you to much. hes a bit crazy... not enough sun probably
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 07:09 *mutters something mostly inaudible*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:12 Polonius. Say something like that again while I'm around and you'll lose your tongue. Aedona, don't look so down. Malaucay wouldn't want you beating yourself up over this.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:13 *still doesn't say anything*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:15 why are you so Quiet all of a sudden *sighs* man I hate this phase the silent phase were ya dont wanna talk to me for a number of stupid reasons, I mean it passes but Gaw its so boring...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:16 Everyone dose this and everyone outgrows it I wish they would just skip this phase of it honestly...its annoying.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 07:16 *her tone is quiet* But you were right. If I just hadn't done anything... *sighs*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:17 *gets up and looks at her**the fear in her eyes is clear**then goes outside*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:20 *finishes putting the food away then goes outside* Right you are scared, can you tell me why so I can help you feel less scared?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:21 there are a thousand possibilities and Id rather not try to decode the reason your suddenly terrified so can you please just tell me?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:21 ...What are you doing to those people down there?
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:22 What happened cannot be changed, it can only be fixed.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:22 Tim...um he just cleans up he is the only one down there
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:24 is thats what scarring you? Did Tim Scare you?...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.16 07:25 *several minutes pass before he opens his eyes. He doesn't move his head, though he does look around, confused and concerned about where he is and what is going on. Opens his mouth to say something but finds himself hardly able to speak. Just feels tired*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 07:26 *just nods a little*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:27 No...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:27 whats Scaring you then?
8>Plague Doctor (Humanoid), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:28 *wakes up as well* Ugh... What happened... Where am I? *stands up and stares at Saxon* M-me? But how? *Notices he's awake* Are you... okay?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:28 *doesn't respond again*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.16 07:29 *since he finds it hard to speak at the time he raises his hands to sign "please unhook me from all this crap", to which the doctor nods and does so*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:30 *sighs* Yeah I know Im scaring you but what about me is scaring you specifically?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:30 are you afraid im going to hurt you?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:31 *doesn't answer her for a minute**then nods* And Tim...and others...
8>Plague Doctor (Humanoid), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:31 I... How do I know what do? I'm no doctor...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:32 You can come outside now. He can't hurt you now.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:33 I promise I will never NEVER hurt you like that. ok? your here because your my friend and Im lonely ok? Im not going to hurt you because I do not hurt my friends I never have.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:33 Malaucay is somewhere safe, wherever that might be. Hopefully he can find some help.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:35 O...okay...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:35 Why is Tim locked in the basement?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 07:37 *meanwhile in the room with Jane and the creature* Creature: *gives up on the last game and stares out at the hallway, which is growing brighter by the minute. It tilts its head but says nothing about the way things are changing*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:37 1 because he is a pr**k 2 he started smashing and throwing things at me, He broke my coffe table I had to buy a new one
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.16 07:37 *finally looks up again* Okay...good...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:38 and Id rather not come home to a trashed house at the end of my day
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.16 07:38 But why do that? Why not just kick him out of the house?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.16 07:40 *follows the creature's gaze, looking out at the hallway* Why are the lights coming on?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 07:42 because, he is Really good at cleaning...like really...really good..
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.16 07:43 Creature: Litho will be returning soon. It gets like this when he needs to come settle down and he's all alone.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.16 09:12 Don't expect him back soon. Even he doesn't believe he'll be returning in the near future, otherwise he wouldn't have reached out to me.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 03:50 *clears his throat* Polonius, I want you to give Jane back. You've had her long enough.
8>Plague Doctor (Humanoid), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 03:52 *rolls his eyes* Fine. On one condition. They stay in Auceaster tonight. Why? I don't know, I just feel like I want the satisfaction of knowing they're nearby and perhaps even knowing they know I am nearby as well.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 03:53 (Wth I was meaning to send that as Pandemonium. Dunno why I picked the doctor)
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 04:06 (https://docs.google.com/document/d/11aQhmqDlVbBLPwhqZzrtNYg-o5Uco2J6l4aapVCZbKk/edit?usp=drivesdk)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:07 best Cleaner Ive ever seen like he takes his time and gets it done right
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:21 any other questions?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:21 No, really, why?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 04:23 *comes out, staring at Mayhem*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:23 You'll leave them alone, though. *Pandemonium: Of course, of course. They won't hear from me at all the entire night. *Cataclysm: *looks to Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 04:24 *looks at Cataclysm, then at Pandemonium* Okay.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:25 are you still scared?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:26 ...Yes.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:26 It's a harsh restraint, but there's an unknown toxin on his teeth. Wouldn't want to risk him biting either one of us.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:27 whats scaring you?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:27 the same thing or something else?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 04:28 Perfect. It's settled then. You can either wait here or go straight to bed, I don't care since I can't do anything anyway. *looks up* My daylight cycle is (bleeped)... *walks away*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:29 *shakes his head* His motives are so confusing..
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:31 *shrugs her shoulders*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 04:32 *watches Pandemonium walk away and then turns back to Cataclysm* What's wrong with Malaucay? Why won't he come back?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:32 are you less afraid then before?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:33 A bit...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:34 I'll take it. alright you might wanna head inside there is going to be a radiation storm this week
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:35 its starting tonight and you dont wanna get caught in that
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:36 I can't say for sure. It didn't seem like he could control his actions. Signs of corruption, or rampant magic. I haven't seen it since the early days, though.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:36 If that's the case, it's been something he's dealt with for many, many years now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 04:40 "Corruption?"
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:41 Radiation storm?!
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:42 It's the term we use for magic that controls the user.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 04:47 Oh...will he...will he regain control?
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:48 He did once before. He had to, otherwise he wouldn't have been here for it to happen again.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:48 Yeah its a storm that blows radiation like everywhere its nasty, you get stuck out during that storm your stuck in bed for a month
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 04:49 He's alone??
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 04:49 But I'm here...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 04:50 *teleports back to where he lost his horn and picks it up, summoning a lot of magic so he can fix the damage as he goes back to the house. He's trying not to feel like breaking things out of irritation*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:51 This planet is tiny...wouldn't this whole planet be covered in radioactive particles by now?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:51 With how small this place is, winds or storms shouldn't make any difference...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:53 I clean up the radiation
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:54 Every few months the storm brings it from other places in the universe namley Axle D 12 that planet there *points to a nearby planet*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 04:56 Creature: He feels alone and wants some attention. He'll be here soon. *disappears*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:58 It's interplanetary??
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 04:58 Huh...I would've thought it'd come from a star or deep space...like, you know, cosmic rays or radiation or whatever...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 04:59 Okay... *notices he's gone* Hey!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 04:59 Where'd you go?? *looks around, confused*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 04:59 Nope storm kicks up there blows it to space and this planets gravitational pull sucks it in
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:00 *Enters the building, muttering to himself about his brothers always ruining all of his fun. From the inside of the house he can easily track Jane down. Finds it quite convenient that she's in or around the room he was already planning on going to*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:04 *Right after the creature disappears, the light in the hall becomes about as bright as a fire. Thin, red streaks of light scramble across the walls of the room.*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:07 Huh...so this planet and that one orbit the star at about the same distance?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:08 Yeah sort of but yeah..you should probably shower dont use conditioner itl bind the radiation to you
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:09 Should wash off any dust on you and just throw your clothes sown the laundry shute Tim will wash them and they will be dry before you hop out.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 05:10 *her eyes widen**is mostly just more confused**doesn't know what to make of the changes*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:10 Alright... *hesitantly goes back inside*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:17 *walks back inside to and locks the door so Rivkah dosent go outside and poison herself*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:18 *goes and showers, putting her clothes down the laundry chute*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:19 If you look outside tonight you can see little explosions and radiation flares that happen when lightning explodes pockeds of nuclear fallout
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:19 *said that before she showered*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:20 *the clothes get washed, dried and telaported back up to the bathroom*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:22 *as Pandemonium gets closer, the room changes even more, giving off an aura that one is being watched and later also being hugged*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:24 *turns to Eira as best he can*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:24 If you really want to, you can try to get to him, but not here, of course. We'll take him to Kvetti
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 05:24 *had started approaching the hallway but then backed off, not liking the feeling being watched**stops and looks towards the doorway*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:24 Alright.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:28 *is surprised to find her clothes are back already**puts them back on and comes out*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:29 if you feel sick to your stomach...get a headache or throw up like...come to me immediately alright?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:31 *teleports the three of them to Kvetti* I'll be leaving him pinned to the ground. You'll know if you've helped him because he'll change back
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:33 *reaches the doorway and is about to enter when he spots Jane in the room. Just stands there, staring into the room*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:36 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 05:38 *looks back at him**would say something, but she's well aware that she was supposed to stay put*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 05:39 *doesn't like the feeling the room has taken on**nor does she like how he is just standing there**takes a step back*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 05:40 *on, nor
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:40 Okay... *looks towards the kitchen, rather hungry*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:42 *Just stares at Jane blankly*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:42 If you wanna get something to eat go for it like im not gonna stop you from eating or cooking or whatever I buy food for Tim and you I dont need to eat
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:47 Why don't you eat?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:48 I do just only when I want to or in social situation
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 05:49 *gets increasingly nervous**is about to summon the courage to say something when she starts seeing things*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 05:54 *takes a step forward* It's a warm feeling. Comforting... Do you see them, too?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 05:54 But...don't you get hungry?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 05:58 yeah its easier to just *puts her fingers up to her head* boom...then to get up and grab something, then im not hungry anymore
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:03 *her eyes grow wide at the sight of the arms on him and the floor, and she starts trembling when she sees eyes on the walls*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:04 *takes a few slow steps back, and then darts behind the chairs**looks at the bed and then quickly crawls under it*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:06 But some of the greatest joy you can get out of life is from good food.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 06:06 What's wrong?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:07 yeah I know some great places to eat food I only eat good food when I crave it
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:15 *doesn't answer him for a few moments* I wanna go home!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:16 Well...okay then...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:20 *smiles a bit then a loud crash is herd from the basement her face looks annoyed and a little angry very quickly* One moment please... *stands up*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 06:20 Your mom is waiting for you. I need to take you to her. *tries to keep the edge out of his voice to hide his irritation toward the situation* I did tell you not to wander off.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:22 I'm sorry...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:22 Y-you're not going to hurt him, are you?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:23 I want you. to stay upstairs for...about 2 hours alright?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:24 *is still shaking* Are...are you mad?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 06:24 No. Not at you.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:25 ...I think I'm fine down here.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:25 no..y..you are upstairs right now I mean...just...dont go into the basement for...until I come upstairs ok?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:27 *sounds a bit less scared* Why is the walls...why are they scary?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:28 You're going to hurt him, aren't you?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:29 That is nothing you need to Concern yourself with
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:31 He probably just knocked something over...if he's a master cleaner, that shouldn't matter to you, right? He'd clean it all up in a jiffy, right?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 06:32 *looks at the walls* I guess they could be seen as scary to those not used to the feel they give off.. This room isn't safe for kids. He doesn't care, though. Rude...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:33 the chain wrapped around the shelving unit again he knocked it over. I told him to watch it. Excuse me.. *starts walking down the hall* Stay up here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:35 I wanna leave...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:36 W-w-what if I don't want to?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 06:37 Come on, I'll take you out of here. Just listen to me next time when I say don't wander off.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:39 *looks at her in the Eyes* Do you really want to go into the basement while Im down there?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:42 *her eyes look a bit blank like a shark*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:49 *tentatively starts to crawl out, but backs up again a little*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:49 *puts her hands behind her back to hide the fact that they are trembling a bit* No...but...what if I wanted to?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 06:52 Just don't look at them. Come to me and we'll be out of here before you know it.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:53 when you Actually want to. come talk to me until then Stay up here when im in the basement *walks to the basement and locks the door behind her*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 06:56 *goes and puts her ear against the door*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:57 O-okay... *slowly crawls out and gets up, trying to focus on the floor*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:58 *goes around the chairs and succumbs to temptation, glancing up**immediately squeezes her eyes shut and tries to run towards Pandemonium, arms outstretched*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 06:58 *is probably a bit off course, so if he doesn't intercept her she'll hit a wall*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:59 *she can hear muffled shouting at first then some clanking and other metallic sounds, a few minutes later Timothy crys out in pain but its cut short very quickly she probably only hears the very loud sounds which are very few, after a few hours she comes*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 06:59 *back upstairs covered in blood and and goes to the kitchen sink and starts washing it off*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:01 *she starts cooking* Do you want anything? Im cooking Tim hes a bit hungry..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:01 *cooking,
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:02 *picks up Jane and backs out of the room, into the hall, shutting the door before turning away from it. The light she had seen in the hall is gone* All gone now, see?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:04 *has gone off into another room and hid*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:04 *if Sara yelled Rivkah would most likely hear her, though*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:05 *still shaking, she slowly opens her eyes**glances around and nods*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:05 *she probably yelled it but not angry*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:08 *she goes into Rivkahs room and hands her a Plate* Can you give this to Tim please?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:10 Nothing to be afraid of. *starts heading back toward the exit*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:10 *doesn't say anything**takes the plate and hurries off to the basement*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:12 *is sitting on the ground he has some stitches on his forehead which is new and a few bruises on his right arm also new, and a bit of scraped skin on his arm to*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:14 *nearly drops his plate**puts it down quickly before she can drop it* What did she do?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:14 H..Hey!... *he looks tired as he waves slightly to Rivkah*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:15 *stares over his shoulder back towards the room as they go down the hall*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:16 what?...oh no I tripped on the chain and the shelves fell on me I scrapped my arm a bit on the concrete... and one of the tools landed on my head...she...she stitched me up thats...thats it
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:17 *sits down before Mayhem**looks sad and worried**says very quietly* Oh, Malaucay...what happened...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:17 That's it?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:18 *has almost given up struggling and just lies there, staring at Eira*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:19 yeah... she...dosent take her anger out on me unless Im...doing something stupid like...not doing my jobs... The other guy wasnt so lucky
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:19 If you think you can help him, I'll leave you to him for awhile. I can't be of much help since I don't have a strong connection with most of my siblings.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:20 *looks at him, thinking and trying to read his expression*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:20 ...I'll see what I can do.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:20 *takes Jane out to Aedona, puts her down, then walks away without saying another word or waiting for any response*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:20 What other guy??
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:21 hes still alive though so... she will probably keep him alive for a few days... *motions to the corner on the opposite side of the room, A guy is covered in fresh wounds and leaning against the wall hunched over a bit, breathing raspy*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:21 *flies off to spend time with his subjects*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:21 *hasn't said a word on the entire trip to Aedona and Cataclysm*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:22 he dosent look that bad since she has me..clean them up a bit but...she dosent want to dress the wounds yet just added a coat of setter so he dosent bleed out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:22 *is extremely relieved, but also rather disturbed at Jane'
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:22 *Jane's subdued behavior*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:23 *gets down on one knee* Come here... *Jane walks up to her and Aedona pulls her into a tight hug*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:23 *hugs her mother back, remaining quiet*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:24 Are you alright? *Jane nods*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:25 Who is he??
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:25 He had no other words to say... Huh..
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:27 I dont know, she gave him a voice paralyzes before she started so he couldn't make a sound...it should wear off in a few seconds but I...I dont talk to them
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:28 *the boy in the corner speak up a bit but its a whisper* h...help...help..m..me p...please... *a few tears slip down the boys face he looks around Rivkahs age*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:30 *sighs* A deal is a deal. Afraid you'll still have to stick around.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:31 So long as he leaves us alone I think we'll be fine.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:31 *@ Jane* Are you sure you're alright? Jane: *nods again*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:33 Malaucay...do you recognize me at all?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:33 Tim: looks like...it wore off...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:33 *reaches out towards him a bit, but not close enough for him to reach her*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:33 I should head home and check on Karma and Sara.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:33 Why are you here?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:33 *starts eating the food* thanks for bringing this down
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:34 *opens his mouth a bit, hissing quietly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:34 *gets considerably more nervous, but mostly for Jane's sake she doesn't show it* Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:34 *lowers her arm* Suppose not...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.17 07:34 boy:...Please... *is crying* j...just get me out of here,,,
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:35 he is here because hes Saras next project...anger management...projects you could put it..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:36 Doubt you even recognize this place...though I wish I could take you to the fjord...maybe you'd recognize that...I dunno...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:37 w...why do you ask that? the...the um... "w...why are you here?" why?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:39 I don't know a lot of things...but I do know that I love you and I want to help so badly.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:40 Everything just...everything just feels insane...I want to clarify it...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:40 Surely...surely she'd have a reason for doing all this.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:41 then ask her why they are here...not them We dont know why we are here...for him he was probably grabbed and dragged here then beaten to a pulp.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:41 *lets go of Jane and glances at her (Aedona's) hand* You know of any place here where I could get first aid or fresh bandages?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:41 *flicks his tail irritably*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:42 he will be dead in a few days anyway. best not to talk to them and form a connection...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:42 And I know you're not a monster. I need you to snap out of this, because I need you.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:43 I'm certain there is some first aid in at least Malaucay's restroom. He didn't heal himself like Polonius does.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.17 07:44 Alright. When will you be back?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:45 *suddenly goes over and hugs Cataclysm*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:45 I wanna go home...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:46 you...you dont have to worry about Sara slicing you up though...apparently your her friend so no matter how mad she gets she wont lay a finger on you...Lucky you...
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:46 *hugs Jane back, but looks up at Aedona* Tomorrow morning.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:46 *looks at him, trying to read his body language, then sighs and shakes her head a little, thinking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.17 07:46 Why?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.17 07:47 *looks at the boy, thinking**then runs upstairs and to the kitchen**grabs some food and tries to run back downstairs*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.17 07:48 *watches her run downstairs* Whoa...Whoa what are you doing?!
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.17 07:51 You and your mom are going to stay here tonight.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.17 07:54 *closes his mouth and lays flat on the ground, huffing*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 04:21 Why?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:22 *goes over to the boy and holds up bite-sized portions of food to his mouth*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 04:27 *the boy looks at Rivkah confused and terrified not opening his mouth, she scoots away from her slightly*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 04:27 Do you have a Death wish?! Seriously! take that upstairs before she finds out what your doing!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:29 What kind of person doesn't at least give somebody a last meal?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:30 *@ the boy* Come on, eat!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:30 *looks at him for a few more moments**then says:* I'll be right back. *tessers back home and gathers up some things**then comes back*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 04:32 *the boy shakes his head and backs away more which is hard and painful for him, he winces in pain as he backs up*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:32 *starts walking down the basement steps*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:33 Remember this? *puts on her blue cloak and turns around in it**brushes it off a bit* Kinda dusty...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 04:33 *looks up at the stairs terrified then at Rivkah* your [bleeped]....
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:34 *comes downstairs* Hey I was wondering what was taking you so long.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:34 *looks at Rivkah she dosent sound mad or annoyed just normal even a bit happy even* what are you up to down here?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:36 *has no idea what to do**freezes*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:36 *the boy sees Sara and Curls up covering his head and Shaking*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:36 Is thats Tim's plate or did you make another one?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 04:40 *looks at Sara really confused*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:42 It's part of a game we're playing. Like truth or dare. *is lying, of course, but he doesn't want to make Jane feel bad or nervous* Litho dared me to spend a night all alone. He doesn't believe I can make it one night without my closest friends there to
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:42 keep me company.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:43 Uhh... *glances at Tim's plate, which is in plain view*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:43 No...?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:43 *snorts*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 04:43 Oh, okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 04:43 Will Sara and Karma stay in the city too?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:44 *her back is facing Tim so she looks behind her then back at Rivkah* oh alright, do you wanna go catch a movie?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:45 I...dunno...
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:45 That's a long trip for them. They'll stay elsewhere, but don't worry you'll all come back tomorrow morning
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:46 ok, well you can stay down here if you want but your wasting your time with him he wont eat anything.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:46 There's also these... *picks up some of the blue statues he carved for her* I keep a bunch of them on my nightstand...sort of like gargoyles--like protectors, I guess.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 04:47 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 04:47 What about Malaucay?
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:48 W-why not?
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:48 He'll be staying with Eira, like he usually does.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:48 I told him not to.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:49 He hasn't visited her lately
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:50 and apparently he is very good at listening now.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:52 *doesn't make any visible response*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:52 I found these in the closet... *takes out a really old, somewhat beat-up sketchbook**flips through it and holds it up so he can see some of the drawings**one of them is a drawing of him with his wings* I forgot I had these until a couple weeks ago.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:55 *once again doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:55 *looks at him, then sighs and puts the sketchbook down*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:55 I really wish you could talk...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 04:56 And why is that?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:56 hes going to a lab in 3 days, they wanted someone who wouldnt give them problems.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 04:57 I should go now. The quicker we get to sleep, the sooner everyone can come home
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 04:58 *nods* Jane, come along.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 04:59 *glances up**night has fallen already due to her tinkering with the day-night cycle* Let's go to bed.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 04:59 *sits quietly, staring at nothing*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:00 Goodnight. *teleports back home*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 05:01 I'm not tired... *goes over and holds Aedona's hand anyway* Aedona: Well, we might run into Aidan on the way there. I'd be willing to stay up a little longer if that happens. Jane: Okay.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 05:01 Er... *waves her hand in front of him* Hey, you still there?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:02 so I made sure that he wouldnt give anyone any problems.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:04 *looks horrified**sets the plate down beside the boy shakily*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 05:07 *hides her pain and switches hands stoically (Jane had grabbed Aedona's bad hand)**then walks with Jane into the cathedral*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 05:09 *looks at Aedona's bad, magic-covered hand* Why's your hand all magical? Aedona: Oh...I pricked my hand on something. I'm just using the magic as a substitute for bandages until I can get some. It's nothing, really.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 05:12 *would be more worried, but she's quickly distracted by the cathedral**looks around at it in awe as they walk through it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 05:14 *gets to the stairs* It's a long way up. How about we do the teleporting thing? Jane: Okay. *holds her arms up, and Aedona lifts her up and tessers upstairs*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 05:15 *snaps her finger*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:15 *doesn't say anything, staring at the boy*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:20 why...why are you just staring at him like that *chuckles a bit*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:21 *her voice is extremely quiet**doesn't look away from the boy* Because...because this isn't okay...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:21 None of this is okay...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:25 yeah...but thats why I get paid more then anyone else to do this, others spend months to break a person enough that they will listen in a lab, I can do it in a day, but I tell them 3 just to make sure it sticks
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 05:26 *puts Jane down and they start walking towards Mayhem's bedroom*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:30 its not ok I know that but no one else will work this fast and I need money to buy food and stuff anything I dont need I donate to childrens hospitals and stuff if that makes you feel better and I dont mess with kids 16 is as low as I go age wise
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:31 Id never to kids.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 05:37 *Starts down the hall, confused and a bit concerned about all the damage*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:37 How much money?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 05:38 *hears Aidan's footsteps before she sees him* Aidan, hi!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 05:38 *runs towards him as soon as she sees him*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:39 around 12 thousand UC credits a person, 15 thousand for a rush order like this
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:40 I give about 10-11 Thousand to charity each time
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:46 Wait, what? Why don't you keep most of it so you don't have to do this?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:47 I dont do this for the money I do it for others who dont have money
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:48 also Its a good way to let my anger out
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 05:50 *responds to Jane first since she's running to him* Hey, Jane!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:53 ...Anger towards what?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 05:54 *lifts her arms* Up!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 05:54 I have a list.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 05:58 *picks up Jane* Never thought I'd see you here!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 05:58 May I see it?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:00 no.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:08 Okay.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 06:09 Aedona, what's going on?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 06:10 *still doesn't see any response even after snapping her finger, so she creeps forward/towards him a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:11 A game with Litho happened...we're staying here for the night.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 06:13 Can I stay up a bit longer Mommy? Aedona: Yes. In fact, why don't you play with Aidan for a little while? I need to go take care of something.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:13 if him being here bothers you I can send him over tonight
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:14 *her clothes are still obviously torn, with cuts visible through the tears**she also looks at Aidan and glances pointedly at her hand*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:14 No!!
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 06:16 *nods* Wanna go see my favorite perch? I can read you a story.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 06:17 Yeah!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:17 I'll meet you there. *starts heading towards
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:18 oh...um..ok...would...you...you...rather he stay here?
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 06:18 Alright, let's go, then! *takes Jane outside and flies her up to the top of the cathedral*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:18 **starts heading towards Mayhem's bedroom again* Have fun.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:19 *was a bit startled but her sudden No*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:21 I...I...I guess...just...don't hurt him more...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:22 do you want him? I...I mean if...I dont have time to take care of someone else so youd have to deal with him If he stayed
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:28 youd have to..make sure that he dosent make any messes and that you make sure you feed him and stuff
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:29 *reaches Mayhem's bedroom**it's dark, but she can see in the dark, and she freezes upon seeing that someone's in the bed*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:30 O-okay...
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 06:33 *finds a child-friendly book* how about this story?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:34 *approaches the bed tentatively and quietly**stares, confused**she can't see what he's wearing due to the covers, so she figures the doctor fell asleep here*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 06:34 *woke up when someone entered the room but doesn't move. Also keeps his breathing slow as if he were asleep*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 06:34 Ooo...what's that?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:34 is that what you want?
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 06:36 It's a kid's book. Well, more young teen but it's not bad.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:37 S-sure...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.18 06:37 Okay!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:38 *heads to the restroom and closes the door as quietly as she can**
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:39 ok *walks over to the boy and puts her hand on his shoulder hes terrified and shaking her tone of voice changes to serious* Look at me. see her? *Points to Rivkah* You do what she says Got it? you listen to whatever she tells you understand?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 06:39 *he nods frantically a few tears falling down his face*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:40 I want a verbal answer.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 06:40 y...yes...I...I..understand
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:40 *goes through Mayhem's first aid supplies, removes the magic and soaked-through bandages from her bad hand, and goes about treating it the best she can*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:41 Great! *takes her hand off his shoulder* well Rivkah Im going to bed you can go to bed whenever you want I dont care just...dont go outside storm is still going on
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.18 06:41 *she walks upstairs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:42 *knows her hand won't be of much use unless she gets it restored somehow**as she removes her top and treats her other wounds, she wonders how she could get out of Auceaster safely for just a little while to get it healed*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 06:42 *looks at Rivkah confused* how...how did you do that?! I have never...seen anyone get her to stop before...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:42 Okay...um...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:42 *said that before Tim said that*
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:43 ...I...don't know...I just...
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:45 I don't know.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:47 *once she's finished taking care of all her wounds, she uses her magic to repair her clothes and puts any clothes she took off back on*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.18 06:47 *sits down and opens the book*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 06:48 *listens*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 06:48 what the?....
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Oct.18 06:51 Uhhh... *turns to the boy* What's your name?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 06:51 m...m...milo... *he is looking at the ground still shaking and still curled up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 06:58 *gathers up some extra first aid stuff and puts it in a box**comes back out as quietly as possible with the box tucked under her arm*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 06:59 I'm Rivkah. Um...you can come with me now.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 06:59 You're safe with me, okay?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:00 *he still dosent look at her*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:03 he...he isnt gonna belive that...he just got beaten within an inch of his life, was healed and beaten again over and over until she decided she was done and left him like that
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:04 and I did nothing to stop it...he cant trust us and we cant blame him.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:05 Does he need medical help?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:06 look at him then see if you need to ask that question again.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:08 *looks at him* I mean...he's not bleeding...but...do you need pain medication or anything, Milo?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:09 *looks at Saxon for a few more moments, still trying to figure out why the "doctor" is sleeping in Mayhem's bed, and then goes to leave*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:09 *sighs and points to the shelf* medical supplies is on the top shelf pain killers are in the blue bottle he will need at least 3 and bandages to since that setting spray will wear off and he will be back to bleeding soon
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:12 Oh, um, okay. *goes and gets the medical supplies**holds out the pain killers to Milo* Here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:13 *opens his eye as Aedona goes to leave, expecting Pandemonium or Aidan to be the one checking on him. His eyes widen* Aedona...?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:14 *grabs the pain killers and looks at them then looks at Rivkah with terrified eyes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:15 *freezes, her hand still on the doorknob*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:15 So...um...take 3 or so, like Timothy said.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:15 They'll make you feel better.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:16 *his hand is shaking he pops them in as tears roll down his face*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:16 *is confused by his tone, but doesn't turn around and tries to keep her tone as neutral as possible* Yes, doctor?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:18 Hey...you don't need to be so scared. I won't let her hurt you again.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:19 *he starts wheezing and having trouble breathing and his face and throat being to swell up*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:21 Oh heck....hes allergic to G.A.P.K umm...um ok uh top...top shelf get a...a a clean syringe...and...the...the dark blue liquid *there is 5 dark blue liquids on the top shelf* thats what she uses to stop them she...she puts it in the arm
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:22 *quickly goes and gets the stuff **fiddles with the liquid and the syringe, trying to get the liquid into it* Uh...have you ever gave someone a shot??
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:24 no! she dose
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:24 Well I haven't ever given anyone a shot either!! Okay...um...which arm and where??
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:25 Wait no, you've seen her do it, maybe it'd be better if you did it...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:25 I dont know like the middle of the arm! my chain dosent reach that far anyways
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:26 Just I dont know! stab him with it before he passes out! you...you got the right blue one right?!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:26 "Doctor...?"
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:28 *tries to position the needle over the right place* Um...here??
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:28 Yeah I did!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:29 you sure? there are like 10 dark blues all with diffrent names! they do diffrent things!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:30 I...I think there...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:30 That's what you want to be called. *as much as she tries to sound neutral, a tiny hint of bitterness can be detected in her tone**still doesn't turn around or otherwise really move*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:30 Why didn't you say so?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:31 *quickly reads the name of the dark blue liquid she chose* Is that the right one?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:31 I...I dont know the names!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:32 *nods...a bit as he wheezes*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:32 What... No? Why would I...?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:32 *notices Milo nodding* Um...um...okay...um... *braces herself and injects Milo the best she can*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:33 *grabs the needle from Rivkah and stabs it in his arm and pushes down then starts breating normally again heavily but normal*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:34 *leans against the wall breathing heavily*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:35 *turns around slowly and looks at him, confused* Are...are you alright?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:36 *nvm, she didn't inject him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:36 *has been staring, awestruck* I mean... I'm still alive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:39 May I ask why you are sleeping in Malaucay's room as opposed to your usual quarters?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:40 well...that...was...that happend...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:41 you should...get the gauze he will start bleeding soon, have you ever dressed a wound?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:41 This was... *pauses, looling down and frowning* Oh... Ew, he gave me his brother's room.... And the brother that hates me... Hmm..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:43 ...I mean...I've put bandaids on my little brother...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:43 *goes and gets the gauze*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:44 If...If I touch him she will beat the [Bleep] out of me..
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 07:44 just...wrap it around tight but not so tight it cuts off circulation
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:46 Okay. *tries to do her best at bandaging him*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:47 Uhh...if any of this is too tight or too loose, Milo, tell me, okay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:49 I...don't think I was aware that Malaucay hated you too...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:49 o...ok...*his voice is trembling a bit*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:49 *his stomach growls loudly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 07:50 I... *pain flashes through her eyes and she turns to leave again* ...need to get back to my daughter...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:52 Um...you can eat once you're all bandaged up...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 07:53 s...she...she..t...told..me..not...not to...not to..eat...any...anything
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:55 Your... Daughter..? *nods* I want to meet her. I'd love to come with you, but... I don't think I can. I'll try, though. *has recovered enough strength to sit up on his own. He moves to get off the bed and immediately leans forward to grab ahold of the
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 07:56 bedside table* I'm sorry... Walking is just... Difficult..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 07:59 And she told me to take care of you and feed you.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:00 *nods a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:01 *has stopped moving again, trying to process and understand the "doctor's" sudden change of behavior/mood*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:02 *finds that she has tears in her eyes**tries to keep her tone normal* What happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:02 Please wait... I just gotta get dressed... *makes his way to the wardrobe and goes inside*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:02 *from inside the wardrobe he calls out as best he can* What do you mean?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:04 *turns around again and wipes her eyes* Why can't you walk very well? And why is this suddenly your bedroom?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:05 It's always been my bedroom. Or at least since I got here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:06 As for walking... I'm not sure. Hopefully it's just disuse.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:07 I thought you slept in the basement.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:07 I mean I woke up down there. That sucked.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:07 *finishes up* Alright...go ahead. *points at Milo's plate*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:08 You...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:09 ...what?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:09 *her expression goes from tired to blank*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:11 I could barely walk so with some help I went and got some food and then I wanted to sleep some more.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:12 But here YOU are and I don't want to sleep anymore.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:14 *goes silent*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:16 *finally exits the wardrobe, wearing his suit, though he didn't have the patience for a tie. He kind of stumbles to the next thing he can hold onto* Sure hope this isn't permanent.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:17 *nervously picks it up and starts eating*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:19 *after a few nervous test bites he shovels it into his mouth eagerly*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:20 Oh geez...um, you should probably slow down a little there...don't want you to get an upset stomach...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:22 *slows down when she tells him to and eats more slowly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:23 *stares at him in pure shock**the box she had tucked under her arm falls to the floor and first aid supplies spill out, but she doesn't seem to notice*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:25 *pauses* ....?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:25 *tears start falling down her face, but she doesn't move*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:26 Aedona? *tries to move toward her, using the wall for support*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:27 ...I...I didn't know...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:28 That's better, I guess... *waits for him to finish*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:30 *sets it down*...why...are you taking...care of me?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:31 Why wouldn't I?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:32 Didn't know it was me? It's understandable I guess.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:34 In a way...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:34 you live with her
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:35 I just... *closes her eyes and breathes**wipes the tears away and tries very hard not to let new ones fall*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:36 Yeah. Because I'm forced to.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:36 I just want you to understand that...I'm okay with the way things are.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:37 t..there isnt a scratch..on you
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:37 It's okay that you don't care anymore.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:38 Doesn't mean she doesn't have other ways of keeping me here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:39 When could I ever stop caring? *Reaches Aedona and hugs her* I missed you so much... Not a day passed when I didn't think about you.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:40 but...e..everyone know...i...if she takes you...your...your lucky if you survive the night...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:41 *How
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:41 *inevitably starts crying some more**is shaking as she tries not to hug him back but does so anyway* You don't have to lie...I understand...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 08:41 thats beacause shes her Pet Im the work force you were the punching bag but most people pamper there pets before putting them down.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:42 oh...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:43 I don't want to hold you down...it...it...it was a pity marriage, like Sara said...I don't want to be married to someone just because they're...they're scared I'll break...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:44 I won't break...I'll be fine, I promise...you don't have to pity me...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:44 I don't understand, though. I've dreamt of this day since I got to this miserable place.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 08:44 and since she pampers her pets your her knew chew toy *points to Rivkah
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 08:45 *
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:45 *nods a bit*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 08:45 *new wow wth is wrong with me*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 08:45 I like to believe I'm a little too selfish to marry someone out of pity.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:47 I... *her voice grows much quieter* I got here eight years ago...you were already in a coma...part of you, anyways...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 08:48 "Chew toy?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:49 The other part...Litho had put in another body that looked just like yours...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:49 I had many conversations with that part of you up to a point...a point where...he revealed he...just didn't care...so I...stopped...talking...as much as I could...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.18 08:49 your Saras pet, she gave you him, making him Chew toy effectively like how someone would give there pet dog a chew toy
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:50 *even though tears are streaming down her face, her voice sounds disturbingly matter-of-fact*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.18 08:50 I realized I should distance myself because I had hurt you, and I didn't--I don't want to hurt you ever again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 09:03 *pauses* That's what the note meant... *closes his eyes* Don't think about what he said. The era that Saxon came from was a liar. He lived to do his job and feigned empathy for the trust of others.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 09:03 He was okay with hurting anyone, friend or foe. I know because that was me. A long, long time ago that was how I survived. Who you met couldn't have cared. You didn't exist back then.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.18 09:06 What Litho transferred to my double was a powerful repressed memory. And what more is a memory than a shadow trapped in the past?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.18 21:37 *looks at Eira again, growling again*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 04:30 I'm not a pet!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:31 and Im not chained to a wall...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:31 *the the floor not wall
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 04:36 Being chained to a wall doesn't make you the "work force!"
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:37 yeah, her forcing me to work makes me the work force.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 04:37 But he did seem to care about someone...he cared about Raina, and perhaps Aidan as well. *lets go of him with one arm to wipe away the tears*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 04:40 I don't want to be lied to...and I wasn't blind, with the way you visited her so often before all this happened. If that's who you've always wanted...that's alright...don't let me hold you down. I don't want to hold you down.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 04:42 *forces herself to hold back the tears and seem calm* If you love her more, I won't hold you back...it's okay...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:46 you think I want to be down here working? No I hate it but its my life now.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 04:49 It's not being part of the "work force," it's slavery.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 04:49 In the work force you get paid.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:51 Id rather not think of myself as a Slave I know I am one but its depressing.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:52 I mean...I...I try to be as happy as I can...so...positive...positive thinking
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 04:54 *stops creeping forward* Sorry...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 04:56 Aedona, I can't go back to that relationship. As much as I care about Raina, I just can't handle being the only one carrying the family. That's one of the reasons why I chose you over her.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:57 I cant control were I go, what I eat or what I do really What I can control is how I think and what I say. thats all I have
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 04:58 am not going to spend my time here making myself feel worthless, helpless, or like a victim.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:06 *heaves a massive sigh*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 05:07 thats only going to make me feel like crap. its not going to help so Id appreciate it if you didnt remind me of things I cant control.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:07 You...you seem kind of calmer...do you even recognize me?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:08 ...Alright, fine...um...Milo, let's leave this god-forsaken basement...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:10 Do you even understand a word I'm saying?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 05:11 *nods a bit and stands up but falls down quickly*...I...I...cant...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:12 Um...hit the ground twice with your tail if you do understand.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:12 *claws at the thing pinning his neck, but can't pull it from the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:13 *sighs* That's not going to work.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:14 *snaps at nothing a couple of times*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 05:24 Trying to kill the air isn't going to work either.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:25 Umm...I'll help. Hold onto me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 05:28 One person carrying the family is better than no family at all...I destroyed us once...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 05:34 That's not true
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 05:36 If I hadn't decided to leave after what happened with Eira everything would've been alright.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 05:37 *holds onto her shoulder hes still shaking a bit and has yet to make eye contact*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:38 *tries her best to help him walk over to the stairs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 05:39 You couldn't have known
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 05:44 *he stumbles a bit and is limping alot but he gets there*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 05:46 I...I wouldnt bring him up there if I were you..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 05:49 Even without knowing, leaving during a time like that was the worst thing I could have done.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 05:49 I'm sorry...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:49 Why?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:50 He can't sleep down here.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.19 05:54 Sara wont be to happy but fine...do what you want...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 05:59 Don't be.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:02 Look...let's try to see if I can get a little closer, okay? *is sitting down**scoots towards him a couple feet, but is still about just out of reach*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:03 Are you okay with that?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:03 *lets go of the pin and reaches for Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:06 *looks at his claw* I...don't feel very safe when you do that...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:07 Let's try to get you upstairs, okay? *starts slowly working her way upstairs with him*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 06:13 *eventually they get up the stairs*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:13 *doesn't seem bothered by her words*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 06:13 Why shouldn't I be? I couldn't protect Eira, I couldn't protect Aidan, just today M-...a friend was horribly hurt while trying to protect me...you don't deserve me, you deserve someone better.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 06:18 a...are you going t...to bring him up here?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:19 Let's find a place for you to rest...um, sit here and stay here while I look around. *points to a chair near the couch*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:19 I...I really want to, but I can't.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 06:19 *sits on the chair*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:19 Maybe I can talk Sara into letting him off the chains.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:22 *goes and looks around, quickly finding the spare bedroom**returns to Milo*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:23 Could you please stop that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 06:26 I don't care if I deserve you or not. After Aidan reached adulthood, I've had nothing but the hopes of seeing you again keeping me from giving up. My only regret is that I had to find you here and not out in the free world.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:27 *growls in response, slamming his hand into the ground, scoring it as he pulls his claws back toward him*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 06:32 *is still sitting in the chair*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:35 Thank you..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:35 Come on. *tries to help him get to the bedroom*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 06:41 *stumbles down the hall then collapses on the bed* ...thank you...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:41 *flicks his tail again, hitting it against the ground on multiple occasions*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:43 You're...you're going to be alright, okay? I'll find a way to fix this, I promise.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:46 It's the best I could do...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:46 Get some rest. *goes and gets a cup of water and puts it on the nightstand*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 06:48 *nods a bit and goes to sleep*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 06:48 *wakes up the next morning humming and cooking breakfast*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 06:54 Rivkah! breakfast is ready!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 06:55 *settles down once again*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:56 *had gone to sleep on the couch*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:57 *wakes up and checks on Milo before she goes to breakfast*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 06:58 is it um...to hot in your room or something?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:07 You'll be okay.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:07 No.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 07:08 It hasn't been that bad here...not until today, really...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 07:09 It's bad if you have to deal with Litho's antics
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:10 I'm going to come a little closer, alright? I don't want you to try to grab me...I won't try anything either yet.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:12 *scoots forward about a foot slowly* It's okay...you're okay...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 07:12 I haven't had to deal with him too much until today.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:14 then what are you doing on the couch?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:16 I ordered Milo to sleep in the bed. He needs it.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 07:17 You sort of become desensitized to it, but never quite used to it.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:22 *starts growling again, hissing as he inhales*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:22 why is he upstairs? at least put him on the couch, thats your bed not his I dont want him sleeping on it.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:24 I brought him upstairs because it'd be better for him to be here.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:24 It's okay.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:25 *tries to make her tone of voice as supportive/soothing as she can*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:28 *tries to stand up again, but still can't get his head off the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:31 You won't be able to lift that.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:35 I dont care whats better for him I dont want him up here, take him back downstairs
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:37 Well I care what's best for him and it's my responsibility to take care of him.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:37 I'll move him to the couch if you want.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:39 *opens his mouth wide and inhales, making an odd form of hissing sound*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 07:39 *looks up at him* I don't know how one could live through all of that...years of living around him without almost any sort of protection at all...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:40 *sighs* I'm not really intimidated by that if that's what you're trying to accomplish.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:42 *is trying to think of what could help him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 07:43 It takes a lot of work and something to hold onto. For me it was Aidan and the hopes that I'd see you again.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:43 Do you want something? Is that it?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 07:44 I mean...other than being released from that...but that's not an option right now, I'm sorry.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:44 Move him back downstairs please and I can pick up a mattress if thats what you want ok?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:49 Alright...but why can't he be up here?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:51 Beacause only people I care about get to be in my house, the basement isnt my house its my work space
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:52 You won't do anything to him if he's down there, will you?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:53 I said I wouldnt, hes your responsibility so unless you ask me to, no I wont
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 07:54 but If you keep bringing him up here or if he starts coming up here I will chain him to the basement like I had to with Tim.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:55 Alright. Can you go get a mattress?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 07:58 *just looks at him for a few moments, tears in her eyes* ...I missed you so much...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 08:00 I missed you, too..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 08:05 yeah I'll pick one up after I drop off the new delivery
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 08:06 *snaps his mouth shut and goes back to trying to free himself*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 08:06 Before I arrived here...I thought I was going to die, so...I just worked on making sure that before I died I could help you and Aidan and Eira in some way...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:07 ..."New delivery?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 08:09 But then I lived and I was forced to come here, and after what happened with the doctor I...I didn't think I'd ever see the whole you again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 08:13 I still don't know what would have caused him to give up, but I don't want to question it too much. That's not what really matters.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 08:13 yeah since your keeping him I had to find a replacement I took care of it last night, not here since I knew you were busy in the basement, anyway they are going off today and ill pick up the mattress after I drop them off
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 08:14 Maybe...maybe you need love? *is thinking aloud at this point*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:15 ...Oh...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:15 *walks away, staring ahead blankly*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 08:17 *tries to get up slightly and approach him slowly*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.19 08:18 what? they paid for someone you wanted him so I gave him to you but they still needed what they paid for. what did you think would happen?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:20 *doesn't say anything**just goes to Milo*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 08:21 *repeats the same actions as before*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 08:22 It's okay...and I'm not scared.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 08:22 *keeps approaching him rather tentatively*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 08:23 *is still asleep on the bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.19 08:24 *continues to look at him as tears fall again, though this time they fall rather slowly*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:25 *sits and waits for a minute**is scared that Sara will do something, so she finally pokes at Milo gently*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.19 08:27 *sits up imediatly in a panic*....
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:28 *says gently:* Milo...Sara wants you to move back downstairs...I'm sorry, you can't be kept upstairs...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 08:28 She'll get a mattress for you, though, okay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.19 09:55 What matters... *wipes her tears away* ...is that you're alright because I don't ever want to lose you again.. *leans in and kisses her*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.19 09:56 *growls a bit quieter, but still hisses with each inhale*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 04:17 I...I...I cant...go back down there *looks terrified*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 04:34 If you don't she'll force you down there and chain you up.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 04:41 *nods a bit and stands up shaking a bit and grabs onto Rivkahs shoulder*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 04:43 I'm sorry... *starts helping him go back to the basement*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 04:44 You're okay. *comes closer**can easily be reached by him at this point, but she is ready to defend herself if she has to*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 04:49 *puts her arms around him and closes her eyes, kissing him back**for the first time in a very long while she feels enveloped in a sense of peace*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 04:52 *finally sits down on her heels only a couple feet from his head* See? It's alright.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 04:53 *impulsivity makes him try to reach forward to snap at her, but he can't move forward enough*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 04:57 *sees them and looks Directly at Milo* On second though he can stay up here, that way I can keep a better eye on him since I spend most of my time up here anyways.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 04:58 *his face goes white as a sheet when Sara looks at him*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 04:58 *smiles*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:01 Um...okay then...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:01 Come on... *starts taking him back to the bedroom*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 05:01 no, no he cant be in the bedrooms. the couch is fine
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:04 I'll set something up for him in there. He's not well.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:05 Seriously, that won't work.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 05:05 He will be fine on the couch
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:08 *hisses through gritted teeth*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:12 *tilts her head at him a little* You don't have to keep doing that, you know.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:13 It won't really make much of a difference.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:17 *gradually quiets down*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:18 That's better. See? Everything's okay.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:18 And everything's going to be okay.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:19 *looks at him, thinking* ...I do wonder...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:19 Guess it...can't hurt to try... *bends down a little, then quickly bends down further and kisses the top of his head lightly**sits back upright quickly*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 05:20 Go set him down
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:21 Fine... *reluctantly sets him on the couch*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:21 *just kind of stares at her*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 05:22 *looks terrified and almost sick even as Sara looks at him, she just smiles at him which makes his stomach churn*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:23 *feels a little stupid, trying out fairy tale logic* Well...guess that didn't work... *chuckles awkwardly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 05:25 *finally pulls back slowly**rests the side of her head against his chest, her voice quiet* I love you so much...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:26 Ummm...I'll get you some food, okay, Milo?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 05:28 *a little stupid for trying
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 05:32 *nods a bit trying to avoid looking at Sara*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 05:33 I love you, too... *pauses* I still want to meet your daughter.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:39 I'll be right back. *goes to the kitchen and quickly looks around*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 05:40 Milo, if you would Rather be in the basement thwn up here you can but you have to choose up here or down there.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 05:40 *he stumbles as fast as he can down to the basement*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 05:41 Well thats his choice
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 05:41 *nods a little and reluctantly lets Saxon go* She's with Aidan. I think he took her to the top of the cathedral.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 05:42 *nods* I really dont want to ask this, but... Would it be possible for me to just wait down here? Walking is uh.. A chore.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 05:45 Sure...I could tesser us up there, though.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 05:49 Alright. Sounds good to me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 06:11 *tessers them up to the top of the cathedral*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.20 06:13 *was in the middle of reading Jane a story. Looks up at Aedona* Time for bed I- *cuts himself off* -Dad?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:13 *gets food and comes back* Where'd he go?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 06:14 It be me.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:17 *nvm her question, she heard what happened*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:17 What did you do?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 06:18 nothing you herd what I asked him, I told him if he wanted to go to the basement he could but he has to choose to stay up here or the basement he chose the basement
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.20 06:20 he chose what makes him the most comfertable
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:20 ...Alright. *goes downstairs, delivering his food to him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.20 06:21 *looks up at Saxon with her big green eyes*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:25 yeah And Im saying the only way out is her telaporter thats strapped to her wrist!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 06:26 I...I cant...I...*sees Rivkah and stops talking*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:28 hi rickshaw
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 06:28 *smiles a little*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:30 Hi Mr. Mouse. *holds out the plate of food to Milo*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.20 06:31 When did... *Saxon: Just today.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:33 the [Bleep] is mr. mouse?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:34 Timothy Q. Mouse from Dumbo, duh.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 06:34 *grabs it*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:34 If you're going to call me that then from now on I'll call you Mr. Mouse.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 06:34 *waves at Jane* Hey!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:34 whats that? whats Dumbo?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:35 call you what your name? fine... weirdo
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:37 My name is pronounced RIVKAH.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:37 Who doesn't know what Dum--oh...right...you're not from Earth.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.20 06:38 Hi...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:39 Milois trying to plot an escape but ive been here long enough to know its worthless to even try.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 06:39 Jane, this is Aidan's and Eira's dad. We've talked about him a bit before, remember? *Jane nods*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:39 he would have had a better chance escaping from any lab she would have sent him to
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:39 Well...if there's more than one of us working together, maybe it'd work.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:50 I have seen a gang of 12 people try to jump her she killed them all then and there
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 06:51 she was down here they telaported down here attempting to catch her by surprise she sighed like she was annoyed then took all of them down. they were big tough Kalaxies to
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 06:53 It's wonderful to meet you, Jane.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:55 Galaxies??
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 06:56 *lays his head down again, huffing*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.20 06:57 *finds herself smiling a little* You're not so nasty and bitey anymore, huh?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.20 06:58 *just looks at him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 06:59 *seems rather confused* Um...Jane, are you alright? Jane: *looks down, fiddling with the collar of her shirt* Yeah... Aedona: What story was Aidan telling you?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 07:02 Kalaxies....about 10 feet tall...stronger then diamonds... they could kill a normal person in 2 seconds flat...she took down 12 without breaking a sweat.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.20 07:04 Shakespeare.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 07:06 I wouldnt have belived it if I didnt see it for myself...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:09 ...Okay...what the [BLEEP]...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 07:13 the key to this chain is right here... *pulls a key out of his pocket*...she told me if I ever took this chain off she would make me wish I were dead...shes a sick sadistic monster who could kill all of us whenever she wants...she one chained a man to a
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 07:14 pole in the city center and put Slow moving acid bacteria on him.. he was chained there being eaten alive for weeks and no one touched him beacause she said shed do the same to anyone who helped him, She did it beacause she didnt like the way he treated
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 07:14 When did you start reading Shakespeare? *Aidan: About a year and a half ago. Found the book at a yard sale.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 07:15 his dog...I wasnt there but its one of her many stories...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 07:16 m...my great grandpa...was there...he...he told me that story of the monster who hurts bad kids to scare us into being good...I thought he was kidding until I met her.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 07:16 Which play?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 07:17 Sara...its...the word for monster...in my...my language..
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.20 07:19 I learned common tongue in school....
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.20 07:19 My personal favorite so far is Hamlet, so I started there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.20 07:22 *nods a little* Do you like it? *Jane nods*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:25 ...We need to get out of here...
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.20 07:28 I think perhaps it is time we all got some sleep. Especially you, Dad. You need to rest so you can work on getting your strength back.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.20 07:30 *sighs* Yeah, I'm trying not to think about my physical state.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.20 07:32 *whines a little* I wanna finish the story...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.20 07:32 yeah...you first.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.20 07:32 Well finish it tomorrow, okay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.20 07:34 Okay. *gets up*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Oct.20 07:38 *closes the book and puts it up with the rest of his favorite books* Goodnight. *Hugs Jane and leaves her with Aedona and Saxon*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 04:34 *hugs him back* Goodnight Aidan. *watches him leave*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 04:35 Well...maybe I just will be the first out.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 04:35 There's no point to having no hope about this.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 04:43 Come over here, Jane. We're going to do the teleporting thing to our beds.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 04:43 *hesitates, looking out at the city, and then walks over to Aedona and holds her hand**stares up at Saxon, but doesn't say anything*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 04:46 *smiles at Jane*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 04:48 *winces slightly because Jane chose to grab onto her bad hand, but tessers them anyway and gently pulls her hand away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 04:50 *Jane looks at her mother, a little confused* My hand isn't feeling so well. See how I have it wrapped in bandages? *Jane nods* Try to hold onto my other hand until it gets better, okay? *she nods again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 04:53 *finally notices the first aid supplies she dropped on the floor**gathers them up, using her magic a bit since doing it one-handed is a little slow/tricky*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 04:55 *makes his way to the bed and sits down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:08 *goes through the first aid supplies and finds the pain killers**reads the directions and takes some accordingly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:13 You're not well, so...Jane and I can go find another room to sleep in if you need the whole bed.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 05:14 *is still sort of just looking at Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:14 This place wasn't built to have bedrooms. Aidan has the only actual spare bedroom.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:19 *returns Jane's stare, but looks more confused*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:23 Litho told Cadmael he would leave us alone for the night. I suppose we could find a place in the residential area, but...it'd probably be safer for you if we stayed with you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:23 Jane, take your shoes off and come on. It's time for bed. *Jane does so**Aedona removes her shoes as well and pats the bed, and Jane gets on it**Aedona gets on it as well*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:24 Whatever you think is best. I think you know what I'd prefer.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:24 *said that before the last post*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 05:26 I have hope that she or someone else will kill me
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:26 *smiles at Saxon as she lies down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 05:31 \
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 05:31 [Oops]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 05:32 *continues looking at Saxon, but closes her eyes after a minute*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 05:32 *just sighs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:32 *doesn't bother trying to get back into something appropriate for bed and just lies down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.21 05:33 *cuddles up next to her mother*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:37 *waits a few minutes until Jane's breathing has slowed, and then whispers into Saxon's ear:* Litho took her away from the mansion today. I only got her back a few minutes before I found you in here. She hasn't been acting normally since he brought her
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:37 back.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:38 She seems alright overall, but she's mostly quieter than usual.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:44 I see. Sounds a lot like him, though I'm willing to bet that he didn't mean for anything bad to happen. He never really treated Aidan that bad.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:46 Don't get me wrong, I don't like defending him..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 05:52 I just wonder what happened
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 05:54 Me too...Cadmael said he had no intentions of hurting her...I...I should've listened...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.21 05:56 Hmmm...I guess I've made progress...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.21 06:02 *now and then his tail shifts, but otherwise he doesn't move*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:04 It's hard trusting anyone's word when it comes to that man..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:12 *nods a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:15 For now I just want to get her out of this god-forsaken city as soon as possible...I should be able to do that tomorrow so long as nothing goes wrong again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:16 He's unpredictable and loves messing with people in any way. I can often get him to back down, though.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:16 *said that before her last response*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:17 I wish you two the best of luck, then.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:21 *rests her head against his shoulder* I want to bring you with us...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:24 Hell only target you more. At least with me around he'll leave you be.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:24 *He'll
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:30 Up until now he's been leaving us be because of Malaucay and Cadmael. You shouldn't have to serve as a distraction.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:35 But unlike me, you still have a young one to be a mother to. He doesn't care as much about you so I have a little leverage.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 06:43 The telaporter on her wrist is your best chance...but only if you can get it off of her... then your on the run for life
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 06:44 when she is sleeping...which is rare since she dosent sleep oftain
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 06:44 Okay...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 06:44 I'll...keep that in mind.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:47 *nods a little again**after a minute of silence, she whispers:* I played some of his games today to try to get Jane back...during one I knocked one of his horns off...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 06:47 or...um if she is distracted or nervous...she is rarely eaither of those things
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:49 Impressive. No doubt seriously pissed him off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:49 ...So how [BLEEP]ed am I in the long run?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 06:50 Alright...how does the teleporter work?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 06:53 you put in the spacial coordinates or use one of the presets then click the blue button
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 06:54 Okay...um...where would I even go, assuming I actually got the thing?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 06:56 He doesn't usually care much about pain. If you haven't been able to tell, he cares a lot about his image. He'll likely hold a grudge for awhile, but I can keep him calm.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 06:58 *nods a little and closes her eyes**her voice is quieter* I could tell...I honestly wish I couldn't tell a lot of things about him...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:00 anywere. then Run and hide and pray she dosent find you beacause she probably will you have less then a 1% chance of escaping and staying free
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 07:01 O-okay...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:04 try to find her enemys if you can.. they might be able to hide you maybe...or even better one of her origonal friends...they are rumored to be the only ones that can stop her.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:05 Sen pay....Simson....and...Bakuda
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:05 (aka C. Saxon and Bakura but names get jumbled through time)
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:06 Mayley...has also been known to stop her. and Eye donna
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 07:06 I couldn't agree more.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:09 there names should be in her telaporter as presets
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.21 07:12 *she is passed out on the couch from watching a movie and the arm with the telaporter is hanging off the edge of the couch*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 07:16 Okay...weird names...but okay...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:19 Rivkah is a weird name...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 07:23 It's the Hebrew version of "Rebecca."
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 07:23 By the way...if she's asleep, how the h**l am I supposed to get the thing off her without waking her up??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 07:25 I'll be alright, though. I'm sure I can work out some kind of deal with him. He likes me so he just might be nice enough.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 07:26 Don't...I don't want you in more trouble with him than you already are...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:28 you can drug her while she is asleep...keep her out for longer, sleep patches they are red second to last shelf
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 07:29 He won't do anything terrible to me. You, on the other hand, aren't safe.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 07:34 Okay. *goes and gets some sleep patches**pockets them*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.21 07:35 you should go upstairs before she comes down here and asks what we are talking about
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.21 07:39 Alright. *heads upstairs**freezes upon seeing that she's asleep*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.21 07:40 *opens her eyes and looks at him* I don't want any more people getting hurt over me.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.21 07:47 Well I don't want to see Litho hurt you anymore. And he won't. Not while I'm around to stop him. I may not be the best person, but I know that I was born to be a protector.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 04:24 *carefully scooches up closer to Saxon and whispers in his ear, keeping her voice as low as possible so Jane doesn't hear* Saxon...just today he hurt Malaucay in one of the worst ways he possibly could because Malaucay was protecting me...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 04:24 If he is perfectly willing to do what he did to his own brother, I...don't want to imagine what he would do to you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 04:25 Please...just drop it. I'll be fine.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 04:33 He was obviously willing to kill you. The same can't be said for me. I've lived with him long enough to know that he won't do anything harsh.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 04:36 *can't believe her eyes**wonders if this is another test (such as how she was told not to go into the basement, did anyway, and Sara knew right away but didn't punish her or anything)*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 04:36 *starts approaching her tentatively*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 04:40 But please at least be careful. You just got out of a coma you've been in for around a decade. I don't want anything to happen...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 04:47 He'll understand that I cannot go right back to playing his games. Hell probably take that opportunity to make some more progress in restoring the city. *pauses* It'll be slow since I think your battle broke some things.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 04:52 *pauses briefly as well* Alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:00 He hasn't broken me yet and I doubt he will. Not while I still have someone to fight for.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 05:00 *slips her hand into his and closes her eyes again* Just be careful...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:02 Of course I will.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.22 05:03 *sheer exhaustion causes her to fall asleep more than anything else*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:05 *a while after Aedona falls asleep, she opens her eyes, gets up, and goes to the bathroom**when she comes back out, she does not go back to Aedona, and instead walks over to the side Saxon is on*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:09 *is still awake, not really wanting to fall asleep*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:12 *tugs on Saxon's sleeve*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:15 *rolls over to face Jane* Hm? Need something?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:18 *looks past him at Aedona, and then gestures for him to come closer*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 05:19 *snores a little bit*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 05:21 *goes up to her as quietly as she can and tries her best to put a sleep patch on her without waking her up*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 05:24 *she rolls over in her sleep but stays asleep*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:24 *leans closer to Jane*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 05:27 [@ Caprial: I sent a question to you regarding Sara in Hangouts BTW.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:27 *whispers in his ear:* Are you the doctor?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 05:28 *hesitates for a minute, staring at the teleporter**summons up her courage and starts trying to remove the teleporter as gently as possible*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:35 No, I'm not.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:38 *looks a bit confused* Who is the doctor?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:42 He is... Someone I had long since decided I did not want to be.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:46 I don't understand...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:49 I know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:52 Do you know the doctor?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:53 Yes. I know everything about him. Why?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 05:58 *hesitates, looking at Aedona again**Aedona shifts a little, but doesn't wake up**backs away a bit and gestures for him to come over*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 05:58 *as soon as she removes it she hurries down to the basement with it*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 05:59 *sighs and gets out of bed as quietly as possible, crawling over to Jane since it's easier than trying to walk*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:02 Sometimes Mommy cries when she doesn't think I'm there.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:03 *looks at Rivkah in shock* What are you still doing here leave!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:05 She wouldn't tell me what made her sad. So...sometimes I listen to her and Eira and my dads when they don't think I'm there. Don't tell them.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:05 [I guess I'll repost my question from Hangouts on here: Sara has had teleporters in the past that only work for her and nobody else. Why wouldn't the teleporter on her wrist be the same way unless she wants other people to be able to use it?]
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:06 I want you to come with me!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:06 We can get out together!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:07 And I...I think Mommy cries because the doctor was mean to her.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:07 [Its set to rivkah to bc she dosent know how to use a telaporter and she came back from earth with her a few days ago]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:07 Why was the doctor mean?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:07 No [Bleeping] Way!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 06:08 If W...we get caught with you...she will kill me...I...id rather stay here...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:08 [Hmm...surely she would've taken into account the chance of something like this happening, though (where there are other people in the house who seem to know how to use it)?]
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:09 Yeah Seriously I dont have a death wish!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:11 [I also thought this sort of thing only applies to who can actually activate the teleporter. It would be kind of inconvenient to have to reset the teleporter to allow more than one person to use it every single time you want to grab somebody and teleport
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:11 off with them.]
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:13 ...What the [BLEEP]? You literally just said you hoped she or someone else would kill you!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:13 *@ Milo* If I escape then I won't be here to protect you.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:16 Yeah If I got caught Sara wouldnt kill me shed tourture me for weeks!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 06:17 if...If I do escape and she finds...fins us...I...I wont survive
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 06:17 The doctor lives in the past, during a time when he could not be caught caring for anyone. Of course, there are exceptions, but that isn't the point. The doctor loves one woman and only one. He does not like the idea of moving on. A closed mindset I've
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 06:18 worked hard to break free of. I don't think I can truly move on, but I really do care so much about your mother, despite anything he might have said.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:22 we are not crazy unlike you so leave or Be freaking smart and put the telaporter back and pray she dosent notice!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:22 I don't get it. How are you and the doctor...um...how are you...like...connected?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:23 But you literally just encouraged me to do this!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:23 I didnt think youd Actually do it you psycho!!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 06:24 In a technical sense, the doctor is me, but I am not the doctor.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:25 I was kiddning I said you had less then a 1% chance! oh my gosh...shes going to kill you you get that right?! You are better off dead! she will do worse then death. death is if she is being kind!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:25 she only stays asleep for like 10 minutes even with the patch! you need to go now or put it back!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:30 *freezes up, unsure of what to do*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:30 *finally puts it on and starts fiddling with it, trying to figure out how to use it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:31 I don't get it...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:36 press the screen pick a name then press the green button...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:37 dont pick anyone thats a curse word [2/3s of the people on there are curse words]
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:40 Okay...got it...uh...how do you know all this??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 06:41 It's a complicated subject. Especially for someone your age..
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:43 Its a telaporter....its basic knowledge
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:44 No it's not!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 06:46 w...were are you from earth? *smiles but then looks down quickly*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 06:46 she actually is
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 06:46 oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:53 *pauses, thinking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:54 But I want to know...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 06:55 Did you make her cry?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 06:58 *remembers him mentioning "Eye donna" and tries "Aedona" to no avail**tries another name and winds up at a grave* ...What the?!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 07:02 *hesitates* A more appropriate way of putting things is that everything the doctor is, I used to be at one point. But I changed and tried to forget about the past. The doctor is someone else who was forced to live those memories as if he were that man
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.22 07:02 shes gonna die...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 07:02 from so long ago.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:04 *looks around and starts running*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:09 yeah...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:11 *doesn't know what to do**stops running upon realizing she needs help**decides to pick someone else**picks Amadeus*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 07:13 Okay... *still looks confused*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 07:15 So...um...why did she cry?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 07:16 I...like...don't get who was mean to her.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.22 07:17 *is sitting on a beach on a little island in the middle of a sea**jumps slightly**most certainly did not expect anyone*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.22 07:17 What the [BLE-
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:18 ...Hi...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.22 07:21 *gets up, looking severe* Who the [BLEEP] are you?! *notices the bracelet* What have you got her teleporter for?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:22 *his expression and tone cause immediate panic to set him**chooses a different name that's not a curse word as quickly as she possibly can*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:22 *set in*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:23 *winds up landing beside one of Sara's alien friends*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:24 Alien: *looks confused and speaks in a launguge she cant understand*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.22 07:24 *hesitates**considers tracking down Rivkah himself, but decides to consult Sara first**takes out his phone and calls Sara*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:24 Um...hi...I'm from Earth...do you speak English?? *chuckles nervously*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 07:25 *falls off the couch picks it up and answers* mmmhello?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:26 Alien: Glakattaka me Jisa! SAra! *points to the telaporter bracelet angerly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 07:29 The doctor is very convincing and can be colder than he needs to be. I can't say he meant to hurt her, but I also cannot say he didn't. The doctor prefers looking after himself over anyone else.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:30 Um...yes...Sara...umm... *backs away a bit, ready to select another name*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:31 *the alien trys to grab Rivkahs Arm*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:32 *ducks away and picks another alien's name*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:33 Alien: *he has a U.T device* hello?...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.22 07:33 A girl just showed up and left using your teleporter.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.22 07:33 What the h**l was that about?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:34 *falls down, very dizzy**is not used to teleporting, and certainly not used to teleporting that many times within the span of a couple minutes*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:34 *shakes her head to clear it* Oh thank god...hi...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 07:35 aww [Bleep]...thanks for telling me...um dont worry about it *hangs up and gets her spare teleporter*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:35 Please...please help me...Sara's been holding me and several others hostage...I...I just escaped!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:35 I don't know where to go or what to do...I-I'm from Earth...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:35 Alien: are you ok? *helps her up while doing so he takes the teleporter* you a friend of Saras?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:36 *said that before the hostage thing*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:36 Oh...oh yes I can help...you poor thing just wait here with me while I notify the police.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.22 07:37 Are you still the doctor??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:37 *places a firm hand on Rivkahs shoulder and smiles as he starts walking*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:37 Th-thank you!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:38 *follows, looking around and trying to get her bearings*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 07:38 *telaports to Rivkah and the Alien* Fignif!!! hey buddy!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:39 these belong to you, *shoves Rivkah into Sara arms and hands Sara the her teleporter*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 07:39 thank you Im sorry for any trouble!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Oct.22 07:40 any time.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:40 Hey wait no!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.22 07:41 *punches Sara and tries to snatch the teleporter*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.22 07:41 Not in the sense that you might be thinking.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 07:42 *barely budges* oh honey...thats quiet frankly adorable *grabs her arm and teleports back to her home*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 09:02 *reprograms the teleporters so they wont work with Rivkah* Im...impressed Didnt think you had the guts to pull a stunt like that. If someone else would have tried that...it wouldnt have ended well but your my friend and I get it, next time you wanna see
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.22 09:02 the universe ask me Ill take you.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 04:33 *just stares*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 04:41 *pate her head then walks into the kitchen* your probably hungry from all the teleporting what do you want to eat?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 04:45 *pats
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 04:46 Actually I-I'm nauseous...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 04:50 oh I got something for that *opend her cupboard and hands Rivkah what looks like a soda can* sip this
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 04:51 What is it? *opens it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 04:53 I still...I don't understand...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 04:55 My Mommy is nice--except when she yells. Why would the doctor want to be mean to her?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.23 05:04 Probably both to keep her away and to protect her. Especially if she knew who he really was.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 05:12 Who is he really??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.23 05:22 Now... Nothing more than a memory again.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 05:31 Okay. *is still obviously confused*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.23 05:34 There's no easy way to explain who the doctor is.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 05:38 *sniffs it a little, trying to figure out what's in it*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 05:39 it calms your stumach
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 05:40 Alright then... *sips it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 05:42 Why?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.23 05:47 Because he should not exist. Not as a separate person. There's a delicate balance to everyone and what made the doctor so bad was that he was unbalanced.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 05:52 *looks even more confused*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 05:54 Um...when I listened to them...they sometimes said something about a Saxon guy was split in two.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.23 05:56 Yes, that's exactly it.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 05:56 *sighs*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 05:59 *has been thinking to no avail**sighs as well* I really don't know what to do...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:00 I'm trying to think of other triggers to get you out of this...I really don't know...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:01 *remains silent for awhile. His voice is distorted and hushed* ...Why?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:03 *jumps a little, startled out of her thoughts* Why...why what?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:04 ...Why...?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:04 ...Aren't you afraid..?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:05 Why should I be?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.23 06:06 So...if the doctor is like...one part, are you the other??
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:07 .......Evil...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:09 Kind of. Together, the doctor is nothing but a memory.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:09 (FREAKING. Could have sworn I switched to Saxon)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.23 06:10 (Rude)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 06:13 better?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:14 Somewhat.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:14 *her stomach rumbles a bit*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:14 No...no, you're not.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 06:15 yeah your hungry *starts cooking*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:16 Lie...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:22 It's not a lie.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.23 06:24 wanna go let Tim and Milo your home?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:24 I guess so... *goes downstairs*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:25 ..y...your back...and Alive?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:26 *shakes his head slightly*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:26 wait..what is she doing now? what did she say
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:27 She's making me lunch, I guess...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:29 dose she sound angry?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:29 If it was a lie I wouldn't be sitting here today.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:29 No. She seemed impressed.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:32 what the heck did you do to make her not even a tiny bit MAD?! if I so much set a foot upstairs shed shoot me in the leg!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:34 *shrugs her shoulders*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:35 Maybe she doesn't like guys??
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:41 Why... Me?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:42 You're like a dad to me, remember?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:43 I'm Eira. I died and you brought me back and raised me. And I love you.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:45 You're not evil...you made mistakes, but you're trying to fix them and be better.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:48 *thinks for a minute then looks scared* oh crap....She likes you...Like...Really likes you...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:48 ...what.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:49 your the next me
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:51 But I...I don't even like girls...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 06:54 And even if she did she's not my type...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 06:55 I am not good...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 06:56 shes not gonna force you to do anything but she [Bleeping] Likes you so shes not gonna freaking touch you... you could probably Stab her and shed laugh
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:00 Don't lie to yourself.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:01 Cadmael, Wavelength, and both me and my sister would say otherwise. Mom would say otherwise too.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:05 Only punished for trying..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:08 No you're not.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:09 so when she gets bored of you she will eaither keep you around, kill you or let you go
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:10 Yes, it's hard sometimes, but Jane and I love you, and Mom certainly doesn't hate you anymore.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 07:10 Umm...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:10 *just stares at Eira*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 07:10 And how would I get her to let me go??
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:11 I wouldnt know.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:11 you got a good what like 30 years ahead of you though
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 07:18 Oh god...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:21 at least 30 years... is probably how long she will keep you
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 07:22 How do you know?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:23 Always alone..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:26 No...you're not.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:27 *sadness enters her expression, though*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.23 07:27 You live with the rest of my family, and I'm always out here if you need me.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:28 beacause thats the shortest relationship she has had besides people dying or me the 1 idiot who broke up with her. she has a blog about relationship advice
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 07:30 How old are you?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:34 I broke up with her 2 years ago.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:34 and I have been here every second of those 2 years
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.23 07:34 she says shes keeping me here until I cant work anymore
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.23 07:35 Okay...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 04:52 I failed...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.24 04:54 *said that before the "she says she's keeping...(etc.)" part*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 04:56 You failed what??
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 04:57 Everyone..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 04:59 No...no you didn't.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:01 Then why.... Why am I here?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:06 I don't know why you arrived like this...I just know that we need to get you back to normal.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.24 05:10 Okay... *is frowning slightly with confusion and in thought*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.24 05:12 I think it's time we got some sleep. I'll be open to more questions tomorrow.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.24 05:15 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.24 05:16 *just looks at him for a few more moments, then walks back over to the bed, often looking back at him**crawls into bed beside Aedona and lies down*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:18 And I know you certainly aren't a failure.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.24 05:21 *crawls back into bed and lets himself fall asleep again*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:26 I shouldn't turn back...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:32 Why?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.24 05:36 *soon finds that she can't get to sleep**she's preoccupied with her conversation with Saxon and frustrated with her inability to fully understand things*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:40 Better off..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:45 No you're not.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 05:52 *simply shakes his head in response*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:00 Well...you can't visit me very well in this state, can you? My house doesn't have enough room.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:02 I doubt you could take care of Jane very well like this either.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:02 *And I doubt
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:04 I mean, the toxic teeth would certainly be a health hazard, don't you think?'
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:04 *?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:05 I guess...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:11 *smiles a little* I'm sure Jane wouldn't mind if you took her on rides on your back, but all those spines and whatnot would probably be a hazard too...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:12 Besides, I think she and I would both agree that we like your dog form more.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:13 *sits still for a minute, then begins changing back to his human form. Almost instantly he briefly shrieks as the pain in his back returns*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:23 *instinctively leans forward to put a hand on his shoulder* Malaucay?!!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:24 *instinctively shies away*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:29 *feels like reaching forward, but doesn't* Are-are you okay?!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:31 *focuses more on breathing than speaking. He has no energy left whatsoever and blood loss has left him too weak to hardly move*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:42 *since he's on his stomach she can see all the blood and the wound* Oh my...oh my god...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:43 What do I...okay...I... *forces herself to breathe, fending off panic*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:45 Can I...can I take you to the water in Urmukka?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:46 *tries to nod, but isn't even sure if it could be recognized as a nod*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:53 *it takes her a few moments, but she figures out what he's trying to do* O-okay. *grabs onto his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze as she tries to tesser to Urmukka**because she's rather panicked it takes a couple of tries*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 06:58 *once they get to the cave she tries to help him get into the water as gently as she can*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 07:02 *the water stings as it begins work on his wounds. He lets himself fall deeper into the water, too tired to fight the water to stay afloat*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 07:11 *is alarmed that he's letting himself sink**plunges her arm into the water and grabs onto him**tries to create some of her magic around him and use it to lift him enough such that she can get his head out of the water*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 07:13 *as soon as he surfaces he spits out some water* .......
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 07:18 Don't worry...I've got you.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 07:25 *doesn't say anything, though he does begin to feel a little better as his smaller wounds heal*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.24 07:27 *sits beside the edge, trying to keep him afloat in the gentlest way she can*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 00:28 You don't have to... I'll be okay.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 04:56 Why shouldn't I unless I'm accidentally hurting you more?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 05:12 I'll be fine...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 05:15 I'm staying here anyway.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 05:20 *still takes shallow breaths* Okay..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 05:28 *her magic probably feels quite cold--it is partially snow, after all*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:36 How...how could she just do that? *starts feeling drowsy, but tries to ignore it*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 05:42 Timothy: Thats just the kind of person she is...you look tired...you should get some sleep.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:45 I'm not really tired...I just...kind of have a headache... *this is true--a headache just set in*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 05:48 Timothy: alright...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:50 *yawns*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:50 I guess I'm kind of hungry...so...I'll go back upstairs...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 05:52 Timothy: ok
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:54 *heads upstairs and collapses on the couch**figures that Sara drugged her and gets very scared*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:01 *wakes up a while later*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:01 *is startled to find herself in a place she doesn't recognize*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:02 [I updated this slot btw]
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:07 *waits in the living space with his clipboard*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:07 [OK.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.25 06:14 *telaports to Eira immediately after talking to Emerson*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.25 06:15 [nvm]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:18 Let me sink to the bottom... I'll be alright..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:19 Are...are you sure??
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:21 Yes.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:28 *after a little bit she gets up slowly and looks around*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:29 *tentatively leaves the bedroom, entering the living space*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:29 *hesitates*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:29 oh hello, hows your head feeling?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:29 ...O-okay... *lets him go and lets her magic disappear*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:33 Heavy...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:33 Who are you?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:34 Im Dr. David you can just call me David if youd like, do you mind if I ask you some questions?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:37 *sinks to the bottom of the pond*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 06:42 *stares down into the pond, getting more and more nervous as time passes*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:42 I...guess not...where am I?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:46 safe someplace safe, how are you feeling? emotionally, physically?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:48 ...Tired.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:48 How did I get here?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:50 how do you think you got here?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 06:55 I don't know...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 06:58 ok *wirites something down* can you tell me what you last remember?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:05 Umm...falling asleep on a couch...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 07:07 *there's a loud crash from upstairs, though through the walls and ceiling, it's mostly muffled and quiet*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:08 *writes that down* ok...do you feel nervous or scared at all or more relaxed would you say?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.25 07:13 *stares up towards the ceiling*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:17 Nervous, I guess...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:17 Who brought me here?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.25 07:20 *sits up, wondering what's going on*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:24 your safe now, Sara cant get you here if thats what your worried about
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:26 Okay...what about the others in her house?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:27 they, sadly didnt make it during the rescue attempt
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:28 do...you know how many others there were? It...was hard...to tell...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:29 *just stares for a minute in shock*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:29 I...only knew two...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:30 ok *writes that down*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:31 your safe now though...we are keeping you here until your stable though...you went through some real trauma and we want to make sure your ok and nothing toxic ended up in your system
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:32 you have traces of radioactive material in your blood, if you notice some...pricks in your arm we took some blood so I have these for you *hands her a bottle of pills* take 2 of them at 3pm every day
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:34 Alright...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 07:34 Are you sure Milo and Tim...?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 07:39 were...do you last remember them being? we found...hundreds buried under the planets surface
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 07:41 *Yelling can briefly be heard.*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.25 07:43 *looks at Aedona and Saxon to make sure they're asleep and then slips out of bed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.25 07:44 *leaves the room and looks around for stairs**finds them quickly and heads upstairs*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.25 08:21 *walks towards what she guesses is the source of the sound**soon finds and peers into Pandemonium's room*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 08:21 Th-the basement...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.25 08:24 those 2...definitly...definitly dead
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 10:21 *is sitting on the floor, huddled against the wall, muttering to himself*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.25 23:30 *after awhile he surfaces again, coughing up the water he'd inhaled* It won't heal right... *drags himself to shore and looks over his shoulder* ...He broke the bone.. It won't heal properly...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 04:41 Who did this?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 04:42 *her voice is a whisper* Litho...?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 04:42 Litho... I misjudged how far he'd go in his rage for interrupting his battle..
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 04:44 *hardly acknowledges her. Just tilts his head upward slightly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 04:59 *tentatively takes a few steps toward him*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:05 *pauses his muttering to look up at Jane with a wild and pained look in his eyes* ....
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:07 *pauses, looking at him, her eyes widening a bit*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:08 *her voice is still a whisper* Do you need a hug?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:14 *takes a quick breath* I... Don't want to hurt you... There are people telling me to, but I don't... I don't want to... They won't leave me alone...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:15 Oh my god...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:16 What are we going to do?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:17 ...Let Cadmael take over.. He'll do a better job as a guardian..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:20 People?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:21 Who are the people? Are they being mean?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:25 They're... Bad people... *looks around the room for awhile* They tell me... *shakes his head and stares at the ground* I won't...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:28 *looks around as well, confused*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:29 I don't see anybody.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 *looks around again* No, they're still there..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:35 Are they hiding?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:38 No... *stares back at the ground* Why won't they leave me...?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:43 Where are they?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:43 *is looking around again, still confused*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 05:52 *goes quiet*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:56 *looks at him again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 05:58 *approaches him, holding out her hand to him*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:00 There was a battle. Is everyone else alright?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:01 *doesn't respond*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:02 They're... Alive.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 06:03 *goes to hold his hand*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:05 *crashes through the door and looks at David* How many BLEEPING times are you guys gonna pull this crap?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 oh crap... *pulls out his radio* yeah shes back again...12 B 87...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:07 *had just been staring in shock*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:07 *screams when Sara bursts in and instinctively backs away into a corner*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:07 *shakes her head and sighs and goes over to Rivkah and grabs her wrist gently* hey...hey...are you ok did they hurt you?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:10 *tries to wrench her arm away* Stay away from me!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:11 Please just leave me alone!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:12 But are they okay?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:14 I...ok im...im going to take you to your family ok? back home... I know this is all confusing and scary right now but I....I can explain it later I promise...your stumach might be a little upset after this *grabs her hand gently and telaports to Rivkahs*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:15 *back yard its on another planet though, Sara took the whole plot of land and moved it* This...is another planet I already told your family what happened you and your family will be safe here ok? its a human planet like earth...itl take a while...to
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:15 Jane's alright... I'm certain.. Aedona is hurt...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:16 adjust...I...I know your scared and im sorry I...Ill leave...Ill write to you and I wont come back here unless you ask ok?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:16 *shivers for a moment, then closes his eyes. Keeps on mouthing words silently*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:29 this boy his name is Amadeus should be checking up on you to
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:30 *yanks her arm away again and is shaking*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:30 No...wait...please don't hurt my family...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:31 I just want to go home...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:31 Im...sorry that they messed with your head like that... Ill...Ill go
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:32 you are home...im not going to hurt your family or Anyone thats...I dont hurt people
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 06:37 *sits down beside him, holding his hand*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:38 *just looks at her and starts giggling in a borderline hysterical manner*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:40 *backs up a bit* w...why are you laughing?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:43 *keeps his eyes shut* ...I swear I don't mean any harm...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 06:47 *leans against him* I believe you.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:47 Yeah...you don't hurt people...right...yeah... *keeps giggling*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:48 That's...that's why everyone at your house is dead...yeah...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:51 I live alone...no one has stepped foot in my house for years...you...you have never been there...oh boy they...messed it up bad didnt they...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 06:52 *his breathing is shaky, but it gradually calms down. He's still shivering ever so slightly and he refuses to look at Jane* ....
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:58 ju...just...I hope you get better... *telaports off*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 06:58 *teleports to Emerson* you wanted to speak to me?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:59 *stops giggling and starts crying once Sara is gone*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:07 Emerson: I wanted to pass this on to you. *gives her a printed piece of paper*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:09 *reads it and tears up a little she dosent seem mad at all just startled* w...who gave you this?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:12 Emerson: The author asked to remain anonymous.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:13 but...but they know were my daughter is....h...how can I...I see her if I dont know were she is?! Please...I need to ask them were my daughter is...I need to see her...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:15 Emerson: *hesitates* Well, if I understand the matter well enough, Joy wouldn't let just anyone accompany her like that.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:16 Emerson: It's probably obvious that it's someone both you and Joy know.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:16 Emerson: There's not much more I can say.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:17 Please...*is tearing up more* shes my daughter...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:17 I havent seen her in years...I...I thought she died...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 07:17 Are the mean people still here?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:18 .....Yes...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:18 Emerson: *hesitates again* Think of who both you and Joy know. There really aren't many people like that still around...possibly there's only one--the rest have disappeared.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 07:18 Why can't I see them?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:19 Emerson please! I...I...dont need riddles...I just found out my daughter is alive I thought she was dead for years... just...please...I want to see her..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:22 Emerson:...Alright...fine...you probably have these coordinates already, so... *goes to his computer and quickly prints out some coordinates**gives them to her; they're coordinates to Eira's house*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:24 Maybe... You aren't looking hard enough? Or maybe just I see them... Probably..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:25 Thank you.... *telaports to Eira house and wipes away her tears easily it looks like she wasn't ever upset* Idiot... *knocks on Eiras door*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 07:28 I am looking hard...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:29 You don't need to see them...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:31 Cadmael stopped the fight, I'm sure..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:32 Okay... *is clearly very worried anyway*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:35 I've never seen Litho so mad before... I don't think he cared who he was attacking at that point..
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.26 07:36 *soon arrives at Rivkah's place (which has been moved to a different planet)*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.26 07:38 Why are they being mean?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:39 *has since been found by her family**they're taking care of her and trying to explain to her what Sara explained to them*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:39 *is still freaking out somewhat*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.26 07:39 *rings the doorbell**Rivkah breaks free from her family, yelling something about sacrificing herself, and then runs and opens the door*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.26 07:40 *Rivkah just stares up at him* Um...hello?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.26 07:40 *trys to track her then starts telaporting to locations that block peoples locations as she looks for Eira note in hand*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:40 *tries to get up. It proves to be a lot more difficult than he'd hoped so he goes back to just lying on the shore for awhile longer*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 07:40 *faints and collapses on the floor*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Oct.26 07:41 ...Oh boy.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:41 Do you want to go?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:41 *doesn't answer*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.26 07:42 Not really... I just want to move again.. It just hurts so much..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 03:43 Is there anything we can do?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 03:50 *looks up at him* Why are they being mean?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 03:57 Remove it, maybe...?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 03:58 Remove the bone
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 03:59 *stares at him for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 03:59 Maybe we should get you to a doctor...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 03:59 They just...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:05 No I'll just lay here and suffer.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:11 *puts her hand on his shoulder and tessers with him to Emerson's place**knocks on the door*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:12 *Olympia answers and immediately expresses worry for them**she helps Eira bring him in*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 04:16 *continues looking at him*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:16 Olympia: I shall get Dr. Emerson! *runs off and gets him*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:22 *Emerson quickly goes about trying to find the best way to handle this, removing Mayhem's shirt and performing scans and asking for details about how this happened*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:22 ...I'm so tired..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 04:23 *yawns a little* Me too...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:33 Emerson: Alright...I don't think reattaching the wing is possible even if you still have the wing in your possession. I think the best course of action is to remove the bone.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:34 *sits with Olympia nearby, looking scared and sad as she watches*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 04:48 Whatever, just... As long as it eases the pain..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:02 Emerson: *takes Mayhem to another room to perform surgery**gives him a strong anesthetic (one that can work on some gods) and gets to work*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:02 Olympia: *reassures Eira that everything will be okay and goes to Emerson to be his assistant in the procedure*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:02 *sits and waits*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:03 How can I sleep with all the noise..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:06 When I can't sleep, Mommy sings songs to me.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:08 I don't... Sing..
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:09 I think Eric used to sing to me, but... *goes quiet again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:10 I can sing.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:11 Who is Eric?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:12 He... 'll
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:12 (Boi)
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:12 He's nobody important..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:13 *seems a bit confused again* Okay...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:16 *opens his eyes* You don't need to know these people.. Though Eric was a nice person.. I guess?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:22 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:22 ...Why?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:30 You just don't need to..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:34 *seems even more confused* Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:35 I can sing a song and maybe we'll both go to sleep.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:36 *smiles a little* Maybe..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:45 Can I?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 05:47 If you... Want to.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 05:50 *clears her throat a bit and hesitates**then starts singing a Sahlemese folk song**it's somber but calming*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 06:10 *sits quietly and listens, staring ahead at the wall*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 06:16 *once she finishes, she yawns again, clearly quite tired*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 06:20 *doesn't feel much different, but he doesn't show it. Just smiles and stands up* I think... Imma crash..
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 06:20 Maybe making myself sleep will make them go away..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 06:24 Okay. *gets up as well*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 06:26 *goes over and just drops onto the bed face first*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 06:28 *moves towards the doorway, and then hesitates, looking back at him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 06:35 *despite how he smiled, she still senses that he's stressed**finally goes over and climbs into the bed, snuggling up beside him*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 06:43 *tenses up for a few moments, then relaxes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.27 06:53 *falls asleep after a little bit*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.27 07:11 *falls asleep soon after*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 03:05 [Unless Sara finds Eira, I'm willing to do a time skip to the next morning.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 04:12 *sits and waits on the doorstep*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 04:17 [If Sara knocked or rang the doorbell Olympia would answer.]
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 04:17 [Also hi. ^.^]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 04:35 (Sara isn't at Emerson's place)
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 04:47 [Where is she, then??]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 04:50 (At Eira's house)
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 05:02 [Oops, okay.]
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 05:18 [I'm on Hangouts now BTW. I rage quit the essay thing for tonight. XD XP
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 05:26 *]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 05:27 ~HOURS LATER...~
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 05:28 *wakes up and promptly realizes that Jane isn't there**slips out of bed and checks the bathroom**upon seeing that she's not there either, she immediately finds herself fighting panic*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 05:31 *teleports back to Eira's house and works on cleaning up the mess his brother made*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 05:40 *Emerson had finished the procedure hours ago, but has only let her come in to see Mayhem just a little while ago*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 05:47 *her first instinct is to ask Saxon if he saw anything, but she realizes that he would've told her already if he did**leaves the room and walks down the hallway**pauses, really unsure as to where she went, so she starts calling out Jane's name*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 05:57 *Aedona's voice can be heard from Pandemonium's bedroom**turns over slightly, half-asleep*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 05:58 *Is in a surprisingly deep sleep so he doesn't wake up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:00 *calls out as she walks along:* Jane! Jane, where are you?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:01 *as she gets closer to being underneath Pandemonium's room, her voice gets louder, especially since there's a big hole in his floor*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:01 *finally wakes up and rubs her eyes groggily*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:01 *slips out of bed and goes over to the hole since, from Jane' Aedona's voice seems to be mostly coming from that
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:02 *from Jane's perspective,
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:02 *says loudly into the hole:* Mommy, I'm up here!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:03 Jane?? *follows her voice into the room directly underneath Pandemonium's room**looks up and sees Jane* Jane! What are you-
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:03 *puts her index finger over her mouth* Shhh!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:03 *whispers* Litho's sleeping!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:04 ...What... *spots the bed behind Jane and realizes what room Jane is in**whispers, but her tone is fairly severe* Jane, get down here right now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:05 *Jane sighs irritably and leaves Pandemonium's room**heads to the stairs and meets her there*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:06 Jane, what do you think you were doing?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:07 Litho was unhappy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:07 We've gone over this over and over again. You are to stay away from him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:08 If you keep seeing him, eventually you're going to get very hurt-
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:08 He won't hurt me!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:09 You don't know that. Besides, what the h**l were you doing up there anyway- Jane: Mommy, why is your hand all red?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:10 *wake up a little and holds his head with one hand. He hasn't opened his eyes, but sleeping again isn't possible due to a headache*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:10 *looks down at her hand and sighs**looks at Jane again* Litho hurt my hand yesterday. And I won't lie to you: it's a bad injury, but I'll live. Come on. *grabs Jane with her good hand and takes her back to Mayhem's room*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:12 *knocks on the door again*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:16 *pauses and opens the door* Yes?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.28 06:16 *Has since woken up but hasn't done much more than sit up since he can't get around anyway*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:17 Is Eira home?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.28 06:19 *@ Jane* You stay right here. *leaves her beside Saxon and heads into the bathroom to deal with her hand*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:19 No she isn't, why?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:20 I need to talk to her. Ill just wait out here until she gets here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:20 *has changed from pouty to worried since Aedona revealed who hurt her* Why did Litho hurt your hand?! *Aedona closes the bathroom door*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:20 *is lying awake in bed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:21 *looks at the bathroom door for a few moments, then at Saxon**then starts edging her way towards the doorway*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:21 *finally comes in and sits down beside Mayhem's bed* Hi...how are you feeling?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.28 06:25 *looks at Jane and says quietly* Where are you going?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:26 Well unfortunately for you, a lot has been happening lately so I'm afraid I cannot simply let you talk to her without knowing your intentions.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:28 she sent me a letter, I need to talk to her about it, Im sorry who are you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:30 The one that'll be making sure she doesn't end up getting hurt more than she is now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:30 *stops moving, but doesn't answer him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:30 *I'm the one
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:32 *looks up at Eira* I feel great... Hey... do you have any food?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:32 great. whatever Im gonna wait for her.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:34 Alright. You will not speak to her until I know what this is all about. *closes the door and goes back to work*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:35 *walks inside and sits on the couch*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:37 Pardon me, but did I say you could come inside?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:38 No, but I can go get some.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:38 Emerson and Olympia might have some.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:39 this Isnt your house, also as far as im concerned your intruding, I have known Eira since she was a baby.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:39 so I should be asking you why you are here.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:41 Mmm... I'll take a risotto and some scallops... Maybe a glass of wine...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:42 *smiles slightly* For now let's see if you can tolerate this. *points to a glass of water that's on a little table beside him*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:43 [I am confuzzled because YY Sara was the one who was around when Eira was very little.]
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:43 Oh, please do not pull that card on me. It is not your house, either, and thus have no more right to enter as I might, if I were not given permission to be here.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:43 [Oh wait nvm. Irakurri Sara is Saxon's friend, so she probably visited.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.28 06:44 *looks back at Saxon, waiting for him to look away*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:44 [yup but Sara has been keeping a close eye on Aedona since she started showing an interest in Saxon, so yes she knows Eira but Eira probably dosent know her all to well}
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:44 *grabs the water and takes a sip, only to quickly spit the water back into the glass* Um, I think this wasn't properly bottled... It's lost all of its flavor.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:45 [and ye visiting Saxon]
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:47 *hesitates, confused, then giggles* It's water you doofus.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:48 Is it? *takes another sip* Huh, you're right...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:52 so we both are not sapposed to be here. need help with the dishes?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:54 The dishes have already been done and unlike you, I am supposed to be here. If you wish to wait, then wait outside.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:55 how do I know that your not just lying and trying to steal her things
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 06:57 Surely you take me for a fool. No thief would answer the door. If I were here to steal things, we would not be having this conversation because you wouldn't have even known I was here.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:59 *Olympia comes marching in to check on him* Olympia: Hello! *takes out a little device and performs some quick scans**also checks a computer and some other machinery nearby* Everything seems to be in order.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 06:59 Er, he's hungry... Olympia: I know. I shall attend to that shortly. *goes out of the room and returns with a small plate of bland food--e.g. saltines and bread*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 07:01 Olympia: *sets the plate on the table* Bon appetit. *marches out* Eira: *sighs* Guess you're not getting risotto either.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.28 07:03 *scoffs* I demand a refund, ma'am. This isn't what I ordered.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:04 then the thieves I know are drastically diffrent from the thieves you have encountered
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:05 I do not encounter thieves.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:07 then how do you know how thieves act if you have never encountered them?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:08 You ask stupid questions.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:10 Yes I do
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:12 I'm only going to tell you to leave one more time. Please wait outside.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:14 Im waiting here until she gets back, Im waiting inside. If you have a problem with it please call Eira. This is her house if she wants me to leave I will leave on her request not yours
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:19 She will not be home for awhile. Now get out. *locks the door and opens a portal directly below Sara, sending her outside* If you really are her friend, you'll stay out there unless otherwise invited.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:22 *telaports back inside* who says that I dont have an open invitation here? Im practically family Ive know her dad since before he married her mom. I show up here all the time.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:23 I have never met you and you are acting like you know her which concerns me a great deal since I have known her forever and you showed up out of no were claiming to know everything about her
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:27 I do not recall claiming to know everything about her
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:29 Anyone can claim to be "practically family" to someone who is not around. And I did show up out of nowhere, but I have done nothing but do my best to provide, as I should be.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:35 Im here because she sent me a letter about my deceased daughter who was close to her. Im curious as to why she sent it thats why im here.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 07:36 She just wanted you to know that the kid was alright.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:02 shes not alright shes dead.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:14 Didn't look very dead to me.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:16 did you send this?...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:21 I did not.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:26 you have never met my kid. she died years ago
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:28 Tell me. In your history, when has dying ever meant anything? Especially around the one you claim to be close with. Someone who experienced death.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:30 Dying means a lot when it happens to people im close it because for me it means I never get to see them again.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:30 Well if they never WANT to see you again, yeah.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:35 Dont you Dare pretend to know the people I was close to that have died! *her voice is shaking a bit* Eira would never let someone like you hang around her because she is kind and she dose not like people who hurt others with actions or words.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:39 It's not as if my actions are unwarranted. I had a couple simple requests which you seem to lack ability to fulfill.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:41 And in terms of your kid, I do not know her. I know her about as well as I know Eira, only I actually care about getting to know Eira.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:42 In other words I met her and helped her because she was Eira's friend.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:44 unless you took a trip to the afterlife you have never even seen my kid.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:46 I mean that was the last place I saw her since I left her with Hikari.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:47 why are you doing this? Did I do anything to hurt you or someone you cared for? beacause I really dont see why someone would do something like this to someone they just met.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:49 I fail to understand what I am doing. I only state the knowledge I am willing to give up.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:50 Dont talk about my daughter.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:54 I will talk about whoever I want. You weren't supposed to be told that she was alright, anyway. This conversation should never have happened, yet here we are.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:55 You have no right to talk about my kid that way. or in Any way
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:55 yeah but I agree when you say this conversation shouldnt have happend
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 08:59 The least I can say is that I actually have the respect of my descendants. They're actually hppy to see me again after who knows how many generations.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 09:00 screw you. *telaports off*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.28 09:01 *smirks, then goes back to work*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 03:29 It may not be what you ordered, but it's what the doctor ordered.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 04:33 Rude. I can handle it.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 04:42 *is smiling* You sure?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 04:51 Of course I can. You saying I can't eat a simple risotto.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 04:53 *?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 04:59 Malaucay, that's not a risotto. *chuckles*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:01 Bruh...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:05 *chuckles again* Just eat your crackers, okay?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:08 *eats half of a cracker* Needs soup. Flavor. SOMETHING.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:12 I think it's meant to be bland.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:12 When we go home, I'll make you some soup, okay?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:32 Fiiine... *eats the cracker* ....How are we related again?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:33 Oh gosh.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:33 I'm...your adopted daughter.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:40 Really?? Wow. How the h*** are you so patient?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:43 *smiles, looking at him pointedly* I probably got it from somebody...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:50 Who?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 05:53 I'm pretty sure I'm talking to that somebody.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:03 Right now??? Oh, cool.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:09 *chuckles again* Yeah, right now.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:15 Awh...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:16 *eats a few more crackers and some bread*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:23 Can I get up?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:23 How are you feeling now?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:23 *said that before he asked that* Um...I don't think so.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:24 *Olympia has been hanging around nearby to monitor things* Olympia: *comes over* You must rest for now. If all is well, you will be allowed to get up and move later.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:28 Alright..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:30 *as soon as Saxon even just glances away, she quickly goes for the doorway*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:33 Olympia: *smiles* If there are any problems, just call me. *marches off to go back to whatever other tasks she's been assigned to do*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.29 06:33 *just sighs in response to Jane rushing away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:36 *goes into the hallway and starts heading in the direction of the staircase*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:37 ... *looks down* ... Am I wearing anything?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:38 *looks a bit bewildered* Um...yes...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.29 06:38 Aedona, there's a situation. *starts getting up to try and walk*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.29 06:38 Your kid just ran off again.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:41 *mutters a swear word and quickly comes out of the bathroom**goes out into the hallway* Jane!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:41 *had just reached the stairs**pauses*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:41 Jane, get back here right now!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:42 *hesitates, then starts walking reluctantly back to her mother*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:42 Really!? How did the doctor work around the fabric? That's a miracle...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:43 What were you doing?! *Jane stubbornly chooses not to answer and comes back into Mayhem's room*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:45 *chuckles* Well, putting you in a hospital gown might've helped.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:46 *Jane sits on the bed* Jane, where were you going?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:46 *gets back up again and goes out onto the balcony*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:48 Fascinating..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:51 How is your back feeling?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:52 *sighs and follows her* Hey...are you alright? *Jane shrugs her shoulders*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:52 Were you trying to go back to Litho?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.29 06:52 *finds a cane in the wardrobe and uses it to help keep him steady. Goes to the bathroom to clean himself up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:53 *her tone is gentler now*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:53 *hesitates stubbornly, then finally nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 06:53 Why is that?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.29 06:54 I wanna ask him why he hurt you.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 06:54 It tingles...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 07:03 *sighs, thinking for a few moments* He hurt me because I was trying to get you. He had acted like he might not ever let you come back to me, and that scared me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.29 07:04 So I tried to get you back, and he did things to stop me, including hurting me.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 07:07 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 07:07 Try to get some rest, okay?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 07:09 No, thanks, I think I'm ready to go now..
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.29 20:02 *starts trying to get up*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:38 No no no. *gets up and puts her hands on his shoulders, gently trying to push him back down*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:38 You have to stay here until the doctor says it's okay to go, alright? You're not well.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:42 Nah, I feel fine... *doesn't fight back though*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:46 That's probably because of the medications.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:47 Pfft, medications don't work on gods.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:52 *starts chuckling again* I don't know about that...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 03:58 *fakes a cough*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:02 *laughs a bit harder* Trust me, you'll know medications do work on gods later.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:05 *takes a bit more food* We'll see
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:16 *just shakes her head a little and looks at him, smiling**worry shows in her eyes, though*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:20 I'm going to fight whoever invented such disgusting, bland food.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:25 Unfortunately I think they're dead already...bread and crackers are probably ancient.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:27 You're right... I probably already punished them for their insolence..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:29 Probably.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:32 It was probably someone on Earth... Go figure.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:32 Maybe. Earth is a relatively young planet.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:34 Those cheeky (bleeps)..
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:44 *laughs again* Don't worry, I'm sure they've already been punished wherever they came from.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:48 You bet they've already been punished. They had ONE JOB-
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:52 *suppresses the urge to crack up even more* Indeed.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:54 *takes a deep breath* Man, I feel GREAT.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:56 *smirks* You sure are acting the part.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 04:58 Everything is just sort of spinning around and around. It's amazing!
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:00 *heads down to the throne room and sits down, still holding his head*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:02 Sounds dizzying.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:04 What's "dizzying"?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:14 It's what you just described.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:19 Okay. *pauses, then looks at Eira* Am I alive?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:24 Yes...well, at least I hope so.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:31 Yeah, that would be sad if I was dead... But then I could be like SIKE! I'M BACK, (BLEEPS)!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:38 *laughs* Oh my god...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:38 Yes. Yes you could.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:42 Oh! I could go to my own funeral! *chuckles* They'll never see it coming!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:47 Nope, they wouldn't.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:49 It'd be the ultimate prank, wouldn't it?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:50 Yeaaah...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:52 My belly feels weird...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:53 That food must have poisoned me or...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:56 No, no, the food was fine.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:56 You might've eaten too fast. Try to lay off the food for a bit, okay?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 05:56 If it gets worse, say so.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:00 Okay..
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:01 *falls asleep for several seconds*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:03 *looks at him, trying to simply fathom the possibility that he went from super hyper to completely asleep so fast*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:07 *lifts his head* Whoa.. I can't feel anything.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:09 Wait what?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:12 I can't feel my toes, I can't feel my arms, I can't feel my back. It's awesome. No pain. What IS pain?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:16 Um... *turns to Olympia* He's numb in his toes, arms, and back...is that normal? Olympia: Yes, some numbness like that is normal, so long as it goes away after a while. If it persists, let me know.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:21 *falls asleep again*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:25 *when she turns back towards him, he's already asleep*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.30 06:25 *would ask Olympia if that's normal too, but she doesn't want to wake him up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.30 06:37 *leaves the bathroom, having ironed his suit and trimmed his hair* Kieron isn't around to cook anymore as far as I know, so we'll have to make our own breakfast.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.30 06:39 *teleports to the throne room* A deal is a deal, Litho. You hand them over without a fight. *Pandemonium: Just take them and go.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.30 06:44 *nods a little* Yes...he left years ago...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.30 06:44 *Jane hasn't replied to what she said*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.30 06:44 Come on, Jane. Let's get something to eat. *takes Jane back over to Saxon*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.30 06:45 *finally speaks* It feels weird here... Aedona: Yes...yes it does. Don't worry, we'll go home soon...get you back into your regular clothes...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.30 06:49 *starts toward the kitchen, meaning he has to go down the stairs, which is a slow process*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.30 06:51 *grabs his arm with her good hand and gestures for Jane to hold onto her other arm* Here, let me tesser you. Where are you headed?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.30 06:52 Just down to the kitchen.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.30 06:56 Alright, let's go. *tessers the three of them there*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.30 06:59 Thank you. Anything in particular you want? We might not have it, but it's worth the look.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.30 07:02 There's nothing in particular I'm in the mood for, though Jane likes cereal with banana slices. *Jane perks up a little*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.30 16:43 The freeze dried stuff or fresh banana? *grabs some bowls and heads to the pantry*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 03:39 Fresh.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 03:51 Oh good. I am a bit rusty when it comes to... Well.. Everything. So freeze drying may have been a bit of a pain.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.31 04:02 What's freeze drying do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 04:06 It makes food not go bad.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.31 04:16 Oh...how?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 04:19 Essentially deep freezing something and removing all moisture from it.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.31 04:31 Okay.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 04:32 *tries to help out by looking through the pantries and getting things*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 04:34 *puts a banana on the counter and a knife next to it* Aedona, would you mind? *goes to find cereal*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 04:37 Sure. *cuts up the banana**@ Saxon* Is there anything in particular you'd like?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 04:38 No, I'll just have what everyone else is having.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 04:48 Alright. *gets some bowls*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 05:01 *finds a couple different cereals and pours a bowl for himself, then grabs some milk*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:07 *pours Jane some cereal and adds the banana slices*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:07 *gets a bowl for herself without banana slices*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 05:11 *takes a seat and starts eating*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:14 *once she's poured in the milk, she gives Jane her bowl and the two of them sit down and eat as well*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.31 05:15 *still looks at Saxon a lot*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.31 05:24 *it doesn't take long for him to find the three* Good morning. I hope Litho kept his word. *stares at Saxon, but doesn't say anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:36 I think he did, though I have a few...doubts. *glances at Jane pointedly*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.31 05:37 I will have you know now that anyone interacting with him does not void the deal since he would have made no conscious choice to bother either of you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:39 *sighs and nods a little*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.31 05:39 *just looks down at her bowl, fiddling with her food with a spoon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:45 *notices how Cataclysm has been staring at Saxon**looks at Saxon, smiling a little, and puts an arm around him*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.31 05:46 We can leave whenever. I'm afraid Saxon cannot join us.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.31 05:47 *He looks sympathetic, but his voice is firm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:49 *looks rather somber**nods a little* We'll finish breakfast and then go.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 05:50 I'll be alright. Just focus on keeping Jane safe. *looks up at Cataclysm* You, too.
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.31 05:51 *Nods* I'll do my best.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 05:57 *leans her head against Saxon's shoulder for a few moments, and then reluctantly goes back to eating**her appetite is gone, however*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2019,Oct.31 05:58 *looks at Saxon for a few moments when he mentions her, but doesn't say anything and eats as well*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:04 *finishes eating before Jane*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 06:08 * finishes eating and grabs all the dishes as long as everyone is finished eating and takes them to the sink*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:08 *hugs Saxon* I wish you could come...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:11 *she got up and went over and hugged him, of course*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 06:14 So do I, but someone has to keep Litho occupied and maybe even pull some strings to make life just a little easier.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:15 Please be careful...I don't want to lose you again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 06:27 You won't. I promise.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:31 Litho usually mandates that I have to visit the city every few days, so... *looks up at him* I may be seeing you again soon.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 06:33 I'll be waiting. He won't hurt you again. Not while I'm around.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:39 Just don't get hurt yourself. That's what matters.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 06:42 I won't. At the very least I'll have some time to recover.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:43 *nods a little and lets him go reluctantly**gestures for Jane to come over to her side*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:45 *looks at him, smiling with longing and worry* I love you.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Oct.31 06:47 I love you, too.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Oct.31 06:53 *hesitates for a few more moments, and then reluctantly walks over to Cataclysm with Jane**tries not to look away from Saxon*
9>Cataclysm (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Oct.31 06:58 Take care of yourself. *teleports Aedona and Jane back to the mansion*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Oct.31 07:11 ~A FEW DAYS LATER...~ *Mayhem is finally allowed to leave Emerson's place**she has been staying with Mayhem the vast majority of the time*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Oct.31 07:18 *has decided to spend a lot of time on the great plains of Kvetti. He keeps a fairly happy demeanor while people are around, though he prefers his time alone.*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 03:48 *has been checking on Mayhem at least once a day, though the amount of time she spends with him lessens over time as she catches on more and more that he wants to be alone**has been in contact with her mother through the orb as well and has relayed
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 03:49 information to both parties--e.g. she's told Aedona that Mayhem is safe and recovering on Kvetti, and she's told Mayhem that Aedona and Jane are fine*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 03:50 *she has most certainly learned of Saxon's return, and probably slipped that fact into one of the times she relayed the news of what's going on on Auceaster to Mayhem*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 03:59 *by now she has gone home from today's visit to Kvetti*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 03:59 *a few hours after Eira leaves, he shows up on Kvetti*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:02 *Is sitting by a lake, staring into the water, poking at it with a stick on occasion*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:06 *it takes him a while, but eventually he shows up at the lake Mayhem is sitting by*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:09 Hello again...it's been a while.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:17 ...So it has..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:30 *pauses**then says:* You probably know why I'm here.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:31 I've been gone for a long while, and...there's only one member of my family left who I haven't seen.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:31 I.. I can't..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:35 *looks at him for a few moments**suddenly seems very on edge* Explain.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:36 I can't take anyone to the heavens. ...Not anymore..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:37 *takes a step towards him* What do you mean?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:40 I mean I cannot go to the Sundra.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:43 Why?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:45 *doesn't respond*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:49 *his tone has become dark* I don't have much patience left for anyone, Malaucay.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:50 Now...I've put in a considerable amount of time to track down your whereabouts.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 04:50 I need to know WHY.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 04:59 ... I don't want to get into why..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:03 *approaches him, stopping just a few feet away from him* Well I do.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 05:16 *finally lets an edge into the tone of his voice* Good for you..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:25 Will you answer me or will I have to provide some encouragement?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 05:32 Why won't you just accept that I can't go there anymore?
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:35 Because that would mean accepting that I'm cut off from someone I've been wanting to see for a long, long time, and that my one window of opportunity to do so is shut.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:36 There are times I accept things and times I don't. This is one of the times I don't, so you had better have a good explanation for why you can't take me to her.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 05:44 *huffs* You have to be flown there. That cannot happen anymore.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:46 I am aware. But WHY? *goes to grab him by the collar of his shirt*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 05:50 *quickly pushes himself just out of reach of Vitar, kicking up a mixture of sand and shadow magic as he does so* DON'T (BLEEPING) TOUCH ME!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:53 *instinct makes him go to block with white magic, but his reaction is too slow and he gets a bit hit by the sand and magic**winces and gags slightly, then glares intensely* Just ANSWER ME! *creates a vaguely hand-shaped mass of white magic and directs it
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 05:53 at Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 06:00 *Blocks the attack and retaliates with a blast of dark flames* WHAT USE IS A DOWNED BIRD?!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:05 *directs a powerful blast of white magic into the ground, using it to propel himself up and backwards, dodging the flames*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:06 *the magic travels through the ground and bursts up around Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 06:15 *teleports away from the magic, summoning his bow, arrow already nocked. The moment he appears elsewhere he lets it go. a dark streak follows close behind it*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:25 *summons his staff and turns slightly towards Mayhem, using magic to spin his staff extremely fast to deflect the arrow*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:27 *looks at Mayhem* You don't seem very downed to me! *teleports near him and aims a blow with his staff at Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 06:34 What reason would I ever have to lie? The way I see it, you are trying to take what little pride I have left! *swings the bow at the staff*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 06:36 I shouldn't have to explain what's wrong with me!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:37 Oh, I'M the one stealing from you?! *teleports to his other side and swings his staff at him*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:43 After years of H**L I just want the ability to see all of my kids! What do you expect me to ask of you?!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.1 06:45 You have no room to speak! This is MY home! MY planet! I came here to be left alone! *slams the bow against the ground. Several shadow serpents form and move to attack Vitar*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:47 *says as soon as he sees the serpents:* Don't sass me like this!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.1 06:48 *snaps his fingers, and in a burst of white a cluster of eggs form, hatch, and grow within seconds into hawks that immediately dive to attack the serpents*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:01 *walks into her and Louis's house and sits down on the couch
18>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Nov.2 03:02 *walks into the livingroom and sees Sara whos clearly upset he sits by her quickly putting a hand on her shoulder* hey...Hey are you ok what happend?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:03 *a tear or two slips out* Im...just having a tough Day...I...my....one of my family members dies a few years ago and someone brought it up and I just....I thought I was over it and just...It still hurts...
18>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Nov.2 03:06 *hugs her tightly on the couch*...its ok... hey...the pain never goes away...imagine a box with a moving ball in it...when ever the ball hits the box it hurts unbearably at first the ball is huge touching the sides every second but as time goes by the
18>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Nov.2 03:09 ball gets smaller and touches the sides less frequently but when it dose it still hurts just as bad... you ball just hit the wall today and thats ok...its ok for it to hurt..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:10 *cuddles up next to Louis* dont ever die...ok?...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 03:11 *the hawks are large and reinforced with white magic*
18>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Nov.2 03:12 when we get old and grey...Ill let you die first before I die...that way you wont have to see me die *kisses the top of her head and she snuggles into him*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 03:12 I go wherever I want and say whatever I want! Whether or not this is your planet, you have no ability to stop me!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:13 *Louise turns on a movie and they watch it together*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:15 *the serpents are agile and spit venom at the hawks* *surrounds himself in a magical cloak and puts space between himself and Vitar* leave me be.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 03:16 Not until I get answers!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:18 *feels her pockets and sighs* I forgot my phone...Ill be right back...*walks outside and down the street then telaports off her hood is over her head which is actually rare for her she knocks on Eiras door*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:20 *answers the door, sighing* Hi...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:22 *shes looking down at her feet not at Eira like she normally dose* I...I um left my phone on...here in your counter.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:23 Answers are hard to give!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:23 You did? Huh...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:23 *is sitting on the couch, writing in a journal*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:24 yeah...it...it turns invisible if im more then 20 feet away...so you...probably didnt notice it.. can you..or can I just get it please
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:26 Sure. *goes to the counter, where the phone is now visible, and gets it*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:28 *brings it back to Sara**notices her mannerisms* ...Are you alright?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:29 *looks up and takes the phone her face is red and a bit puffy and tears are still on her face so she has obviously been crying* thanks...* starts walking off*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:29 *nvm that*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:30 *comes out onto the front porch* Seriously, are you alright?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:30 *she didnt walk off*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:30 [Nvm that.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:31 No im not [Bleeping] Alright...why would I be after that letter you sent? That was an awfel and cruel Thing to do.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:31 What do you mean? I was only trying to help you.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:34 Help me what?...Help remind me that I cant see my Daughter ever again?! what is wrong with you? *tears are pouring down her face*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:36 So you'd prefer not to know that your daughter is perfectly safe and happy?
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:38 And what do you mean by "can't see my daughter ever again?" I know someone who could contact her.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:40 No
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:41 ...Or...maybe not...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:41 I cant get there! its an afterlife I cant get into afterlives believe me I have tried! what you did is told me that my daughter was alive and then told me I couldn't see her again!
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:43 Look...after my death, my mother would've given ANYTHING to know I was alive and well, even if she was cut off from me.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:43 Why would you do something like this to someone... *she isnt yelling shes just crying alot*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:43 Doesn't knowing that she's alright mean anything to you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:44 Apparently not.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:44 Eira...I knew I could never see her again I accepted that and moved on and then you just dug that all back up...
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:44 I'm sorry. I didn't know this would necessarily hurt you--I thought I was doing you a favor.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:45 I knew were she was I knew she was ok, I knew she was in an afterlife thats why I said she was dead...she just moved afterlives.
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:45 I thought I was doing you good because, frankly, if someone had done my mother such a favor she may not have wound up in a psychiatric ward.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:47 The least you could do is be grateful that she's happier here and carries a noble task. *sketches a creature on the page of his notebook*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 03:48 *has been visibly uncomfortable since Sara started crying* Sara, I...I'm sorry. *goes to give her a hug*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:49 Im not your mother. I was happy I was moving on with my life...what you did was mean and cruel whether you meant it that way or not...Im going now Please dont contact me again...I dont want to be around people who act without thinking about how it will
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:49 hurt others.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:50 *stepped back before Eira could hug her*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:50 Do you want to see what your daughter has created?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:51 *looks at Roffe* Everyone knows that their loved ones are happier in the afterlife. but im never going to see her again and im allowed to be upset by that fact. Im glad shes happy but I never get to see my baby girl again...and I dont know if thats
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:52 something any of you would understand.... Maybe one Day I would like to see what she made but for now it hurts to much...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:57 Whatever.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 03:58 Eira...please just...just stay away from me for now... *telaports off still in tears*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 04:04 *stands there on the front porch for a few moments**then closes the door behind her, goes down to the base of the stairs, and yells as she kicks one of her potted plants*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 04:05 *pants, her foot hurting**sees that the pot broke and mutters a swear word**sits down, resting her arms on her bent knees*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 04:13 *teleports near Mayhem and swings his staff in such a way that his arms and staff are propelled by magic, and thus made hundreds of times faster than they normally would be*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.2 04:14 *walks around for a few hours until the crying stops before heading home*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 04:20 *lets the cloak take the brunt of the attack*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 05:04 *a little while later, he stops attacking, panting a little*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 05:06 Why aren't you attacking?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 05:20 I'm in no position to attack right now.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 05:37 And why is that if this is your territory?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 05:49 Because even dying for this place wouldn't fix me.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 05:49 If I decided to fight now, I wouldn't back down.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 05:51 Why? Desperation, maybe, but I know it won't help me. If I am to fight, it'd best be when I am capable of fighting without my magic.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 06:05 ...What happened to you?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.2 06:12 I messed up and paid dearly..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.2 06:45 *just looks at him, as if waiting for him to go on*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 02:35 I believe the term is "stigmata".. The meaning is a little different from Earth..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.3 03:47 *again doesn't say anything**turns away, his expression clouded*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 03:50 I just don't want to accept it.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.3 03:52 *just nods a little*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.3 04:08 *has intuitively folded his arms in such a way as to try to cover up his wrists*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 04:17 *sits back down, muttering quietly to himself* At least someone gets you now, little brother... You were right.. Adrenaline does work..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.3 04:19 *mutters* Son of a [BLEEP]... *tessers away*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 04:37 *stares into the water* ...What else were you right about...?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 05:13 *she is on Kvetti and walking through the plains*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 05:16 *she came here to look for Mayhem**the commotion Vitar created has helped her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 05:21 *a little while after Vitar leaves, she finds the area Mayhem is in*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 05:28 *has just been staring into the water the whole time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 05:33 *spots him* Malaucay...?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 05:34 *flinches*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 05:39 *her voice is quiet and gentle* How are you doing?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 05:46 .... How do you think?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 05:47 *sighs and approaches him slowly* I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 05:52 *mutters quietly* You should be...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 06:03 This is my fault...if there's anything I can do...just... *sighs again*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 06:12 What could you possibly do?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.3 06:16 *goes silent*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 06:27 Exactly.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.3 06:47 [Idk what to DoooooOOO]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.3 18:13 Funny how karma doesn't give a (bleep) how hard you've tried to change your fate. Or maybe it's just me. No one else seems to have this luck.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 04:14 Why didn't you just let me die?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 04:27 I don't know
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 05:08 *has stopped approaching him and is a couple yards away* I had it coming to me for not listening to you or Cadmael...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 05:09 I'm just...I'm so sorry...I want to help you...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 05:23 You can't help me. There's nothing to help
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 06:05 There has to be something...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 06:13 I don't want any help..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 06:17 *pauses* I'll go, then...though...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 06:18 At least...before I go...let me do this... *goes to give him a hug*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 06:27 *shoves Aedona away, then quickly moves to tackle her* Do NOT touch me! All of this is happening because of YOU! I have NOTHING left!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 06:30 *she did expect the shove, but she didn't expect to be tackled, so she does not react fast enough to stop him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 06:32 *doesn't fight back, guilt written all over her face*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 06:45 All these years I've done nothing but cater to everyone else's wants! When do I actually get what I want?! You know, it would be so easy to just take it and forget about everyone else!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 06:55 *fear enters her eyes, but she doesn't move*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 07:05 I don't because I'm too (bleeping) human! *sits up and goes silent*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 07:19 *slowly gets up, not saying anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.4 07:30 *walks away quietly*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.4 07:39 *digs his nails into the ground* (bleep)....
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.5 05:38 Whats wrong with me?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 06:10 *sits with Louis on the couch*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 06:11 I'm going to head out for a little while. *opens a portal to Kvetti and changes to his alternate form so he can swim with his subjects*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 06:14 *walks in between the lake and the mountains away from the plains**has decided to not directly head back to the mountains and walk beside the lakes*
13>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Nov.5 06:15 *just nods a little, still sitting outside*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 06:22 *at random moments creatures similar to mosasaurs jump from the water, flinging fish into the air before catching it and diving back down into the depths of the lake*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 06:31 *seems preoccupied, only pausing to watch for a few minutes before continuing on*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 06:31 *teleports directly to Rivkahs panicking hes broken and bruised and seems very very confused*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 06:40 *has been spending the last few days shakily trying to adjust to being on another planet**Amadeus has come to check on her quite often*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 06:41 *has also been extremely paranoid as of late**screams and falls back*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 06:41 *doesn't actually pay much attention to Aedona for awhile since he doesn't sense much of a threat.*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 06:53 *panics and steps back against the wall he gets down low and covers the back of his neck shaking and terrified* W...Were am I?...w...who are you?!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 06:54 *eventually he does barely surface his head to watch her walk along the shore.*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 06:57 P...Please dont hurt me!....
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:18 Milo!! Milo, it's me, Rivkah!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:18 Oh my god...just...what the...?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 07:21 *doesn't notice him**is staring at the ground in front of her as she walks, though she's not really looking at it*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:25 H...How d...do you know my name?! I never met you why do you know my name?! Y...your...your not a scientist...this isnt...the lab...were am I?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:26 You're at my house...wherever it is...you're safe from Sara, okay?!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:27 Wha? I...Ive never even met Sara! shes...just the girl from the videos!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 07:27 *sighs and swims over to Aedona*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:30 What are you talking about?? She hurt you!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:31 Maybe...maybe she did something to you...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:32 I...Ive never even been in the same room as her! and even if I was...shes like broken to pieces I dont think she could physically hurt anything
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:32 She did something...tampered with your mind...yeah...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:33 Um...what's the last thing you remember??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:34 Wait...no your distracting me so I let my gaurd down...*stands up but keeps his back pressed against the wall* Why am I here?! WEre am I?! who are you?! your not Dave, or Tomphson, or Anderson, or Collins...Someone I know is ALWAYS in the room when Im
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:34 with new people for the first time!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:37 I'm Rivkah...I protected you from Sara. This is my family. *some people are peering in, very confused*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 07:38 *doesn't notice Roffe until he's close to the shoreline**pauses and looks at him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 07:39 Are you lost?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 07:39 I don't think so.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:40 J...Just send me back!! Im not saposed to leave! im saposed to stay in the lab send me back!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 07:41 The fjord is that way. The kid resides with the wolves who live on the other side of the mountain.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 07:43 *nods a little* I know...I lived in one of the fjords once.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:44 I can't! I don't know how! How did you even get here??
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 07:44 So I have heard.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:45 *looks down in a bit of horror* I....I...cant...remem...ber...I...dont...I dont....*starts panicking*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.5 07:45 If you would prefer to get back to the other side soon, I would not be opposed to taking you.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:46 I...I...I...I have to get back before they hurt me again!...I...Im not saposed to leave! they hurt you if you leave!! *screams* Just take me back!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.5 07:46 Well...I'm really not sure if I want to get back soon. Thank you for your offer.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 07:46 *he is shaking in terror*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.5 07:47 I can't!! Hey, calm down!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 19:54 T...T...They are going to kill him if Im not back!! You have to get me back!! I...I have to let them know that I didnt Want to leave please!! I...I cant I...Please!! Just...phone!! give me a phone!! Please!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.5 20:30 *he grabbed onto Rivkahs shirt and shook her a bit*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 04:41 *nods* Would you like a companion? I do not mind leaving the lake for a little while. *looks up at the mountains* The hills can be hard to climb for someone with short arms.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 04:44 *hesitates a little* Alright, sure.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 04:46 Fun. *climbs out of the water and shakes himself off* How is Aidan? The wolves treating him well?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 04:51 I suppose so...they're aggressive with him, though. *starts walking*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 04:53 So they don't like him. Figures. They don't like other humanoids.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 04:55 *chuckles* I'll bet he can take them on any day.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:00 Um...yeah, okay... *gets a phone from one of her family members and gives it to him* We're still not entirely sure how this thing works...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:01 We just got here a few days ago...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:09 *he clicks the keypad since every phone has that button and he types in the phone number for the lab but since its an earth number it Redirects to Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:09 *sees her phone ring and steps outside* Why are you trying to call the lab?!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:10 I...I need to tell them I didnt escape I...I didnt try to leave please! I need to talk to them! its an emergency!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 05:11 *shrugs her shoulders* Probably. It still worries me a bit.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:11 *sighs* you...suddenly appeared next to a girl named Rivkah and your stomach feels queezy with a slight headache maybe?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:12 y...yes that...thats e...exactly what happend
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:13 ok whats your name and your ID number, and Im guessing you have someone in their you live? I need his too I'll take care of it.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:15 ok my na..*the phone suddenly shuts off playing the dial tone* Hello?! Wait no! no! gaw no!! I...it shut off!!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:15 Oh there's no need to worry about those bumbling canines hurting him.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:15 Get it back! Get it back!! *hes pressing the screen in a panic but it wont go through*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:17 What the h**l?! *takes the phone and tries to fix it*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:19 *starts panicking more* they are gonna kill him!! If...If I cant get back they are gonna kill him..hes all I have!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:20 Who's going to kill who??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:25 Collins is going to give the order to have Timothy killed if Im not back!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 05:25 *nods a little**keeps walking in silence for a few moments, and then says:* What's your name?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:26 Timothy?!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:26 *gets out her own phone and gives it to him*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:27 See if calling them on that works.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:28 *he does it and it goes directly to Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:28 ok hand the phone to the girl rivkah we dont have alot of time...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:29 *hands it to Rivkah* she wants to talk to you
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:29 It depends on who you talk to, really.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 05:30 What do most people call you?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:31 *takes it, confused*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:32 can...I telaport over to fix this for him, im sorry they had your dna as the most recent thats probably why he was telaported to you
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:33 *nearly drops the phone*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:33 No!! You stay the [BLEEP] away from him!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:35 No! No Please! I need to let them know I didnt try to leave please! they are gonna kill him!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:37 *trys to grab the phone away from Rivkah*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:38 I can't let her get you!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:39 *tries to keep the phone out of his hands, but she didn't expect that reaction from him so she's not very quick about it*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:43 Most people called me Rapacity because I liked stealing things and hoarding treasure.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 05:45 I dont care about me they will kill him!! *he knocked it out but didnt manage to grab it*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:47 *hangs up and calls Amadeus tells him that a subject from the lab telaported to Rivkah and they are both panicking*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 05:48 *tries to get the phone before he does*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 05:49 *sighs* And what am I supposed to do about it?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 05:50 Ah.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 05:50 Is there any particular reason why you chose to approach me, Roffe?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:52 I did not have reason other than I did not expect Malaucay to get any visiters.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:52 tell him...that you have contact with the lab get his name and the number on his arm as well as the name of the person that hes freaking out about and his number
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 05:55 dont bring him back to the lab no matter how much he begs you though
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:00 Got it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:01 *goes to Rivkah's house and comes in without knocking*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:01 *sees Amadeus and panics* Wait, no!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:01 Don't take him!! No!!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:02 Settle down. I'm not taking anybody. *approaches Milo* What's your name and number?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:04 He's got a negative track record with psychologically crushing events. Most would leave him alone until he finds a way to cope.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:05 Milo 8657903245672
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 06:06 *doesn't say anything, focusing on the ground ahead of her as she walks*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:06 Please I need to get back or at the very least talk to them please!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:07 *writes the number in magic on his arm* Alright. How about the other guy and his number?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:08 I am not surprised that your experience was less than pleasant. He's quick to push people away.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:09 Tim...his name is tim... and its 9877306472951...Please! I need to get back to him!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:11 You're not going anywhere. Sorry. *leaves*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:12 Wait no!! *crys out then turns around looking for Amadeus who suddenly disapeared* T...The phone I...I need it back!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:13 Why?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:13 *calls Sara and gives her the names and numbers*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 06:14 *just nods a little, appearing calm and continuing to focus on where she's going*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:14 I...I need to get back!!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:15 You do not appear too thrilled about seeing me. Why might that be?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:15 *telaports to the lab and destroys their teleporting progress completely then Goes to try and find Timothy*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:21 Get back where??
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:21 *gives him the phone*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 06:22 It's nothing personal.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:23 I figured you might have some questions.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:24 the lab... *he trys calling again but it just goes to dial tone he sits down and trys over and over and over again*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:24 [Milo ment to say that]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 06:24 Questions about you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:28 About me, Eira, Saxon. Whatever.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:28 *he sits there repeatedly typing them over and over and over again*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:29 *calls Amadeus* hey.....how...what can you do with your magic? healing wise?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:32 Um...Milo...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:32 Um...not much...I don't do organic matter...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:33 Char would know some healers, though. Why?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:33 *he ignores her and keeps dialing*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:38 Milo, it won't work...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:39 his hand...its embedded in the wall literally like its concreted into the wall I...I cant move him without like cutting it off just wondering if you know anyone who can regrow limbs with healing magic beacause I dont
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:39 *continues to dial without saying a word*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:41 I don't know...the Panthean gods can do that sort of thing, but that's because their bodies are made of the same magic they use to heal themselves with.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:42 Milo, stop it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 06:42 I mean, I've had questions, they've just been...driven from my mind as of late...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:43 *just keeps doing it*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:44 I could slowly chip away at it but I dont have time for that...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 06:44 *sighs*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:45 they are gonna be swarming this room in a few minutes, should I just...take him without the hand?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:45 Aren't there some really good doctors you could take him to?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 06:46 *he keeps pressing it hearing the dial tone over and over and over and over and over and over again*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:46 If that's what you have to do, then sure.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:47 They are not miracle workers Amadeus.... like they could get him a great prosthetic I guess
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:50 You think too much about his wellbeing. He'll be alright eventually. Might go on hiatus.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:52 Better than nothing.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:52 I'll ask Char about this.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 06:55 Thanks, Ill take him to the house with me not...the earth one obviously but yeah... *hangs up and injects Something into timothy to knock him out them telaports with him without his hand directly to a doctor*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 06:59 *goes to find Char*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 06:59 *nods a little**doesn't say anything for a little bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 07:00 Eira never told me why she trusts you so much.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 07:01 *texts Amadeus to tell Rivkah and Milo that Timothy is safe when hes done*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:04 *he continues trying to call the noises from the phone are repetitive and annoying*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 07:07 *texts back "OK"**then texts her again, stating that it is possible for the gods to help a mortal with a lost limb, but the gods lend their healing magic to mortals only on exceedingly rare occasions*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 07:08 *texts back that Char says that so long as Timothy is in the hands of a really good doctor, he should be given a new hand that's just as good as the old one*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 07:08 Milo, can you stop that?! It's not going to work!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:08 *texts him to try and convince them and if they want anything from her in exchange*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 07:09 I have given little reason not to trust me.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:11 [Sara ment to do that]
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:12 *continues to ignore her and pressing the repetitive numbers beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep Dial tone...and repeate*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 07:13 *texts back ok and waits for Timothy to come out of surgery*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 07:15 *texts back stating that there's nothing she could give them that they couldn't get on their own*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 07:16 *texts that Char has heard of doctors who can make biological matter, and thus maybe they could do the job of cloning Tim's hand and attaching it to him*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 07:17 *did that before Sara put Timothy into surgery*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.6 07:17 *soon goes back to Rivkah's place* Hey, just stopping by to say that Tiim's safe. Goodbye. *leaves*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 07:19 Maybe. But I haven't heard many reasons as to why you should be trusted with matters so sensitive.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:20 W...wait...can...can you call him back here?! I need to see Timothy I need to be with him!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 07:30 I dunno...do you have his number?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:32 t...the guy who was just here! I dont know him...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:39 *stops and thinks for a second* wait...t...this...this is a Sim isnt it?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.6 07:40 What??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.6 07:42 *set the phone down and starts chuckling* of....of course its a sim none of this makes sense...I never left....
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 07:43 Good. You do not need to know me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.6 07:44 *looks at him* Why not?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 14:53 If everyone knew who I was as a person, they would certainly be less intimidated by me. Not very helpful in my profession.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.6 14:56 I was reluctant to reveal my relation to Eira for her own safety as well.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 04:52 *suddenly pauses (not just in speech, but in movement/walking as well)*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 04:56 "Relation" as in...?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 04:59 Lineage. What other context could I have been referring to?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 05:16 Huh...she didn't tell me about this...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 05:18 And I would prefer if she didn't tell anyone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 05:23 She can keep secrets and I can too.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 05:26 Debatable, but that is besides the point. It's not exactly a good thing to let it be known that you are descended from a god. Especially one regarded as a demon.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 05:35 *nods and starts walking again*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 05:41 It wasn't because Malaucay was a demonic deity that the humans took his child from him, but history sure says so. Hence there are precautions that must be taken.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 05:42 *climbs up onto a ledge*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 05:48 *climbs up after him**pants a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 05:50 Why...did they take his child?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 05:59 The child was illegitimate. Born as a result of an affair he'd been having. The mother's father, Adonis, had the choice of taking either his daughter or her child's life as punishment. He chose the child. Malaucay snapped after that. This is why history
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 05:59 regards Malaucay as a manipulative, demonic entity, while Adonis is seen as this great hero. There was no heroism in the events that had taken place that day.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.7 06:18 *the phone rings with a text message he hands the phone to Rivkah and sighs* yeah..ok...defintiyl a sim
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 06:20 *nods a little, thinking as she continues her climb*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 06:21 When I say I don't tell people these things I mean I haven't even told my brothers that I even had a love interest.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.7 06:29 [@ Caprial: Hi! My replies on Hangouts will be fast and my replies on here will be slow because, for whatever reason, RP-City is extraordinarily slow for me tonight and often refuses to load.]
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.7 06:37 [@ Caprial: Hi! My replies on Hangouts will be fast and my replies on here will be slow because, for whatever reason, RP-City is extraordinarily slow for me tonight and often refuses to load.]
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.7 06:37 [*internal screaming*]
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.7 06:41 What the h**l are you talking about?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 06:43 I won't tell them either, then.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 06:47 Good. Climbing only gets harder from here on. I'm still willing to carry you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 07:01 Alright...at this point I'd be grateful if you did.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 07:04 *picks Aedona up by the back of her shirt and puts her on the base of his neck* Hold on. *starts climbing the cliffside*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 07:21 *holds on tight, looking down/out at the landscape below*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 07:28 Is Polonius treating Saxon well?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 07:31 ...I guess...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 07:31 He hasn't forced him to play games with him yet...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.7 07:33 That's because he's too weak to play anything right now. It'd be unfair.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.7 07:36 True. But eventually it'll start again, and...I loathe that idea.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 05:43 (Hm)
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 05:45 Polonius learns from his mistakes. Usually. He doesn't want to repeat the same incident, so it's likely that he will play games that are a little tamer. Nevertheless, I do not appreciate him toying with my family.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 05:47 Is there anything you can do to help?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 05:52 Maybe. Polonius would not be happy to have his toys taken from him, so that is something to take into consideration.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 05:56 *sighs* Why does he regard people as toys?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 06:03 I don't know exactly why. His life is kind of a mystery. He will hardly talk about whatever made him the way he is now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:06 *just nods a little, deciding to keep her thoughts to herself*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 06:13 *sits down just over halfway up the mountain* I haven't scaled this rock since I was young. Quite refreshing. *looks down at the lake*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:18 *slides off of him and looks out at the view below*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:19 It's pretty...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 06:26 Very pretty. 0
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 06:27 It's a wonderful place to just unwind. Not a place for conflict, though. It just seems... Inappropriate.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:28 *nods* Yeah...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:29 I've been to a number of places that are similar in that regard.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 06:30 Irakurri has only one truly peaceful place, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:34 Indeed it does...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:46 I've been hoping to eventually get Jane there...so she'll be safe.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 06:52 That's not for me to do. I cannot go to that place. Most of my descendants can. I don't think Corvis can.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 06:56 *nods a little*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 07:10 Yep... Can't fool the guardians.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.8 07:13 What do you mean?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 07:16 *nods a little again and continues looking out at the view for a minute**then looks up at him* Would you have any idea as to why the doctor suddenly decided to revive Saxon?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.8 07:18 That was my doing. Speaking of which, did the doctor survive or is it just Saxon?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.8 07:46 Well...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 04:09 Its fake! your fake this is fake! nothing is real and im actually back at the lab! you...got a text but that dosent matter since its not real!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 04:39 Um...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 04:39 M-maybe we should get you something to eat or a place to sleep...maybe you'll be better then...yeah...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 04:41 No...No no! Im fine Im fine... I know whats going on you cant drag me back into this narrative!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 04:47 *hesitates, then goes off to talk with her family a bit**a while later, Rivkah's mother brings Milo some food*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 04:50 [Rivkah should really check that text)
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 04:54 *she took her phone back once she went off to talk with her relatives**however, she hasn't checked the phone yet*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 04:54 *finally does take a look at it*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 04:56 *its a text from sara that says "tell milo tim is safe his hand was stuck in concreate but hes doing ok now" it has a picture of Sara and Tim, Tim seems to be smiling but his left hand is a stump now*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 04:58 *"show this picture to Milo so he knows tim is ok"*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 04:58 Hm?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:05 *is shaking, wondering what Sara has done to Timothy*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:06 I suppose he's gone...Saxon's AU counterpart is around and has the doctor's memories, but technically he's not the doctor.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:06 *has become tense since he mentioned the doctor*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:13 *walks back over to Milo**is about to say something to him, but hesitates*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 05:15 You can wake me up already I know its just a sim.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 05:16 The doctor wasnt the most emotional character, huh?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:17 I understand why you want to believe this...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:18 But... *sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:18 *just shakes her head a little*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 05:22 but what?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 05:22 He was really focused on his work.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 05:31 *pauses* The other Saxon has the doctor's memories...?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:33 I believe so.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:33 But you're free now...you can at least appreciate that Sara doesn't have you.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 this is all just a simulation...the Sara stuff is probably just to confuse me I never even met her...thats probably a glitch in the sim are you guys working out bugs?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 05:37 That's not very safe
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:44 What??
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:45 Of course you met her...you and me and Tim--we were all trapped at her place...she tortured you...she tortured Tim.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:45 Maybe...maybe she's messed with your mind as well...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:46 I guessed that...but still, can you elaborate?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 05:46 *laughs* what are you talking about...yeah definitly a sim...Ive never met yo before well your fake so thats probably why and Ive never even been in the same room as sara neither has Tim
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 05:48 as far as sims go...this isnt your best one, probably someone knew running it. I know beacause you mention tim alot but I made a deal with the lab so they cant ever show his face in my sims
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 05:51 I'd rather not risk any more uses of corvid blood in science.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 05:54 Okay...yeah...she definitely messed with your mind...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:55 *nods a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 05:55 So...what could be done about this?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 05:59 I can make sure word never gets out that he carries corvid genes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 06:09 *nods a bit*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 06:09 Anyway, let's continue.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:12 no...no im not falling for this....Im...im done with this sim... *walks outside and climbs the drainpipe and stands on the roof*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 06:13 *nods again and walks over in order to get onto his back*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 06:16 *starts climbing the mountain again. It takes a little while to reach the top*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 06:27 *is shivering slightly from the wind and high altitude*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:28 *follows him outside and watches him climb* Hey, don't do that, it's not safe!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:33 Everyone knows if you die in a sim you wake up from it and since you guys are not ending it im jumping, *walks to the edge of the roof*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:34 Wait...WAIT NO!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:34 *calls her family frantically and runs over to where Milo would land*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 06:34 *begins the descent* Tell you what. If you orchestrate a plan where I get everyone off of Auceaster without leaving my brother getting the short end of the stick, I will come help.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:36 *just walks to the other side of the roof*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:41 *runs after him* What the h**l are you doing?!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:45 jumping off this building to end this sim unless you wanna end it now.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 06:49 I'm not exactly the "I will do anything and everything for my friends and family" kind of guy. I will do my part to help but there are limits. The younger generations must learn to make their own choices and be able to back them up.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:50 You've been in the same room as Tim! Don't you remember? Look! *holds up the phone with the picture*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 06:51 I understand.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:53 *grabs the phone then frantically steps away from the edge* no...no no...! this dosent make sense! were...were is he?! I need...I need to get to him!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 06:54 So yes I will help, but the plan must come from you lot.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:56 wait no...wait...his...face...so this is real...but that means....How did I get here?! who are you?! Oh...no no no!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 06:56 Why dosent he have a hand?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:58 The text says so! Didn't you read this?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 06:58 *says why!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 06:58 Alright,
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 06:59 *.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:00 *reads the texts* oh...they stuck it in concrete she got him out....ok I Ill just text her to come over here so she can bring me to him in the hosbital...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:01 No no no no NO!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:03 Th-that's a trap!!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 07:05 *stops at the edge of the forest* I'm going to rest here. Not because i need to, but because I'm feeling lazy.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 07:05 You should know your way back from here.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 07:06 *nods and hops off of him* Yes I do. Thank you.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:06 wha?...no Sara couldnt hurt a fly *starts texting*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 07:10 Bye, then. *lays down*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:15 even if it is a trap I dont care I need to be with him...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 07:17 *walks off back to the area where she last saw Aidan*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:18 No! She tortured you and she enslaved Tim! You just don't remember it!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:18 I thought she couldn't hurt a fly either once. Then she...she took me away. You need to stay away from her...she'll end you.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.9 07:21 *is sitting with a Skylos, enjoying a decent conversation with it*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.9 07:22 *looks up when Aedona returns* Back so soon?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:22 y...your Crazy! *starts quickly climbing down with the phone*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 07:24 *nods in greeting*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:25 No I'm not!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:25 What proof do you have that this isn't a trap?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:26 What proof do you have that it is?
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.9 07:26 I take it things didn't go so well?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:29 I've seen what she does to people, that's what!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:29 She's the sickest person in the wor--uh--universe!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 07:30 *shakes her head and sits down beside Aidan*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:30 thats not proof. I need to be with Tim.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:31 and she isnt Ive lived with sicker people then she could ever be...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:32 No you don't need to be with Tim! If you go to her you'll be worse than dead!
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.9 07:34 He's probably in a pretty bad state of mind... Litho didn't intend to go that far, if it means anything.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.9 07:37 *just responds with a neutral "Mmm"*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:37 Just...just wait a while, okay? Maybe...maybe I can talk her son Amadeus into getting Tim away from her and over here...yeah...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:38 Yes I do! He is the only person I care about! And if he is in danger then thats all the more Reason to Go!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:38 *said that before she said to wait*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:39 give me one good reason I should trust you, you are Crazy and not the good kind!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:39 Amadeus visits every so often...so maybe...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:41 Just...how about you have him take me to Timothy
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:42 Give me one good reason you should trust Sara!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:42 She enslaved Tim and she'll do worse to you1
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:43 *!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:44 what are you talking about?! Tim and I have been in that lab for the past 10 years! Saras just the girl from the info videos shea been beaten and broken so much Im surprised she can even function somewhat normally!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:45 no Im calling her to come get me *scrolls through the contacts looking for Saras number*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:48 *immediately goes to snatch the phone from him*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 07:49 *trys to keep it away from her as he clicks saras number*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.9 07:54 *practically tackles him as she grabs onto the phone*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.9 19:16 I know. I'm defending him again. Hard not to.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 20:00 *holds onto the phone for his dear life* NO!! NO!! Give it back please!! *He is panicking and trying to kick her off* I need him!! I need to be with him!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 20:03 *Bites rivkahs arm hards then kicks her off and runs with the phone and dials it holding it up to his ear*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.9 20:07 Hello?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.9 20:16 I...I..I need to talk to Timothy!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 04:21 *scrambles after him and punches him from behind*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 04:23 *shrugs her shoulders* Everyone defends what they were stuck growing up with...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 04:23 *with to some extent...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 04:39 *drops the phone frantically trys to pick it up*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 04:46 *snatches the phone and ends the call*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 04:48 No! Give it back! *tackles Rivkah*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 04:52 No!! *stuffs the phone into her clothes*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 04:53 *her family has finally come out**her mother screams "What is going on?!" and her father and brother yank Milo and Rivkah apart*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 04:54 *keeps fighting them although he isnt that strong* NO!! let me go!! I..I NEED HIM..I need to talk to him! *hes kicking biting and throwing punches*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.10 05:04 He shouldn't be defended..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 05:11 No, he shouldn't.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 05:16 But in the past I've even found myself trying to rationalize what Izar has done.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 05:16 It's natural to try to defend or find the best in those who have influenced you as you grew up.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:18 *there's a lot of yelling and arguing among her and her family members*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:18 *her brother--who's got Milo--yells at Milo to calm down and hold still*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:19 *her father's relatively quiet, while most of the yelling goes back and forth between Rivkah and her mother**Rivkah's second and younger brother watches from the sidelines*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:21 *hes fighting and struggling altho her brother is stronger thwm him, he bites his arm and when he lets go of that arm he using it to punch him in the face and run twards Rivkah*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.10 05:23 *sighs* I guess..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:25 Brother: You son of a-- *chases after Milo and goes to tackle him, now angry*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:25 *he grabs onto her shirt he dosent look angry but scared and desperate* Please!! Please I need to talk to him you dont understand!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:26 *starts crying* Please!...I..I love him!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:27 If you love him, don't call Sara!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:28 H
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:28 She will torture you both in front of each other! Just wait and I'll try to see if getting him back is an option, okay?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:28 *her brother tries to grab Milo* BACK OFF! *her brother does so, flustered*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:30 Hes all I have! Please I have to make sure hes ok! I have to...I have to...talk to him please!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:31 He is not okay, alright?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:31 And he won't be so long as he's with Sara!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:31 Y..Your Crazy!! Sara...Sara couldnt hurt a thing!! Let me at least talk to him please!!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:32 I...Ill do what ever you want please! J...just let me talk to him! 5 minutes please! all O need is 5 minutes!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:34 I'm NOT CRAZY!!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:34 *her mother has been yelling at her in the background this whole time**and yes, her mother has called her insane several times**her mother goes silent*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:35 If you're going to do whatever I want, stay here and shut up for 2 GODD*** MINUTES! ALL OF YOU!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:36 *his voice is barely over a whisper* please...why...why are you doing this to me...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:40 *walks away and calls Amadeus*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:41 *as soon as she's gone, her mother starts nagging again*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:41 I...I..I need him..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:43 H-hello?? Amadeus: *sounds vaguely annoyed* What now? Rivkah: U-u-u-um...I...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 05:43 Spit it out. I'm in the middle of something.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 05:44 C-c-can you ask Sara i-if Tim can come over h-here??
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 05:44 Tim who? Rivkah: The Tim she just rescued...Timothy...Milo's friend... Amadeus: Oh yeah.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 05:45 *sighs* Fine, I'll ask. But don't get the idea that I'll just do whatever you want whenever you want. I'm just doing this because you're just settling in and Sara told me to.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 05:45 *calls Sara* Hey Sara, have you got Tim with you?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 05:46 Yeah why?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 05:47 Hes pretty chill nice guy
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 05:48 Rivkah asked if he can come over to her place.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 05:50 *turns to tim* do you wanna go to Rivkahs house? Shes kind of Crazy but Milos there
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 05:50 Yes! Yeah! Wait...we are not in the lab so we can stay together now!!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 05:51 Yes you can! They cant keep you apart now *smiles* yeah Amadeus he says hed love to
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 05:52 Alright. Just...send him over I guess.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 05:53 Ok *telaports him over*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 05:54 Timothy!! *runs over and hugs him*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 05:55 Hey!! Hi...are you ok? *pushes milos hair behind his ear* Milo: me? What about your hand?..its gone...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 05:57 Timothy: Yeah Madson Stuck it on concrete...Sara that girl from the videos? She saved me! Yeah my hands gone but It dosent hurt and she made sure I got better and we dont ever have to go back to the lab! Shes just the sweetest thing
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 05:59 *hugs Milo, gently kisses the top of his head and rests his chin on it* I missed you
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:00 I missed you to...I..I was so scared youd get hurt...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:01 Im ok...im ok... Sara said this Rivkah girl is crazy though
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:02 *chuckles a bit* yeah..she...she is I..I took her phone and tried to call you...and we were fighting and I bit...her and her brother..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:02 *is pacing around, agitated**finally looks over and sees that Tim is with Milo and runs over* Tim!! Are you okay?!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:03 Aww...you bit people for me?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:04 *backs up pushing milo behind him when he sees Rivkah* who...are you?..
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:05 Its....Rivkah the..the crazy one
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:05 *grits her teeth* I'm not...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:05 Like..on a Scale from Bailey to Max how Crazy?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:06 About a Jeremiah level of Crazy...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:07 Ah...ok... *looks at Rivkah* Nice to keet you for the First time, since this is the first time Ive met you.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:08 No it's not...just...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:09 Sara must've really...really messed with both of your minds.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:09 I've met you before at Sara's place...both of you.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:10 *looks at Milo* she probably has SCS...Sara explained her to me a bit the situation and all
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:10 Oh...I remember the first time I had that...oh poor thing...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:12 Rivkah, I met sara for the first time Today she was very nice. Today was the first day I ket you, This is Milo Milo and I have been dating for 5 years.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:14 Rivkah's Mother: SCS?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:14 Rivkah's Mother: Please elaborate.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:15 No no no...that's just...that's just what Sara wants you to believe.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:16 Its a thing in the lab called Sim confusing Syndrome, see its common with a persons first few sims, since the simulations in the lab are so realistic most people confuse the fictional simulation with reality
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:18 Some people never learn the difference between sims and reality like Jeremiah and some like Milo can..well not tell them apart really but be able
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:20 to recognize sims by people acting differently, or strange situations, or by since he knows Im not in his sims due to that deal, asking me whats real or fake.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:21 *holds Timothys hand* mmhmm a deal was made that Timothys face isnt in sims...so I know this is real.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:21 here Rivkah....you tell me a statement like "your favorite color is green" then I will say true or false
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:22 sometimes over time when looking back...the sim memories are a bit orange tinted if I look really close
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:23 Rivkah's Mother: Ah...interesting...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:23 No...no, what I saw was real! All of it!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:25 I-I know what I saw! Rivkah's Mother: Haven't you listened to a word they said? Stop fighting this, you're clearly- Rivkah: I'm. NOT. CRAZY!!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:25 ok...ok...Rivkah...lets talk about something else ok?...like dreams? like....have you ever had that dream were all your teeth fall out?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:25 *turns and runs away*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:26 *puts his hand on Rivkahs moms shoulder* you acting like this twards her isnt helping.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:26 shes not Crazy your only making her feel worse about herself which isnt helpful.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:27 she went through something very tramatic that you wouldnt understand, she isnt crazy, she cant "just get over it" its going to take alot of time kindness and support and your not being supportive or kind right now
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:28 *runs after Rickah*...hey...Im...Im sorry I called you crazy...I...I know your not...I...Ive been though the same thing
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:30 Rivkah's Mother: I have been as kind to her and everyone as I can possibly be!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:30 Rivkah's Mother: Do not tell me how to care for my child!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:31 Leave me alone!
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:32 if that were true she wouldnt be running off *walks off to find Milo*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.10 06:33 Are you ready to leave?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:34 your heart is racing a mile a minute, your terrified of someone who used to be your friend, they did something to you you cant forgive, they terrify you, all while you keep appearing or waking up in strange places and your confused and hurt but you know
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 06:34 *nods*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:35 what happened to you, you know what that person did and you want to stop them, kill them even maybe...everyone says your wrong or crazy or they laugh at you but you know what happend and it hurts but no one belives you and that hurts more then what the
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:35 other person did right?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:38 *has ran into the house**stops just outside her room, but doesn't look back at them or say anything*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.10 06:39 Let's go, then. *sends the Skylos away then opens a portal back to Auceaster*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:40 *fins Milo* everything ok?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 06:40 shes pretty upset..best to leave it for a while until...she trusts us better then slowly
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:41 yeah slowly start talking and fixing it
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:41 *after a few moments, she goes into her room, slams the door shut, and locks it*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:42 *breaks down crying*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:42 ~THREE WEEKS LATER...~
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:45 *Milo and him have been basically stuck together like glue 24/7 cuddling and spending time together*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:48 *has been trying to figure out what's real and what's not with some help from Milo and Tim**she still doesn't really believe that what she saw wasn't real**overall, she's confused*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 06:50 *has been visiting the family at least a few times every week per Sara's instructions**he has tried to help the family find work and other means of sustaining themselves*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 06:50 *however, his visits are brief and all he does is provide advice; he doesn't have time to show them around*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 06:51 *Rivkah's mother takes a particular liking to him, often trapping him in fairly long talks*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 06:52 *finally returns to Kvetti*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:52 *is sitting on the couch running his fingers through Milos hair as Milos head rests on his lap*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 06:53 *he prefers not to stay for so long and honestly doesn't take much interest in almost anyone there except Rivkah**just the other day he had a conversation with her on the front porch; it was more cordial than the other conversations he's had with the
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 06:54 family, though the warmth was one-sided (Rivkah kept a rather cool demeanor)*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.10 06:54 *his warmth is primarily sympathy for her*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 *Rivkah's mother walks past Tim and Milo and shakes her head a little at them, muttering something (this is normal behavior that she's employed for weeks; she doesn't like the rampant and blatant cuddling)*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 *Rivkah's mother moves on to search for Rivkah*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 *is sitting in a tree next to a tall, slender character wearing a hawk skull mask. He, too, is wearing a mask, but his is in the image of a canine.*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 06:56 *sara did telaport him a phone and he and Milo Video chat with her oftain but they do it in their bedroom to respect Rivkahs fear of her in all honesty she probably has no Idea they do this*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 06:58 *soon finds the tree*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:00 *the character stands up when Vitar arrives and moves toward the opposite side of the tree*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:01 You don't have to leave yet. Stay awhile. *??: No. I don't like small talk. If he comes for my services, I will be happy to oblige. Otherwise, he needs not be graced with my presence.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 07:01 *they are in their room talking to Sara*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:02 *sighs* Whatever. Just get out of here, then. *the character disappears in a puff of shadow*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 07:02 *is laughing* And then, The whole Tuna was just Plastered on the ceiling!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:03 Oh my goodness! oh wait is the...is the bread still stabled to the poster in the old cafeteria?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 07:04 Thats supposed to be bread?!...I own James a pile of tater tots...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:05 you guys get tater tots?! wow... classy
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.10 07:05 *is playing Uno with Pandemonium and Aidan while they wait for Aedona to show up*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 07:05 hows...um Louis doing?
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 07:06 *mutters "Stuck up"*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:06 we are doing great! I just love him so much!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 07:06 *is distracted by Jane, so she arrives at Auceaster a little late*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:06 how about you two?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 07:07 Milos just glued to me,
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 07:07 *tugs at her sleeve to cover up a sparkly fake tattoo and heads to wherever Pandemonium and co. are*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.10 07:07 mmhmm and Im never gonna stop *gives him a quick peck on the cheek*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:07 It's his coping mechanism
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 07:08 Who was he?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:12 Glade things are going well!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:13 *is sitting upstairs, reading*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:13 I have to go now but Ill talk to you later! bye! *hangs up*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:13 My brother. I wanted to talk with him for a little while.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:14 *Rivkah's mother finds her and starts talking to her about what the family's been up to in terms of getting work and money*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 07:14 *they go back onto the couch and cuddle while watching a movie*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:15 *nods along, half listening since she's already aware of most of what her mother's talking about*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:16 Rivkah's Mother (RM): ...and it's almost like these interplanetary types see us as pets... *huffs* Like we're cute little invalids who are not qualified for anything.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:20 What do you want?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.10 07:22 *he and Pandemonium are currently spam-reversing each other* Dangit, play something else! *Pandemonium: *plays another reverse* *Saxon: (Bleep) You.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:23 RM:
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:24 *RM: No matter how hard we try, we're just not good enough for them...why? Because we're from Earth...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:24 RM: We just can't get a job, and...we're running out of money. Rivkah: *looks up* What??!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 07:25 *sighs* I suppose you might be ready to give a bit more of a detailed explanation.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:26 RM: Yes...though Tim and Milo still get their share, ours stopped coming.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:27 RM: In a couple months we...we might not be able to eat. Rivkah: What?! But...have you talked to Amadeus about this? RM: Oh, yes.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:28 What are we going to do?? RM: I don't know...without a job, there's nothing much we can do...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:28 I wouldn't be so sure.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 07:29 So I came all this way for nothing?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.10 07:29 *is on a date with Louis* I love you...you know that right?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 07:29 *has just come in to hear Saxon swear at Pandemonium* ...Oh gosh.
18>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Nov.10 07:30 to the ends of the universe and back *smiles*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:30 RM: *pauses, letting that sink in**then says:* You know, that Amadeus boy is quite nice.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:31 RM: He's handsome and he's got this cool thing he does...I think it's magic? *chuckles* I still can't quite believe what I saw...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:31 *has gone back to staring at her book, but isn't really reading it* Mmm. RM: He's very nice, too.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:32 RM: I think he even mentioned he's a god...which I guess means he can't die. I wonder...can a god make a mortal into a god, like they do in stories?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:32 RM: On top of all that he's in some sort of business thing with this other god...Carl? I think that's his name.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:33 RM: Apparently they're striking it rich and traveling to all sorts of places...what a life, what a life.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:33 RM: *pauses and looks at Rivkah* Rivkah: *finally looks back at her mother*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:34 *her tone is very tense* What about it?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:34 RM: Well...it would be nice if someday we could follow such a life too, don't you think?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.10 07:34 *turns to Aedona* Oh hi. *sees Pandemonium move in the corner of his eye and slaps his hand* No you don't! If you cheat, I win!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:35 RM: I saw him talking to you the other day...I think he likes you.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:38 RM: Maybe if you- Rivkah: *slams her book shut* NO!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:39 Just...just no! RM: Why not? Rivkah: He scares me, Mom! You know this! RM: I don't think I do.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:56 For god's sake Mom, they have welfare systems here! RM: What kind of living is that? Rivkah: *glares*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.10 07:56 ...It's better than what you suggested. RM: Not really...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 07:56 Hi. *comes over and sits down to watch, making sure she's not sitting next to Pandemonium*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 07:58 Do you want to know why my brother didn't want to interact with you?
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 08:00 Might as well. Why, then?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 08:01 I only wanted to spice things up a bit. *Saxon: You just want to finally win. Not gonna happen. I keep telling you it is NOT going to happen, so give it up. *plays a card and picks up his drink* I hope you got here alright, Aedona. Nothing
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 08:01 gave you any trouble? *looks at Pandemonium* *Pandemonium: What could I have done?!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 08:04 He doesn't want to see your wings. He doesn't want to see anything regarding divinity.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 08:05 No trouble...just the kids being themselves as usual... *forces herself to smile a bit briefly*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 08:06 And why is that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.10 08:09 Good. This one *points at Pandemonium* has been especially sketchy today. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried stalking you. *Pandemonium: Hey, I wouldn't miss a game like this for her. *Saxon: Yes, keep your hopes up. Whatever makes you happy.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 08:10 He lost his wings when he was a kid. Humans took them away from him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.10 08:12 *just shakes her head the tiniest bit in disapproval*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 08:12 Ah...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 08:13 I have heard that Irakurrians cannot get theirs back...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 08:13 *looks directly at Mayhem* I am sorry.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.10 08:15 *shakes his head* You need both wings to get to the Sundra..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.10 08:16 *nods in understanding*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:30 RM: Seriously, Rivkah, we cannot go on like this. Rivkah: So you'd throw me away just to get money? RM: I'm not throwing you away!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:30 RM: I've only ever shown you kindness and I've only ever done what's best for you and you treat me like garbage!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:32 *huffs* Just leave me the [BLEEP] alone. *storms into another room and closes the door and locks it*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:33 RM: You watch your mouth! Rivkah, don't lock the door! Rivkah? Rivkah: *doesn't answer*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:33 Rivkah: You'll be hearing from your father! You know that we don't like locked doors in this house! *huffs, exasperated, and walks off*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 04:40 *is cuddling with Timothy on the couch*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 04:44 *after a few minutes they head to their room to vc with Sara*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 04:45 So is there anything else you want?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 04:46 I'll always do whatever makes me happy. Hence why I wanna win this game! *Saxon: Keep on dreaming. Besides, aren't the terms of this game different from the usual?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:47 RM: *snoops around, not going directly to her husband, and soon peeks into Milo's and Tim's room to see what they're up to*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 04:47 Yes they are. If I win, I get to choose all the events of our next trip. Within reason, of course.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 04:49 *chuckles* Oh, man. You're going to hate what I have in store for WHEN I win.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.11 04:50 *notices RM and puts the phone down and looks at her* Can I help you?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 04:55 RM: Who were you talking to?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 04:55 *raises her eyebrows a little bit, surprised at Saxon's audacity*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 04:56 sorry Timothy I forgot to lock the door wont make that mistake again *gets up and walks over to the door to close and lock it*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 04:56 Perhaps suggestions on what to do next regarding my daughter?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.11 04:57 just a friend, please respect our privacy like we respect yours.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:02 RM: This is my house and I would just like to know who it is you are communicating with all the time.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:02 RM: *puts her foot in the door*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.11 05:05 Its our house to, you dont pay the bills and we are entitled to our privacy you dont own this house or the right to tell us what to do.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 05:05 *kicks her foot out of the door then slams and locks it and sits back on the bed with Timothy*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:05 Another one of my brothers could take you, but... I don't want to talk to any of them. I don't want them to see me.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 05:06 that sounded fun... your good at that Tim
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:06 RM: We will be paying the bills soon because unlike you we are in search of work.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.11 05:07 I learned how to be firm and calm
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:07 RM: *said that before she was kicked out* You disrespectful--!! You have no right to treat me this way!
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 05:07 and im the mean one *smiles smugly*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 05:08 what is she yelling about I pay the bills.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:09 So Aedona, we might be getting a little time away from here. Only a day, but it's better than nothing. Litho isn't allowed in Urmukka, but he will still be obligated to help me with my work. I'm going to make him to service for the people of Stadtler.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 05:09 *yells a bit* Ok Boomer!
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:10 You sick son of a (bleep)! *Saxon: *laughs evilly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:13 He hates it because it means putting on nice clothes. *plays a card* I'm sure you and possibly Jane can come along as well.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 05:13 *tries to keep a straight face to no avail**snorts while suppressing laughs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 05:13 Yes, that'd be nice.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 05:16 RM: The least you could do is be courteous and let me greet whoever it is you're talking to!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:16 I could probably find one of them myself given time...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:16 I do wonder how everyone back in Urmukka is. Been quite awhile since I've had a decent conversation with anyone there.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 05:17 Call her yourself! she put her number in all your phones!
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:18 *huffs* IF you win, sure. Do whatever you like. Take her with you, see if I care. I'll just go wander the city unsupervised.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.11 05:20 *rolls his eyes* I'll go with you, just let me go say hi to Pierce before you go anywhere. *Pandemonium: Why do you want to talk to that guy? *Aidan: He's like a brother to me. Why are YOU so intimidated by him?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:21 *immediately gets flustered* I'm not intimidated! *Aidan: Suuure. It's his companion, isn't it? And the fact that he probably knows more about your own life than any of your siblings.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:22 Just shut up already, you can go talk to him!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:29 RM:...What?? *checks her phone*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:30 Not like it's good idea right now...I don't think me being in a peaceful place is such a good idea right now.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.11 05:32 *saras number is in the contacts*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:33 If I leave here, I'll only disappoint a lot of people. I cannot stay, though. The Skotadi cannot see me like this, either..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:39 Care for a drink, Aedona? *gestures toward a bottle*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 05:39 You could leave disguised.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 05:41 *hesitates a bit* Well...alright.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 05:45 RM: *Sara's number is the one number she doesn't really recognize**taps it*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 05:47 yeah now shes calling me thanks guys...see ya *hangs up and answers* yes?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 05:47 I didn't say that was okay! *Saxon: Last I checked, I'm the one who got this stuff because YOU can't. Don't you think it's MY say who drinks it? *Pandemonium: *sighs and rests his chin in his hand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:48 *whispers to Aedona* He's still trying to cope with life right now, so he might be this way for awhile.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 05:48 RM: Hello, who is this?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 05:49 *nods a little**whispers back under her breath* He'd better be coping with something after what happened...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:50 It's not as much related to you as you might think.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 05:52 *gets herself a glass and pours herself a modest amount*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 05:54 *just nods a little in response*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 05:57 The person who owns the house your living in and pays for your food and clothes and bills, but I heard your planning on paying your own bills is that true? beacause if It Is I can...stop sending the money.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 05:58 I think your timing was just off. I can explain better when he isn't around. *plays another card*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 06:00 RM: OH! Oh, well excuse me...yes, we plan to pay, but we're not quite there yet, so...we're still settling in... *chuckles nervously*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:00 Okay. *drinks a bit*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:02 also be nice to my boys alright? they are not being rude you need to respect there boundaries and privacy
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 06:03 *A few turns later, Aidan ends up winning the game.**Gets up and, without another word, leaves the room, taking the bottle with him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:03 He really didn't want to lose that one.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 06:03 RM: Yes yes, I'm being respectful.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:04 not from what I herd.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 06:04 RM: So...you are...the one who my daughter finds so...intimidating?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:07 apparently. Im also the one who owns the house Im letting you live in and the planet that it sits on
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:08 I couldn't tell. *briefly smirks a little*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:10 So a trip to Urmukka it is. It'll be nice to show Jane around. Maybe Pierce's companion will let her ride it.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 06:10 RM: Ah...well...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:10 she finds me intimidating for diffrent reasons then why im actually intimidating though
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 06:10 RM: I...I've been worried about my daughter lately...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:11 Maybe. *smiles a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:11 *adds much more quietly* Maybe...maybe she could even... *glances in the direction Pandemonium went, then mouths the word "stay"*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:13 give her time, and space and dont call her crazy, invade her privacy, and be positive and loving and she should be fine also get her a therapist
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:14 Timothy and Milo go to therapy it helps itl help Rivkah to, I know a tun specialize in her condition
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:14 and what shes doing is normal for someone whoes been through what she has
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:15 RM: Well...the thing is, it's been very difficult to get her to leave the house.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:16 RM: I want to take her to a therapist, but...maybe she needs something to encourage her to get out more to segue into that sort of routine better.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:16 I can get one to come to her house
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:17 RM: But what kind of life is that, really?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:17 RM: I was thinking...maybe she needs someone experienced and safe who can show her around the...the planets a bit.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:18 RM: Someone we can trust.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:18 RM:...You know, she doesn't mind Amadeus all that much. If anything, I've gotten the impression that they like each other.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:18 It's quite possible he wouldn't mind her leaving. He's still pretty torn about what happened, but he's still unpredictable. *shrugs*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:20 *sighs* I can get him to take her to her therapy then maybe lunch afterwards
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:21 *nods* Alright...and I'm sure he would definitely mind me leaving with her.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:22 RM: Yes...let's see if he can coax her to leave the house...so far none of us can.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:23 RM: What day shall we arrange this? *takes out her day-timer*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:25 Ill set up an appointment and I can come over to see Milo and Timothy, just me being in the house will probably be more than enough to get her to leave
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:26 RM: Alright. When will this happen?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:29 probably eaither next week or the week after
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:30 RM: Alright. Call me back when you have a definitive date and I'll cook something up for all of you.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:31 Yep. And that would be spite.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 06:33 ok *hangs up and texts her a few minutes later about the date and time of the appointment*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.11 06:34 *puts away the cards and grabs a list he'd written the night before and leaves*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 06:34 I don't follow
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 06:36 It's quite simple. You go out, change your apparel and whatnot so you're not recognized, do whatever.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 06:36 I've done it countless times. It's easy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:37 *notices Aidan leaving* Where is he off to?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 06:38 Or I just leave Irakurri for awhile. Anyone who knows me here knows me by smell, so apparel doesn't mean anything.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:39 Shopping, most likely. Someone has to supply this place and as of lately, Litho hasn't been fit to do it.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.11 06:42 Eh, changing smell isn't so hard...not for me, anyways.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:42 Ah.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:43 When is our next trip?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.11 06:46 There is a very good reason even the humanoid gods have an animal form. Fooling their sense of smell is tough
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:46 Probably either tomorrow or the day after.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:51 But while we're there, you can remind me to explain what he's dealing with. That's assuming you want to know.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 06:52 I think I do.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 06:57 Alright. *looks toward where Pandemonium went* I don't think he is really going to care that you're actually in the city today.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:00 ~A WEEK LATER...~ [Note: This does not affect the Auceaster storyline/it only affects the Rivkah storyline.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 07:01 Well... *scooches her chair so that she's right next to him* I care about being with you. *slips her hand into his*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:03 *has set up a game night With Milo and Timothy so she telaports to them and they set it up in the livingroom*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:05 *her mother has talked to her repeatedly throughout the week about going to see the therapist with Amadeus&
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:05 **
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:05 *has continued to be adamant about not leaving the house**has also been kept in the dark about game night with Sara*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.11 07:06 *has accompanied Sara**helps them set everything up in the living room*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:09 *she also invited Rivkahs family to join them*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:10 RM: *has prepared food for Sara and co.**sets it out for them**then calls Rivkah*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:14 *comes in and completely freezes upon seeing her family, Milo, and Timothy with Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:14 hey we are about to play pictonary
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.11 07:15 care to join us Rivkah?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:16 as much as she would probably love to she dose have a doctors apointment Amadeus was going to take her to, unless youd rather skip and play with us. I can reschedule it
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 07:16 *leans against him*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:18 RM: Yes Rivkah, it'd be better for all of us if you did as she has advised you to. *smiles*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:18 *there's the tiniest edge to her mother's voice that Rivkah can pick up (though non family members can't pick this up)*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 07:18 Maybe we could leave the city for awhile, just while he drinks the day away.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:18 *continues to stand there, her heart beating so rapidly she's wondering how her chest hasn't exploded*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:19 Okay...I'll go...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:19 the heck is that sapposed to mean? Rivkah you can do whatever you want
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 07:19 *smiles at him* That would be wonderful.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:19 *said that before Rickah said she would go*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:20 RM: I'm only thinking for the family...the sooner she gets better, the better it is for all of us.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:20 *thinking of
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:21 dont rush recovery she can take her time dont push her.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:22 RM: I'm not pushing her. She hasn't been going anywhere other than her room for weeks. She's ready now, though, aren't you dear?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:22 Yes.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:23 RM: Go on, then. And have some fun after therapy, will you? Amadeus will be taking you out to eat, won't he?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.11 07:23 Yes I will. *walks over to Rivkah, putting his hand lightly on her shoulder* Come on. Sara should be gone by the time we get back, okay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 07:24 *sits there for awhile before actually getting up*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:24 *nods a little and follows him, all of her movements forced (though she tries to make them look as natural as possible and does a pretty good job)*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:24 its ok for her to be in her room for weeks its normal after something like this
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:31 RM: *her tone is saccharine* May I ask how someone who's younger than my daughter know these things?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:32 sure but not around the kids. *walks to the kitchen*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.11 07:33 RM: *follows her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.11 07:34 *gets up to follow him*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.11 07:36 *puts a gun in her mouth then shoots herself she dies lying in a puddle of her own blood*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.11 07:53 *leads Aedona out of the city. He isn't sure where to go, so he just picks a direction that looks promising and walks, keeping Aedona close*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 04:01 RM: *screams bloody murder*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 04:01 *she and Amadeus teleport just as she starts hearing screaming**immediately freaks out*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 04:02 *it's not hard to keep her close, as she wants to keep him close to her too**puts an arm around him and leans against him a bit as they walk*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 04:28 *hears water rushing in the distance* I think there may be a river nearby.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 04:40 Sounds like it.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 04:42 *sits back up* Its ok Im ok, just proving a point *puts her hand on RM's shoulder* I am over 500 years old, I look young beacause I dont age or die. Sorry for freaking you our Rivkah didnt mean to. also I know these things beacause I have lived them so
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 04:43 when I say staying in her room after living one of the most traumatic things a person can live through, even if it was a simulation which is was is Normal, I know what im talking about.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 04:45 Im am not younger then you I am extremely old and you are very very very young and quite frankly immature.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 04:53 RM: *is shaking**her husband has run in*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 04:53 Sounds a bit like a waterfall.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 04:53 *picks up the pace*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 04:59 Hello.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 05:11 RM: *whimpers*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 05:12 Yeah...it doesn't sound too close. *speeds up as well*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 05:17 hey...hey your ok, your not hurt, im not hurt, there are much scarier things in this universe then me.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 05:20 *looks at rivkahs dad* I dont die, I shot myself in the head to show her wanna see?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 05:23 Husband: *says quietly* No thank you. *puts an arm around Rivkah's mother and leads her away gently and quietly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 05:24 *Several minutes later they reach the falls, which drop at least 100 feet down into a large lake below. The lake feeds several smaller rivers.*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 05:24 *tries to calm Rivkah down**she finally stops freaking out and seems calm, but on the inside she is absolutely terrified*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 05:26 sorry Rivkah didnt mean to startle you... just your mom to be fair she will be fine
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 05:28 [Rivkah is gone.]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 05:28 [They teleported just as Rivkah heard the beginning of the screaming.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 05:30 [oh nvm then]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 05:31 *goes back to the living room* So games!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 05:32 *Rivkah's mother "retires" to her room*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 05:32 *the husband stays out and tells the kids not to go to the kitchen*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 05:41 You okay now? Ready to go? *Rivkah nods**takes her to therapy*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 05:52 *she plays board games in the living room*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 06:00 Whoa...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 06:00 Wonder how I never noticed this...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 06:06 I never really left the city...*walks over to the edge*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:16 *after therapy, he asks her where she wants to go for lunch* Rivkah: I...I don't know...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:17 *is about to ask if she can go home, but she recalls her mother's instructions**decides not to ask this for fear of endangering her family*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:17 How about you pick? *feigns a small smile*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:19 Alright...I know a couple places... *tessers with her to one of the Panthean planets--one of the less busy cities so as not to shock her--and takes her to a restaurant there*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:20 *after ordering their food they sit there in a prolonged silence**non-Western-Earth-culture Amadeus doesn't really care about it**she, however, finds it borderline painful*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:21 ...Um...so...what does it feel like...being able to go wherever you want all the time?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:22 *sighs and leans back, putting his hands behind his head* I don't know...normal, I suppose. I'm used to it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:22 Depends on the places I go to. Some are thrilling, others quiet. As much as Char and I love the thrilling moments, I value the quiet ones just as much.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:23 ...Char...? Amadeus: Oh, he's my guardian. One of them, anyways. A fellow god.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:24 What's it like...er...being a god? Amadeus: Not much different from everyone else, though...I guess I don't have to worry about death nearly as much as they do.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:24 It's pretty fun sometimes...pretty boring other times. Mostly fun, though, since I don't really have a job to do. Rivkah: "Job?"
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:25 The vast majority of the gods of my kind have a job to do. All of them are the personification of something. They take care of that something. Char, for instance, is the god of heat.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:26 What are you the god of? Amadeus: Hmm...I'm frankly not 100% sure. *summons some of his magic, which glows with colored dusts and has icy rocks in it* Char thinks I'm some sort of outer space god.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:27 Like...all the other gods have powers that relate more to planetary things...mine have more to do with things other than planets. *makes his magic swirl around and then disappear*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 06:28 I guess I'm technically like the god of cosmos. Oh, the food is here. *their food is set on their table**Rivkah takes the opportunity to not have to talk and eats*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 06:29 The outside is gorgeous...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:32 *times her eating carefully so that Amadeus finishes before her**once she's done, Amadeus pays and they get up and go home*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 06:32 It is...might take a bit to get used to the air here, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 06:33 Unless you...didn't notice...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 06:38 It's not that bad.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 06:44 Ah... *suppresses an awkward chuckle at the memory of her first reaction to this air*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 06:46 The air out here isn't too different to what the air used to be like in Vulkanisch.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 06:52 Oh, alright.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Nov.12 06:53 *when they get home she is gone*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 06:54 Hey Rivkah how was it?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 06:55 *feigns a smile* Alright...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 06:57 *looks down at the water below, then out at the distance* Part of me wants to jump..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 07:00 With or without wings?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.12 07:00 I'll take my leave now. Goodnight, everyone. *departs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 07:02 I don't think it matters. Just the feeling of falling seems appealing to me.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:03 thats good
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:05 A-are you all okay??
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:12 *her brothers nod and seem fine*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 07:18 I don't even know if my wings could carry me yet.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:19 yeah, Sara Milo and I are really good friends shes super nice
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:22 O-oh... *her hands are shaking*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:23 hey....hey come sit down lets talk.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 07:23 Well...I would just make sure it's deep enough first.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 07:24 Don't want another accident to happen...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:24 lets do that excerize I taught you ok? you say a memory of something and we say if its true or false ok?....itl help you calm down
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:25 I-I
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:25 *I-I'm kind of tired right now...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.12 07:25 here then sit down... *walks over to her and gently grabs her hands and leads her to the couch*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 07:28 I'm not going to do anything stupid like jumping. Not now.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 07:28 It's just a thought.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 07:29 *sits down and hangs his legs over the edge*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.12 07:30 its easy I do it with Timothy all the time...it dose help like this... I just say something *looks at Timothy* you love me
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:30 true.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.12 07:31 your favorite color is yellow
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:31 Okay...um...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:31 True...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:32 true...you were sick that day and I sat by your bed, you told me your favorite color was lilac
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 07:32 *sits down next to him*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.12 07:32 now Rivkah you try with statements on things that you are unsure about or things that feel fuzzy
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:33 yeah
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.12 07:34 *leans against her*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.12 07:40 Okay...Sara...hurt somebody just as I left...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 07:45 *smiles and puts her arm around him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.12 07:48 *rests her head on his shoulder* It's hard for me to put in words how much I missed you.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:50 false, she just scared someone
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.12 07:50 and not even on purpous
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 03:42 I honestly thought I'd never see you again.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.13 04:43 What?? What happened??
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 04:58 After I learned I was dying, I thought so too...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 04:59 *eh, cut out the "After I learned I was dying" part
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 05:07 *sighs* As much as I want to leave, I can't help but fear what could become of Litho if he didn't have someone to talk to...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:11 What makes you think he'd change all that much?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 05:17 He won't change. He's far beyond repair.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:21 So would he really be so much worse if he didn't have you?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 05:30 I can't really say. He'll talk to me, though. That can say a lot about someone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:32 Huh...doesn't he talk to Aidan?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 05:37 No. Not about his personal problems.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:38 *frowns slightly in thought* Why does he speak to you and not Aidan about these things?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 05:42 He probably still sees Aidan as a kid.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:55 Oh...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:56 Is that why he doesn't harm Aidan?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 05:56 *intentionally harm
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 05:57 He's likely never been around for the entire upbringing of a child so his views didn't change.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 06:07 Oh.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 06:07 ...Jane didn't seem entirely alright when Litho gave her back to me. Did he ever tell you why?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 06:25 He said she wandered off. Found her in a room that she should never have been in, especially with his declining mental health.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 06:31 *sighs and shakes her head a bit* She always goes looking for people if she's left unattended--that's why he first met her when she was five. What did he expect by leaving her alone?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 06:36 He might not have considered her disobeying at the time. He's already easily distracted. Try adding nagging voices telling him what he should do in certain situations.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 06:37 That's what disturbed him most when he found Jane in that room.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 06:38 God...what makes him think it's okay for him to be around children?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 06:45 He usually handles himself quite well around kids. He broke when he realized he'd almost hurt Jane. That's why he didn't stick around when he brought her back.
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.13 06:50 Nothing happend just startled your mum a bit on acident but shes fine everyone is ok no one got hurt.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 06:52 *sighs* I need to get her out of here...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.13 06:52 *hesitates, looking skeptical*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.13 06:56 ask another one.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 06:58 If he thinks it would be best, he might let her go. He really doesn't want to hurt her and he's afraid of repeating his childhood.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.13 06:58 You're sugarcoating things...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:06 He had better see that it is best. As safe as Malaucay and Cadmael have kept her, she never belonged on this planet...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.13 07:07 ttrue, she did startle her more then just a bit but, no one got hurt
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 07:09 It'll be hard for him to let go. He fears abandonment. The people who raised him made him believe his adopted parents abandoned him, so he has a hard time letting people go.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:13 He's only been with her about three times. Could he have really gotten that attached?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.13 07:13 It doesn't sound like an accident then...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 07:20 You'd be surprised how easily attached he gets. Especially to kids. He probably wishes he could be a kid again.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:22 Well...I mean...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:23 Considering that he's a Viscount, he could be a kid again by...dying.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:25 It'd have the added bonus of being really convenient for us if he did die. It'd be a nice trade-off. *chuckles slightly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 07:29 *chuckles* If only it were that simple. His psychological issues would remain.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:33 *sighs* Yes, they would...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:34 I wonder if that means the Panthean gods are better off, considering they don't get all their memories back right away when they die...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.13 07:35 she didnt mean to scare her just prove a point.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.13 07:36 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.13 15:41 It seems kind of sad to forget what you used to be... It kinda worries me because I don't know what happens to Ravens when they pass. I know they can be banished to the Midden, but I've not heard of one going to the Sundra.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:12 The Ravens haven't been the most ethical beings...maybe it's just that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:13 And it is sad, but it isn't as bad if you're a Panthean god--they're guaranteed to get their memories back. It just takes time.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 05:14 Corvis couldn't have come back if he had gone to the Midden.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:15 True...but he died saving Karasu. That was probably enough to get him out of going to the Midden.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 05:23 It's possible, but why would he choose to come back?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:23 I don't know...he's odd.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 05:29 Whatever. *lays down* I guess I should just be glad to be here right now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:36 *lies down next to him and looks at the clouds* Yeah...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:46 Sometimes I'm not too sure how I'm here...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 05:50 I often wonder why Litho still hasn't given up on me. Then again, if he does, I'm certain I'll quickly be disposed of.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 05:51 "Given up on" you as in...gotten bored with you, or...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 05:57 No. As in stopped making advances. His persistence is mildly amusing, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 06:01 *winces* Oh.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:03 Yeah. When I said he liked me, I didn't mean as a friend.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 06:09 God...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 06:09 We need to get you out of here too...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:16 Getting him to let go will be near impossible without help.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.14 06:16 Well, I need to get back to Yinyang.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 06:17 *sighs* I've been trying hard for a while now to come up with ideas for how we can get...his help...I haven't really been able to come up with anything...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.14 06:18 *turns away, but then hesitates* If you wish to accompany me I wouldn't care. I'm not headed anywhere particularly important.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:36 He
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:36 (FRICK)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:36 He
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:36 (*screeches*)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:36 It's going to be hard to find an alternative that won't drive Litho to do anything rash.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 06:45 *nods* Yes...yes it will...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 06:52 But all we're really doing is just stalling him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 07:05 True...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 07:08 I wonder if he realizes that's the case and isn't sure if he wants to warrant Litho's breakdown or not.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 07:28 Maybe.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 07:29 *sighs* I just want to go back to the way things used to be.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 07:31 Eira told me he's determined to get you out of here. I am too. But maybe it's good that we stalled...if Litho's going to have a breakdown, I don't want Jane on this planet when it happens.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 07:31 *said that before Saxon replied*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.14 07:31 *snuggles up next to him* I do too...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.14 07:35 If you can talk with him again, let him know that we understand that Litho will never handle taking us away, so he might as well just do whatever he had in mind.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 01:46 *sighs* Why not?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.15 04:08 Alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2019,Nov.15 04:12 He hangs around Eira a lot. I could ask her if I can talk to him the next time I communicate with her.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 04:17 *holds out a hand so Mayhem can come along with him when he tessers*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 04:29 *hesitates then grabs Vitar's hand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Nov.15 04:37 That would be good.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 04:46 *tessers them to one of Ahntor's zones where teleportation is allowed*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 04:48 *by the time the tesser is complete, his clothes are different--he's wearing a suit**exits the zone**he went to one of the relatively quieter areas of Ahntor; it's more of a poorer residential area*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 05:00 *there are still a lot of people and creatures around, but it certainly isn't as hectic as the more crowded areas*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 05:02 *Is still wearing his regular clothes, aside from the mask completely hiding his head*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 05:41 *starts walking down an alley, not looking back to see if Mayhem's following him (though he knows whether or not he is)*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 05:49 *he is following, keeping his head down as he walks*
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 05:56 *contacts Aidan and calls him back* *Aidan: What is it? Is something wrong? *Pandemonium: I have something to ask of you.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.15 05:57 A request? That doesn't happen often. What, do you need more alcohol?
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 06:00 No. I need you to do something for me. It's important.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.15 06:10 Well what do you need, then? *Pandemonium: *sits down* ...
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 06:12 I need you to ensure that Jane will not return to Auceaster..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 06:34 *opens up a door and goes through a passageway into a courtyard in the middle of a building*
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.15 06:41 Take her away? I really never considered you'd make that decision. Why? *Pandemonium: I just... I can't... Risk letting her get sick.
5>Pandemonium (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 06:43 Just take her away and don't let her come back. I'll try not to follow... *Aidan: Right now? *Pandemonium: No. When we leave for Exocoel.
16>Aidan (Raven), 38yo.2019,Nov.15 06:46 *nods* Okay, then. What about Aedona? *Pandemonium: I'm not ready to let her go. And you know the answer for Saxon. *Aidan: Yes, I am well aware.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 06:50 *keeps quiet, but observes the area around him*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 06:55 *the building is dark and futuristic, the lights on it glowing like neon**the courtyard has a basic but nice garden**walks across the garden towards a door with some people and creatures sitting outside at little tables*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 06:57 *goes through the door**inside is a pub*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 06:59 ...Oh nice... A place to drink.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:01 Mmm hmm. And it's just the locals here.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:01 Well, the locals and me and you.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:04 *as all sorts of species live on Ahntor, not many of the locals are of the same species, so neither of them look out of place**if anything, the only thing out of place is Vitar since he's wearing a nice white suit*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:04 Hope they have something strong..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:05 *since the place is small he has hidden his wings*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:06 Oh, they do. Just be a little careful. *sits down at the bar* A few of the things here have even left me a little loopy...only the other gods must know what the h**l they put in some of this, 'cause I don't.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:07 The stuff the Urmukkans make can knock anyone out. Or at least that's how it used to be.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:08 Not sure if they still have that stuff anymore
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:13 Ooo...I hope they do. That sounds like something... *pauses* useful.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:13 It's not like I can go check.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:14 Not allowed in Urmukka
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:35 Mmm...I doubt I'd be allowed there now...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:36 *thinks* I don't think you'd be allowed, either
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.15 07:44 *had ordered a drink by just gesturing**the bartender brings him his drink**pushes a menu--it's on a tablet-like device--towards Mayhem* Get whatever.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.15 07:47 *orders something that sounds like it's got a kick to it*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 03:54 *nods a bit to what Timothy said*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 04:22 O-okay...then... *seems confused and scared*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 04:29 *raises his eyebrows slightly when he sees what Mayhem ordered, but says nothing**the drink Mayhem ordered does have a quite a kick to it*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 04:32 hey....try...something easier...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 04:34 *waits patiently for his drink*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 04:37 an easier question
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 04:45 *Mayhem's drink arrives in a couple minutes**it's red, bright, and steamy; the steam smells strange, but not unpleasant*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 04:46 Y-you were all in danger...with her around...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 04:47 *stares at the drink, wondering how he should drink it*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 04:47 false, we were not in any danger.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 04:48 Rickah...easier questions are ok
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 04:49 *glances at him* They have straws of many types to account for the diversity here.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 04:50 I NEED to KNOW!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 04:50 I can just take it like a shot.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 04:53 Im not saying you dont but if you keep asking the hard questions without easier light hearted ones in between then you just get very confused and upset, Trust me I know from personal experience....his name was Allen
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 04:59 Good luck.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 04:59 ...Who??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:01 you know how when you were in the sim...you thought Sara hurt you and us?...well when I was in a sim they used a boy named Allen they made it seem like he hurt me and other people I cared about, so I understand what your going through since I have been
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:01 through it to
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:04 and I know how scary and confusing and frustrating everything can be
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:07 I could always... *pulls the drink out of the glass by encasing it in magic, then forms enough dark shot glasses to hold it all and sets them on the table*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:11 I suppose that is one way to do it.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:12 How do you know he isn't real??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:13 he is real like Sara is real...but he isnt the same as in the simulation..he didnt actually do those awfel things...its...a very hard concept to grasp but you do over time grasp it...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:17 I could have just made edible bubble, but that's not as fun. ...Edible for me. Bit dangerous if anyone else ate them
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:17 *takes a shot*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:28 O-okay...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:28 Ah.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:28 Makes me wonder what ingestion of my magic would do to the average civilian...probably wouldn't be harmless either.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:32 so its good when asking true or false things to take a cool down before going back to the heavy stuff like.....Timothy your favorite flower is the tiger lily?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 05:33 true.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:33 *takes a couple more shots, coughs for a few seconds, then leans against the counter* It's actually pretty intriguing, giving mortals a bit of my magic. It's "immoral", though.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:33 Al-alright...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:34 Hmmm...I wouldn't call it immoral if they asked for it.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:34 If anything that'd be a way to punish them for their greed.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:35 Um...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:35 True.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:35 I do miss the old days sometimes..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:36 *@ Milo* Your favorite color is...um...blue?
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:40 *snorts and sips his drink, which is about halfway gone* Well, that makes the third time I've heard something like that this month.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:42 false mine is lilac
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:44 I don't suppose it'd hurt to bring some people to justice now and then. It'd sure feel nice.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 05:47 *looks ahead thoughtfully* Yes...yes it would.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:47 Okay...um...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:50 I don't think I'll go looking for trouble, though... Not quite up for that.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 Rivkah...you....have never drank that gaw awfel Soylent?
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 Gaw...Milo your gonna make me gag
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 Perhaps you could ask things too? It might make things a little easier...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:52 *she asked that before Milo asked*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 05:52 No...?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:54 ok so Soylent is this awfel drink tastes like raw flour, and bassically thats what you drink in the lab If your a H.S.R or If your in trouble or in Quarantine or just isolated from everyone, everyone used to have to drink it but like 10 years ago like
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:55 right before I got there they added a cafateria
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 05:55 gaw its so gross...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 05:57 *chuckles* yeah...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:59 *finishes his shots and lays his head on the counter*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 05:59 I'm tired...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:00 *sighs*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:00 *finishes his own drink and pays**then gets up* Alright, come on.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 06:01 "H.S.R."??
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 06:02 high security risk, basically anyone who has magic or weird powers.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:04 *gets up to follow Vitar*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 06:04 or weird abilities
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 06:10 So...there are normal Earth people who...can...?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 06:11 yeah they are in the lab to keep it hush hush I guess
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:13 The drink was pretty good. Not my favorite, though.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:15 Yeah. I'm a bit surprised at how you reacted to it.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:17 Why's that?
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:18 *is leading him back to the teleportation zone* Normally it inspires quite a big burst of energy in the drinker before they crash.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:19 I'm too depressed to get energy.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 06:22 Oh...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 06:22 Why?
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:28 Ah. Well, maybe try it again on some other occasion.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:30 Eh... Maybe..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:35 *they reach the teleportation zone* Alright, brace your ears. *tessers them to one of the main, busiest areas of Ahntor*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:38 Oh, more nostalgic sounds...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:40 *walks out onto the street, which is reserved for ped estrians**vehicles and flying creatures zip around in various levels of airspace overhead*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:42 *points a finger gun at an aircraft* pew pew..
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:46 *glances back at him**mutters "Oh gosh" under his breath as he walks along through the crowd**has taken his wings back out so that he takes up more room and more creatures move to get out of the way*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:47 *raises his voice a bit so that he can be heard over the din of the crowd* So, what does this place remind you of?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:48 Auceaster.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 06:49 Very loud
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:56 Ah. *leads him to one of many skyscrapers in this region and goes through the door into a magnificent marble lobby*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:56 *goes into the bar area* Char!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:57 *is surrounded by guests who are laughing as he tells a story in a very animated fashion*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 06:58 People hate groups of people who are different then them, its riddled throughout history and in our present day
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.16 06:58 *is casually leaning against a wall nearby, smiling a little but not really taking part in Char and co.'s antics**his gaze fixes on Mayhem**just seems cool and curious*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 06:58 Yes...I know...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:59 CHAR!
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 06:59 Oh! Vitar! Where have you been?!
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:00 None of your business. I have a guest here and I would like you to accommodate him.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:01 Oh, yes. And his name is...? Vitar: I think this one would prefer to remain anonymous.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:02 Are...either of you H.S.R.??
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:03 Hmph...okay. Well, I welcome Mr. Anonymous to my humble abode. *makes air quotes while saying "humble," and several of his guests snicker*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 07:04 nope just normal human, but we've met alot of H.S.R kids, they are normal like the rest of us they just got stuck with something that dragged them to the lab in the first place
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 07:04 *has his mouth slightly agape. Every other breath, a tiny bit of dark purplish gray steam seeps from the sides of his mouth* ... Okay.
3>Char (God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:04 There's a whole bunch of vacant bedrooms on the 70th floor. Take your pick. *turns back to his guests to continue the story*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:05 Char! Char: *turns back slightly* Hm yes? Vitar: No pranks. Char: *sighs, practically whining a bit* Fine...
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:05 *sighs and gestures for Mayhem to follow him**takes him to the elevators*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 07:06 *shuts his mouth and follows, making subtle movements to look around*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.16 07:07 *tilts his head slightly, but doesn't move or say anything, still watching Mayhem*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:07 Oh...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:07 Is Sara H.S.R.?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 07:12 *makes brief eye contact with Amadeus before looking down at his hand, flexing it repeatedly*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 07:14 yeah, everyone knows her Story shes like the labs poster child terrified and depressed....If you asks anyone in the lab "Who has it the worst in here?" They would Say Sara in a heartbeat, almost everything she did was recorded and they show it to you to
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 07:15 specifically if you screwed up or if they think your planning on acting out.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:15 *steps inside an elevator and hits the "70" button*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:16 *looks at Mayhem for a couple moments, but doesn't ask*
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 07:16 people say shes scared of heights beacause she was pushed out of an airplane so many times but I dont know if that clips true since that means she was outside and that dosent happen.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2019,Nov.16 07:16 *turns and walks out after Mayhem goes out of his sight*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:17 Okay...then...
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 07:17 I saw the plane video, they made her stay in the hospital and recover slowly for months
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:17 Ask...me...a question...
15>Timothy (Human), 15yo.2019,Nov.16 07:17 oh gosh....
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 07:18 whats...your favorite food?
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 07:19 thats why I didnt believe you when you were terrified of Sara, because everyone in that lab has seen her terrified and broken, I think the only person shes capable of hurting is herself.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:23 *just shakes her head a little*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 07:23 I need to go for a walk, so wherever we are going, let's make it quick.
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:23 *once they reach the 70th floor, he stands in the doorway of the elevator so the doors don't automatically close**gestures for Mayhem to go past him*
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:25 Char owns this entire building. You can pick whatever room on this floor you want as long as it's vacant. I'm sure you can take care of yourself from here.
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 07:26 but sims can make you terrified of anything
1>Vitar (God of Life), Imrtlyo.2019,Nov.16 07:26 If you need to go outside, you can either go back through the lobby or you can go to the roof. Some rooms also have balconies.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2019,Nov.16 07:26 I don't really...feel like talking anymore...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2019,Nov.16 07:26 *walks by, scanning the area*
4>Milo (....), 16yo.2019,Nov.16 07:27 thats ok, wanna listen to some music? I have a few playlists that helped me through hard times