" bf and gf rp "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
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if you had to pick a celeb to go out with who would it be ????

2>Lunargirl (Single), 14yo.2017,Sep.16 13:57  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
2>Lunargirl (Single), 14yo.2017,Sep.16 13:58 Hi how is this supposed to go ??
4>brian azle (beste), 17yo.2017,Dec.11 07:11 hi hwz is it going,loooove to make new friends
4>brian azle (beste), 17yo.2017,Dec.11 07:12  Secret message to mary  
4>brian azle (beste), 17yo.2017,Dec.11 07:13  Secret message to mary  
4>brian azle (beste), 17yo.2017,Dec.11 07:23  Secret message to mary  
6>Goku (Boyfriend), 14yo.2018,Mar.31 02:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
6>Goku (Boyfriend), 14yo.2018,Mar.31 02:59 hello
7>Erza (Mage ), 19yo.2018,Apr.2 15:53 Hi..
7>Erza (Mage ), 19yo.2018,Apr.2 15:53  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
7>Erza (Mage ), 19yo.2018,Apr.2 15:54  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
9>Zia (Girl), 15yo.2018,Apr.4 21:54 Hi
9>Zia (Girl), 15yo.2018,Apr.4 21:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
9>Zia (Girl), 15yo.2018,Apr.4 21:56 I'm confused

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